Pairing: Luke/Lorelai
Summary: Rory's POV of Luke/Lorelai
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters. Gilmore Girls and its
characters belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino and the WB.
Rating: PG

The Crush

by: Gemini0123


I pulled open the door to Luke's Diner and walked inside. I glanced around at the tables and finally spotted my mom sitting at a table, drinking coffee. I walked over to her and sat down.

"You could've waited for me. I was only talking to Lane for a minute!" I said, sliding off my jacket.

"I know, but I needed coffee stat," she said.

"Stat?" I asked her.

"Oh, sorry. Too much ER. I needed coffee immediately."

"Gotcha. So you know what Lane said?"

"That she thinks the `Herbal Essences: Urge to Herbal' campaign is really stupid and annoying?"

I laughed and said, "No, but I do."

"Me too! Like that whole "strange men suddenly start washing your hair in an elevator just because someone said the word urge" commercial would ever really happen? I just don't get it." My mom shook her head, as if totally appalled. I just stared at her. "Sorry. So what did Lane say?"

"Well, anyway, she said that her mom's letting her go to the play at Stars Hollow High tonight. They're doing `Bye Bye Birdie'."

"Wow, Mrs. Kim is letting her go to something that doesn't involve bibles?" my mom asked, shocked.

"Yup. So I told her I would go with her. That's okay right?"

"Sure, no prob."

"Great. It starts at 7, and we're gonna get some dinner first. Do you wanna come?"

"Nah. I have some things to do." She took a sip of coffee.

"Okay." I glanced at her cup. "You didn't order me any coffee?"

"No, I wasn't sure how long you were gonna be. I'll go get some for you." My mom put her cup down and smiled.

She stood up and walked to the counter. I watched her as she talked to Luke. Luke poured some coffee into a mug and handed it to my Mom. Then she said something to him, and reached up and flipped her hair. She turned around and walked back to the table smiling. She set the coffee down in front of me and sat down.

"There ya go," she said, still smiling.

"Thanks," I said. I took a sip, then said, "Mom, did you just do your patented `I'm flirting with you' hair twirl to Luke?"

Mom narrowed her eyes and said quietly, "No! What are you talking about?"

"Well, that's what it looked like from here. And it sure left Luke with a glazed look in his eyes."

She smiled and whispered, "Really? Do you think he likes me?"

I rolled my eyes. "Mom, everyone knows he likes you. Even Grandma."

"Yeah, maybe . . ." She glanced over at Luke at the counter. She smiled to herself and I noticed a slight twinkle in her eye.

"So are you admitting that you did the hair twirl and were in fact
flirting with him?" I asked her.

She glanced over at Luke again and smiled. "Maybe. He's cute, funny, and has a never ending supply of coffee. What more do I need?"

"Are you saying that you want to go out with Luke?" I asked her, surprised.

My mom raised her eyebrows at me. "Well . . . . maybe."

I smiled. "Well, it's about time! Go ask him out!"

"No, I need some more proof that he really likes me. I don't want to ask him out, then have him say no, and then never be able to come here again. I mean, you said that everyone knows he likes me. Well, if he likes me so much, why hasn't he asked me out yet?"

"Mom, he must be too nervous. You should give him a hint that you like him too."

"Excuse me, I just did the hair twirl! Everyone knows my flirty hair twirl. How much bigger of a hint should I give? A striptease?"

"Mom!" I exclaimed.

"Sorry. Listen. I just want to be sure that the feelings are mutual before I do anything, okay?"

"Okay." I gave up on my attempt to encourage her to ask Luke out. Once she makes up her mind, it's very hard to change it.

A few minutes later, we finished our coffee and walked over to the counter to pay. Mom handed Luke some money. "Keep the change," Mom said to Luke, smiling.

Luke smiled. "Thanks. Bye."

We walked outside. I said, "Mom, you just gave him a three dollar tip and all we had was coffee."

"I know. But I was thinking that maybe he hasn't asked me out because he just doesn't have any extra money right now, so maybe if I keep tipping him big, he'll have enough money." She smiled and tapped her head with her finger. "That's smart thinking, huh?"

I rolled my eyes.

We started walking home. As we passed the market, Mom said, "Let's go inside and look around." She walked inside and I followed her. As we walked through the junk food aisle, Mom grabbed the last package of Double Stuff Oreos, and said, "Ooh! We have to get these. I have a craving!"

"Fine. Get them."

She put them under her arm and took her money out of her
pocket. "Shoot. I only have a dollar left. Do you have any money?" I reached in my pocket and pulled out a quarter. I handed it to her. She looked at the quarter and said "Ooh, big help. I still need 2 bucks."

"Yeah, I think you donated it to the "Buy a Date for Luke" fund."

"Oh yeah." She thought for a second. "Hey, why don't you run there and borrow some money from him? Tell him I'll pay him back. I'll stay here and guard the cookies."

"Mom!" I said. "No way!"

"Please! I'll be your best friend!" she said, giving me a pouty look.

"You are my best friend," I said.

"I know. I am also your mother and I'm ordering you to go borrow money so I can buy cookies!" She smiled and tilted her head. "Please?"

I said, "Fine."

I left the store and walked down to Luke's. I found him at the counter writing something on his pad.

"Hey Luke," I said, leaning on the counter.

He looked up and said, "Hey Rory." He glanced behind me and said, "Where's Lorelai?"

"Oh, she's guarding the last box of Oreos at the market. She wanted to know if she can borrow 2 bucks. She'll pay you back."

"Okay, sure." Luke pulled out his wallet and pulled out a few bills.

As he handed them to me, something fell out of the wallet and landed by my feet.

"Oh, I'll get that." I said, bending down to pick it up.

"No! Don't! I'll get it!" Luke said quickly.

I had already picked it up and was staring at it. It was a picture of my mom, sitting in the diner, holding up a coffee cup, smiling. "Luke, what is this?" I looked up and saw that he had turned bright red.

"Um, that's your mom." He looked down, embarrassed.

"Yes, I see that. But what's it from?"

"Well, um, 2 years ago I got a new camera," he explained slowly and quietly, while still staring down. "Your mom was here watching me load the film into it. I wasn't sure if it was in right, so your mom said I should take a picture of her to see if it advanced correctly." He continued to stare down at the floor.

I said, "Oh. And you've carried it around with you since then?"

"No! I, uh, just started carrying it a year ago." I could tell he was very uncomfortable.

I smiled. "Luke, can I just ask you this straight forward? Do you have a crush on my mom?"

"Well, uh. ." Luke mumbled something.

"What?" I asked him.

He looked up and said, "Maybe a little."

I smiled. "Aren't you going to ask her out?"

"I'm still working up the nerve."

"You should do it. She would probably say yes."

"Really?" He asked, surprised.

I nodded.

He smiled slightly, then shrugged and said, "Maybe sometime soon."

I smiled. I handed him the picture back. I held up the money he had given me, and said, "Thanks for this."

"You're welcome."

He still looked embarrassed, so I said," Don't worry. I won't tell her."

He looked relieved and said, "Okay, good, thanks."

I smiled. "Bye Luke."

I walked out of the diner and towards the market. I saw Mom staring though the window with an impatient look on her face. I walked in and she said, "Geez! Took you long enough! Did you stop off at London to do some sightseeing on the way?"

"Funny," I said. I handed her the money and she went to the register. As soon as she had paid, she tore open the bag and took some cookies out. We walked out of the store and headed for home.

When we got home, my mom poured the rest of the cookies into the cookie jar, then she went and sat down on the sofa. I followed and sat next to her. She was staring into space, so I said, "What are you thinking about?"

"I'm thinking about how the mom in Dirty Dancing looks a little like your Grandma."

"Yeah, I noticed that too. Weird."

Mom smiled and said, "So . . .what's up?

"Nothing much." I desperately wanted to tell her about Luke, but I had told Luke that I wouldn't. I figured that maybe I could bring it up, and sort of hint at the notion that he really liked her without actually having to tell her how I knew. "Uh, mom?"


"Um, have you ever found out something important from someone and you told the person who told you that you wouldn't tell anyone, but then you realized that there's someone who should know about it, and if you told that person, it would actually be better in the long run for the original person who told you?"

My mom just stared at me with her wide eyes and her mouth gaped open.

"Just a hypothetical question," I said.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" she asked me.

I shook my head and said, "Nope, not at all."

"Rory. . . " Mom said, in her `I know something's up, now tell me about it' voice.

I blurted out quickly, "Luke carries a picture of you in his wallet and he told me that he likes you and that he's too nervous to ask you out!" I clamped my hand over my mouth.

My mom's eyes widened. "What? When did he say that?"

"When I went to borrow money from him. But I told him I wouldn't tell you though!"

"You're kidding. Why would he just say something like that to you?"

"Well," I explained. "When he was getting me some money, a picture of you fell out of his wallet and I saw it and I asked him about it and then I asked him if he had a crush on you and he said yes."

"Rory! You asked him if he `had a crush' on me? How old are you, five?" Mom looked mad.

"Sorry! I was just trying to get information for you."

"Wait. Did you tell him that I liked him too?" She looked concerned.

"Not in those words. I told him that you'd probably say yes if he asked you out."

My mom eyes widened. "What?! Rory, come on. I know you're trying to help, but you know I don't like you getting involved in my relationships."

"I know, but that's just so I won't get attached to the men you date, but this is Luke! I know Luke already!"

"I know you do, but honey, please, no more matchmaking okay? I'll handle it myself."

I looked down and said, "Sorry."

She reached down to pick up a magazine from the coffee table. She started to leaf through it, but I could tell she wasn't interested in it. I just knew she was thinking about Luke. Sure enough, a few seconds later, she asked "How long has he been carrying around a picture of me?"

"Um, for a year."

"What! He's been trying to ask me out for a year?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure, I guess so."

Mom smiled and looked at the magazine. I stood up and walked to my room. I checked the clock. It was almost 5:30. I picked out an outfit to wear to the play with Lane, and I got changed and ready to go. Then I walked back to my mom, who was still on the couch. She had abandoned the magazine, and was now staring at the television set, which was turned off.

"Mom? Are you okay?'

She broke out of her semi-trance and looked at me. She smiled and said, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Thinking about Luke?" I asked, smiling.

"Yeah," she admitted. "I mean, if he's liked me for almost a whole year, maybe longer, how could I have not noticed?"

"Well, you are a busy person." I pointed out.

"Yeah, but still. . ."

"Well, when did you start liking him?"

"Well, actually, a few months ago."

"Really? That long? Wow. You should just call him. I mean, you like him, plus now you have proof that he likes you. What are you waiting for?"

She didn't say anything for a moment. Then she smiled. "You're right. I'll call him tomorrow."

"Good. But Mom, don't tell him I told you about the picture and stuff, okay?"

"Okay, I won't."

"I'm going to the play with Lane now. I probably won't be home before 10."

"Okay, do you need any money?"

"Actually, yes."

"Okay, there's some upstairs in my room on the dresser."

"Okay, thanks." I ran upstairs to my mom's room and grabbed a twenty.

I ran back down and said, "I'll bring back the change."

"Okay, have fun."

"I will. Bye."

I walked to Lane's house, thinking about how my mom and Luke would make a perfect couple. I really hoped she would call him tomorrow, but I knew she would probably make up some excuse and end up putting it off. Luke's such a great man, and I knew he would make my mom so happy. I finally reached Lane's house, where she was waiting on the porch. We walked to the pizza place for dinner, then we walked to the high school for the play.

The play was over at around 9:15, way earlier than I thought it would be, so I suggested we get some coffee before going home. We walked to Luke's, but were surprised to find that the lights were out and the CLOSED sign was on the door.

"Hmm," I said, "He usually doesn't close until 10."

"Yeah. That's weird. There must have been an emergency or something," Lane said.

"Yeah. Let's go somewhere else for coffee."

"Well, it's almost 9:30. I told my mom I'd be home by then."

"Okay, then I'll call you tomorrow."

"Okay, bye!"

I turned and headed towards my house, and I got there at about 9:40. I walked inside and looked around the downstairs, but didn't see my mom anywhere. I called out, "Mom?" I started walking up the stairs.

"RORY? Is that you already?" Mom yelled from her room.

"Yes, I'm home early." I was halfway up the steps.

"Okay, I'll be right down!" she yelled.

"I'm already up," I said, as I walked into her room. My mom was lying on her bed with her blanket snuggly tucked around her. I could only see her head sticking out.

"Hey, what's up? Are you going to bed already?"

"Uh. No. Um, I was just cold. I'll be right down. We'll have coffee."

"Okay, I'll go get it started." I turned around and started to head down the steps when I heard the bathroom door open. I looked up and saw Luke starting to walk out wearing only boxer shorts. He saw me and stopped walking. His eyes widened.

"LUKE!" I shouted.

"RORY!" He ran back into the bathroom and shut the door.

I ran into my mom's room and said, "Mom! Luke's in your bathroom!"

"Uh, I know Rory. He was just leaving," she said, still under the covers.

I stared at her for a few seconds. "Oh. So, uh, you guys were, um. Oh my gosh." I suddenly got very uncomfortable as I realized what Luke was doing there. "Sorry!" I turned around and ran down the steps.

"Rory!" Mom called.

Very embarrassed, I ran into my room and shut the door. I got changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants and sat on my bed. A few minutes later I heard the front door open. I walked over to my window and saw Luke and my mom standing on the porch. My mom was wearing her robe, and Luke was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt. They were both smiling. They hugged each other, and then they started kissing.

Major kissing.

`Gosh, Mom, come up for air soon,' I said to myself. My mom finally pulled away from Luke and they said something to each other. I walked back and sat on my bed.

A few seconds later, Mom came in and sat next to me.

"I'm sorry," she said. "He was supposed to leave before you got home."

"It's okay. You're allowed to have guys over."

"No, I'm not. It won't happen again."

"It's really okay. I'm not mad at you."

"You're not?" she asked in a surprised tone.

"No." I paused. "So what was he doing here?"

My mom raised her eyebrows and said, "Uh, he was teaching me how to make a souffle."

I rolled me eyes. "No really. I mean, I know what you guys did. But why did he come over?"

"Oh, well, I called him up to thank him for lending me the money, and then I invited him over for coffee. No one was at the diner at the time, so he closed early and came over. We were just talking and laughing so much. Then I told him that I liked him, and then he told me that he liked me too and then one thing led to another and . . . "

"Okay! I got it, thanks."


"So, you guys are a couple now?"

"Yes we are." She smiled. "And I have a feeling we will be for a long time."

I smiled at my mom as she stood up and walked to the coffee maker.

The smile on her face did not leave, and I knew that this relationship would be a great one. I had always thought that Luke was the perfect guy for her. And I was very glad that she had finally figured it out too.