SPOILERS - first season of Gilmore Girls
SUMMARY - Tristan is set up on a date with many unexpected things
CONTENT - very little amount of language
DISCLAIMER - They are not mine. They belong to the WB, Amy Sherman-Palladino, and I am just using their people.

Can't Stay Away

By Nikki

Just two weeks ago school had let out for the summer. Tristan DuGrey was planning on spending all the summer time that he was not going anywhere, at the country club- Cherry Valley. He was anticipating a relaxing summer, meeting new people- well, meeting new girls that is and pretty much just being lazy.

A woman working for the club notices Tristan lying down on a beach chair near the lagoon pool and takes it upon herself to go over to him and talk to him. Tristan is lying on a beach chair next to the pool, OP designer sunglasses covering up his illuminating blue eyes, and his tan, oiled body glistening from tanning lotion. He notices a shadow loom over him and takes of his sunglasses suavely and looks up to see the hot tamale he was expecting to see standing over him.

*Eww! * He calls out to himself, as he looks over the woman positioned in front of him. He is in a mix of pure terror and disgust.

"Why hello there!" She calls to him in a sing-songy voice and batting her eyelashes wildly.

"Umm why hello there to you too..." Tristan says to the woman a bit of hesitant in his voice and his eyebrows knitted in a quizzical look.

"What is your name you cute snuggle you?" She asks him practically purring.

"My name? It's Tristan," he tells her trying to keep himself from laughing at this horrible sight in front of him. "Tristan DuGrey."

"Oh yes! I certainly do remember seeing that name in the members' booklet. I also had the pleasure of giving you father a massage this morning. If you are ever in the mood for a massage you know where to come!" She told him and gave him a little wink. Tristan was just looking at her as if she were crazy.

*Why the hell would I want a massage from her?! Yuck! * He thought to himself.

"Uh huh. If I ever need one I'll know where to go," he told her just trying to humor her he guessed.

"Good, good, good! So Tristan sweetie, are you single and ready to mingle?" She began laughing absurdly at her own joke. Tristan just cracked a grinnish-smirk because it wasn't all that funny.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am single," he told her, not quite looking her in the eye for fear that he would burst out into laughter and embarrass her more than she herself already had.

"So you're ready to mingle then?" She asked him and he just shrugged his shoulders a little not bothering to respond. "How about I set you up!" She suggested, "I know a beautiful girl around your age who would just faint at your feet from the sight of you, but I am positive you would have a fabulous time!" She rambled on moving her arms in a million directions emphasizing way more then what was needed.

"Well I don't really know…" he stammered. He did not want someone who would be as strange as the woman he was talking to now to be set up on a blind date with.

"There is no way that I will take no for an answer!" She went on, "So meet this lovely girl here tomorrow at the lunch-in at 3 o'clock sharp! Don't be a minute late; I like men to be prompt! So be there at 3 o'clock and be ready to meet your soul mate!" She told him giddily. She knew that this would be a match made in heaven if she ever saw one.

"Ok," he finally managed. He had been on tons of horrible dates before and quite frankly he just wanted the woman to leave him alone already. After all how bad could the girl be? "I'll be there at 3 o'clock sharp," he told the woman who just clapped her hands together and walked off back to the country club lodge. "What a crazy woman!" He said aloud to no one in particular shaking his head slightly, "and this crazy woman is setting me up on a blind date! What am I getting myself into?"

-The Next Day at 2:50 PM- Cherry Valley Country Club-

*Well here I am * Thought Tristan as he pushed open the heavy glass doors leading into the lunch-in. He took a deep breath and exhaled deeply, then inhaling the luscious scents of flowers bordering the whole country club. This act was to sooth his nerves, for he was scared, anxious, anticipating and much more all at the same time. Once more he took a deep breath, walked in and surveyed the surrounding other country club members.

Then he spotted her.

She was sitting all alone at the third table in. She had a little longer then shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, and greenish-blue eyes. She was very pleasant looking he reflected.

She noticed him standing by the door looking around, so the girl got up and strode over to him.

"Hi!" She smiled brightly to Tristan.

"Hey," he smiled back to her, now focusing his attention to this blonde girl smiling in front of him.

"I'm Brooke," she told him sticking out her hand for him to shake.

"Tristan," he told her taking her hand in his and shaking it in a firm, but casual and playful shake. *Wow! This lady did certainly set me up with someone I would've picked myself! * He thought happily.

"Well, do you want to join me?" Brooke asked Tristan gesturing toward the table she was sitting at when he walked in.

"Sure, I would love to." He told her as the two walked towards the table.
Once they got to the table they began talking about many things, just as the waiter- who introduced himself as Jeff- came to take their orders.

"What would you like miss?" Jeff asked Brooke.

"Umm, can I have a diet coke and a garden salad with Italian dressing?" She asked the waiter.

"Sure, and for you sir?" He asked Tristan.

"Yeah, I'll have a coke and a cheeseburger with extra fries," he told the waiter, as the waiter wrote it down and walked away to go put in their orders.

"So tell me more about yourself then." Tristan said to Brooke.

"Well I go to Montgomery Prep, which is about an hour and a half from Hartford." She told him, "what about you?"

"I go to Chilton," he stated.

"Oh! Chilton, I know where that is. I actually wanted to go there myself, but my father wanted me to go to an all girls school so that 'I can focus on my studies,'" she laughed sort of bashfully.

"Eww, yeah that does suck, I mean an all girls school…" Tristan laughed, as Jeff came back with their food.

"Here you go," the waiter said as he placed a cheeseburger and fries in front of Tristan, and a salad in front of Brooke.

"Thank you!" Brooke thanked him as she took a sip out of her diet coke.

"You're welcome, and enjoy!" Jeff said as he left the two alone once more.

Throughout the next hour Tristan and Brooke talked about various other things as they finished up their lunch (or whatever you want to call it at that time).

"Do you wanna go head out to the pools?" Brooke asked Tristan.

"Sure that would be fun," he agreed as Tristan grabbed the check and made his way over to the front to go pay it off.

After he had paid and they had gathered up all of their belongings, Tristan pulled open the two doors leading out into the sunbeams that were outside.

"Wow its really nice out!" Brooke exclaimed as the sun began beating down on both of them.

"So then which pool did you want to go to?" He asked her.

"Follow me!" She said happily as she grabbed hold of his hand and the two of them began running toward the pool.

-At 7 o'clock-

"Time has sure flown bye, but everything great must eventually come to an end," Brooke said sadly.

"What do you mean?" Tristan asked her perplexed, "You mean you have to go?"

"Yup gotta meet my dad at 8:00, for a dinner thing. Sadly I know." She laughed. "But here take this," she said handing him a little slip of paper.

Brooke leaned in and gave him a slight lingering kiss on his lips and gently said, "read it later." Then she walked away regretting having to leave.

-Later that night: 11:00 (Tristan has still not read the note)-

*I wonder what she wrote? * Tristan thought as he opened up the note slowly, taking notice of her neat handwriting and he began to read…


I had a REALLY great time tonight. I wish that it never had to end, but all great things do have to end for you to remember them and so you can keep them in your heart. This is something I will always remember and cherish, forever.

Love, Brooke

As Tristan read that, he had to sit down and think. He sat down on his bed and thought: *She likes me, A LOT! Wow! Now how do I feel about her he wondered? * As he drifted off into a peaceful, thought provoking slumber.

-The next morning at 10:00 AM-

"BZZZZZZ!" Is the sound of the loud noise ringing in Tristan's ears as he struggles to turn off his alarm clock. *Was everything that happened to me yesterday a dream? * He wonders, but then is assured that it was not as his eyes glance over to his nightstand where Brooke's note is contained.

Tristan is too overwhelmed to think about everything that happened last night, and how Brooke can *gulp* be in love with him already? He needs to find out what is really going on, how she really does feel- like does she really like him as much as it seemed from her note? He decides to head over to the Cherry Valley Country Club, only a 20 minute drive from his house, and find out what is really going on. He thinks maybe he may also be able to find out what he really feels for Brooke as well.

-11:45 AM Cherry Valley Country Club-

When Tristan got there the first thing he saw was the woman who had set him and Brooke up on the date. She was behind the lodge counter with another girl in the back room typing away at the computer behind the glass window. The other girls back was turned, so he could not get a good look at her.

When he walked in, the woman he had talked to the day before was busy filing a bunch of papers and folders and did not seem to notice him walk in. So he strode over to her, so he could thank her for setting him up and to tell her he had a good time.

"Hey!" Tristan said brightly to the woman as she glanced up from what she was doing, "I just wanted to thank you for the great date I had yesterday." He told her smiling.

"Yeah, it must have been great," the woman said glaring at Tristan, an icy edge to her normally cheerful voice. "I'm sure you had a great time seeming as though you never showed up for it!" She exclaimed obviously annoyed.

Tristan just stood there confused. *What is she talking about? I went out with Brooke… * He was very confused now. "What are you talking about? I went out with Brooke for a couple hours last night. She had blondish hair, greenish-blue eyes… come on! You know what I'm talking about, you set me up with her!" Tristan screamed annoyed at the woman.

"yes, well I see you did go out with someone. But, that was not the girl I set you up with." She told him as Tristan just looked at her baffled. "Actually this is the girl you were supposed to meet…" She told him as the girl who was in the back room typing moments ago emerged from the door of the back room.

Tristan felt his jaw drop to the floor as the girl walked out…

The girl gave one look at Tristan and gasped as well.

"Its you? I was supposed to meet you? I knew that Miss Patty would have picked someone out that I would not have liked, but never in a million years did I think that it would be Mr. Tristan DuGrey! This is unbelievable!" She said, almost actually yelling.

"Gee, much thanks Mary, I didn't know you hated me that much!" Tristan told her a bit shakily.

"WAIT! So let me get this straight," the woman, now known as Miss Patty, interrupted them. "So you two know each other already?" They both nodded, "And you hate each other?" Once again the two exchanged a look and both shrugged.

"We didn't really have a good start…" Tristan admitted.

"Yeah our start was a bit shaky," Rory also admitted.

"well then, now I have a brilliant beyond belief idea here!" Miss Patty told them giddily.

"what is it?" Rory asked skeptically.

"Yeah I wanna know too," Tristan agreed.

"Ok, well this is my idea…" She paused a moment noticing both teens watch her intently, "well, I say since your 'date' never did happen, that you should try again. Now." She told them very pleased with her idea.

"No, wait a sec here!" Rory complained, "me and Tristan. Tristan and me. On a date? That is crazy! Its just…"

"Sure," Tristan interrupted, "I'll go, I'm up for it." Rory shot him an evil glance, and he just smiled triumphantly. *Rory this is one case where I am finally going to get what I want. And you are going to have the time of your life, you just wait and see! *

"well then, now it is settled!" Miss Patty said cheerfully. "I have to get back to work now but you two go off and have a great time! It's only around 12:30 ish so you go out and eat something- and do have yourselves a good time!"

"oh don't you worry Ma'am, we will," Tristan assured her.

"Call me Miss Patty dear!" She told him.

"sure thing Miss Patty. See you later!" He sent her one of his killer smiles and looked at Rory to go.

"Ah! There is that killer, heart thumping smile!" Miss Patty exclaimed. "Rory don't you agree it is a great smile?"

"Umm, yeah. Sure." Rory said smiling slightly, embarrassed that she was thinking how it really was. *His does have a killer trademark smile! * Rory sighed. *This couldn't be all that bad really could it? *

"well, we're off," Tristan told Miss Patty as he boldly grabbed Rory's hand and lead her out.

Both Tristan and Rory were surprised that Rory didn't pull her hand away.

*She didn't pull her hand away! Yes! Major points for you DuGrey! * Tristan thought happily.

*Whoa Rory! Girl, you didn't pull your hand away… what does this mean. Aw man! You like him! Be calm, do not, I repeat do not get too caught up! * Rory thought to herself.

"where do you want to go to eat?" Tristan asked breaking in to her thoughts.

"what? Sorry what did you say?" Rory asked him flustered, for she was involved in her own thoughts.

"I asked where do you want to go to eat for lunch?" He asked again cracking another trademark smile. *Yes! More points for you DuGrey! * He thought excitedly.

"Umm, how about 'The Grill.?'" Rory asked. *Don't fall for him, don't fall for him…. *

"Sure, they have really good burgers." Tristan told her.

"Yeah I totally agree!" Rory said. *Don't fall for him! Too late you already did. Damn! *

As they walked into 'The Grill,' a song was playing in the background and numerous couples and other people were dancing to the upbeat tune.

"Shall we go dance?" Tristan asked Rory a semi-pleading look in his eyes. Rory noticed a flash of uncertainty glaze in them waiting for her answer.

"Sure, I'd like that," Rory told him and she saw Tristan exhale with a sigh of relief.

Tristan grabbed Rory's hand and pulled her to the dance floor. By then the other high tempo beat dancing song had ended and now a slow song blared from the speakers.

With only a second of hesitation Tristan wrapped his hands around Rory's waist and pulled her into him as close as he could get.

Rory a little startled at first, but only seconds later felt completely safe, and at home in Tristan's arms. She closed her eyes, laid her head down on Tristan's big, strong shoulders inhaling his good smelling cologne as the words of the songs sank in:

Who could know the emptiness inside
Every time I see your face
Too many feelings left behind
Do you wonder why
I turn away when you look at me
Never wanting your eyes to see
This desperate heart that knows
How perfect we could be

Baby, 'cause you don't know how I feel
Livin' my life without you
Baby, and you don't know what it's like
Lovin' you all this time
I'll give you all my love, heart and soul
Riskin' it all on a chance
Now when I need you the most
You don't know

All I ever wanted in this world
Baby, I found in you
I never felt this way before
But I can't break through
And now I lie awake, alone at night
So afraid now to close my eyes
Just one more dream of you
I'll carry here inside
Baby, 'cause you don't know how I feel
Livin' my life without you
Baby, and you don't know what it's like
Lovin' you all this time
I'll give you all my love, heart and soul
Riskin' it all on a chance
Now when I need you the most
You don't know

And I would hold you all through the night
I would stay right by your side
And I'd give you the world if your love was mine
But, baby, could it be I'm only dreamin'
Don't let it pass me by
Baby, 'cause you don't know how I feel
Livin' my life without you
Baby, and you don't know what it's like
Lovin' you all this time
I'll give you all my love, heart and soul
Riskin' it all on a chance
Now when I need you the most
You don't know

(Author Note: The song is by 98 Degrees~ "You Don't Know" it is number nine on their CD Revelation- very good CD too!! Haha it sounds like I'm advertising it, too bad they aren't paying me to do this, OK I'll stop and finally get on with the story.)

By the end of the song, Tristan and Rory were way caught up on one another. They both had been staring into the others eyes, never wanting the song to end.

*Tristan kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me! * Rory pleaded in her head, *Kiss me! * Her eyes looked on, into his searching for a sign, for anything on how he felt and what he wanted. But, his eyes were guarded and she could not see into what he was thinking.

*I wanna kiss her so bad! I really do. She looks so sweet, innocent, and sexy. I want her. I'm just gonna go for it… *

Tristan leaned in and gave Rory a kiss on her lips. *Yes! * they both thought.

Everyone and everything was oblivious to them, for they just had eyes for each other right now. Neither had noticed a blonde girl walk in and look around for someone.

Then she spotted him. Kissing another girl. She walked right up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up and then he saw her. He was shocked to say the least to see her.

"Tristan I love you! How can you do this to be!" Brooke shouted at him as the tears began to stream down her face. "I love you, how could you?" She asked again.

Tristan did not know what to do. Both girls, Brooke and Rory, were glaring at him. He knew he had to make a decision. But whom did he want?

Tristan let his eyes roam over both of the girls. He did not know what to do, or who to pick.

They both meant a lot to him.

Although he had only known Brooke a matter of hours they bonded and connected very well. He felt totally at home with her, that he could tell her anything. She was very spontaneous and seemed like a ton of fun to be able to spend time with. He loves to have a good time and likes his girls to be out going and of course beautiful and sure of themselves.

Only problem was Rory. He had wanted her ever since she started at Chilton that year. There was soooooo much that he liked about her, that he didn't even know where to start. At first she was just like a game to him- but this so called "game" turned out to be so much more than he had anticipated it to be. *If it was more than I had anticipated just being friends… what will it be like as more than friend- as lovers… *

So, he just stood there both looking at him and other people all over the restaurant were standing near, watching, gawking. It seemed as though they could tell "Mr. Player" was going to have to choose between two very gorgeous girls. He figured they probably saw him the other day with Brooke and now with the 'new girl.' But in actuality he didn't care what they thought about it. He just was worried about what to do at this moment.

*AHH! What the hell have I gotten myself into this time? * Tristan wondered. He was about to literally tear out his hair. This was killing him!

"Well Tristan, me and miss… whatever the hell her name is over here…" Rory shot Brooke a death look at her comment, then opened her mouth to say something but Tristan interrupted both if them by finally speaking.

"This is too much for me to be able to understand and sort this all out right now." He told them trying to choose his words carefully. "So I have to sort this through and really, and I mean REALLY sort this all out, so that I can ensure you both that I truly made the correct decision."

"Why make this dippy ditz, man stealer," (Brooke said referring to Rory) "wait in agony and get her hopes up for nothing when you and I both know that you are going to pick me? I mean I don't see the point, at all, to put her through all this when me, Brooke Angel McCartney, is the obvious choice. I mean that's just plain mean." Brooke stated to Tristan and Rory as though it were the most evident thing.

"First of all it is Rory. That's Rory- R O R Y! And as far as I am concerned Tristan can take as long as he needs cause I'm not worried about him not picking me. We have a history too! I've liked…." Rory explained to Brooke very upset.

"Ahh! I cannot take this anymore! You two stop fighting!" Tristan yelled over the two interrupting them. This was killing him inside. He threw his hands up in the air and lost all sense and just ran out of the restaurant. This was definitely quite a scene for everyone watching, but he just had to get out of there, so he did. He needed time alone. To think about everything.

"Look what you did! Accused Brooke, "you made him run out just because he doesn't want to hurt your poor little feelings!"

"My God! You have some nerve, I mean I've liked Tristan since the first time I saw him- although I've never actually admitted that to myself, or to anyone for that matter. He always taunted me, but well I guess I've always thought that it was cute…" Rory gushed on.

Brooke yawned an over exaggerated yawn, then her voice dripping with sarcasm she said, "my, my, my! 'He always taunted me, but he was sooooooooo cute!" Brooke mimicked.

"I have had enough of you! Stop mimicking me, are you that insecure that Tristan won't choose you that you have to take it out on me?" Rory raged on, as everyone who hadn't been already watching their scene, now were watching intently at the scene the two were putting on.

Brooke just stared at her and blinked her eyes a bit as she struggled to come up with a snappy comeback. "Well Miss quippy…" Brooke started as the door from outside opened and in came Tristan.

Everyone (all the spectators and Rory and Brooke) looked at him questioningly waiting for what he had to say.

"I know who I want." He stated as all the blank faces stared at him in anticipation of his response…

When Tristan didn't go right into whom he was going to pick, Brooke took it upon herself to say something.

"Well, baby, come on! Just say Brooke Angel McCartney." She giggled and flipped her wavy blonde hair over her shoulder, "I mean come on I know that you want too!" She giggled once more. "Cause we are in love. And dear that's L O V E!" She said looking directly at Rory.

Tristan gave both girls another once over, and then made his way over to where the DJ was spinning the music. He mumbled something into the DJ's ear and the DJ nodded and began rummaging through his collection looking for something.

As he was still looking, Tristan looked at the girls, into their eyes once more, then the music began filling the speakers.

Tristan then took a step toward both girls and they looked right back at him. Tristan looked Brooke in the eyes slowly, then a sad look on his face he slightly shook his head 'no.' To Rory he looked her in the eyes, searching, then reached out his hand. She took it in hers as they walked to the center floor. Tristan gently placed his hands around Rory's waist pulling her in towards him. Rory's face was flushed and her heart was pounding, *Oh my God! I cannot believe he picked me! I thought that he was going to pick that Brooke girl because, well I just did! I mean she is beautiful and seems like the type of girl Tristan would want… Gilmore stop yourself! He picked you be happy! * Rory thought to herself and she was more than happy, she was ecstatic, no more than that. She, miss thesaurus, couldn't even think of a word to describe how good she felt at that moment.

"It's you." He told her, his blue eyes sparkling, "it's always been you, and it always will." He told her speaking directly from his heart, "It's always been you," he told her once more, "I just can't stay away."

"Oh Tristan!" Rory exclaimed. Then at a loss for words both just looked into each other's eyes, they both saw all the longing there for each other that was too long not acknowledged. Then slowly their faces came towards each other, and then with only a moment of hesitation, they kissed as they swayed slightly to the music.

I'm so scared that you will see
All the weakness inside of me
I'm so scared of letting go
That the pain I've hid will show
I know you want to hear me speak
But I'm afraid that if I start to
I'll never stop

I want you to know
You belong in my life
I love the hope
I see in your eyes
For you I would fly
At least I would try
For you I'll take
The last flight out

I'm afraid that
You will leave
As my secrets
Have been revealed
In my dreams
You'll always stay
Every breathing moment from now
I know you want to hear me speak
But I'm afraid that if I start to
I'll never stop

I want you to know
You belong in my life
I love the hope
I see in your eyes
For you I would fly
At least I would try
For you I'll take
The last flight out
I want you to know
You belong in my life
I love the hope
I see in your eyes
For you I would fly
At least I would try
For you I'll take
The last flight out

I cannot hold back
The truth no more
I let you wait too long
Although it's hard and scares me so
A life without you scares me more

I want you to know
You belong in my life
I love the hope
I see in your eyes
For you I would fly
At least I would try
For you I'll take
The last flight out

I want you to know
You belong in my life
I love the hope
I see in your eyes
For you I would fly
At least I would try
For you I'll take
The last flight out**

The two were still kissing even as the song faded out and another song came in place of it. Finally when Tristan looked up for a second, he noticed everyone staring, gawking at them. Rory noticed him look up and then she too did.

As the twos eyes were wandering around the room looking at people's faces- that at that time had no names- she just took another look around looking for a face that she knew the name of all too well. Brooke. She was nowhere to be found. *Good! Serves her right! * Rory thought to herself.

And with that satisfaction, Rory looked up into the eyes of Tristan and she gave him another kiss. This made all the spectators around her start clapping giving them a standing ovation.

Both laughed and looked deeply into each other's eyes for a moment more, as Tristan's words broke the silence.

"I think I could definitely get used to this."

Rory just laughed giving Tristan a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Me too Tristan, me too," she told him.


**The song is by Plus One- "The Last Flight Out"