Spoilers: the whole first season I guess
Rating: PG, mild language, kissing (stuff like that)
Setting: Max didn't propose yet. Max and Lorelai are dating.
Pairing: Lorelai/Luke!!!!!!
Disclaimer: none of this is mine, im not trying to steal it just using it for a little, its all the WB's and amy S-P's
Summary: Max and Lorelai are dating, he never proposed,.. blah blah just read it. and send feedback

The Difference

By Michelle


Lorelai looked up at him. She knew that he was supposed to be more to her but she just didn't see it. She wasn't feeling that this was right. He really loved her, and she knew it. But whether she loved him back was the question. He was handsome, great with Rory, funny, and romantic.

But his coffee was horrible. As Max just stared into her eyes, she thought about how bad his coffee really was. Then she thought of how amazing Luke's coffee was. And how amazing Luke was. She tried to get that out of her head, but she couldn't. Luke was everything that Max was, and more. For the last few weeks Max had been questioning her about Luke, but she just said they were friends every time he brought it up. Inside though, she thought maybe Luke should be more than a friend. Max broke her train of thought when he spoke.

"Lorelai, what are you thinking about." Lorelai looked at him with a huge smile on her face.

"Luke." She said. Then she looked at Max, and when she saw the look on his face she realized what she had said. " Oh god Coffee. I mean I was thinking about coffee."

"You were thinking about Luke. Otherwise you wouldn't have said his name. This is getting really old Lorelai, so why don't you just tell me the truth." Max said.

"No Max really, I was thinking about coffee, particularly Luke's that's why I said his name. I wasn't thinking about him personally. And I don't love Luke we have had this discussion one to many times." Lorelai said.

"Well for some reason I still don't believe that so why don't you go home, and just think about it. Tomorrow I want a straight answer. If you love Luke tell me. I will obviously be hurt, but better now than never." Max said.

"But Max that's not necessary I."

"Lorelai. please. For me." Max said standing up, and leading her to the door.

"Well ok if that's what you want, but I already know that its you I love." Lorelai said. But in her head she wasn't as sure as she sounded. She wasn't sure what exactly was keeping her from Max, but she had a feeling that maybe he was right. Maybe it was Luke. She left his house, as he wanted, and started on the long drive home.


When Lorelai got home Rory was sitting in the kitchen studying.

"Hey Mom, you're home early." She yelled from the other room.

"Uh, yeah something happened." Lorelai said walking into the kitchen.

"What is everything ok?" Rory asked concerned.

"Uh. well I don't know." Lorelai said as she sat down.

"Well tell me what happened. From the beginning." Rory said.

"Ok well I was at Max's house, and he asked me what I was thinking about. And I was thinking about coffee, but it came out wrong and I said that I was thinking about Luke." Lorelai looked at Rory, who made a very concerned face at that last part. "And well, Max has been asking me for a while if I love Luke, and obviously I always say no. But tonight he told me to come back here, think about it and tell him tomorrow who I love. Him or Luke." Lorelai said.

"We'll what are you gonna tell him?" Rory asked.

"Well at first I thought that of course I would tell him that I loved him. But after a half hour of thinking, I don't really know." Lorelai said, staring at the floor.

"Are you saying that you love Luke?" Rory asked.

"I. don't know." Lorelai was very confused.

* * *

"You don't know?" Rory asked. "You mean there is a possibility that you love Luke?"

"Uhh.," Lorelai thought hard for a moment, remembering that she had to say she loved Max, that was just the way it was. She was with Max and even if she wasn't totally sure she loved him, she had to pretend. She couldn't let her true feelings about Luke surface. If there were any true feelings. "No of course not. I don't love Luke, I love Max. That's why I am with Max, if I loved Luke I would be with him."

"You don't sound to sure about that one mom." Rory questioned.

"Ya of course I'm sure sweetie." Lorelai said.

"Well whatever makes you happy," Rory said, "But I think that Luke would prefer you choose him." Rory laughed as if she was kidding but they both knew she wasn't.

"Ya ok missy time for bed. Tomorrow is Friday!" Lorelai said happy that it was almost the weekend.

"Well don't sound so happy mom guess where we get to have dinner tomorrow?" Rory reminded her.

"Ahh no I'm sick, and mentally unstable I can't go to dinner." Lorelai pleaded with her daughter.

"Uh huh, you used that one last week mom." Rory said.

"You are a devil in smart girl's clothing you know that?" Lorelai asked.

"Night Mom." Rory said walking to her room.

"Ya goodnight Satan." Lorelai said heading up the stairs. She walked up to her room, and changed into her pajamas. Tomorrow would be awful, and she was not looking forward to it at all. First of all she had to see her mother, and eat with her too. And secondly, Max would be calling her for that answer to his dumb question.

"That really was a dumb question," Lorelai thought to herself, " Of course I am gonna tell him that I love him. What else would I say, it's not like I love Luke. Or god, do I have feelings for Luke?" She couldn't figure it out. She liked Max a lot, but when she was around Luke she felt something that she didn't feel with anyone else. She couldn't even describe it. It was like when she walked into a room he was the only one she saw, and when she looked at him directly in the eye, she got this indescribable feeling in her stomach. Good thing there were stools, in that diner, or she would fall down every time they made eye contact. With Max there was never any of that. Well, ya she liked him, but not enough that gave her weak knees. She wasn't sure if it was love she was feeling for Luke or not, because she had never been in love. She felt the same way about Christopher that she felt about Max. They were great, but Luke was different. "Is this what love feels like?" She asked herself. She thought about that topic for a while until she drifted off to sleep, maybe her dreams would tell her the answer.

* * *

Lorelai woke up the next morning. She was groggy, and tired because she hardly slept at all last night. She fell asleep and started to dream. She remembered it perfectly. She walked into Luke's and there was no one else in there, and she sat down and asked for coffee. He gave it to her and she drank it, as usual. But then he came around, and swept her off her feet, and brought her upstairs to his apartment. His apartment was filled with yellow daises, looked like a thousand. There was a horse, and beautiful music playing in the background. She had wondered how he knew what her fantasy was. Then he kissed her and the kiss seemed so real, so could feel his warm lips on hers. And then he looked at her and said, "Lorlelai Gilmore, I love you, will you." and then she woke up. She obviously couldn't sleep after that. "Will I what?" she thought. "Go out with you, marry you, milk your cow.What did he mean?"

When she woke that morning the sun was shining. It was a beautiful day to everyone except her. Lorelai didn't even want to be alive that morning. She looked at her watch, 8:00. "Rory should be up soon." She thought. Almost as if on cue, Rory came out of her room.

"Hey mom how did you sleep?"

"Oh. not so great. In fact I think I slept for about an hour last night." Lorelai said.

"Doing a lot of thinking huh?" Rory asked.

"A lot would be an understatement." She said.

"Ok well wanna go to Luke's for breakfast?" Rory asked.

"Uhh. not so much. I think I just need to stay here for a little bit. You go ahead though." Lorelai said.

"Ok if you say so." And Rory got her coat and left to go to Luke's.

"AHHHHHHH" Lorelai screamed. Rory ran back in the house, since she could hear her from the yard.

"What mom are you ok?" Rory asked.

"Oh ya sorry I'm fine, I just saw that in a movie one time. It's supposed to help you cope with stress." Lorelai said.

"Are you better now?" Rory asked.

"Nope." Lorelai said. Rory laughed and left again to go to Luke's.


Rory walked in and the bell above the door rang. Luke turned around and when he only saw Rory, he got worried.

"Rory! Where's your mom?" He asked franticly.

"Jeez Luke, conceal your feelings a little more. We all know you love her but being that obvious about it was not you." Rory said laughing.

"WHAT?" Luke asked astonished that Rory knew his true feelings.

"I was kidding jeez don't get your flannel in a bunch." Luke shot her a mean look. "And she's at home. She didn't get a lot of sleep last night, she wasn't up for it this morning." Rory said.

"Why didn't she get enough sleep? Is everything ok?" Luke asked.

"Ya she's fine, just doing a lot of thinking. About Max. And you. Oh but she's gonna kill me if she finds out I told you that so keep your mouth shut." Rory said. Luke wanted to ask why she was thinking about him, but he decided not to sound desperate.

"Well, as long as she's ok." Luke said.

"Nothing a couple chocolate chip pancakes won't fix!!" Rory said.

"Sure coming right up. Want coffee?" He asked.

"Ya four to go. And the pancakes to go to please. I'll take them home to mom." Rory said.

"Ok hold on." Luke said. He went back and got her food and coffee ready. Rory paid and got up to leave.

"Thanks Luke bye." Rory said.

"Sure no problem. Tell your mom I said hi and if there is anything I can do to help.." Luke said.

"Sure I will. Thanks." Rory said. Rory walked home quickly to get to her mom.


Rory walked in to find Lorelai on the couch watching the food channel.

"BAM!" Lorelai said, watching Emeril.

"Mom, why are you watching this?" Rory wondered.

"I'm hungry. And I can't cook so I was watching him cook." She said.

"You're pathetic. And in luck, I brought home pancakes. And coffee." Rory said.

"OOOO I love you!!! Thank you!!" Lorelai jumped off the couch.

"Your welcome." Rory said.

"So did you talk to Luke?" Lorelai asked.

"No I went in there and didn't talk to him." Rory said sarcastically.

"Ok smarty what did he say?" Lorelai wondered.

"He wondered where you were, he sounded so freaked out when you weren't with me. It's like he can't live without you." Rory laughed.

"Heh.." Lorelai half laughed. Something told her Rory wasn't lying.

* * *

"Ok so lets eat those pancakes! It's the only good thing about today." Lorelai said.

"That's not true, there is a 90210 marathon on all afternoon. We can sit with ice cream and crap and just eat and watch it." Rory assured her.

"You would eat crap and watch crap with me all day?" Lorelai asked.

"Of course. You gave birth to me. I'm obligated." Rory said.

"YES!! We are doing nothing but that until we have to leave at 630 tonight, to go to hell." Lorelai said.

"Ok well you aren't, but I have to go to the market because if we wanna eat crap, we need some crap to eat." Rory said.

"Are you sure you want to go to the market, Dean does work there you know." Lorelai said.

"Ya I know but I can't hide from him ALL my life. I'll live." Rory said.

"Oh sweetie are you sure because if you don't wanna go you don't have to." Lorelai said.

"No mom really its fine. Besides I have a craving for snickers bars." Rory said.

"OOO good idea! Now hurry up go on." Lorelai said pushing her towards the door."

Rory got her coat, and left. It had been awhile since she broke up with Dean. She was still down about it. She was getting over it though. Her mom needed junk food now so she had to suck it up. She got to the market and hesitantly went in. She was looking around for Dean, and she didn't see him yet. She was backing up into an aisle, keeping her eye open, when she bumped into someone. She spun around hoping that it wouldn't be Dean. Luckily it was Luke.

"Oh gosh sorry Luke," she said, "What are you doing here?"

"Shopping." Luke said dryly.

"Well you picked a good place to do that." Rory said.

"What are you doing here?" Luke asked her, "I mean I thought you avoided this place."

"Oh. well ya but I have to forget about that. Plus we need a lot of junk food, and there is no way my mom is even gonna change out of her pajamas, let alone come shopping. So it's my job." Rory said.

"What is the matter with Lorelai? Are you really sure everything is alright?" Luke asked.

"Ya Luke I told you already. She's fine. Bad day that's all." Rory said.

"Is it something to do with that Max guy?" Luke asked.

Rory didn't know what to tell him. Obviously she couldn't tell him the truth. "Uhh. Kinda." She said.

"Kinda?" Luke asked.

"Ya. it's complicated." Rory said.

"Ok. well I should probably get back. Taylor is watching the place for me and who knows what decorations he's put up by now." Luke said.

"Ok I'll see you later Luke. Probably tonight after dinner, she always likes your coffee after the grandparent's house. It makes her feel better." Rory said, as she continued shopping, grabbing every item of junk food in the place. Luke walked out after paying for his items. Luckily Rory couldn't see Dean anywhere, must have been his day off. Rory continued to shop then she paid and left, without seeing Dean at all.


Lorelai was on the couch in her PJ's still when Rory came in, arms full of groceries. She already had 90210 on.

"Ohh What did you get?" Lorelai asked excitedly.

"Everything." Was Rory's reply.

"Good. So any terrible encounters at the market?" Lorelai asked referring to Dean.

"Luckily no. Must have been his day off." Rory said setting everything on the coffee table. "Dig in." She said.

The two girls sat eating junk food, and watching the TV, Lorelai trying to forget everything that was confusing her.


Luke walked into the diner, to find Taylor putting a poster up on the wall.

"Taylor what the hell do you think you're doing?" Luke asked. Taylor spun around.

"Come on Luke it."


"But it."

"I said no."

"You are impossible Luke." Taylor said. Luke stopped and thought about what Rory said for a second. She had said that his coffee made Lorelai happy. He already knew that, but that had given him an idea. Maybe if he brought Lorelai coffee, he could make her feel better, and she would confide in him, or something. It was a long shot, but why not.

"Taylor, I'll make you a compromise. If you will watch this place for another half hour or so, you can hang that one poster." Luke said going back to fill up some coffee cups to go.

"Oh you have yourself a deal. You know if you ever need me any other time."Taylor said.

"No. This is a one time thing, and only one poster. Thanks." Luke said walking out with 4 coffee cups. They would each need two he thought.


Lorelai and Rory were sitting on the couch laughing when the doorbell rang. Neither of them wanted to get up, so Lorelai yelled out, "Come in!" Luke came in coffee in hand and both girls looked up at him.

"Luke! What are you doing here?" Lorelai said.

"Well you weren't with Rory this morning and I figured you were having a bad day so I thought I would cheer you up. I brought coffee." Luke said.

"OHHH YAY!" Both girls said noticing the coffee. Luke brought it over to them on the couch, handing them each one, and putting the other two on the table.

"So why did you feel so nice as to bring me coffee?" Lorelai wondered.

"Well I hate to see you upset." Luke simply said.

"How do you know I'm upset?" Lorelai questioned.

Luke suddenly remembered that Rory said not to tell he knew. " Uh. well you didn't come get coffee this morning. So. I dunno." Luke said.

"Well thank you you're the best." Lorelai said.

"Ya I know." Luke said.

"Sorry for looking like crap." Lorelai said.

"You don't look like crap." Luke said. Lorelai shot him a ' You've got to be kidding me' look.

"Ya I do." She said.

"No. Uh you look nice." Luke said.

Lorelai smiled. "I look nice? Nice how?" She asked raising her eyebrows.

"Oh shut up." Luke said, embarrassed. Rory just giggled at the two. Just then the phone rang. Lorelai froze. She knew who it was. She found the phone and answered it.

"Hello?" She asked nervously.

"Lorelai it's Max."

"Uhh. oh hi Max."

"I should go" Luke whispered in the background.

"Hold on Max. No wait a sec." She said to Luke.

"Is that LUKE?" Max asked getting angry.

"Uhh." Lorelai heard a click. Max had hung up on her. She brought the phone down and turned it off. Rory and Luke looked at her.

"He hung up." She said fighting back tears.

* * *

Lorelai just stared down the phone, tears flowing from her eyes.

"He hung up?" Luke asked, "Why?"

"Well I think it was because you were here." Lorelai said.

"Why would he care if I was here?" Luke asked.

"Well." Lorelai was about to explain when the phone rang again. She looked at Rory and judging from the look on her face she didn't want to answer the phone. Rory took the phone from her crying mother.

"Hello?" she asked. The person on the other line immediately started to talk.

"Oh Lorelai I'm really sorry I overreacted I didn't mean to. Rory?" Max asked.

"Uh ya. hold on a sec." Rory said, "Mom its Max." Lorelai took the phone, and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Hello?" she asked wearily.

"Oh Lorelai, I am so sorry that I did that, I overreacted, I didn't even know why Luke was there he could have been helping out in an emergency for all I know." Max said.

"He was." Lorelai said.

"Helping out in an emergency!! Are you alright what happened?" Max asked worried.

"No I'm fine, it's just that I hadn't had coffee all day cause I was sitting here thinking, and Luke brought me coffee. Emergency solved." Lorelai said

"Lorelai you scared me that's not an emergency." Max said.

"Well in my book it is. apparently you don't know me at all." Lorelai said.

Max sighed. "Well, you said you were thinking," Max said, "What were you thinking about?"

"Well you kinda asked me an important question. I was thinking about that." Lorelai said. Luke was still standing in the room wondering what was going on.

"You needed to think about it? I thought you said it was obvious what you were going to say." Max asked.

"Well at first it was. But after a lot of thinking." Lorelai said.

"Does this mean that you love Luke?" Max asked nervously.

" Well. that's not what I was really thinking about." Lorelai said.

"You said you were thinking about the question," Max said, "That was the question."

"I know, but I was thinking that if you really needed to ask me that question, then you obviously don't trust me," Lorelai said, "And because I have told you numerous times before that Luke and I were just friends." At this Luke realized what was going on. ".The fact that you needed to ask me again told me that you just didn't trust me." Lorelai finished.

"What are you saying?" Max asked.

"I'm saying that I can't be in a relationship with someone who doesn't trust me." Lorelai said.

"Lorelai I." Max started.

"Do you trust me?" Lorelai asked starting to cry.

"Can you answer my question?" Max asked.

"I'll take that as a no. If you can't just trust me the first time I say it I don't feel the need to repeat myself." Lorelai said.

"So are you saying this is over?" Max asked.

"Can you trust me?" Lorelai asked one more time. Max paused for a moment and thought about how Lorelai was when she was around Luke. She wasn't like that around him, and even if she wouldn't admit it to Max or herself, he knew she loved Luke.

"No," Max finally said, "I think that you love Luke, and even if you can't admit it to yourself, you do. So I can't trust you with him. I want you to be happy, and I think that Luke is who you want." Max finished.

Lorelai was crying now. "Then I guess this is goodbye." She said.

"I guess it is," Max said, " Lorelai?"


"Is Luke still there?"

"Uh. ya actually he is."

"Tell him I said he's a lucky man. Goodbye Lorelai." And with that he hung up before Lorelai had a chance to say anything, or to deny that she loved Luke. At least she didn't think she did. Lorelai looked down at the phone.

"What happened?" Rory asked.

"We. Broke up." Lorelai said.

"Uhh. mind if I ask what happened?" Luke asked.

"No. Luke. Well last night Max asked me if I loved you, and for the fifty billionth time I said no," Luke cringed, and Lorelai noticed him do it. She kept going, "And he told me to think about it and he would ask me today." She said.

"So he just asked you?" Luke said.

"Ya." Lorelai said.

"Did you break up because.of me?" Luke asked.

"Oh no. we broke up because he can't trust me. Not because of. that." Lorelai said.

"Oh." Luke said, hurt. He had hoped that Lorelai had broken it off because she loved him.

"But he told me that he can't trust me because he thinks I love you. And he told me to tell you that you were a lucky man." Lorelai half laughed.

"Oh." Luke didn't know what to say. "But you don't."

"No. He just can't trust me." Lorelai repeated for the hundredth time. Rory just watched the two, wondering how long it would be before her mom realized that she broke up with Max because he can't trust her, because she really does love Luke.

* * *

"Ok well I should probably go huh?" Luke said.

"Oh well ya sure... if you want." Lorelai said.

"Well it's friday...don't you have dinner?" Luke asked again.

"Oh shoot what time is it?" Lorelai yelled getting up quickly.

"It's 6:10, we have to leave in 20 minutes!" Rory said.

"Ok go on get ready." Lorelai said as she pushed Rory towards her room. Lorelai walked over to Luke.

"I'm sorry about you and Max." Luke said, lying through his teeth.

"No don't worry about it. I think it was for the best. We obviously didn't belong together." Lorelai said.

"Well I am still sorry." Luke said.

"No you're not. You hated him anyway." Lorelai said, laughing now.

"I didn't..." Lorelai glared at him, "Ok well ya. I did." Luke said. Lorelai laughed.

"Thank you for always being there for me." Lorelai said, as she hugged him. Luke hugged her back, it felt so right to him. Both of them felt the chills they got when they hugged. To Luke this was normal, but to Lorelai it was new. She had never gotten chills from anyone before. She quickly pulled away.

"Oh it's no problem Lorelai, thats what... friends do." Luke said the last part with an aching heart.

"Then thank you for being the best friend ever" Lorelai said. Luke was blushing now.

"Ya.... Well I should probably go." Luke said looking at his watch.

"Oh ya... Thanks again Luke," she said opening the door, "See you tonight."

"Tonight?" Luke asked.

"Uh ya... World War III is about to start when we show up late. I am going to need coffee afterwards." Lorelai said.

"Right... Ok well see you tonight then." Luke said.

"Bye" Lorelai said. She touched his shoulder as he walked out, and agian she got chills all up her arm. "Was Max right?" she thought to herself, "Nah." And she went upstairs to get ready. They didn't leave the house until 6:40, which would make them 10 minutes late.


"So what did you and Luke talk about when I was getting ready?" Rory asked.

"Oh nothing. He just said he was sorry about me and Max and stuff." Lorelai said.

"I doubt he was sorry." Rory laughed.

"What?" Lorelai asked.

"Oh please... did you see the look on his face when you said that you didn't break up becuase you loved him? He wanted you to say that you did." Rory said.

"Nuh uh." Lorelai said, even though she new exactly what she was talking about.

"Whatever... and you didn't sound so sure of yourself when you said that you didn't break up
because of Luke." Rory said.

"Eh drop it Rory." Lorelai said.

"Fine whatever." Rory said, knowing that Lorelai was really considering what her and Max both said. "So what are you gonna tell Grandma?"

"Oh god I don't know. I will worry about that if she brings it up." Lorelai said. They arrived at the grandparents at about 7:10. They were 10 minutes late as they thought they would be. They rang the doorbell and Emily answered within a matter of seconds.

"Lorelai! You're late. That is very rude."Emily said.

"Mom I am perfectly aware. Don't start." Lorelai said.

"I suppose you have a very good reason for not showing up on time." Emily said.

"Yes as a matter of fact I do." Lorelai said.

"Well care to share that with me?" Emily asked.

"Not really mom. Can we come in?" Lorelai asked, they were still standing outside.

"Not until you tell me why you're late." Emily said.

"Fine..." Lorelai said, as Emily let her in. " I had a very bad day. I lost track of time." Lorelai said.

"That's not a very good reason Lorelai."

"Well it will just have to do. Let's go to the living room, I want to say hi to dad." Lorelai said as her and Rory began to walk.

"Hi Grandpa!" Rory said.

"Hey Dad." Lorelai said.

"Rory hello! How are you today?" Richard asked.

"Oh I'm doing well thank you." Rory said.

"Lorelai hello... Why are you so late?" Richard asked.

"No reason... Sorry Dad." Lorelai said.

"No there is a reason..." Emily butted in. "Lorelai just won't tell us more than 'she had a bad day'."

"Well what made this day so bad?" Richard asked. Lorelai was already over getting herself a scotch.

"Nothing Dad really it's not important." Lorelai said.

"I think it is." Emily said.

"Of course you do." Lorelai shot back.

"Rory why is your mother in such a bad mood?" Emily asked. Rory just looked at Lorelai, who shook her head. Rory looked back at Emily and shrugged.

"Lorelai tell us." Richard said.

"Oh my god it's none of your bisness!" Lorelai said. And at that moment the chef came in announcing dinner.

"Lets go eat!" Rory said getting up. They all walked into the dining room and sat down to eat.

"I need some coffee." Lorelai said.

"You just had coffee a little bit ago." Rory said.

"I know but I haven't even been to Luke's today..." the mentioning of Luke caught Emily's attention..." And one cup of his coffee a day insn't enough." Lorelai finished.

"Excuse me?" Emily said.

"What?" Lorelai asked.

"Well you said you have only had one cup of Luke's coffee today, but you haven't been to Luke's." Emily said proud of her deductive skills. Lorelai winced realizing what she had just gotten herself into.

"Good lord you should work for unsolved mysteries mom." Lorelai said.

"Well how did you have Luke's coffee if you didn't go to Luke's?" Emily asked.

"He brought me some." Lorelai said angrily.

"Why?" Emily asked.

"Because he is a friend and I was having a bad day." Lorelai said.

"How did he know you were having a bad day?" Emily asked.

"Because I wasn't in there this morning, and the only reason I would not got to Luke's in the morning is if I was having a really bad day." Lorelai said.


"Jeez mom calm down.... ok fine since you will find out anyway. Max and I broke up." Lorelai said.

"Because of Luke?" Emily asked. Lorelai choked on her drink.

"What?" Lorelai asked wondering how Emily could possibly guess all these things.

"Did you break up because of Luke?" Emily asked again.

"No Mom.... well kind of." Lorelai said.

"Kind of?" Emliy asked.

"Ya..." Emily gave her a 'tell me now' look. "Ok Max asked me if I was in love with Luke, and so I broke up with him." Lorelai said.

"Because you love Luke?" Emily asked.

"No because he can't trust me with Luke." Lorelai said.

"No I suppose he can't if Luke is coming over to your house." Emily said.

"Ugh Mom... just... No nevermind I don't even know why I told you this." Lorelai said getting up.

"You do love Luke I know you do.... hey where are you going you haven't had dessert yet." Emily said getting up and following them to the door.

"No we don't need desert... Bye Dad!" Lorelai yelled.

"Bye Grandpa!" Rory yelled, as they walked out the door, Emily shutting it behind them.

* * *

Lorelai practically ran out to her car, with Rory not far behind. Lorelai was doing her best not to fall in her heels.

"Mom!" Rory called after her, "Wait up, calm down its ok."

"No Rory it's not ok!" Lorelai yelled.

"What do you mean it's not ok? She does this all the time i have never seen you get this mad before." Rory said.

"Ya well.... I just hate it when shes right." Lorelai said quietly.

"What do you mean when she's right?" Rory asked confused.

"Nevermind let's just go im sorry she just makes me really mad sometimes." Lorelai said getting into the car.

"Ok... to Luke's?" Rory asked.

"To Luke's!" Lorleai yelled raising her fist in the air. Lorelai began to really think about this. Not like she hadn't been thinking about it forever already. Was her mom right? I mean they did break up sort of because of Luke, but did they break up all because of Luke.... and Lorelai just didn't realize it?


"Mom what are you thinking about?" Rory asked.

"Huh?" Lorelai asked, breaking out of her trance.

"I can pretty much see the wheels turning in your head. Come on whats wrong?" Rory asked again.

"Oh I was just thinking about my situation the past few days." Lorelai said.

"You mean with Max?" Rory asked.

"Ya... and Luke." Lorelai said.

"Oh ya." Rory said.

"I just don't know what to do Rory, I mean you hear something so many times you start to believe it." Lorelai said.

"You mean about you loving Luke?" Rory asked.

"Ya... I mean not like I love Luke or anything.... " Lorelai trailed off.

"Mom you should just stop denying it, this would be so much eaiser if you would fess up to your feelings." Rory said.

"What?? You agree with them too?" Lorelai asked shocked.

"Uh ya Mom, it's hard not too. I've been watching you and Luke together since I was little. I see the way you talk to him like no one else, and I see the way you look at eachother. And
that arguing thing you guys do... its called flirting." Rory said with a smile knowing she was right. Lorelai opened her mouth to say something, but she didn't know what to say. So many people had said this to her, and it was getting harder to deny it. She just let out a sigh, and kept driving. Rory sat back in her seat with a huge smile on her face. After a period of silence, except for Lorelai's brain thinking, they got to Luke's.


Lorelai and Rory walked into Luke's, Rory with a smile, Lorelai with a look of confusion.

"Hey Luke." Rory said cheerfully. Lorelai just sat down at the counter, not saying anything.

"Hey. Rough night?" Luke asked looking at Lorelai.

"To say the least. Coffee." Lorelai said.

"Ya ok since you look like you were just told Santa wasn't real." Luke said. Rory laughed. This made Lorelai remember the time that Luke made her that Santa Burger.

"So what happened to make you look like that?" Luke asked.

"My mother." Lorelai replied dryly.

"What about her." Luke asked.

"Well her and about everyone else I know have been acusing me of something that I would rather not be accused of. And now, hence the look, I am confused." Lorelai said.

"What were they accusing you of?" Luke asked, even though he had a good idea, after that phone call with Max.

"Do you ever play music in here?" Lorelai asked?

"Huh?" Luke asked.

"Music... it's a sound usually a melody that you can sing along to...." Lorelai said.

"I know what music is, I just wondered where that came from." Luke said.

"I think you should play some music. Do you have a radio?" Lorelai asked.

"Ya I do but i'm not putting on music." Luke said.

"Pleeaaaaaase, " Lorelai begged, "There is no one else in here just for a little bit."
Luke looked at her, pouting. If it were any one else he would have said no. But it was Lorelai.

"Ya ok hold on." Luke said. Lorelai clapped and jumped in her seat. Rory looked over at her mother.

"Only for you...." Rory said quietly. Lorelai just looked at her, and turned her attention back to Luke who had brought out the oldest radio known to man.

"Yay turn it on!" Lorelai said. "Ohh Taylor will love this, Luke playing music."

"This is a one time thing!" Luke shot back. He turned on the radio to fuzz, and adjusted to dial until the Wallflowers, "The Difference" came out of the speakers.

"I like this song." Lorelai said as she listened to the words.

The only difference
That I see
Is you are exactly the same
As you used to be

Lorelai just stared into space as Luke watched her think. The words were explaining exactly what was going on in her head. She had been wondering why she had broken it off with Max over the whole Luke issue. Sure she could have just stayed away from Luke to be with Max, but she realized now that it would be impossible to do that. Coffee for one thing, and Luke too. The song was right. What difference did she see in Luke now? Nothing. Luke was the same as he had always been. So why was she realizing this now?

Maybe Luke always meant this much to her, and she was just realizing this now. Maybe it had always been Luke. As she was coming to the realization that maybe she loved Luke, her concentration was broken.

"Jeez what are you thinking about, you look like your head hurts." Luke said.

"My head is fine thank you. And I'm just thinking about my day, and other things." Lorelai said. She looked at Luke, and now for some reason he wasn't just Luke the semi-cute coffee guy. He was Luke, the amazing guy that maybe she loved.

* * *

Luke continued to watch Lorelai think. Then he started to think about how amazing she was. Rory watched the both of them, looking at eachother and thinking, obviously, about eachother. She really wanted to talk to her mom about this so she had to get her home.

"Hey mom, " Rory's voice got both of their attentions, "It's getting kind of late, I think we should probably get home."

"Oh ya it is kinda late.. but uh I have to go to the bathroom first. Lots of coffee will do that to you." Lorelai said as she got up and started towards the bathroom.

"Oh uh that one is broken." Luke said.

"Well I really have to go." Lorelai said starting to cross her legs and wiggle. This made Luke laugh.

"Well you can use mine upstairs if you stop doing that." Luke said. Rory was cracking up at her mother.

"Thank you Luke... Hey Rory hold on I'll be down in five." Lorelai said starting up the stairs to Luke's apartment.

"Ok hurry up." Rory said still laughing at her.

Lorelai ran up the stairs, and opened Luke's door. It wasn't locked, no one ever locked their doors in Stars Hollow. As she walked into his apartment, she realized she had never been in their before. It felt weird to her, and she wanted to look around, but she really had to go. She found the bathroom, and when she was done she came out into his living room. It was just like she had pictured it, not like she was picturing Luke's apartment. It was simple, earth colors, but nice. There was the bathroom, off of the living room, which led to the kitchen, and she assumed the bedroom was down the hall. She wanted to look around, but she thought that would be rude. So she walked over to the door, and opened the handle when something caught her eye.

She looked over on the table next to the couch, and she saw a picture frame. She walked over to the couch and sat down. She picked up the silver picture frame. Inside it was the picture Rachel took of her and Luke at the festivel. She couldn't believe that Luke had this framed. It was such a beautiful picture, she thought. No wonder the whole town thought they were in love. Now she saw the way that Rory said they looked at eachother. In the picture they were on a bench, smiling at eachother. Lorelai couldn't take her eyes off that picture.

Downstairs Luke and Rory were talking about Chilton, Lane, and how she was still banned
from the outside world. Rory looked at her watch.

"Wow she has been up there for like 15 minutes." Rory said.

"Huh?" Luke asked.

"My mom... she had been upstairs for about 15 minutes." She said again.

"Oh god what is she doing up there... I better go get her." Luke said.

"I'll go." Rory said.

"No I don't want both of you up there unsupervised, I will be right back, don't move." Luke said.

"Yes Sir!" Rory said , saluting him. Luke walked upstairs, and opened his door. When he opened it he saw Lorelai sitting on the couch, holding the picture frame, just staring at it. She must not have heard him come in, because she didn't even look up. Luke cleared his throat, and she looked up, suprised.

"Find the bathroom alright?" Luke asked.

"Oh ya sorry how long have I been up here?" Lorelai wondered.

"About 15 minutes. What are you doing?" Luke asked.

"You had this framed?" Lorelai asked.

"Oh I... uh well... Ya I mean It was a nice picture." Luke said embarresed.

"Ya it is..." Lorelai said, a single tear running down her cheek.

"Lorelai whats wrong?" Luke said, sitting down next to her.

"Nothing is wrong. I am just... wow there is alot going on now." Lorelai said.

"What are you talking about? Tell me." Luke asked.

"Well you see this morning I lost an amazing guy..." Lorelai started.

"You upset about Max?" Luke asked.

"No... not anymore, cause you see I realized there might be someone better for me, and I am
really happy, and nervous about that, hence the nervous crying." Lorelai said, still looking down at the picture. "And all day people have been accusing me of loving him, and giving me all these reasons why they think I do. And Rory said that the we look at eachother proves it." Lorelai looked up at Luke. Luke looked at her now realizing that she was definatly talking about him.

"Lorelai I.."

"And when I look at this picture I see what Max, and Rory, and my mother, and the whole town sees." Lorelai said. Luke stared at her face, his eyes moving from her lips to her eyes and back again. Lorelai reached her hand up and put it softly on his cheek. Both of them got chills at the touch.

"You wanna know how I knew?" Luke asked quietly.

"How?" Lorelai asked.

"You are the only person that ever gave me chills like that." Luke said smiling. They slowly moved closer to eachother, Luke's hand placed on the small of her back. Lorelai placed her other hand on his face, and leaned in to kiss him. Luke could feel her warm, coffee-scented breath on his face as their lips touched. At that moment they both knew that this should have happened a long time ago.

Downstairs, Rory looked at her watch for the fifth time. Luke had now been up there for 17 minutes. Just as she was about to go up, Lane came rushing through the door.

"Lane!!" Rory yelled, "She let you out?"

"Ya just five minutes ago, and she said you could spend the night!! How amazing is that?" Lane said.

"That's awesome Lane!! I just have to tell my mom then we can go." Rory said.

"Where is she?" Lane asked.

"She went upstairs to use Luke's bathroom , then Luke went to check on her, and it has been 17 minutes and they still aren't down here." Rory said.

"OOO wonder what they're doing!" Lane laughed.

"Ew Lane shut up they are probably arguing about somthing stupid... I will be right back." Rory said as she started walking up the stairs. She opened Luke's door, and jumped when she saw her mom and Luke, making out on the couch.

"Oh god, Mom.. Luke... Im sorry." Rory said frantically.

"Rory!" Luke said.

"Uh Rory hi we were just um.. " Lorelai was turning red.

"Ya ok .. carry on... I am spending the night at Lane's bye!" Rory said as she closed the door quickly behind her and ran down the stairs.

"Rory what's wrong?" Lane asked, as Rory sped out the front door.

"You were right... " Rory said. Then they started laughing.

"Well at least it wasn't Max." Lane laughed.

* * *

Rory and Lane tried to forget about it, and went on to Lane's house. Upstairs in Luke's place things were a little different. They were still both sitting on the couch, Lorelai had her head in her hands, Luke was sitting very uncomfortably

"Ah I cannot believe Rory walked in here." Lorelai said.

"It's fine she's a big kid, she'll live." Luke reassured her.

"God I hope so but I know if I ever walked in on my parents making out I would freak out." Lorelai said gagging at the thought.

"But I'm not her dad." Luke said.

"No but your'e the closest thing she has to a Dad around here, I mean it's not like her real Dad was here to put the mean gorcery bagger in a head lock when they broke up." Lorelai laughed now.

"Well she needs someone like that." Luke said.

"I'm really glad it's you." Lorelai said looking into his eyes.

"I'm glad it's me too." Luke said. He looked at Lorelai and smiled, and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"Come on I'll walk you home." Luke said standing up. Lorelai stayed put on the couch, giving him a weird look.

"What?" He asked her.

"I don't get to spend the night?" She asked jokingly. Luke laughed at her.

"I thought you didn't sleep with guys till the second date." Luke said laughing.

"Uh low blow. For your information I went out with Christopher FOUR times before we had Rory." Lorelai said.

"Come on." Luke said pulling her up laughing.

"Ya ya ok let's go." Lorelai said. They both walked out the door laughing. This felt so comfortable to both of them. Lorelai had never been in a relationship with someone who she had known before, and who she felt comfortable joking and laughing, and being herslef with. This was great.

They got outside the diner, and a wave of cold rushed over them.

"Good lord its chilly out!" Lorelai said. Luke looked at her and laughed.

"Here." He said handing her his coat.

"Oh and he's a gentleman." Lorelai said taking his coat.

"I've never given a girl my coat before." Luke said.

"I've never been given a coat before. Come to think of it i've never even been walked home
before." Lorelai said.

"Well it's a first for both of us." Luke said putting his arm around her shoulders. Luckily it was too late for anyone to be out on the streets, and see them like this. When they finally got to Lorelai's house Luke was shivering. They walked up onto her porch.

"Luke you should have told me you were that cold I would have given you your coat back." Lorelai said handing it back to him.

"Well than you would have been cold." Luke said taking the coat from her. "Ok well I guess I will see you tomorrow." Luke said kissing her softly, and starting to walk down her steps. Lorelai smiled to herself, it felt so good to kiss him.

"Wait!" She called after him.

"Huh?" Luke turned around.

"Come in for a little. I'll make you coffee, your freezing." Lorelai said, opening the front door.

"O...ok." Luke said, walking back up the front steps into her warm house. He took his jacket off and put it on the table, and followed her into the kitchen.

"Luke your still shivering do you want a sweatshirt?" Lorelai asked him.

"Ya ok." Luke said.

"I'll be right back." Lorelai said, walking upstairs. She came back down with a sweatshirt for Luke. He put it on quickly, and looked down at it. It had a huge coffee mug on the front.

"You have a sweatshirt with coffee on it?" Luke asked laughing.

"Hey don't laugh Rory got it for me for christmas." Lorelai said. Luke just laughed at her, and sat down at the table.

"The coffee's done, do you want some?" Lorelai asked him.

"That stuff will kill you." Luke said.

"So is that a no?" Lorelai asked.

"No you go right ahead and drink all of the killer coffee." Luke said.

"Will do." Lorelai said, "Ohh hey I have an idea." Lorelai said standing up.

"Do I want to know." Luke asked.

"Well every Friday, after dinner me and Rory watch Willy Wonka!! But she isn't here tonight, so will you watch with me???" Lorelai asked excited.

"Ya alright, only cause I have nothing else to do.... and you won't let me say no." Luke said standing up.

"Ohh YAY!" Lorelai yelled running into the living room. Luke followed her and sat down on the couch. Lorelai put the movie on, turned off the lights, and sat down next to Luke. He put his arm around her waist, and she rested her head on his shoulder. After about five 15 minutes of the movie, Luke couldn't take anymore.

"Lorelai?" Luke asked.

"What?" She asked, looking up at him.

"This movie sucks." He said.

"Oh how dare you, you have just insulted my reason for living, i don't think I can ever talk to you again I..." Lorelai stopped when a pillow hit her in the face. She looked at Luke who held the pillow close to his chest.

"Ok now this means war!" She yelled and grabbed another pillow. They began to fight and hit eachother until they ended up with Lorelai laying on her back on the couch, and Luke on top of her pinning her down.

"Ok I surrender!" Lorelai yelled laughing. Luke was laughing to and watching her laugh made him happy. He bent down to kiss her when they heard someone run through the door. Neither of them moved, when they looked up to see Max in the doorway.

* * *

"Max!" Lorelai yelled surprised. Max just stood there with a look of anger on his face.

"What are you doing here?" Max yelled pointing at Luke.

"I..." Luke started, but Lorelai cut him off.

"What are YOU doing here Max?" Lorelai yelled.

"Well I was coming to tell you that I think we made a mistake, but I should have known that you would be here." Max said pointing to Luke again.

"Well I have just as much a right to be here as you do!" Luke yelled back.

"God Lorelai we have been apart for not even a day, and you're already with him!" Max said.

"His name is Luke!" Lorelai yelled, for lack of anything better to say.

"Ya I'm aware, he has caused enough problems in our relationship in the past. I'm leaving." Max said turning to walk back out the door. Luke got a look of relief on his face when Max
started to leave.

"Wait!" Lorelai called after him. Luke sank into the couch, and his heart sank along with him.

"What Lorelai?" Max asked angrily.

"Why did you come here?" Lorelai asked.

"Why did I come here? Well for one I love you, and I think that we made a very big mistake this morning." Max said.

"Max, don't do this." Lorelai said.

"Do what?" Max asked.

"Come back here, and apoligize, and pretend that everything that was said this morning wasn't. It was said, and it was right. This just isn't going to work." Lorelai said. Luke began to feel a little more confident now.

"But I love you. We have to make this work." Max said walking over to her now.

"No Max, you can't trust me. A relationship cannot work if one person doesn't trust the
other." Lorelai said.

"Do you love me?" Max asked.

"What?" Lorelai asked.

"If you loved me, we could work this out." Max said.

"Max, I do love you." Lorelai started, and Luke sank back into the couch. "I love you, but not the way I used to. I don't feel the same way around you anymore, and what we said this morning was true." Lorelai said.

"No, I can trust you." Max said.

"No, you can't. A minute ago when you walked in here, you freaked out just because Luke was here, and we weren't even a couple anymore." Lorelai said. This made Max remember that Luke was here.

"Why ARE you here?" Max asked Luke. Luke stood up, and looked at Max.

"She was at the diner with Rory, Rory went home with a friend. I offered to walk her home, and then she wanted to watch a movie, so I watched with her." Luke said.

"There was no movie on when I came in." Max said.

"Well the mov...." Lorelai cut Luke off.

"It doesn't matter Max. You are not my boyfriend anymore, so it is none of your buisness why
Luke was here." Lorelai said.

"Well when I came in Luke was on top of you!" Max yelled. Luke got a small smile on his face. Lorelai just stood there. "Why Lorelai?" Max asked her.

"That's none of your buisness either Max!" Lorelai yelled.

"You know you never answered my REAL question this morning." Max said to her. Luke looked nervously at Lorleai, this could be the moment where his life turned completly around.
"Well?" Max asked.

"Well what?" Lorelai said, staring at the floor, not exactly sure of the real answer to the question.

"Do you love Luke?" Max asked her.

"Max..." Lorelai stared.

"No, I know this is also none of my buisness. I know we are over. But for me, can you just tell me. Do you love Luke?" Max asked again. Lorelai continued to stare at the floor. Luke was getting more nervous each second she didn't answer. Lorelai was completly unsure of what to say. She looked up slowly, at Luke. The look in his eyes was unexplainable. It was a look of true love, something she wasn't sure if she had seen before. She smiled gently at him, causing him to smile too. She looked back down at the floor without even looking at Max.

"Yes." she wispered, without even thinking.

"What?" Max asked, not being able to hear her. Lorelai looked up, and a single tear ran down her face.

"Yes." She said, louder this time. Max looked at her, then at Luke, and walked out the door without even saying anything. He knew that he was out of the picture for Lorelai.
Lorelai looked up at Luke who was smiling so big now. She smiled back at him, as he walked over to her.

"You do?" Luke asked.

"I think I always have." Lorelai said.

"I KNOW I always have." Luke said, as he picked Lorelai up off her feet, and swung her around. He put her back down in front of him, and kissed her. The most passionate kiss that either of them had ever had in their whole life. They broke away from eachother, and stared smiling into eachother's eyes.

"Now where were we?" Lorelai asked, as she reached behind her and grabbed a pillow. She smack Luke with it, knocking his baseball cap off.

"This means war." Luke said laughing as he picked her back up and threw her onto the couch, hitting her with his pillow, while they laughed together. Luke kept hitting her, until Lorelai
flipped him on his back, pinning him down on the couch.

"Where did you learn to do that?" Luke asked surprised.

"Me and Rory took karate lessons a couple years ago." Lorelai laughed, "OO can we finish the movie now?" She asked excitedly.

"Ugh, alright." Luke said.

"YES!" Lorelai said, putting the movieback in, and settling down next to Luke.

* * *

The sun shined brighter the next morning for Luke than it ever had before. He woke up on Lorelai's couch, with Lorelai lying asleep in his arms. The TV was still on, they must have fallen asleep before the movie was over. He didn't want to wake Lorelai up. She looked so beautiful when she slept. He reached his hand over, and ran his fingers through her hair. Her words from the night before kept running through his mind. She loved him, and he had waited so long for her to say that. Lorelai rolled over softly so she was now facing Luke. He just continued to look at her. She opened her eyes gently, and smiled when she saw him there.

"Hey you." She wispered. Luke smiled at her.

"Morning Lorelai." Luke wispered back. Lorelai grabbed his hand and locked her fingers with his, as she sat up on the couch. Lorelai started to laugh slightly.

"What?" Luke asked looking around.

"Nothing it's just that I've never seen you without your hat on, and now you have hat hair and bed head." Lorelai kept laughing.

"Ya well..." Luke looked for a comeback, but he didn't have one. She looked amazing as always.

"What no comeback Luke?" Lorelai asked.

"No. You look amazing." Luke said. Lorelai smiled, and reached over and put her hand on his cheek.

"Thank you." Lorelai said.

"Stay right here I'm gonna go do something." Luke said getting up off the couch.

"What?" Lorleai asked.

"It's a surprise." Luke smiled, as he walked into the kitchen.

"Oh I love surprises!!" Lorelai said.

"I know. Stay there." Luke said. Lorelai smiled at him, and turned on the TV. Lorelai was flipping channels, while she listened to Luke in the kitchen.

"Luke what are you doing in there?" She called to him.

"You will find out in a few minutes." Luke yelled back. She heard Luke leave through the back
door, and then come back in. Luke walked into the living room where Lorelai was sitting on the couch, looking very impatient. She jumped up excitedly when he walked in.

"Wait a second there." Luke said. Lorelai gave him a mean look. Luke pulled a bandana out of
his back pocket.

"What are you gonna blind fold me?" Lorelai asked laughing.

"Ya." Luke said. He walked over to her, and put the blind fold on her.

"Come on." Luke said leading her with his hand.

"You better not run me into anything." Lorelai warned him. Luke lead her into the kitchen, and took off her blind fold.

"Oh my god Luke!" Lorelai said, hugging him.

"You like it?" Luke asked.

"I love it!" Lorelai said. She looked around the kitchen. Two places were set at the kitchen table. There were a bunh of yellow daises in a vase in the middle of the table.

"How did you know I liked yellow daises?" Lorelai asked him.

"Lorelai, I talk to you everyday, sometimes 4 times a day. And contrary to what you think, I do listen to you. And I pick up on a lot of things." Luke said. Lorelai smiled.

"Where did you get them?"

"Well I noticed that Babette has some in her garden. I figured she wouldn't miss them." Luke said. Lorelai laughed at him, and continued to look around. There were two plates on the table. They each had two pop tarts and a muffin on them. In front of Lorelai's plate was 3 mugs of coffee. In front of Luke's was tea. Lorelai laughed when she saw this.

"Aww Luke thank you so much." Lorelai said, hugging him.

"No probelm. Now let's eat." Luke said sitting down at the table. Lorelai sat down at her plate. She drank one cup of coffee before she even ate anything. Luke just looked at her.
"I'm not even gonna say anything." Luke said.

"Good don't." Lorelai smiled at him. She ate her first pop tart, and drank her whole second cup of coffee. Then she ate her muffin, and had her third cup of coffee. Luke watched her eat the whole time. He knew what was coming next. Lorelai looked down at her plate with a confused look on her face.

"You did this on purpose." She said.

"What?" Luke asked laughing.

"You gave me one more food item than cup of coffee." She said looking at her pop tart.
"I need more coffee." Lorelai said.

"No you don't." Luke said.

"Luke!!!" Lorelai yelled. Luke just laughed at her.

"It will kill you." Luke said.

"I am gonna kill you!" Lorelai said.

"Fine there is more in the pot, but only becuase I love you." Luke said. Lorelai smiled and went over to get the pot. She poured the rest into a cup and drank it with her poptart.

"Well I should get to the diner, I don't wanna keep the coustomers waiting." Luke said.

"Ok I will be there later, I have to wait for Rory to come home from Lane's." Lorelai said, as she walked Luke to the door.

"Ok then I will see you later." Luke said, grabbing his coat.

"Bye." Lorelai said, as she kissed him.

They were inturrupted again, when Rory opened up the door.

* * *

"Wow ok I really need to stop doing that." Rory said, as she opened the door to find her mother and Luke making out for the second time. Luke looked nervously at Rory and cleared his throat.

"We were just uh..." Luke was at a loss for words.

"Baking cookies?" Rory provided for him. Lorelai laughed.

"HA like I could ever bake, " She looked up at Luke who was still nervous, "It's fine." Lorelai said taking his hand. "We were making out, not baking." Lorelai said to Rory with a smile.

"Ya I figured that." Rory said.

"Wait you're not weirded out by this?" Luke asked.

"That I saw my mom kissing someone, or that it was you?" Rory asked.

"Well, both." Luke said sheepishly.

"Well if it was someone else, like my english teacher, I might get pretty grossed out, but not with you, I've been expecting this for a while." Rory said.

"Really?" Lorelai asked.

"Well not the walking in on you part, but the you-and-Luke part, ya." Rory said.

"Good." Lorelai said.

"I'm happy for you guys." Rory said. "Luke I've never seen you so happy before." Rory said.

"Well I don't know if I've ever been this happy before." Luke said.

"Awww" Lorelai and Rory said at the same time. Lorelai leaned up and whispered something in his ear, but Rory couldn't hear her. Then she kissed him again.

"Whoah! Ok I said it was alright those two times, but no more. Keep it to yourself." Rory said.

"Sorry." They said.

"Well I probably should get going." Luke said.

"Ya go open up the diner, I'm hungry. Mrs. Kim gave me tofu for breakfast." Rory said. Lorelai laughed.

"Ya we will be there in like half an hour." Lorelai said. Rory looked at the shirt Luke was wearing. It was the coffee sweatshirt she had gotten her mom for Christmas.

"Luke, is there a reason you have a sweatshirt with "the devil beverage" as you like to call it." Rory laughed. Luke looked down at his shirt completly forgetting that he had put that on.

"O ya... I was cold last night..It's you moms." Luke said while the girls just laughed at him. Luke took off the sweatshirt and handed it back to Lorelai.

"Thanks." He said. "I'll see you guys in a little."

"Bye Luke." Lorelai said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"See ya." Rory said. Luke walked out the door, and Rory closed it behind him. She looked up at her mother waiting for her to talk.

"What?" Lorelai asked.

"Well....." Rory said.

"Well what?" Lorelai asked again.

"Well last night after dinner, we're at Luke's. You go to use the bathroom. He goes to get you. I go to get you both only to find you two who are "just friends" making out on his couch. I leave and come back this morning to find you making out again, and him in your clothes." Rory stops and looks at Lorelai who is smiling brightly. "There are some big gaps there. Fill them in." Rory finished.

"Ok talk time." Lorelai says getting up to make more coffee.

"Ya now spill it." Rory said.

"Ok well when I went up there Luke had a picture on his table." Lorelai started.

"A picture? No way! How strange." Rory said sarcastically.

"Shush you. It was a picture of me and Luke. It was the one that Rachel took of us. He had it framed, and I couldn't stop looking at it." Lorelai said, smiling.

"Well you weren't looking at it when I got up there." Rory said. Lorelai giggled.

"So anyway, I started to get teary eyed, and he asked me what was wrong, and I told him about my day, and then I told him that I thought I loved him." Lorelai said.

"What did he do?" Rory asked.

"He sat down next to me on the couch, and he told me that he loved me too. And then about ten seconds later you came bursting through the door, ruining the most amazing moment I've ever had in my life." Lorelai said.

"Sorry about that one." Rory said.

"Its ok." Lorelai said.

"So what next." Rory said.

"Well after you came in he said he would walk me home. So we walked home and talked a little, and then when we got back here I invited him in." Lorelai said.

"So he was here all night?" Rory asked.

"Uhh. ya." Lorelai said.

"You guys didn't.."

"No!! god no we didn't do that." Lorelai said.

"Ok good, I mean I'm ok with you two but not that ok." Rory said. Lorelai laughed. "So what did happen?" Rory asked.

"Well he came in and we had some coffee, and he was cold so I gave him that sweatshirt, and we went to watch Willy Wonka cause you weren't here to watch it with me. And about 15 minutes into Luke wouldn't watch anymore, so he turned it off. And then he hit me with a pillow." Lorelai said.

"He hit you with a pillow?" Rory asked.

"Ya cause I was babbling about something, and then it turned into a huge pillow fight and then.." Lorelai stopped talking, remembering the next part, when Max showed up.

"Then what?" Rory asked.

"Then Max came in." Lorelai said.

"No way!" Rory said.

"Ya he came in to say that he thought me and him should give it another try, but Luke was there and he got really mad. And so Max and Luke yelled, and Max yelled at me, and then I yelled and told Max that it was over. And then Max asked me again." Lorelai said.

"Asked you what?" Rory said.

"If I loved Luke. And I told him I did and Max left and Luke swept me off my feet, and kissed me." Lorelai smiled.

"Awww." Rory said.

"And then I started the pillow fight again, and I won so we got to finish the movie. Then we fell asleep. We woke up, he made me breakfast, got me yellow daises, and then you interrupted another perfect moment." Lorelai said.

"Wow he made you breakfast." Rory asked.

"Ya, Poptarts and coffee. Although he actually makes me all of my meals." Lorelai laughed.

"Speaking of meals, I say we go now I'm really hungry." Rory said.

"I agree let's go." Lorelai said practically running to the door.


All morning Luke had been getting strange looks. Mainly because he seemed happier than normal, and because Babbette had thought she saw Luke leave Lorelai's in the morning but she wasn't sure. Almost all of Stars Hollow was in Luke's that morning. Miss Patty, dying to know if the rumors were true, walked up to the counter.

"Morning Luke." Miss Patty said.

"Hi Patty." Luke said.

"You seem awfully happy. Did you sleep well?" Patty asked eyeing him. Luke knew what she was doing but he liked playing games with these people.

"Ya I did thanks." Luke said. "What can I get you?" Luke asked her.

"Nothing I just wanted to say hi." Patty said.

"Well hi. If you need anything just come get me." Luke said. Patty started to walk back to her seat when they heard the door open. The whole diner looked up as Lorelai and Rory walked in.

"What the heck?" Lorelai said, as she looked around and saw the whole town in there. She looked over at Luke who just smiled and shrugged. Lorelai looked at Rory and got a mischeivious smile on her face. She looked around again. Everyone had their eyes on her. She casually walked up to the counter, walked around back, and pulled Luke into a passionate kiss. The whole diner almost fell off of their chairs, as Lorelai and Luke stood kissing behind the counter.

* * *

Rory looked aroung the diner, and laughed at everyone whos jaw was on the floor. Lorelai and Luke were still behind the counter, wrapped in eachothers arms. They broke apart from eachother, and Luke put his forehead on Lorelai's. They continued to stare into eachothers eyes, until Miss Patty spoke.

"Oh my god." Miss Patty said, getting excited. Lorelai and Luke both looked over at her, still holding eachother. They blushed and Lorelai smiled.

"This is amazing." Patty said.

"I know." Lorelai said as she looked back up at Luke.

"I knew it was only a matter of time." Babette said.

"Ok everyone, if you want food sit down, otherwise you can leave. You know we are together now." Luke said getting impatient with all the people in his diner.

"Way to ruin the moment Luke." Patty said. Lorelai and the rest of the diner laughed.

"Actually I have one more thing I need to say, so you can stay for that but then its food or leave." Luke said. Lorelai looked at him wondering what he had to say that was so important.

"What do you have to say?" Lorelai asked him.

"Come here." Luke said as he took Lorelai's hand, leading her out from behind the counter. He sat her down on the stool, still holding her hand.

"Lorelai Gilmore, for as long as I can remember you have been the basic reason that I get up every morning. Knowing that I will get to see you everyday puts a smile on my face. I think since the day I met you I have been in love with you. Coffee addiction and all. Whenever I see you with another guy it makes me hurt so bad I can barely even think. I don't ever want there to be another guy. Ever. I want it to be me, you, and Rory living happily ever after. You deserve the best Lorelai, and I am willing to give you the best." Luke stopped and looked around the room, everyone had tears in their eyes, and Rory was smiling so brightly.

"I want to be the one to cook for you, even though I already do. I want to be the one who makes you a fire when it's cold, and I want to watch movies with you on our couch on weeknights. I want to be able to make you laugh, and help you when you need it. I want to help Rory, and be there for her also. I love her like my own daughter. And when It snows, I want to be the one to share the magic with you." Luke stopped and looked up at Lorelai. She had tears in her eyes, and a smile on her face.

"I want those things too." She wispered. Luke smiled, and bent down onto on knee.

"I know we haven't even been on a real date yet, but I know everything about you, and I love you so much." Luke said. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small box. "Lorelai Gilmore, will you marry me?" Luke said, opening the box to reveal a beautiful ring. Lorelai put a hand up to her mouth. She couldn't believe what was happening.

"Yes. Of couse I will marry you." Lorelai said getting up and kissing Luke.

"I love you." Luke said.

"I love you too." Lorelai said, as Luke took the ring and put it on her finger. Rory ran over to her Mom to hug her.

"Congratulations!" Rory yelled hugging them both. The whole diner started to clap, and Lorelai kissed Luke again. Eventually they all started to leave, and only the people who wanted to eat stayed.

"Well I should probably let you get back to work." Lorelai said.

"Ok. I'll call you later." Luke said.

"Sounds good." Lorelai said, kissing him goodbye on the cheek.

"Bye Luke." Rory said as they started to walk out the door.

"Bye." Luke said waving to them as they left. The smile Luke had on his face was one that wouldn't be leaving any time soon.

As Rory and Lorelai walked home, Lorelai could also not conceal her smile. She got a "congratulations" from everyone on the street. Rory smiled also. She was so happy about this.


Lorelai and Rory walked into their house, and set their coats on the table.

"Wow, what a day." Rory said.

"Wow is an understatement." Lorelai smiled.

"Hey since we never got to watch that movie last night, what do ya say we watch it now huh?" Rory asked.

"It's a plan let me make coffee first." Lorelai said. She started to make coffee when the phone rang. She looked frantically around for it, and finally located it under the table.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Lorelai." The voice on the other end said.

"Ah hello mother." Lorelai said codly, "What can I do for you."

"Well actually I was calling to apologize for the other night." Emily said.


"I acted stupid and I should have been more sympathetic to your feelings."

"Huh?" Lorelai asked again.

"What?" Emily said.

"Nothing it's just that I would have never guessed you would say that. Ever. But thank you I appreicate it."

"Your welcome Lorelai. I also wanted to see if you were feeling any better, after your bad day."

"Actaully I am feeling a lot better." Lorelai smiled.

"Good. Any reason?" Emily asked. Lorelai thought for a second. Might as well tell her, she thought. Last time she kept a secrect it turned out bad.

"Uh.. ya mom... I'm getting married." Lorelai said. Silence for a few seconds.

"To MAX!!!!" Emily yelled.

"No umm actually to Luke." Lorelai said.

"Oh good. You scared me for a second there." Emily said.

"Good? Your happy about this?" Lorelai asked confused.

"Well yes, I told you that you and Luke belonged together. I was afraid you were going to marry Max and be unhappy. Oh and Congratulations." Emily said.

"Wow thank you mom.." Lorelai said still a little confused.

"Sure. Well I have to go now I just wanted to check on you."

"Ok Bye mom."

"Bye." Emily said as she hung up. Lorelai walked into the living room, where Rory was on the couch.

"Who was that?" Rory asked.

"Grandma." Lorelai said. Rory made a 'sorry' face.

"What did she say."

"She was happy for me." Lorelai smiled.

"Well good, she should be. So am I." Rory said.

"Thank you." Lorelai said. She was just about to sit down again, when the phone rang. She picked it back up, and answered.

"Hello?" Lorelai asked.

"Lorelai hey. It's Luke."

"Luke, hi!" Lorelai said, as she looked out the window. She couldn't believe what she saw. It had just started to snow.