Disclaimer: If I were smart enough to have thought of the Gilmore Girls I wouldn't be writing this.
Grouping: R/D, L/M and G
Summary: This is a Christmas fic, yes I know sad. Well its mostly about love and family. You can place this almost anywhere, but Rory and Dean are together and Max and Lorelai are still at cross roads.
Rating: PG13+ nothing really bad, just innuendos. I'm from Australia so mom is spelt mum and I'm not changing it cos' if I do, it looks wrong to me. The Big Dipper is a constellation, I'm not sure if you see it in America, but we do. Those are 'just incases.'
Spoilers: Nothing much really, but if u think really hard these are it: Max and Lorelai's engagement is off, Luke once broke into the house of the Gilmore's to prove there lock was crap. That's it!!

Never a Christmas Apart

by Beni

"So, 7 tomorrow, be ready. I've got a huge surprise for you," said Dean from over the phone.

"7! Come on. Give a girl a chance," Rory with a sarcastic tone."I have to work at the Inn until 5.30, setting up for tomorrow Chrissie party, which by the way are you coming too? Mum need numbers," replied Rory.

"Umm, yeah I think we are, hang on let me just ask," said Dean and was off the phone. "Hang on! That's 1 and a hours," he came back on to the phone, shocked.

"Fine then, but you have to go by the Gilmore dating clock!" stated Rory.


From the other room:

"Rory!! I need the phone, tell Dean that my beautiful daughter has to go and is no longer available to waste his time," called Lorelai with a smug tone.

(From now on, Lorelai will be written as L, Rory as R, Dean as D and Max as M)

"Mummmmm!' R called back, embarrassed.

" Well, I guess that's 7 tomorrow, and tell your mum your not wasting my time!' Dean said to distract Rory from her mum.

"7 Gilmore time!' she corrected. "Bye'

"Bye babe,' he said and hung up.

R gave the phone to her mother on her way to get herself another cup of coffee.

" Oooo, me too, me too,' whined her mother, as she saw her daughter getting herself one.

"Yes dear,' said R in a mocking tone. "So who you calling that was so important that I had to get off the phone,' R asked.

" Well that's what we need to talk about, sit' said L as she kicked a chair out for R.

"Umm, ok, shot!' said R enthusiastically.

"Well umm, you know the Christmas party at the Inn?'

"Yeah, you mean the one that made Dean and I change our plans,

"Well yeah that one, umm well you and Dean are going and all and I ...' said L like a 16 year old.

"mmm...' R encouraged.

"I still...'

"... don't have a date!' R finished for her mum.

"Well u don't have to rub it in missy,' frowned L

" so what r u gonna do about it!!' said R taking control of the situation.

" well as I was saying... I think I might ask... umm.. Max?' L asked cautiously.

"Max?! Really?, umm WOW!!' said R excited and shocked at the same time.

"WOW!! As in good wow or bad wow?!'

"Um well all I mean is that u two broke off the engagement and... well ok, why not!! Mum GO for it,' said R slowly getting more excited for her mum after seeing her face fall.

"Well I won't if you don't want me to' said L

"No, ask, ask, you can go out with whoever, Mr... Max would love it, Really,' R tried to sound convincing. Rory got up and edged towards the back door.

"Rory, really if you don't ...' her mum said.

"No, mum really call, come on. He'll be thrilled,' R interrupted.

"Well his your teacher, and my relationships have always been ours, so...'

"Well mum, I'm gonna make an executive decision, that rule is now scraped, cos' u know, teacher/mum thing I really don't need to know!' R said jokingly and now more comfortable with the idea.

"I love youuu!' said L with a big grin.

"...as will Max!' R joked as she left for the porch to give her mum some privacy. Rory looked up into the night sky, was this how it was going to be, her Lit teacher and her mother, again?

5pm at the Inn, Christmas eve (aka. Next day)

"Ok, lets go kiddo!' said L

"What? But I don't finish till 5.30 and your meant to be working!' stated R cautiously.

" I've got a date, come on!' urged L

" Mmmmmmmm...' R noised suspiciously.

"Yes, yes its Max, anyway, I've spoken to Sookie and Michel and... well Sookie's gonna watch the place,'

"Ok well good for her, but... you know Christmas and all the need for...' R hinted.

"Okay Okay, I'll pay you till 5.30,'

"Ok I'm ready now,' laughed R, happy to have gotten her way.

As they got their coats, Rory whispered to her mum, "And he was ok with it?' she asked, looking towards Michel.

"NO HE WAS NOT!' Michel yelled from behind the counter. The girls left giggling.

Gilmore House.

"OH My God, Help!!' a scream came from the bath room.

"WHAT? WHAT?' R called as she ran to her mother, holding her lipstick in one hand and the bracelet D gave her in the other.

"Look! Look at the hair, it ... it...' panicked Lorelai.

"It's ok, calm down, give me the pins!' Rory took control of the situation. The 2 girls swapped what they had in their hands and continued getting ready.

"Oh my god! Look at it... go mmmm...' L instructed her daughter, while she was doing the lipstick and bracelet as Rory did the hair.

"Mmmmm...' she did as she was told, "Mum! Stop moving!!'

Door bell rings.

"Who is it?!' they both scream in unison, irritated.

"Me... ahhh Max,' screamed a voice from the front door.

"It's open!" Rory replied.

"Damn you, still haven't mastered the Gilmore clock have you!' said Lorelai flushed.

"Well that's something I have to work on. WOW! Rory you look great,' said Max in a surprised tone.

"Thanks!' Rory said smiling to him. "Stop moving!' she yelled at her mother, who had ran into the hallway.

"Fine, complement the daughter of the women you taking out,' said L teasingly.

"Well... ahhh, you look great too, but umm...' he said waving to the hair, as he tried to read Rory's hand signals. She was shaking her head in vain, trying to stop him from saying the inevitable.

"Your hair!' to late, she dropped her head.

"Well fine then!' said L, as she took the pins from Rory and stormed into the bathroom.

"Did I say something wrong?' M asked R, with caution.

"Ahh, dah!' called L from the other room.

"We had an accident with the curlers, they ahhh, what is it?!!... were being mean,' explained Rory, Max nodding all the while. "Well then, let me in there Lorelai I'll teach those curlers of yours a lesson,' mocked Max, as he and Rory laughed.

"Just tell her it looks good later,' Rory told him, on her way to get her jacket.

Lorelai came out of the bath room, with her hair done beautifully and the bath room coated in hair spry.

The door bell rung again. "Come in Dean!' R called as she moved next to her mother. "Hey!' D greeted as he moved closer to the group.

"See, if someone has bothered to learn the Gilmore clock, like Dean had. Then he wouldn't have seen the whole hair thing, two seconds ago, would he now!?' said L directed to M. While Rory used hand expressions to tell Dean to compliment her mothers hair.

"I've trained him well!' mocked R, she smiled while her mother looked un-impressed with her date.

"Wow! Lorelai your hair looks great,' Dean said enthusiastically, while R gave him the thumbs up from behind her mother.

"Thank you Dean!' L said impressed with herself, blind to what was happening behind her and the smiles, which were slowly growing on everyone's faces.

"You could learn a thing or two from him,' said L, "See, being on time means that you only see the beauty, which results from the stress, of the pre-date preparation,' said L to M as she took his arm and started walking to the door. "Umm by the way, there are 5 of us going tomorrow,' D told L, and she nodded her head as a sign that she understood.

"Wow!" Dean said, when he finally had a chance to take a good look at his girlfriend. She smiled back to him and took his hand as he leaned in for a soft kiss. Pulling back from him she called out to her mother and teacher, "Back before morning you too,'

"Never a Christmas morning apart,' replied her mother, "Lock the door,' and then L and M left.

"What was that all about?' asked Dean referring to the hair situation.

"Long story. You really don't need to hear it,' said R

"Ok, u ready?' he asked


"You look great, did I say that yet?!' Dean asked, still amazed.

"I believe something along the way of "Wow,' was said,' Rory laughed at him.

Dean's Car.

"So what's the surprise?' Rory asked Dean.

"Well, dinner and then I thought that we might, you know, just let the Christmas spirit guide us, or whatever,' said Dean, with a smile.

"Huh! So in other words you have no idea,' she answered him.

"Well Yeah! but it took me ages to think of a good way to say it!!! Did you like it?!' he asked cheek-a-ly.

" Ahh, huh!' she smiled at him, loving the way his face changed as he smiled to her.

15 minutes later.

"So... ahh, where is this place that were going to?' Rory asked as the scenery around her started to change drastically, to some place she had never seen before and as if it was a scene out of a scary movie.

"Don't worry, not to far and don't ask any more questions or else it wont be a surprise,' he stated.

"Ok, but u do know my mum will get all of Stars Hollows out, if you turn into an axe murderer,' she joked. "Soooo... dinners the surprise. It gets more interesting as we go!!' she smile to her self.

Max and Lorelai at a fancy restaurant.

"Well I thought that this time around, we'd go slower,' said Max.

"Yeah me to, totally,' agreed Lorelai.

"ahh, hi would you like dessert?' asked the waiter.

" Umm, yeah...' Max was saying, until L interrupted him saying,

"No, thanks we're ok, but the bill would be good,' and sent the waiter away before Max could protest.

"Well, ahh, I wanted some, but...' said Max

"Me too,' L cut in, "Just not here,' she hinted.

"Maybe my place?' Max confirmed.

"Mmmm,' L eyed as the 2 left.

Dean and Rory on a hill somewhere over looking Stars Hollow.

"Wow, in all my time at Stars, I've never been here before, its amazing,' R said in a state of awe.

"Yeah, really?' Dean answered, kissing her hair, as he held her.

"Yeah, where are we?'

"Some where between Hartford and Stars, Clara took me here once, brownie thing,'

"Well I love it!' replied R, as the two stood there over looking the town they lived in. The town Christmas tree was up and the stores lit with lights, all but Luke's of course, but still it looked magical.

"Festive, isn't he?' Dean motioned to Luke's diner.

"Yeah well that's Luke for you!' said Rory. The sky was clear and Rory was sure that she had just seen a shooting star, as she closed her eyes to make a wish, Dean whispered to her, "I love you.'

Max and Lorelai in the hallway of Max's apartment kissing.

"What about the whole going slow thing'?' asked M, between kisses,

"Well, ahh...' L stopped to face him before she continued, "We'll start tomorrow,' she said as they moved closer to his room. "Yeah agreed,' he said as he opened his bedroom door and allowed her to enter.

Rory and Dean have just finished dinner and Rory is lying on Dean's legs as they look up to the sky.

"Wow look, the Big Dipper,' R told D.

"What!?' D said as he moved his gaze from the town to Rory's face.

"The Big Dipper, there!' she pointed it out. They both gazed into the sky.

"Wow!' said D, "I'm... well I really can't see it!' he stated in a matter of fact way.

"There!' she pointed out again, frustrated that he couldn't find it, "use your imagination!' she called, moving to sit up. "It's Christmas Eve, couldn't you find an elf?' he joked, "hey there! See I can use my imagination,' he teased pointing to a group of star resembling, nothing like an elf.

Our side the Gilmore house, Rory is searching for her keys.

"Damn!' Rory yelled.


"I forgot my keys,'

"Well don't you guys have a spare or something?' Dean asked.

"Umm, yeah. Unless mum had an incident with it!' Rory laughed. They walked to the back of the house hoping to remember where they had put the key, before Rory remembered that they had given it to Luke, incase of an emergency, not getting there morning coffees.

"Damn, Luke's got it'

"Why?' Dean asked

"So he wouldn't break in again!' Rory said and continued after seeing the look on Dean's face, "We prefer to not have to change our locks every time he wants to break in, so you know we figured it would be easier to just give him a key,' she mocked.

"Huh, ok then do you want to go find him?' Dean offered. Rory shrugged not knowing what to do. "Well you can't stay here, it'll get too cold,' he said, "you can come over to our house?' he offered.

"Nah, thanks but...'

"Hey, yeah whatever, its just cold,'

"No, its just that mum and I have never really spent nights apart, especially Christmas mornings, so I don't want her to come home and not find me,' she finished.

"Yeah,' he said, before leaning in to kiss her. "I wasn't trying anything, I mean my folks are home and...'

" Yeah I know,' she smiled at him, as she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest as they walked to the front of the house.

They stopped when they reached the couch.

"I'll stay with you,' said Dean

"No, I'll be... Ok,' she said, happy to have her boyfriend stay with her on Christmas Eve.

"Hey hang on, I've got a blanket in the car,' he said, telling Rory to relax in the couch.

20 minutes later, Rory is lying comfortably on Dean's chest and is slowly falling a sleep, when the town fireworks explode, telling them it's mid-night.

"Hey, its 12,' said Dean to a sleepy Rory, after checking his watch.

"Mmm... Merry Christmas,' she said as she cuddled closer to him.

"Merry Christmas Rory,' he said as he pulled a small box out and gave it to her, clearly her Christmas present. She opened it to find a beautiful ring. As she studied the ring closer she found an inscription on the inside.

"For...' Rory said

"...ever,' Dean and Rory said together and with the tip of her finger, R traced a sketch of a heart. "I love it,' she said, "I love you,' she finished. Before pulling Dean down for a kiss. "... love you too,' he muttered.

The scene changes, so that's it is inside a house, we see the alarm clock and it had just clicked over to 4 am.

Lorelai slowly moves to untangle herself from Max's arms and as she does she kisses his forehead. She moves to get changed and quietly leaves the bedroom. Outside the door she sighs, not this again she thought to herself, was she ready to go through it all again.

She moved to the kitchen where she left Max a note.

As she approached the town of Stars Hollow, she got out of the cab and walked around the Christmas spirit filled town.

As she came closer to her house she saw Rory and Dean snuggled up together and she was happy that being the first Christmas morning that they were apart that they were both with somebody else who meant as much. As she moved closer she saw a small box on the porch, as well as the blanket, which slipped off. She picked them up and as she was covering them she saw Rory's hand, she lifted it to examine the ring. She smiled to herself, Rory was really growing up, and the boy next to her had now marked himself on her, he was there for the long run.

Rory moved awkwardly as her mother put her hand down again, "Mum?' came a small voice. "Mmm, go to sleep,' L replied.

"...forgot... key,' was all Rory managed to say.

"Mmm u did?' L said sitting next to her daughter, she leaned over the top of her and whispered into her ear, "Merry Christmas darling,'

"Merry Christmas Mum,' came Rory's soft reply.

"Go back to sleep now,' said L getting up and leaving the two alone. She entered her house and closed the door.



Author's Note: I might write another one about the Christmas Party, but I'm not sure, I'll just see how this one goes. Beni J