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I'd love to see a fic about Lorelai's birthday, and her parents' reaction to it (how they plan to celebrate, how Star's Hollow celebrates, etc.). It doesn't necessarily have to fall on a Friday, but that would be great.

NEW - Answer: Happy Birthday to you Again, Lorelai by Gabriela


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Write an Emily and Richard Fan Fic.
Include the line: "I'm not amazed, I'm shocked."

Answer: Swans, Divorced Guys and Other Strangers by Gabriela


Story must be of manageable length, under...15000 words, let's say. So the people who write page after page after page? Wrap it up, folks. Think terse. Think brief. Think Ernest Hemingway, if he was to write fanfic. Lol. Strange idea.

Forementioned story must contain character Jess, not necessarily romantically involved with Rory. In fact, avoid the relationship changes altogether. This is not a Trory-gushy fic. Do not use this challenge to explain why they are perfect together. Also, do not gush about Rory and Dean. Keep gushing of any kind to the barest minimum. Do not trash any characters. Do not write speeches about why you hate this or that person. Not allowed. Must explore Jess' background and why he's here. Don't make him an angry punk. Surely there is more to it than that. Mix in his love of books, the smoking, the neverending sullen glare. Use good grammar and actual words. Do not make things up except for comic relief. Do not use 'u' instead of the word 'you'. Use actual pronouns. Also, please try not to keep the rating at PG-13. Be original. Be creative. Don't make this a 'meet under the moonlight, fall madly in love' fic.

Okay, that's it for my crazy Nazi-like drill sergeant speech. I am dying to read something of substance about Jess, and while working on a story to answer my own challenge, my busy schedule and life in general prevents me from finishing it anytime soon. Mine will probably be long and verbose and break several of my own rules. So, people with greater writing skills than I, save me. Write a fic, answer my challenge. And again, please avoid gushing. I hate gushing. No mention of 'intense dark eyes sending thrills up her spine' or 'piercing, arrogant blue gaze taking her in and making her shiver.' God, I can't stand that. Thank you, and please, please, write this fic.

Answer: Cigarettes Will Kill You by Fitz


Submitted by: Caitlin

~~As if last episode happened, except for the Dean coming to school part and him and Rory getting back together.
~~Rory finds an anonymous notebook containing poetry lying in the hall. Rory becomes addicted to reading the poetry in the notebook and begins to fall for the anonymous author.
~~Tristan had lost his notebook which contained his poetry (all poems obviosly relating to his relationship w/rory from beginning - toward the end of the school year). This is obviously the notebook Rory found.
~~Figure out a way to make it so Rory finds Tristan writing in a new notebook and she checks out what hes writing somehow. She figures out hes the author of the poems shes fallen in love with.
~~You can continue from there!!!
~~Must contain these 4 poems (all by Tristan) :

1 ) My innocent victim
Eyes like ocean stream
Pure and untouched
She'll be mine until I throw her away
With the rest of them

2) Who is this girl?
New to all I am used to
She is fire and I am ice
I have no way to make her melt
And she has overcome me

3) What I want and cannot have
Unaware of true feelings masked by stupidity and conceit
Her smile, heart and soul given to another
Unaware that someone else can take them in the same
That I can take them in the same

4) Tears bitterly stream down her crimson cheeks
Pools of water penetrate her lips and I watch her
Confusion sweeps over me as she crawls away
Away from me, and everything I want
In the moment her soul entwined with mine it shatters apart

~~you can add whatever poetry you want to this list! Please dont use any names or actual sequences that happened in any of the poems. Make it more metaphoric or symbolic like the poems above.


Answer: Love Poems by Tammy


Submitted by: rebecca

Based on "Double Date" - Lorelai and Luke get together for their second poker game. (With or without other players present.)

Answer: Poker Talk by MissTee


Submitted by: Caitlin

~~"You've Got Mail" Trory style
~~Rory and Tristan each meet an anonymous online friend. COINCIDENTILY it happens to be eachother. The don't share any personal information (like name or school etc...) but they get into their love life and whatever else you want to have them talk about (books, movies, music whatever whatever...)
~~At school Rory and Tristan still have their dueling feuds (unaware of their online relationship together)
~~Rory and Tristan decide to meet (like online friend decides to meet other online friend). Tristan walks in and sees Rory and figures out that he's her online buddy. Rory gets angry when Tristan sits down with her b/c shes "expecting someone". Tristan decides to do his usual school talk w/Rory (harrassing i guess :) haha) and never tells her thats hes the guy online. Rory thinks she was stood up.
~~Tristan makes up excuse online why he wasnt there and she forgives him they continue talking etc...
~~School stuff happens as usual....Tristan may act a little different now
~~Decide to meet again. Rory figures out it was Tristan online.
~~Blah Blah they can kiss
~~add whatever you want to the end....your the author.
~~Ok and dont make it like "oh tristan i never really loved dean i loved you i just didnt know how to act around u!! oh tristan i love you" etc... you know rory hated tristan at some points and that her and dean were really close.

Answer: The Gilmore Guide to Hunting and Fishing by columbiachica


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Here is my challenge, kiddies. Write a fic on the timeline of Concert Interruptus. It must include-

-A HAPPY Tristan and Rory ending
-The disposal of Paris and Dean, without making them look like jerks
-A Monty Python reference
-Tristan telling the story of his first kiss
-The line 'Pencils are my friends'
-Lorelai talking about the beauty of fast food

Answer: Power Outage by Sarah


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-Lorelai sees Max kissing another woman (not a motherly kiss,on the lips)
-Luke breaks up with Rachel and tells Lorelai how he feels
-Emily and Rory get in a car accident

Answer: The Cracked Window by Sarah


Submitted by: Kailei

Future Fic and it must be a Rory -n- Tristan fic must have the following:

~R/T are 26-27yrs. you can decide how they got together, they can either be married or not.
~Rory is pregnant with their first child
~Rory saying "I'm pregnant not invalid"
~Luke and Lorelai can be together if u want or whoever.
~R/T get in a fight, she goes and stays with her mom
~R/T happy ending.

hope you like this challange and i hope i get a response ~Kailei

Answer: And Baby Makes Three by Katie


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Rory and Tristan get locked inside a storage closet for six hours (Rory was staying after-school to make up a test and had to return something to the closet for the teacher since he/she had to leave right away....Tristan followed her). While in the closet, Tristan finally becomes a little nicer, then confesses his feelings for her and kisses her. Right as he's pulling away, Lorelai, Luke, Mr. Medina, Dean, and a couple of police officers open the door.

Answer: If Only The Walls Could Talk by Cindy Bressman

Answer: Confined Spaces Bring Out Different Feelings by Chrissy


Based on "Paris is Burning" - Dean called Rory 5 times while Lorelai was on her date. Write at least one of those phone conversations. (All 5 if you're feeling ambitious :)

Answer: Dial Tone by Rebecca Carefoot