SUMMARY - Lorelai's birthday, and her parties
CONTENT - Lorelai ends having more than one birthday party as her birthday
arrives and Stars Hollow members can't know what Emily and Richard are planning.
DISCLAIMER - This is an unofficial story using the characters of the show. I'm
not affiliated with the WB or Amy Sherman-Palladino .No copyright infringement

It's the answer to a challenge, "I'd love to see a fic about Lorelai's birthday, and her parents' reaction to it (how they plan to celebrate, how Star's Hollow celebrates, etc.). It doesn't necessarily have to fall on a Friday, but that would be great."

Happy Birthday to You Again, Lorelai

by Gabriela

[ Miss Patty and Luke at Luke's ]
Patty - "That's it, Luke, here, on Friday night."

Luke - "Okay, okay. We can do it, but you invite everyone to Lorelai's

Patty - "No problem, dear. I have two whole days to tell everyone, I just want
to be sure that we're gonna have the food and the place."

Luke - "I can do it. For Lorelai, I mean."

Patty - "See you on Friday night, gorgeous."

[ Lorelai, on the phone, at home ]

Lorelai - "I know mom, I know that Friday is my birthday."

Emily - "And you also think that just a regular dinner would be okay? We'll
throw the party wheter you want or not. I've already invited many friends, try
to be a grown up once Lorelai!"

Lorelai - "You know what, mom. Fine. I'll show up for your stupid party with
stupid and strange people doing stupid things and eating strange foods. I would
prefer to spend the night with my friends here in Stars Hollow, you don't know
how. But since your social reputation is now depending on my birthday party,
let's have this stupid celebration and see your smile, which, by the way, has
been a little hidden lately."

Emily - "You won't regret it. That's gonna be your best birthday ever."

Lorelai - [whispering] "My best worst birthday"

Emily - "What did you say, Lorelai?"

Lorelai - "Nothing. I said that I can't wait until Friday."

Emily - "See you on Friday night."

Lorelai - "Bye-bye"

[ Rory arrives home as Lorelai hangs up the phone ]

Rory - "Mom, you won't believe this."

Lorelai - "I won't if you don't tell me."

Rory - "Guess to what day Paris scheduled for us to finish our Huckleberry
Finn's paper? God, she drives me crazy!"

Lorelai - "No, that means that my birthday will be spent only me, my parents and
a couple of their boring friends? Isn't there a way you can change that?"

Rory - "I guess no. The paper is due on Monday and Madeline is going to travel
Saturday morning- But we can celebrate your birthday in the afternoon, what do
you think?"

Lorelai - "I guess it would be better than just having my mom's stupid party."

Rory - "So, we can do a lot of shopping and finish the afternoon eating at
Luke's, what do you think?"

Lorelai - "It sounds like a perfect plan. And how about we go to Luke's now?"

Rory - "Just after I finish my homework... Can you wait a little?"

[ cut to Independence Inn's kitchen, Sookie is preparing a cake as Michel enters
and starts to annoy her ]

Sookie - [to the cake] "Um, Robin, you look so yummy. I hope Lorelai likes you."

Michel - "So now you talk to cakes, you name them?"

Sookie - "Get off, Michel. Anyway, try this soup here. I want Lorelai's surprise
party to be perfect!"

Michel - "Does it have less than 12 calories?"

Sookie - "I guess not."

Michel - "So I can't."

Sookie - "Come on, Michel. Or I won't invite you to the party, Rory told me that
it was going to be just us and Dean."

Michel - [not liking it at all] "Okay" [tastes] "Umm that's great food."

Sookie - "Now I guess I'll have to hide all this stuff, Lorelai should be here
in a minute."

[ Lorelai and Rory eating something at home, later on the same day ]

Rory - "Tomorrow is the big day, huh? Are you excited?"

Lorelai - "Who in the world would be excited in turning to 33 years old? Okay, I
am. I am excited."

Rory - "Don't forget all the shopping we've planned."

Lorelai - "I won't. I'm gonna take the day off tomorrow. No work, just fun."

Rory - "You go girl."

[ the next day, Lorelai and Rory are having breakfast ]

Lorelai - "Stop it!"

Rory - "C'mon, let me sing the happy birthday song again!"

Lorelai - "Okay, I know it's my birthday, I know how I'm getting so old lately,
I know you are my insane daughter, I-"

Rory - "Can you drive me to school today?"

Lorelai - "Um, why so?"

Rory - "'Cause then, when you pick me up, we go straightly shopping."

Lorelai - "Yep. Wait for me by the melons."

[ later on the same day, Lorelai and Rory arrive at Stars Hollow holding a bunch
of bags, after they put everything in the house, they leave to go to luke's;
background song now is XTC - I'm the girl who murdered love ]

Lorelai - "Two coffees, to go."

Luke - "Here they are."

Lorelai - "Oh, they have "happy birthday" written all around, thanks, Luke. A
very child thing, but special."

Luke - "So, what are you planning to do tonight?"

Lorelai - "My mom is throwing this huge party at her house, which means, me, my
mom, my dad and a couple of their friends."

Luke - "You mean you're going to Hartford?"

Lorelai - "Yeah, in a minute. I'll just have to take this other coffee here to

Luke - [slightly disappointed] "No Stars Hollow?"

Lorelai - "What's the matter with you?"

Luke - "Nothing, have a fun meal then."

Lorelai - "Thanks." [and leaves]

[ cut to Luke calling Patty ]

Luke - "That's what I'm saying, Lorelai is going to Hartford. No, no. Who gave
the idea of the party? You call them! Okay, Bye."

[ Patty and Emily, on the phone ]

Emily - "What do you mean I have to cancel it off?"

Patty - "We planned a big party here for Lorelai, all the city is involved. We
didn't know about your dinner special."

Emily - "You want me to send my guests home?"

Patty - "I doubt they are in a greater number than here, hun."

[ they keep talking, and the scene cuts to Lorelai arriving at her parents house

Lorelai [as she rings the bel] - "Oh, hi. Where's mom?"

Housekeeper - "You didn't know? She had to travel, last-minute calling. Richard
had an emergency at work."

Lorelai - What is an emergency in the insurance business?"

Housekeeper - "Sorry, I don't know. I think you'll have to drive back."

[ then she closes the door, and Lorelai thinks for a while, cutting to next
scene ]

[ Lorelai, appearing to be disappointed, arriving at Luke's ]

Everyone - "Surprise!"

Lorelai - "Whoa! Mom? Dad? That's amazing."

Patty - "Happy Birthday dear."

Lorelai - "Awww, thank you. Was it your idea?"

Patty - "Yes, but don't thank me. Thank Luke."

Lorelai - "Thanks."

Emily - "Where's Rory?"

Lorelai - "She's in Hartford. Writing something for school, the paper, I don't
know. But don't worry, mom. We've already celebrated my birthday."

Kirk - "Everybody smile. I'll take a picture." [and does so]

[ the party goes on, than Lorelai goes behind the counter, in order to talk to
Luke ]

Lorelai - "Hey, you. Thanks for everything."

Luke - "Patty came up with the idea, I just offered the place."

Lorelai - "Can't you accept a thank you?"

Luke - "Okay. You're welcome. Anyhow, I wish you a happy birthday."

Lorelai - "Thanks, that's so sweet."

Babette [holding Lorelai's arm] - "Come on, dolly, let's sit down and appreciate
the meal."

Lorelai [seating with her parents] - "You're so mean. I drove up to Hartford,
and you were here all the time?"

Richard - "Well, let's say you mother wanted it to be different."

Emily - "And let's say I had to cancel it last minute."

Lorelai - "Uh, now I see. Thank you, by the way."

[ time lapses, now Rory, Sookie, Michel and Dean are shown at Lorelai's house ]

Sookie - "Done."

Rory - "Mom should be arriving in a minute. The dinner is probably ending
anytime, grandma and grandpa always sleep early, no matter how important the
ocasion is."

Michel - "Can I turn on the music? This place is boring."

Sookie - "Quiet, Michel. Remember that you were not supposed to be here."

Michel - "Uhm."

Dean - "Rory, uh, how about we do something while your mother doesn't come?"

Rory - "I don't think that would be a good idea, we have to be ready do act
whenever she's home."

Dean - "Don't forget I have to be home before 11 o'clock."

Rory - "Okay, don't worry. You know that you don't have to stay for the party,
thanks a lot for offering to help."

Michel [dancing is dancing alone, in weird movements, as Sookie stares at him]
"What? It's Friday night, and I need some fun."

[ cut back to Luke's, the party seems to be going well ]

Kirk [standing in front of Lorelai's table] - "Can I take a picture of this
lovely family?"

Emily - "Sure."

Kirk - "Say cheese."


Lorelai - "I'll be right back." [leaves to talk to Luke] "Can I ask you a

Luke - "It's your party, you deserve it."

Lorelai - "Why isn't Sookie here?"

Luke - "Miss Patty said that she couldn't come because of something at the Inn,
I thought you knew that."

Lorelai - "No, I didn't. That's weird."

Luke - "Don't worry. She probably will give you a better explanation later."

Lorelai - "I hope so." [heading back to the table]

Patty - "And now the most expected item of the night: the cake!"

[ shows the picture of everyone having fun, eating the cake, talking, everyone
seems to be happy ]

Richard - "We gotta go. It's late to drive."

Lorelai - "Okay. Thanks again. Drive safe."

Emily - "Happy Birthday, Lorelai. Good-bye."

Kirk - "And I guess I'm going to. I have to work tomorrow morning."

Lorelai - "Already? But please don't forget to bring me the pictures as soon as
you have them!"

Kirk - "Don't worry. I'm a good photographer."

Patty - "And we're leaving too."

Babette - "Yeah, doll. Congratulations again. And bye-bye."

Morey - "Hey, Lorelai."

Lorelai - "Bye. Thanks for coming. And Patty, I just wanted to say that I loved
the surprise. Thank you very much."

Patty - "You're welcome, dear."

Lorelai - "I guess there's now just you and me. Do you need any help cleaning
the place?"

Luke - "No, no. It's your birthday, just go home and get some rest."

Lorelai - "You say so. I will. Thanks for everything."

Luke - "You're welcome."

[ she leaves the diner, than Lorelai is going home, and she passes by the town
clock, which marks 1 am! ]

Lorelai [sneaking in, as she sees Michel dancing in the corner of her living
room] - "Ahhhhh."

Michel - "Good. You're home."

Lorelai [sees two people sleeping on the couch] - "Sookie is here. And Rory!"

Michel - "Don't you see? They planned you a surprise party."

Lorelai - "Wow. I mean, just the two of them?"

Michel - "Hey, don't forget me. And also that tall guy, your daughter little
boyfriend was here too."

Lorelai - "Dean? Oh my God, if I had known that. [runs into something, a big
noise follows]"

Sookie [wakes up and sees Lorelai] - "Surprise!!"

Lorelai - "Hey. Michel told everything. I'm so sorry."

Sookie - "Don't be sorry. I should be sorry. I think I fell asleep while
waiting. No, I couldn't do that. I'm so bad. I'm a bad friend."

Lorelai - "No, no, you aren't. How could I possible know that there would be
three different people throwing me birthday parties?"

Rory [waking up] "Uh, are you home already?"

Lorelai - "Um, I guess so. But you can continue sleeping if you want. So,
Sookie, how did you guys planned this party?"

Sookie - "It's been a week since I started preparing food at the inn. And I'm so
proud of me, 'cause you didn't realize Robin was there."

Lorelai - "Uh, Robin?"

Sookie - "The cake."

Lorelai - "An, the cake, yes."

Rory [now standing up] - "Mom, happy birthday again! [sees the time] Wow! It's
past 1am! I guess somebody's party was not too bad."

Lorelai - "I guess somebody's party number one was canceled, while party number
two happened at Luke's, and party number three is starting right now. I know I'm
a little tired and stuff, but I guess we can have this party anyway, girls! And

Sookie - "Good idea. The music is on, there's tons of food on the fridge. And
also, the three of us are here."

Lorelai - "You guys totally managed to hide that from me! ... Um, Rory, can I
ask you a question? Why isn't Lane here?"

Rory - "Her mother didn't let her come. I tried, but I couldn't help."

Lorelai - "Okay, so, let's have the party!"

[time lapses, the next day, Lorelai and Rory are waking up in the afternoon]

Rory [at the living room] - "Mom. Mom. Mom!"

Lorelai [coming from the kitchen, in a sleepy face] "What?"

Rory - "What time is it?"

Lorelai - "The last time I checked, it was 3 o'clock, why?"

Rory - "Oh, I overslept! We were going to work on our paper at 2! I can't
believe, Paris' gonna hate me."

Lorelai - "Calm down. She called. Since Louise and Madeline went to a party
yesterday, you're gonna make the paper at 5."

Rory - "Whew. I feel much relieaved now. So, what's the sensation of being 33?"

Lorelai - "I didn't realize I was getting old. Uh, so, thanks for bringing it
back then."

Rory - "I'm sorry. Happy birthday again, mom. Please forgive me."

Lorelai [phone rings, Lorelai answers] - "Hello."

Emily - "Happy birthday to you again, Lorelai."

Lorelai - "Aww, thanks. Who is speaking?"

Emily - "Don't you recognize your mother?"

Lorelai - "Uh, sorry."

Emily - "So, I'm calling you to say that the party we were going to have
yesterday, is now postponed to next week. And please bring Rory this time!"

Lorelai [shocked] - "What? Why? But next week won't be my birthday again."

Emily - "What's that, Lorelai? We have the food, we have the guests, the party
will be next week, end of story."

Lorelai - "Okay then. Say, next Friday at seven?"

Emily - "Don't be late. Bye."

Lorelai - "Bye." [hungs up]

Rory - "Who was that?"

Lorelai - "Your grandmother. And guess what? I'm gonna have a party at her house
next week."

Rory - "I guess someone is in big trouble..."

Lorelai - "Don't laugh. You're invited!"