Summary- Tristan and Rory go on a date
Rating- PG
Pairing- Rory/Tristan
Disclaimer- I own nothing and I make no claim to do so.
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Author's note- In this piece, Dean either doesn't exist or is The Ex of First Semester Past.

Dinner Date

by Canela

"This is really slippery pasta," Lorelai said, slurping up a strand of

"What Lorelai?" Emily addressed her daughter. "Is it too buttery?"

"No- it's just slippery Mom." She continued to eat her dinner.

"Because use I can just have the cook make you a special plate if it's
too buttery for your tastes."

"I was just saying that. . ."

Over this banter, Richard Gilmore turned to his granddaughter. "Rory, an
associate of mine just gave me to a concert that I certainly won't use. Would
you like them?"

"What tickets?" Rory said, dropping her pasta-twirled spoon.

"Reel Big Fish, I think the band is called."

"Reel with an 'a' or with an 'e'?"

"With an 'e', if I recall."

Emily turned her attention away from her daughter. "Reel Big Fish? Is
that some lewd sexual term? Is this the kind of music we want our
granddaughter listening to?"

"It's a pun, Mom. The music is fine."

"Well, you are her mother." From the way she said it, it was as if Emily
had some disagreement on the fact of parentage. "If you say she can go, she

"She can." Lorelai said, going back to her food.

"Okay, it's decided then." Emily stated, and it clearly was. "Fran!" she
called, "Fetch Lorelai another plate of pasta. . . with less butter this

"Mom. . ."

Her mother was working that night (with the car, of course) and Lane was
under house arrest for reasons unbeknownst to her (the Bill of Rights was not
discussed in that conversation.) By Monday, Rory still had no one to take to
the concert in five days.

She trudged through school that day, classes passing manageably slowly
that day, with a dash of Willa Cather and a sprinkle of Shakespeare. At the
bus stop that day, she sat reading My Antonia, waiting for her ride to come.

"Mary." Rory looked up to see Tristan standing near her in his usual
position, substitute a locker for a telephone pole.

She had no witty comeback. It was kind of unbalancing to see him right
after school; he's usually at the student parking lot.

Before she could think of anything to say, he pushed the conversation
along. "I hear you have tickets to the Reel Big Fish concert."

Rory had recovered from her momentary lapse of concentration. "How do
know that?"

He shrugged. "This is New England." He said, like it explained
everything. Apparently, from his look, it did.

"Okay, then. Why do you care?"

"Because I also know you don't have a car. Where as I do."

"And you want me to take you." He nodded. "Because you have a car."

Again, he affirmed. "Lots of guys have cars. Why should I take you?"

"I'll take you out to dinner first."

"You know I'd be using you."

"And I'd be using you."

"Dinner and then to a concert. Sounds too much like a date."

"Not a date, just the consensual using of two people." He grinned,
backing away. "Pick you us at seven Mary." And before she could say anything,
he was walking toward school.

The week passes reasonably quickly, with Rory and Tristan exchanging plans
(when no one was looking, of course). Finally, Friday rolled around and
Tristan walked, or strutted, depending on your viewpoint, up to Rory's front

Fully-clad in her usual gear, tee-shirt and jeans, she opened the door at
exactly 7:00.

She looked at him. He looked at her. He, too, was dressed like he usual
was- gray suit, monochromatic tie.

"I bet you didn't mean Tony's, the grill, right?"

His eyes widened a little. "Right."

"More like Tony's, the wine place?"


"Why don't you come in for a minute? I'm going to change into. . .
something." She ushered him into the living room, where her mom was decked
out on the couch. She lifted one finger distractedly. "Just one minute. . ."
She ran into her room, as Lorelai swivelled on the couch to see him.

"Hi," she lifted a hand. "I'm Lorelai."

"Tristan." He shook her hand politely. "Nice to meet you, Miss Gilmore."

"Lorelai. The whole 'Miss' thing makes me sound old." A scream of
frustration could be heard from Rory's room.

"So. . ." the conversation had died after the introduction. "You two go
to school together right?"

"Yes. We have a few classes together."

"And you call her Mary, right?"

"Errr. . ."

Luckily, at that minute, Rory came rushing out of the hallway in a skirt
and top that looked suspiciously like her mother's.

"Bye Mom."

"Bye you two. Have fun."

Rory and Tristan went out side and headed to what appeared to be his car.
It was a BMW, Rory noticed.

You're dad's car?" she asked.

He looked surprised, as he opened her door for her. "No, my car. Why?"

"Never mind."

The conversation at dinner was interesting, not that either of them would say
that at the time. A friendly argument suddenly turned vicious over

"No way," Rory said, eyes slitting. "Ethan Hunt would wipe the floor with
James Bond."

"You're right," Tristan admitted. "But James Bond would look cool the
entire 'beating up' process." It appeared that he wasn't a complete sociopath
when not in the school environment.

They looked down at their menus. "Lobster looks good tonight." Rory
joked, actually beginning to enjoy herself.

"You're right," Tristan replied, no trace of kidding in his voice.

They finally got to the concert, a packed room full of adolescents. Smoke
lingered in the air, floating above the heads of a swarm of people.
Looking slightly our of place in their duds, Rory and Tristan just rocked
on the heels to the cover band, not really talking.

"Do you want to split up?" Rory yelled over the sound.

He looked at her and raised his eyebrows questioningly.

"Do you want to meet up after the concert?" she screamed, and he seemed
to understand her, because he nodded silently and headed into the crowd.
Rory, of course, knew no one there and watched as Reel Big Fish took the
stage, grinning like madmen. Without introduction, they began to play.

There's a little girl I know
You might know her too
She looks so good, whoa-oh!
She looks so cute,
Standing next to you

I want your girlfriend to be my-
I want your girlfriend to be my-
I want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend. . .TOO!

She nodded her head to the music, but felt her shoulders tense when a boy
approached her.

"Want to dance?" she read his lips more than heard him say.

She shook her head but smiled at the flattery of being asked.
He stepped forward. Boys. Yes means no and. . .

She backed away, signaling that she was fine going stag. He didn't look
very dangerous, but she maneuvered her arm away when he reached for her.
He looked more determined then ever as he moved ahead, definitely
invading her bubble. She was about to say something when Tristan miraculously
emerged from the crowd.

"Mary!" he said, without sarcasm. He stepped in between her and the boy,
pretending that the 'other one' wasn't even there. He wrapped his arms around
her waist and pulled her right up next to him, completely popping the bubble
theory (no pun intended.)

She was frozen for a moment, then wrapped her arms around his neck and
leaning against him, the timeless embrace of lovers. They rocked slowly to
the fast music, long after the boy was gone- not that either of them noticed

They drove home mostly in silence, with no mention of the dance. When finally
they did arrive at Rory's house, they sat there for a moment after the engine
stopped. She then slid out the car and briskly walked to the door, not
knowing what emotion drove her to do so.

"Rory, wait!" Tristan said. She turned slowly and he stood in front of
her, eyes wider then she'd ever seen them.


"I. . . had fun."

"Me too."

"And I want it to happen again."

"The consensual using of two people?"

"No, a date."

"You want to date me?" This made her eyes go wide.

"Yes." It was short, it was honest. Not like Tristan's usual answers.

"Then why are you so mean to me?" It sounded even more childish spoken
than inside her head.

"Because I'm like a third grader and every time I see you I want to push
you down, throw rocks at you, and run away."

"Oh." Oh.

"But more than anything, I want to do this."

The words Do what? never came out of her mouth. He kissed her. Her first
kiss- the one to remember. And, as she would later recall, it was quite

They kissed for a few long moments and he pulled away, smiling. He backed
away, with a more giddy look on his face than she thought possible.

"Goodnight Rory," he said, backing up and finally getting into his car.
Rory watched him pull away and a smile tugged at the corners of her
mouth. She then turned around and went inside, where her mom was waiting,
crouched behind the door.