SUMMARY - Answer to challenge. Rory and Tristan are married and Rory is pregnant with their first child...
CONTENT - Slight innuendo and a tiny bit of language
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And Baby Makes Three

by Katie

Rory pulled a glass out of the cupboard in the dark kitchen and filled it up with water. She swallowed it slowly, savoring to feeling of it sliding easily down her throat. When had she loved water so much? Since she got pregnant. She smiled down a her growing middle, debating over whether it would be a boy or a girl. Tristan definitely thought it would be a boy, she thought, laughing to herself. She would love either, they would both be special to her, especially because whatever the turnout, it would be her and Tristan's baby. Tristan. He was wonderful. She laughed again, trying to imagine ten years ago when they had absolutely hated each other. It was far from that now. She set the glass down with a clink and moved towards the refrigerator. She opened the door and squinted as the bright light came on. She reached for a block of sharp cheddar, and then moved towards the pantry for a package of Ritz.


Tristan rolled over in bed and slightly opened his eyes. He reached over to the other side of the bed. He didn't feel anyone. He opened his eyes fully and saw the other side of the bed empty. He looked at the clock on his night stand. Why would she be out of bed a two thirty in the morning? he asked himself. He sat up, ignoring the pounding headache that instantly came. He walked slowly out to the kitchen and smiled. Rory was sitting at the small round table, with a block of cheese, a box of crackers in front of her and a magazine entitled 'Motherhood' in her soft hands.

"Hey," Tristan said softly, as he walked towards the table.

"Hi," Rory smiled at him as he sat down and then brought her lips softly down on his.

"What are you doing up?" Tristan asked.

"I was hungry, and then I thought I'd read a bit before going back to bed. I didn't mean to worry you... But remember, I'm pregnant, not invalid." Rory put her hand softly on his cheek, smiling. He smiled back and kissed her palm.

"I...wasn't worried, I was just...wondering...where you were," he said between kisses up her arm.

"I'm glad I didn't worry you," Rory said, her eyes closing at the tingling sensation that came with his kisses.

Tristan smiled then turned his attention towards her belly. He brought his head down and kissed it softly. He looked at Rory again, staring straight at her.

"I love you so much."

"I love you too," Rory said with a smile, kissing him again.

"Come on," Tristan uttered quietly, "let's get back to bed. You need your rest," he said, a impish grin appearing on his face.

Rory laughed and walked back to their bedroom, Tristan leading the way.


Rory turned the key into the lock of her and Tristan's house as she came home from her temporary job a local bookstore. She opened the door and un-set the alarm. She stepped inside, turning on the light. She saw the red light blinking on their answering machine, and so she walked over and played the messages.

"Hi Rory, it's me, Lane. Just wanted to call and say hi. I was wondering if you and Tristan wanted to come over for dinner with me and Henry." There was a loud wail in the back round. "And, of course Janey," Lane said with a chuckle, referring to her daughter. "Just call me and let me know if anything will work out for you, I know it's a long drive down here. Well, I'll talk to you later, love you, bye."

Rory pushed the 'save' button, and flipped through the mail while the other messages played.

"Hey, Rory, it's me, Mom. Just calling to see how you and Tristan are... You better have not had that baby without telling me... Just a second, Luke," Lorelai called to Luke in the background. Call me, love you both, bye," Lorelai finished, directing her attention back onto Rory.

Rory pushed save again, and waited for the last message.

"Um, Hi Rory," Rory dropped all the mail at the last message and pushed the stop button. She knew that voice. Dean. How did he get her number? She breathed deeply. Ever since that childish display he had made with her on their 3 month anniversary, he had never spoken to her. Then, five months later, his dad had gotten a call from his job to somewhere in New York. He had never even said goodbye, nothing. She found out he had moved from Lane. Now, ten and a half years later, he wanted to drop a message? Rory bit her lip and stared hard at the answering machine before pushing play again.

"Um, Hi Rory, this is Dean. I know that you are probably going to delete this right away, but, I just wanted to tell you that I am so, very sorry. I don't know what else to say. I am just very sorry. I got your number from someone that had gone to Chilton with you, I think her name was Paris. I thought about it a long time before actually calling you. I know that you have another life now, that doesn't involve me at all, but, Rory, I miss you, a lot. I know how you are going to take this at first, but please, just know that I am really sorry. If you ever want to give me a call, my number is--"

Rory stopped the machine, her mind raging. She didn't want to know his number. The nerve of him to call now. What was wrong with him? She moved her hand toward the machine again, moving for the delete button. She heard a beep, and walked away to her bedroom. The machine made a click, and spoke. 'Your message had been saved.'


Rory woke from her nap at hearing a shuffling noise. She smiled at the sight of Tristan leaning over her.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he whispered. "Didn't mean to wake you..."

"No, 't's okay," she mumbled.

"I brought you something..." Tristan said, pulling his hands form behind his back. He was holding a bunch of roses.

Rory smiled. "What are these for?"

"You," Tristan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"Thank you," Rory said softly, smelling the delicate flowers. "I love this tie on you," Rory smiled, tugging at the silver tie that Tristan was wearing. She drew him towards herself, kissing him.

Tristan reluctantly backed away. "Stay," he said playfully. "I'm going to cook dinner for you tonight."

"But--" Rory protested.

Tristan brought his finger to her lips, shaking his head. "No buts." Rory grinned and settled back down in bed as Tristen walked towards the kitchen.

Rory cringed as she heard pots falling, but ignored them. He wanted to cook, and she was going to let him. She heard him playing the messages. She was glad she had erased Dean's message. She corrected her thoughts. It would have been fine for Tristan to hear the message, right? It was just better that he didn't. She heard her Lorelai's message finish, but the answering machine didn't stop. She heard the beginning of Dean's message and mentally scolded herself. Hadn't she deleted it? She moved as quickly as possible to the kitchen. She slid to the counter and hurriedly pushed stop before Tristan could hear who the message was from.

Tristan turned around at hearing the machine turn off. Rory had to laugh despite the circumstances. He had an apron on, reading 'Kiss the Cook.'

"What are you doing up?" Tristan asked, seeing Rory standing guiltily by the answering machine.

"Nothing, just...wanted to see if you had burnt the kitchen down yet," Rory teased, trying to hid her real intentions.

"Everything's fine," Tristan said, laughing. He moved his hand passed Rory and started to press the play button. "I'm just going to listen to this, I think there was another message."

"Oh, no, it's okay, I already heard them, it was no one, I--"

"Well, it might have been Jonathan," Tristan said, referring to one of his colleagues. "I need to know about a meeting we are having next week."

"I don't think it was..." Rory spoke slower as she moved towards him, bringing her lips to meet his. "I need to obey your apron, huh?" Rory asked, smiling and kissing him again. She rubbed her cheek against his. She loved the feel of his cheeks when he hadn't shaved in the morning.

Tristan smiled. "Go, sit," he said, motioning towards the table, and giving her a nudge.

Rory couldn't do anything. She closed her eyes as she saw his pressing the 'play' button. She let her head fall into her hands.

"Um, Hi Rory, this is Dean--" the message played again.

Rory hesitantly rose her head when she heard Tristan stop the message.

"Rory, what was that about?" Tristan's voice was emotionless.

Rory let her head fall again, making a clunk noise on the table.


"Tristen, I meant to delete it, I--"

"Wait, you wanted to hide it from me?" Tristan looked intently at her, his eyes full of surprise and a growing anger.

"Yes, I mean, no. I just..."

"Did you call him?" Tristan questioned.

"No, I--"

"But, you saved the message," Tristan insisted.

"Yes, I mean, no, I didn't mean to. Tristan, I deleted it, really, I did!"

"Why is he calling you, Rory?" Tristan's tone startled her. "You two were over years ago. What kind of person is he to just completely disrupt someone's whole life like this?"

"Tristan, please, he wasn't trying to disrupt anything, I don't know what he was doing by calling here--"

"You don't know why he called? Rory, he obviously is still interested in you to some degree. Please tell me that message meant nothing to you." Tristan stopped and gave Rory a long, hard stare. She put her head down, not able to look him in the eyes.

"Well?" he insisted, probing for an answer.

"Tristan, please, don't act like this, you--"

"Yeah, I guess I could have known. Wasn't he your first 'real love' like they call it?" Tristan asked, his voice bitter.

"Tristan, please!" Rory's voice broke as she let tears fall. He had never gotten angry like this at her.

"Rory, don't." Tristan ripped off his apron, and walked off to his study, leaving Rory by herself, face in her hands, crying.


"So, it's really okay?" Rory asked for the seventh time.

"No, it's not, I don't want my only pregnant daughter to stay with me," Lorelai said sarcastically.

Rory grinned sadly and nodded as she pulled a suitcase out of the back of her car. Lorelai smiled back and pulled a handful of chocolate chips out of a large bag. She offered some to Rory, but she shook her head.

"I like the caramel ones better right now," she stated, looking down at her stomach.

Lorelai nodded, "We have some of those inside. Come on. We can talk about what happened with you guys over a pizza," Lorelai said, taking Rory's bag in her free hand.

"Luke, guess who's here!" Lorelai called to her husband.

"Who? Hey, are you eating those chocolate chips again? I can't find them!" he called back as he searched through the pantry.

"Um, no," Lorelai said, quickly closing the bag and tossing it behind a chair. "Come here and see who it is!"

Luke groaned in the back round and walked down the hallway to where they were standing.

"Oh, what's with Tristan now?" Luke asked rolling his eyes. "Come here, kid," he said, a half smile appearing on his face. He spread his arms out. Rory smiled and shyly walked up to him. He hugged her tightly, and looked at her. "Lorelai missed you," he said, grinning over Rory's shoulder at Lorelai.

"Yes, I did, but Luke completely forgot about you this whole time, until now." Lorelai shook her head. "Come on, sit, talk, tell me all about it. I'm all ears." Lorelai sat down on the comfy white couch and patted the cushion next to her. "Luke, be a sweetie and order us a pizza. With everything," she added.

"Yes, dear," Luke replied, turning around and heading back to the kitchen.

"So, what happened?"

"Well, I got a message from Dean," Rory started.

"You didn't!"

"I did."

"You didn't!"

"I did," Rory insisted this time.

"Oh, wow. The nerve of him... I mean, a surprise phone message from Dean, whom, we mention hasn't talked to you in over ten years, could have endangered you and the baby. The shock could have doomed you both. But, thankfully, I raised you to be shock absorbent," Lorelai nodded confidently. "So, what did Dean say?"

"He said he was sorry three or four times, and he said that he knew I probably had a life on my own, but, that he missed me. And, he wanted to talk to me. He gave me his number on the machine, but I didn't listen to what it was."

"Good, that's good. So, Tristan heard the message?" Lorelai asked, already knowing she was right.

"Yeah... And, I tried to tell him it was nothing, but he just wouldn't listen. And," a tear slid down Rory's cheek.

"Wait," Lorelai said. She walked down the hallway and into the kitchen.

"Pizza's going to be here in twenty," Luke said

"Good. Hey, you want to come out here and join Rory's support group?"

"Nah, think I'll pass."

"What? Why? Rory's in there, ready to burst into tears, and you don't have the heart to come and comfort her?"

"No. I'm making her a special pot of coffee," Luke admitted, his face turning red before he turned away from Lorelai.

"Oh, that's so sweet! Here, just because your being nice today," Lorelai looked intently at Luke before kissing him.

"Hm, I'll have to try to be nice more often," Luke murmured, smiling down at her.

"Good. Now, where are the caramel chips?"

"Over there." Luke pointed to a shelf before turning back to making Rory's coffee.

"Thank you, honey." Lorelai kissed Luke again before walking back out to Rory.

"Your welcome, pumpkin," he called sarcastically.

"Here." Lorelai handed the bag of caramel chips to Rory. "You'll need them, and these too." Lorelai grabbed a box of tissue, and handed them to Rory.

"Thanks." Rory gave a weak smile.


"I told Tristan many times that Dean meant nothing, and that I didn't know why he had left a message. This is the biggest fight we've ever had. I just, I didn't think he would get so upset over something..." Rory paused and grabbed a tissue, roughly wiping away the tears that were flowing steadily.

"Hey, sweetie." Lorelai drew Rory towards her, hugging her tightly and running her hands through her hair.

"I just love him so much, and, I can't stand being away from him, but I guess I just had to get away for a while."

Lorelai nodded in understanding. "Hey, I'm sure that this will all blow over soon. Rory, honey, I think that his reaction was just one of pure fright, that he could loose you, so he didn't know how to react. And, when he did react, it wasn't really like he had planned."

Rory nodded, taking another tissue, and wiping more stray tears away. The doorbell rang and Lorelai gave Rory a loving look before hopping up to get answer the it.


Three Days Later

Tristan tossed in his bed. He brought his hand to the other side. Rory wasn't there. Why had he been so self-centered? He had just pushed her away. What was he going to do? He sat up in his bed, and ran his fingers slowly through his disheveled hair. He grabbed a duffel bad from under the bed, and began stuffing it with clothes.


"Hey, do you mind running to the store for me?" Lorelai asked Rory as she passed her in the hallway.

"Sure. What do you need?"

"Just some more coffee, and sugar. Oh, and more chocolate chips."

Rory laughed and nodded. "Okay." She grabbed her keys of the table in the entry way.

"Here's twenty-five, that should be enough," Lorelai said, pulling money out of a drawer and handing it to Rory.

"Okay, see you in a bit," Rory said, grabbing her coat.

"Be careful with that baby!" Lorelai yelled after her.

Rory responded with a smile before closing the front door.


Tristan drummed his hands on the steering wheel of his SUV. All he could think about was getting to Rory. He had to apologize, he couldn't be without her. He saw a sign in the distance. Stars Hollow, 15 miles.

He smiled and sat straight up in his seat.


Rory pushed open the door and walked into Ben's market. She walked to the coffees, and opened different plastic containers, smelling the different kinds. She finally chose Vanilla. She grabbed a small bag of sugar, and a bag of chocolate chips, and then made her way over to the check-out counter.

"Oh, god! I'm so sorry," Rory fumbled as she dove to the floor to retrieve the items she had dropped after bumping into a man.

"That's perfectly fine," he responded, his voice calm. "Let me help you."

Rory just nodded. He bent down and started to pick up a bag. He looked at her and stopped.

"Rory. Wow. I, I didn't know it was you..."

Rory looked up a little bit to look at the man. Dean. She shut her eyes. No. No no no. Why now? He had the best timing.

"Dean. Hi-- hey. How, um, are you?" Rory asked grudgingly as she rose with her items.

Dean ignored her question. "Did you...get my message?"

Rory gave him a death glare. "Yeah, I got it." They moved forward a bit as the line to the check-out got smaller.

"Rory," Dean started, sensing the coldness of her tone, "I didn't mean to cause any problems if I did. I see you are...involved with someone?" he asked, glancing at her stomach.

"Married," Rory corrected, her voice annoyed.

"Ah..." Dean walked to the counter to pay for his things. "I don't want to push you to anything, but I was wondering if you wanted to maybe go to lunch, or something. Just for old times sake... Please, don't feel obligated, at all. And, whatever you want to do, I just, again, want to tell you I am so sorry for how I treated you. So, what do you say, lunch?"

Rory sighed and looked out the window. "Yeah, sure."


Tristan parked in front of Lorelai's house, and got out of his car. He ran up to the front door and knocked urgently three times.

"Coming, coming!" Lorelai shouted from inside. "Rory, you don't have to knock, this was your home, you know--" Lorelai stopped as she opened the door and saw Tristan standing in front of her, his eyes full of loneliness. "Oh, Tristan. Hi, come on in. You know," Lorelai brought her voice down to a whisper, "I think Rory really misses you," she said, a smiling curving at the edges of her mouth.

Tristan half smiled, feeling guilty again. "Yeah, I miss her a lot," he admitted. "I'm sorry to barge in like this, Lorelai, but, I really need to see her..."

"No problem at all, but she's not here, I sent her out to get some stuff at the grocery store. She left a while ago, but still hasn't come back, and I'm guessing she must have gone to lunch, so you could look around a bit."

Tristan nodded. "Thanks," he said sincerely, running out the door.


Rory stirred a spoon in her coffee as she sat with Dean waiting for their food to arrive. An awkward silence had come over them.

"So," Dean started, "Who got you pregnant?"

Rory's head shot up at his question. "Excuse me?"

"Oh, man, I didn't mean for it to come out like that... I'm so sorry."

Rory lifted an eyebrow but decided to let his comment go. She looked down and stirred her coffee a few times before talking to him again. "Tristan. Tristan Dugray."

Dean's eyes got cold. "Oh. Tristan."

"And, he didn't "get me pregnant," Rory said. "We have been married for four years, and I love him. This is our first child," Rory stated proudly.

Dean nodded. "I see," his tone annoyed. "Oh, good, here's the food," Dean said, turning to see a waiter.

Rory began stirring her coffee again. She wasn't really hungry.


Tristan pulled up next to Ben's market, and looked around the area. He walked to a couple restaurants, not finding her. Then he saw her sitting inside Angela's Cafe`. He ran up to it, but stopped. He bent over a flower bed, and picked up a small daffodil.

He opened the door and walked slowly over to her table. But, then he paused. With Rory was another guy. Dean. His heart sank, and he felt his anger surfacing again. He tried to leave without Rory seeing him, but she looked up, and a smile appeared on her face. But, it quickly disappeared as she realized the unusual and uncomfortable circumstances. Tristan shook his head and walked outside again. Rory quickly scooted out of her chair and rushed outside, followed by Dean.

"Tristan! Wait!" Rory shouted, holding her stomach and waddling after him as fast as she could.

"Rory, what are you doing? I came to apologize. I love you, but, I'm not sure that you feel the same way anymore."

"Tristan, don't say that, it's not like that! This isn't as big as a deal as you're making it to be!"

"Rory, stop!" Dean said suddenly. Rory turned to him.

"Stop? What are talking about?"

"This guy, you're actually going to go running back to him, your ears drooping and tail between your legs? Please, I'm much better for you," Dean fumed, getting to his point. "Maybe this baby is knocking you senseless. It wouldn't be surprising, because it is Tristan's baby, too--" Dean stopped short at hearing Rory shriek. His feet glued to the ground, he watched her curl over, tightly holding her stomach.

"Rory!" Tristan ran to her, supporting her with his hands. "What's wrong?" he asked, his mind racing.

"I'm having...THE BABY!" she shouted out the last two words as a contraction came.

"I can't take this..." Dean said out loud, he turned around and ran off.

"Can you get to the car?" Tristan asked Rory, holding her hand tightly.

Rory shook quickly, sweat dripping down her face.

Tristan nodded. He lifted her up in her arms, cradling her like a baby, walking quickly to his car. He put her careful in the passenger's seat, and then rushed to the driver's side. He pushed the key into the ignition and pressed down hard on the accelerator.


"Rory, I am so sorry. I should never had acted like that... I was just afraid of losing you. I love you, more than anything," Tristen said softly to Rory as they wheeled her into a room in the maternity ward.

She grabbed him by the collar. "Not. Now," she growled.

"Mr. Dugray, you'll need to step to your wife's other side," the doctor spoke as he pulled on his last glove.

Tristan nodded. He went right to Rory's side, and grasped her hand tightly in his. "You're going to do this," he whispered into her ear. Rory managed a smile. She brought her free hand weakly up to his neck, sat up slightly and kissed him.

"Okay, Mrs. Dugray, I need you to push, hard. This baby really wants to come out."

Rory nodded. She groaned loudly, her face painfully scrunched as she pushed.

"Good, good. Okay, can you give me another one?" Rory helplessly nodded again.

"You're so beautiful when you're sweaty," Tristan teased.

Rory slapped him lightly with the little energy she had left.


"Hey, I need to see my daugher!" Lorelai demanded, running up to the Nurse's station at arriving at the hospital.

"Ma'am, I can't help you unless you tell me who your daughter is," the nurse looked up, her annoyed expression having the potential to be a Kodak moment.

"Rory Dugray, she's having my granchild!" Lorelai shouted in exasperation.

The nurse shook her head as she slowly searched through her files.


Six hours later

"GOD! WHY WON'T THIS THING COME OUT?!" Rory yelled at the doctor.

"Okay, Mrs. Dugray, you're doing great, just one more push, and you're done," The doctor said, glancing nervously at a nurse as if he sensed something was wrong.

Tristan tightened his grip on Rory's shaking hand. I love you, he mouthed to her. Rory did the same in response and pushed again. Rory listened as she heard a short whimper, but then everything went silent.

"Can-- can I see it, please?" she asked hesitantly. "Why can't I hear it? Where's my baby, please! Let me see it, please...!" Rory sat up on her bed and tried to see what was happening. She sank back down on the bed after glancing at the newborn. "No... Please, God, no..." she whimpered after seeing the blue and lifeless form of her child on a table. She watched as Tristan walked up to the doctor. She tried to make out what they were saying, but her ears felt tight, and filmy. She shut her eyes and opened them again, trying to erase the nauseous feeling creeping up on her. The room started to get dark, and Rory could feel her mind drifting. "Tristan...?" she could barely hear her own voice.


"Rory? Rory, honey?" Rory forced herself to open her eyes as she heard Tristan's voice.

"Tristan......?" She found her voice. She looked up at Tristen sitting on her hospital bed.

"I'm right here, Rory," Tristan said softly, brushing a stray piece of hair off of her face. Rory smiled, and then her face fell.

"The- the baby, where is it? Is it okay?" she mumbled weakly.

"Yeah, he's fine, he had trouble breathing at first, but, he's doing great now. We were a bit worried about you, though. You blanked out on us, and really gave us-- me, a scare. I was afraid I was going to lose you..."

"I'm right here, and I don't ever want to leave," Rory whispered. Tristan took her face in his hands and kissed her repeatedly.

Tristan gently got off of the bed and smiled at her. "Wait a second."

Rory grinned tiredly and sat up a little.

"Look," Tristan walked back to Rory, carry a little bundle in his arms.

"Oh..." Rory breathed, reaching out. "A boy..." Rory grazed her son's cheek with her index finger, causing him to squirm and open his eyes. "Hi there," Rory whispered, completely taken over with the angel she was holding.

"We did it," Tristan stated quietly.

"I know..." Rory said, her voice in unbelief. "He's beautiful..."

"What do you want to name him?"

Rory smiled down at the newborn in her arms. "Tristan...Luke?" Rory looked up at Tristan for his approval.

He just smiled.


"That nurse... I would have come in to see you earlier if she hadn't been such... such a nurse," Lorelai concluded. Luke walked up behind her.

"Calm down, she here, and she's okay," Luke said as he rubbed Lorelai's shoulders. "So, what'd you name him anyway?" Luke asked.

"Tristan Luke," Rory said squeezing Tristan's hand as he sat next to her.

"Oh..." Luke looked around, his face turning red. "I'll get us coffee," he simply stated before walking out the door to a vending machine.

Lorelai smiled. "I love it. Wow..." she said as she looked at Tristan junior. "He's beautiful... Can I take him from you?" Lorelai asked with a grin.

Rory nodded and handed the sleeping angel to Lorelai.

"Rory, Rory! Tristan! Hi!" Lane exclaimed as she and Henry walked into the hospitol room, holding balloons and their daughter.

"Hey," Rory responded as Tristan did the same. Lane walked up to them, giving Rory and Tristan a hug, and then bending down to kiss little Tristan. Henry gave Tristan a hug and gave Rory a kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad you guys could come..." Rory said softly.

"We are too," Lane replied. Rory smiled, and then looked over Lane's shoulder at her Grandparents who were walking in the room.

"Hi Grandma, hi Grandpa." She greeted them both with hugs, and Tristan shook their hands.

"Hi Mom, Dad," Lorelai smiled at her parent's and kissed them both.

"Where's my great-grandson?" Emily asked, her face shining.

"Right here," Lorelai told her, handing her the baby.

"He's beautiful, Rory, Tristan," Emily said, her voice full of approval. Mr. Gilmore simply nodded with a wide grin, as Tristan Jr. grasped his index finger in his sleep. Everyone crowded around the newborn, giving him all of their attention.

Tristan bent over Rory, seeing his moment alone with her as his time to apologize.

"I'm sorry, I just...was afraid I'd lose you. And, I almost did. Can you forgive me?"

Rory shook her head and put her finger to his lips. "All is forgotten." She smile, kissing him again.


2 weeks later

Rory laid Tristan Jr. down in his crib back at their house, after he had fallen asleep. She smiled at him, and touched his cheek lightly before turning out the light and closing his door.

She yawned as she walked to her bedroom. She walked to her mirror, picked up a brush, and stroked her hair a few times before getting undressed. She change into a pair of comfortable sweats and a tank top, before climbing into bed next to Tristan. She leaned over him as he smiled at her.

"You get the next shift," Rory began, running her fingers slowly through his hair.

"All right," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. "You know, if we are going to be hopping up and down every few hours, we might want to take advantage of this alone time..." Tristan smiled.

"Oh, really? And exactly what do you intend to do, Mr. Dugray?" Rory teased.

"Just stay right here with you," he replied simply, a smile curving at his mouth. He sat up a little bit and drew Rory close to him. She brought her hand up to his neck, pulling him towards her. She kissed him softly, her lips lingering on his. Backing away slowly, she nestled up against his bare chest, breathing contentedly.

The End