SUMMARY - Answer to challenge. Rory and Tristan get locked in a closet at Chilton for 6 hours, they kiss .....
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Confined Spaces Bring Out Different Feelings

by Chrissy

"Okay, Rory, Tristan, thanks for coming to make up the Shakespeare test. Here it is - and I'll be right back. I need to talk to Headmaster Charleston for a few minutes," Mr. Medina said as he handed Rory a test and got another for Tristan.

"Hey, Mary. You wanna go out for a while after we're done with the test?" Tristan said, his usual smirk on his face as he called her 'Mary' on purpose, and he had his pencil rubbing her arm for his own exasperating reasons.

Rory stared at him as if his face were a Picasso painting. "Tristan, you'd better give it up, because you know I have a boyfriend. Anyways, he's gonna pick me up after and we're doing something. I'm here to get into Harvard, not for Tristan to hit on me."

Tristan glanced at her as she pushed his pencil back on his desk and onto his test. Rory turned around, her back facing him. "Rory -" He started to say, his tone sounding sweeter, and he called her 'Rory,' too.

"Tristan, god, why can't you understand that I don't want to talk to you? Paris drools all over you, so go for her ... Please, just stay away from me!" She didn't even turn around to talk to him because she was so flustered, already taking one of Mr. Medina's tests. She heard that even Paris got a B- on this test.


"Luke, give me my cup of coffee ... PLEASE! Today at the inn ... this huffy lady came in and she wanted us to hold her daughter's wedding and she wanted the wedding to be tomorrow. Okay, TOMORROW! Luke, Sookie was sick today, too, and Michel was going crazy on me and I was the only sane person in the whole inn. I mean -" Lorelai flopped into her usual stool at the counter and put her head down as she blabbered about her day.

"Lorelai, if you were the only sane person at the inn today ... You do not know how freaky that sounds. How many cups of coffee have you had today, anyways?" Luke poured the steaming coffee into the mug, a bored yet entertained look across his face.

"Well, I had enough to handle my day. Not too many, only two pots or so. Considering the type of day I had, it is a really minimal amount." Lorelai laid her head back on the counter after she took a few sips.

"You have got to get yourself some help, Lorelai. Rory is going to turn into a miniature you, and -" an entirely freaked out look passed over his face "- and that is such a freaky thought."

"Luke, I'm really worried about her. She's obsessing about Chilton." Lorelai said, stirring her coffee with a spoon. "Right now, she's there taking a makeup test, with her oh-so-dearest Tristan. It's horrible watching her get home and stew about all this homework, and she can't even worry about the more important things in life, like Dean and her best friend."

Luke looked at her blankly. "Lorelai ... you make me sick." He said, turning around and grabbing the coffee pot to fill up her mug. "You don't even know what is important in life. If you think that Dean is the most important thing in her life, you are so screwed in the head. She needs to worry about Chilton 'cause she wants to go to Harvard. She's a good kid, so don't worry about her. Anyways, that's my speech of the day."

Lorelai applauded loudly. "Luke, that's wonderful. Dean's picking her up. I can't wait until Dean and Tristan meet ... that's gonna be a great fight. Rich Preppy vs. Grocery store checker ... It'll be all over the news!"

"Lore, come on. You need to stop watching your soaps and Titanic all day."

"Luke, you know I work so hard all day. I'm a sappy romantic, that's all." Lorelai said as the door jingled open.

Luke and Lorelai turned around as Dean walked through the door. "Okay, Dean, what'll it be today?" Luke said as monotone as he could manage.

"Nothing." He turned to Lorelai. "I need directions to Chilton. I've never been there, so that'd be good if I knew how to get there so I can pick your daughter up."

"Well, Dean, you go down the Yellow Brick Road, you turn left at the poppy fields, and you go straight into Emerald City. Then you find the Wizard and you're there!" Lorelai said, a bright smile shining her face. She looked at Dean's face, which was monotonous and without expression. "Dean, where is your humor? Oh, I forgot. Rory stole it all. Dean, would you lighten up? Anyways, I'll write them down."


"Here, Mr. Medina. I'm done with the test." Rory handed him her test, and she grabbed purse that she took. Tristan turned in his test quickly, so he could follow Rory, and Mr. Medina gave Rory a box to put in a closet.

"Miss Gilmore, could you put this box in the closet next to my classroom that says Janitorial on your way out?" Max Medina handed her a rather large box.

"Sure, Mr. Medina. See you Monday morning!" Rory said, as she attempted to move, but couldn't because of the box in her arms.

"Bye Miss Gilmore, Mr. Dugray."

Rory didn't see Tristan leave, too. She thought he went down the other end of the hallway, but he followed her. Rory opened the closet door, flipped a light switch and looked for somewhere on the shelves to set the box. She didn't see Tristan quietly sneak in behind her. As Rory was setting the box on a top shelf that she could barely reach, Tristan finally talked.

"Need any help with the box, Rory?" He asked.

Rory dropped the box because he startled her. "Um, Tristan, I didn't know you were in here." Rory self-consciously rubbed her neck. "Yeah. Could you put the box up there?" Tristan picked the box up as Rory directed him where to set it. "Yeah, no, no, no, Tristan! To the right, okay, that's too far, a little to the left. Perfect. Um, thanks." She glanced at the door. "Tristan, how is the door shut?"

"Um, I don't know. It shut behind me. I swear! It's probably open. Rory, don't look at me like that! See, watch. the door is gonna open when I twist the knob." Tristan walked to the door and he twisted the knob. "Kay, one more try." He twisted it again, and the door didn't open.

"Tristan, why did you lock the door? I can't even stand to look at you, let alone be within 5 feet of you in a tiny little closet." Rory said, obviously flustered.

"Rory, I swear I didn't lock it, okay?" He pounded on the door. "Mr. Medina!" He shouted. "He probably already left." Tristan said as he looked at his watch.

"Tristan, AHHHH!" Rory said, completely exasperated. "My boyfriend is probably out there waiting for me and he doesn't even know that I'm locked up in a closet with some guy who has serious issues." She over-emphasized the last two words. Rory walked over to the closet door and started to kick it.

"Rory, they are not out there." Tristan said, as he slid down against the wall and sat down, his hand running through his hair.


Dean pulled out the directions from his jacket pocket again as he looked at the clock. 5:45. He was supposed to be at Chilton at 5:30. Rory would be waiting, he thought. All he wanted was for that Tristan Dugray not to be there. Dean hated him, especially because of the way he flirted with her.

Dean drove into the Chilton parking lot, but he didn't see Rory waiting outside. She must be taking the test, Dean thought to himself. He parked the car, and he turned up his Foo Fighters CD. He closed his eyes and adjusted his seat to his liking.

Rory was not feeling good. It had been two hours since they got locked in the closet. Luckily, Rory had a bottled Frappucino and chocolate in her backpack, so she drank and offered some chocolate to Tristan.

"Want some chocolate chips?" She turned the bag toward him and barely looked at him. The glazed over look in her eyes said that she needed caffeine - badly.

"Thanks." He grabbed a few out of the bag. Tristan turned toward her. "So, Rory, what's this oh-so-infamous Dean like? Just so I can know what my competition is like."

Rory rolled her eyes. "You know, he's nothing like you. I don't even need to tell you 'cause there are no similarities whatsoever between him and you. So Tristan, please, just back off." Rory stuffed a handful of chocolate chips down her throat.

Tristan had a rather hurt look in his eyes. "Rory, why don't you like me? I mean, all I wanted was for us to be friends. god, this so pisses me off." He turned his back to her.

Rory thought he was actually serious. "Tristan, you are always a jerk. You know, people would really like you if you just didn't act like such a jerk."

"So, what do I need to do to make you like me?" Tristan came out and said.

Rory turned around to face him. "What do you mean, Tristan?" She said, her face creeping with pink.

Tristan rolled his eyes. "Rory, this is crazy."


"Luke, NO! I win poker this time, okay?" Lorelai handed over the five dollars promised, since Luke won.

Luke rolled his eyes and accepted the money. "So, Lore -" Luke was about to ask her what she was doing Friday night, but Lorelai's cell phone rang.

"One sec, Luke. Hey, it's Lorelai ... Hi, Dean! Where have you put my daughter? She should be here with me at Luke's Diner. What? Dean, where did you put her? Did you frickin' give her away to charity or something? Okay ... Then just come back to Star's Hollow and meet me here at Luke's, okay? See ya in a few. Bye."

Lorelai closed her phone. "That Dean needs a brain transplant. Luke, more coffee. My daughter is lost. All because of her oh-so-wonderful boyfriend."

"Lore - shut up." Luke had the most annoyed expression on his face as he held the coffee pot over Lorelai's cup.

"Luke - she's probably being abducted by some aliens or something and or Dean probably is hiding her in his trunk and then he's gonna take her to some abandoned field and then he's gonna kill her and I can just see this happening." Lorelai said in one breath.

"Tristan, what do you mean?" Rory said, wondering what he meant by his comment.

"Rory, you are so clueless. I would think my behavior would be just a little obvious to you."

"Tristan, all you do is annoy me. I mean," She stopped mid-sentence to take a sip of her coffee, "You have issues. Serious issues, okay?"

"Oh, I have issues? What about DEAN? Doesn't he have issues? Okay. So there's me, and then there's the grocery bagger." Tristan extremely emphasized 'Dean.'

Rory gave Tristan the dirtiest glare. Ever. "I have to get out of here." Rory picked up her stuff and shoved it in her backpack. She got up and started for the door.

"Rory, you forget. The door is locked, with no one outside." Tristan grinned at her.

"Tristan, please." Rory hated him at times like this. He started to be so nice, and then without a moment's notice, he turned back into himself.

"Rory, what's it going to take for me to make this up to you? I don't want to do this to you anymore. Isn't it totally obvious that I'm so in love with you?" Tristan said as his face clouded over with emotion.

Rory was taken aback by his comment.

"So, Lore, did this kid get in an accident or something? How long can he make the ride from Chilton? Or is he seeing how slow he can go?" Luke said as he looked at his watch.

"I don't know, Luke. I could use some more coffee for the road, though," Lorelai said as she batted her eyelashes.

Luke rolled his eyes as he poured another cup of coffee. Right then, the door opened.

Dean put a half smile - as big as his smiles got - on his face. "Hi." He said.

"Oh, I see you've extended your vocabulary, Dean." Lorelai commented.

"Lore, I'm coming with you." Luke said, flipping the OPEN sign to CLOSED.

"Okay, Luke ... Whatever pleases that puny brain of yours that can only serve coffee!" Lorelai said, her huge smile still gracing her face. Lorelai turned to Dean. "So, when you were waiting at Chilton, did you see anyone leave or anything like that?" She turned back to Luke. "I love being Nancy Drew - especially when it involves people!"

Dean's expression was none too happy. "Um, I don't know. I fell asleep in my car."

"Well, so much for your help," Lorelai said. "I think we should call the police to get into Chilton. She could be in there, you know. Max could be mad at me for breaking the relationship and - oh, god, he could be holding Rory hostage in there just cause he is all pissed at me! Luke -" she said grabbing his collar, "We need to leave right now. Oh, and poor baby, she's locked up in there as a hostage with Tristan! We have to go. Let's all go in my Jeep."

Max was sitting watching TV as his phone started to ring. Lorelai wandered into his thoughts as he reached for the phone. "Hello, Max Medina." He answered.

"Yes, Max, this is Headmaster Charleston."

"Oh, hello, sir. And what is the topic of your call?" Max found his manners.

Headmaster Charleston paused a moment. "Well, I was only wondering if you had graded the test that your classes took the other day. And, of course, the exams that Miss Gilmore and Mr. Dugray took today."

"OH, well, sir, I was just getting to them at this moment." Max racked his brain as to where he might have put them. Then he realized he forgot to take them off his desk.

"Well, thank you Mr. Medina." Headmaster Charleston hung up his phone.

"Oh, crap." Max threw his jacket on over his shirt, grabbed his keys, and walked out the door.


Lorelai drove like a crazy woman on the way to Chilton. "Lorelai, slow down, for God's sake! You're gonna kill us all!" Luke screamed at her.

"Sorry, Luke. It's a little hard to drive when you know that your daughter is being molested in some dark alley. So let's get a move on!" Lorelai screamed as she made a swooping left turn off the freeway.

Luke held onto his seat as Lorelai's eyes got big with excitement. "So, Luke, where should we look for Rory?" She said, her driving becoming a little more subdued.

"God, I don't know! I have never even stepped foot onto the Chilton campus. Let's slow down a little more though, okay? I should have never given you that much coffee." Luke said, still grasping his seat.

"Oh, this is the turn for Chilton!" Lorelai made another turn, and she practically spun out, but recovered by actually slowing down.


"Now, Tristan, that was the best joke I've heard in sooo long!" Rory laughed loudly. "So, you want some pretzels? I just found them in my backpack."

Tristan shook his head. "Rory -" And he stopped his sentence. "You don't understand." He said, and his voice started to waver with emotion. She looked at him with confusion.

"That old man makes me come back to work and he's not even here!" Max Medina said, unlocking the door.

He saw a woman with two men in the car pull up to Chilton. She ran out of her car and over to him. As she got closer, his heart started to beat wildly. It was Lorelai Gilmore.

"Oh, Max, I am so glad to see you!" She cried as he opened the school's main door.

"You, too, Lorelai. You're looking great! So, have you decided to get back together or something?" Max said, surveying her, head to toe.

"Max - no. But I have no idea where Rory is! Last I heard, she was taking a test in your classroom." Lorelai hated Max's hopes of getting back together.

"Yeah, that's the last time I saw her, too. She did put a box away for me after she finished her test, though. I guessed that someone was picking her up after, or she would take the bus home."

"Yeah. Her boyfriend came to pick her up, but he fell asleep." She said, obviously exasperated with Dean. "But she never came out or anything. I suppose you probably locked her in a closet or something." She said, totally kidding.

Max rolled his eyes. "Then let's look for her in here."

Lorelai turned back to the car, to have Dean and Luke come help. "And, Max, whose silver Porsche is that in the parking lot?" She added.

"Oh, my God, it belongs to Tristan Dugray." Max said, watching anger spread across Lorelai's face. "I'm calling the campus police. They'll be here shortly if I call now."

The four stood outside the school for a few minutes after Max Medina called, a totally rigid group. Lorelai stood cuddled up in Luke's chest, and Max stood there oddly. Dean just sat there, waiting for Rory to be found so he could kiss her. About five minutes later, two police cars drove up.

Four policemen got out of the cars. "All right, everyone, let's all go in one big group to look for them. We suspect to find them together." Dean's face clouded with anger at that.

"Tristan, you are so joking. Why are you even saying that? You know you hate me." Rory said. "Don't you remember? I'm Mary."

Tristan sat there, his expression still clouded up. "Rory -" He said, touching her hand, "- I can't do this. You have a boyfriend."

"Oh, and you don't have a girlfriend? Wow, I must have caught you in the hour between girls." Rory said humorously.

"Rory, don't you believe me? I know that I've had these feelings since the day I met you."

Rory got angry. "Tristan, then why have you tortured me since DAY ONE?? It is so annoying. You are always on my back - and -" She paused for a second as Tristan leaned over. "Just kidding - about everything, Tristan."

She smelled his cologne as he brought his face closer to hers. Rory leaned over to Tristan, and they brushed lips. She could not believe that she was kissing Tristan. They wrapped their arms around eachother, and kissed eachother more intensely. The kiss was breaking off as the door opened. "RORY!!" Rory and Tristan heard Lorelai call as the door opened.

But Rory leaned back over and kissed Tristan again, and the door was wide open. Dean was staring intently at Rory, as if he couldn't believe his eyes. Lorelai was amazed. Luke didn't quite understand, because he didn't know the whole story. Max Medina was shocked. The campus officers had seen scenes like that, since it was a school, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Their lips broke apart, and Rory looked at everyone and jumped up.

"Hey, Mom. So, what's the new gossip around Star's Hollow?" Rory, said, giving her mom a hug.

Dean glanced at Tristan, as if to say, 'Thanks a lot, asshole.'

"So, Mom, it's been a long -" Rory glanced at her watch, "-woah! Six hours in a closet!"

"Yeah, Six hours in heaven," Dean mumbled under his breath, which no one heard.

Tristan looked at Rory. "Um, Rory, I gotta go. My mom was expecting me home hours ago, so see ya at school later."

It was all so weird for them both. "Okay, bye," Rory said, slightly waving. Dean looked at her, the anger reflecting in his eyes.

"Rory, we should probably get home, huh? You need to talk to Lane. She called the cell phone, and she is completely and fully worried about you. So we can make some coffee, I can fuss over you, and all goes on, darlin'..." Lorelai said, still not believing that her daughter was making out with her enemy.

"Yeah, Mom. Thanks so much, Mr. Medina." Rory said, wanting to go home, but dreading the ride home with Dean.

"No problem, Ms. Gilmore. Wonderful to see you, Lorelai ..." Max said, surveying Lorelai head-to-toe yet another time.

"Sure, Mr. Medina," Lorelai said. "Thank you for helping with Rory, sir." A wide grin spread across Luke's face at Lorelai's comment.

Rory, Luke, Lorelai, and Dean headed out, Rory standing in-between Lorelai and Luke and Dean walking by himself.

When they got to the car, Dean quickly got in the back seat, and Lorelai had to drive, and Luke sat in the front, so Rory had no choice but to sit in the back with Dean. Just his glares were enough to break the silence.

"So, Rory," Lorelai said loudly and cheerfully. "How did your make-up test go?" Lorelai's fake smile was plastered on her face as she drove.

"I think I got a B, Mom." Rory said quietly, quickly glancing at Dean.

"That's great, hon!" Lorelai drove on.

Dean stared at Rory with rage. About half an hour into the ride back, Rory couldn't take it anymore. "Dean, what the hell is wrong with you? I totally don't get it. So you're probably cheating on me this whole time, and I kiss one guy - and you freak out and play innocent. I don't think so, mister! So this relationship is OVER! Can you hear me? It's over." Rory turned to the other side.

Dean looked out his window. "Fine," He said, barely audible. "It's not like I care." He turned back to Rory, and he spoke louder, but his tone was harsher. "But I never, ever cheated on you. Not once."

Finally, they got back to Luke's Diner. Rory was entirely relieved. When the car stopped, Dean quickly got out and went to his car. He drove away hastily, barely glancing back.

Lorelai put her head on the steering wheel. "Well, that went well, huh, Rory?" Lorelai muttered. She lifted her head slightly and looked at Luke. "So, Luke, this adventure deserves a big pot of coffee, don't you think?"

"Lore, don't push it." He said. Lorelai's pouty lip came out. "Fine! I'll let you into the diner, and Rory can call Lane from the back office, and you can have a big cup of coffee. You happy now? God, it takes a lot to satisfy you!"

"Yes, Lukey-poo. Thank ya bunches! Come on, Rory. You need a super huge mug." The three got out of the jeep, and Luke opened the diner, and Rory went to the back office to call Lane.

"So, Luke, what did you think about what happened at Chilton?" Lorelai said while the coffee brewed.

"It was totally confusing. I don't know. And what is Max's problem? I swear, I could beat the hell out of that guy ..." Luke said, his hands clenched.

Lorelai smiled. "Oh, really?" She questioned, and a rose color ran up her cheeks. Lorelai leaned in, and Luke reached for her hand. Their lips brushed, and then attached, and Lorelai's free hand grasped onto Luke's neck.

Rory walked in, and she started talking. "Mom, Lane's mom didn't let me talk to her 'cause she is 'in bed' because it's 11:30. So I couldn't talk to her." Rory looked up. "Oh, just kidding. I'll fix our coffee, and don't listen to me, 'kay?" Rory turned out of the room, and she walked toward the back office.

She went into the office and sat down, but she couldn't get Tristan off her mind. *Why did I do that?* Rory thought to herself, chewing on her bottom lip. She reached for the phone, and hesitantly dialed Tristan's number. Rory remembered his number from when they had to work on a project together, and she had to call him everyday. Torturous then, but now ... "Hello? This is the Dugray residence. Is anyone there? Hello?" She heard a voice, a maid probably, answer, but she couldn't answer, so she hung up the phone.

Lorelai walked into the office. "Hey, darlin'!" She said, sliding into the chair with her. "So, who were you just calling? I heard you say that Lane was 'asleep,' but I don't think so."

Rory bit her lip softly. "Well, I dialed ..." Rory paused, and Lorelai motioned for her to go on. "... Mom, you are gonna think I'm so stupid! 'Cause I only kissed him, so ..." She trailed off and clunked her head on the desk.

"You called Tristan, didn't you, sweetie?" Lorelai gathered. She put her arm around Rory. "Rory, hon, it's okay! You like him, don't you?" Lorelai smiled.

Rory banged her head on the desk and looked at her mom. "Mom, why do guys do this to you? They make you think about them 24/7, when you don't know why you're thinking about them, and then there you are, locked up in a closet, and everything, with just the two of you, changes."
Lorelai looked at her, wrapping her in a hug. "Let's go home. We can think about this later ... everything," She said, helping Rory up.

They walked into the dining room of the diner. Luke looked up at them. "You girls leaving?"

Lorelai smiled brightly at him. "Yeah, Luke. But don't worry, tomorrow's our Saturday morning coffee fest here. So we'll see ya-" Lorelai glanced at her watch, "- In actually a few hours! Can't wait, dear."

"Yeah, Lore ... See you then. Bye, Rory. Don't think too much about Dean, 'cause he doesn't deserve it!" Luke said, returning Lorelai's smile.

When Lorelai and Rory got home, they went into the living room and plopped down on the couch, curling up together. "Mom," Rory said, her voice muffled from being enveloped in her mother's shoulder, "What's happening with you and Luke?"

"Well, Rory, I'm not quite sure of that myself, but let's just say that I think we are seeing eachother through new eyes." Lorelai contemplated.

Rory snuggled up more on the couch, and she shut her eyes. "Night, Mom."

Tristan was sitting up in his room, wondering what he had done. *Why did I kiss her in front of her boyfriend? God, why did I let her do that?* Tristan thought. But he loved Rory, he realized, and Dean didn't treat her right. He didn't want to shatter the relationship between Rory and Dean though. Tristan didn't know what to do. He decided to talk to Rory when she seemed ready.

In Mr. Medina's Shakespeare class, Tristan and Rory walked in at about the same time. Mr. Medina looked at them. "Excuse me, Ms. Gilmore, Mr. Dugray, I have your make-up tests."

Rory walked up to the desk and grabbed her test. Tristan followed. Then Tristan looked at Rory. "Um, Rory," He said nervously.

Rory looked up at him. "Yeah, Tristan?" She responded questioningly, her blue eyes large and sparkling with interest.

Tristan's knees practically buckled from underneath him when he looked straight into her eyes. "Well, what'd you get on your test? Just out of wondering..." Tristan stared at her, taking in her attractiveness, and wondering why Dean couldn't see beneath the surface to the true beauty and intelligence.

"I got a B, Tristan. What did you get on yours?" Rory looked up at him, his eyes sparkling. She couldn't believe how fidgety she was just talking to him.

Tristan glanced down at his test, barely able to take his eyes off of her. "My test says, um, B," Tristan gazeed back at her. "Rory, I'm sorry. About Friday. I just scooted out and I left you to explain everything to Dean. I am so sorry."

"Tristan, Dean didn't even want to listen. God, I couldn't even explain anything to him, so I just broke up with him, well, um, because I figured out some different feelings." Rory said, barely believing that this was coming out of her mouth.

"Really?" Tristan said, his stomach swirling inside. "And what do these feelings happen to be?"

"Oh, god, well ..." Rory trailed off.

Tristan leaned in. "I think I feel the same way, Rory," Tristan hoarsely whispered, his mouth next to her ear.

"Tristan, I'm sorry."

"Rory, why are you sorry? You have nothing to be sorry about. I was the one who was such an ass to you for so long. I don't know, I guess I just had these underlying feelings ... and they kinda came out differently." Tristan explained.

"Excuse me, Miss Gilmore, Mr. Dugray, the whole class is ready for our discussion, and you two are still standing having a private discussion. Would you like to include the rest of the class, or is the information classified?" Max Medina said, stepping toward them.

Rory looked around the class and brought her hand up to her neck. Rory figured that Mr. Medina was bringing the focus directly to her because of the way her mom completely blew him off on Friday. "Well, Mr. Medina, we were discussing our make-up test grades..."

Mr. Medina stepped even closer to them. "Well, that's interesting. Tell me, how can you discuss your tests when you are practically pressed to each other?" He turned to the class. "Do you believe them? Let's take a poll. All who think they were discussing school matters, raise your hands now, please. All who think it was a more personal matter, raise your hands now." He looked back at Tristan and Rory. "Well, Miss Gilmore, Mr. Dugray, the odds are against you. Let's start with class now."

Mr. Medina walked up to the front of the classroom as Rory and Tristan sat down in their seats - which happened to be right next to each other. Their eye contact throughout the hour made them seem oblivious to anyone else in the class. The bell finally rang for them to go to their next class, and they got up slowly. Tristan and Rory walked out of class together. They went to their lockers, staring back at each other while walking. Tristan finished at his locker first, and he strided over to Rory, and it was almost in slow motion.

"Rory, I can't do this." Tristan took her hand in his, and Rory leaned her face over to his. They slowly and sweetly kissed, and then their lips broke off. "I love you, Rory Gilmore." Tristan said inbetween kisses.

Rory pulled back for a second. "Tristan, I love you, too."

They were oblivious to the fact that students were passing through the hall, and their kiss deepened again. The bell rang, but nothing else mattered. Tristan and Rory had each other, and that was the only thing they cared about.