Summary: Lorelai's Bad Luck.
Rating: G
Content: Unforseen Surprise.
Pairing: Lorelai and Rory.
Disclaimer: None of the characters used belong to me, no profit is made
from this stories and no infringement is intended.

Lorelai's Best

By Andre Tetreault

Sunday afternoon
Gilmore residence

Rory opens the door of her home, coming from a weekend spent with Lane.
She hasn't seen her mom since Saturday morning, entering the house she
finds its too quiet, either her mom is out or something is wrong. She
goes to her room and puts her things away including her school books,
she then proceeds to change clothes, after a couple of minutes she lays
down on her bed and continues to read her book.

10 minutes later, she starts to get nervous the ambience was not quite
right so she gets up and searches the house after a couple of minutes
she goes up the stairs to her mothers room and sees her laying on the
bed crying, Rory then sits on the bed and hugs her mom.

"Mom whats wrong" worried for her mom.

"Yesterday was a very bad day Rory" she says with tears coming down her

"What happened Mom" getting really nervous at seeing her mom so

"The morning was ok except when I got sick but that passed but then
during the afternoon the owner of the Inn came to visit and to talk to
me, he decided that my services weren't necesary anymore, so I basically
got fired. After I got home and crashed on the sofa. I noticed that
there was a message on the answering machine, it was from my doctor so I
called him back. He had the results from my tests from last week, get
this I'm pregnant!".

"What. Why. How..." Shocked and looking lost.

"Imagine what my mom is gonna say when she hears of this, I'll never
hear the end of it" says Lorelai.

"Wait a minute, why did he fire you?"

"He said that my position was obsolete and that the others could do my

"And how did you get pregnant and by who?" looking at her mother.

"Well you know how and the father Christopher" looking at the

Lorelai the sits on the edge of the bed and wraps her arms around her
legs, Rory sits next to her and hugs her mother.

"It's gonna be ok mom" We'll deal with it, as usual.

Lorelai turns towards her daughter and says.

"April fools" and starts to laugh.

"What!!!" completely shocked. "I can't believe you did that to me, it
wasn't funny"

"Wow if you could see your face right now you would laugh too trust me
it was a very good joke" still laughing.

"I'll get you for that one day". Rory replies

"Promises, promises" says smiling

The End.