Spoilers- None
Summery- Tristan and Rory go to the movies
Rating- PG
Pairing- R/T
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Author's note- This is the second in my 'Dinner Date' series.

Dinner and a Movie

by Canela

Even the teachers noticed a difference in Tristan DuGray. He was kinder, a
little less serious, and paying much more attention in class now that he
didn't have to stare at Rory to imagine what is like to be with her.
PDA wasn't allowed at Chilton, but everyone let it pass when Rory and
Tristan held hands in the hallway and even when they gave each other small
kisses behind locker doors.

Paris even let the relationship slide. Now that she and Rory were friends
(rivals, but friends) Tristan was her friend, and that was enough for her. Or
so she told Rory.

"Are you a comedy or action kind of guy?" Rory asked her boyfriend as
they discussed their weekend plans, walking down the hallway.

"How about a comedic-action movie?" He replied.

"Is there such thing?" she continued their line of questions, looking up
at him.

"We could rent 'Hamlet'."

"That's a comedy?"

"They look pretty funny in their tights and heavy sweaters."

"Okay, 'Hamlet' it is. Anthony Meyer or Mel Gibson?"

"Anthony Meyer."

Rory turned toward her boyfriend when they reached her stop. "Why? Do you
think I have a thing for Mel?"

"No, I'm afraid I have a thing for Glenn. See you later." Then he left,
giving her a kiss on her smiling face.


That Friday, Tristan took Rory home from school. She searched through his
CD's in the glove compartment. He nearly drove off the road when she burst
out laughing, holding up the 'Greatest Hits of Bruce Springsteen'.

"It's my mom's," he tried to say casually, but started laughing when he
heard how tight his voice sounded. Then he started singing a perfectly on-key
version of 'Jessie's Girl'.

"This is too good. Very blackmail worthy," she leaned over, kissed his
cheek, then started laughing again.


They went to the video store before heading to Rory's house.

"Ever seen Monty Python?" Rory called over the displays of movies.

Tristan's head popped up behind Thrillers. "I like Chinese. . . I like
Chinese. . ." he said, shaking his head side to side.

Rory's eyebrows rose. "You're in a very melodious mood today, aren't you?"

"There was something funny in the Meat Surprise at lunch today."

"I tend to avoid all food with the words 'surprise', miracle', or
'laxative' in them. Especially the last one."

"Good advice." He searched through the dramas for a moment. "I found

"I found 'Three Amigos'. We might want something to cheer us up when they
all die at the end."

Tristan's mouth opened in mock horror-struck pose. "They die? Thanks for
ruining it!" They walked toward the counter. '˜Three Amigos', huh?" At the
same time, the pair started belting, "My little buttercup, has the sweetest
smile, smile!"


"What's your fascination with Sweet Tarts?" Tristan asked as they walked
toward Rory's house.

"Not all Sweet Tarts, just the blue ones." Rory had added some candy to
the stash that they bought at the store.

"Okay- what's your fascination with blue Sweet Tarts?"

"Other then them being the best movie candy in the world? Nothing really."
The two lugged their backpacks onto Rory's kitchen table. A note on the
counter told Rory that her mother was out with Luke. Again.

Tristan, who had been reading behind her shoulder, wrapped his arms
around her. "So. . . does that mean we're going to be alone tonight?"

Spinning around, pinned between him and the counter, she said "Why, Mr.
DuGray, are you thinking amorous thoughts about me?"

"I'm a guy. A charming, wonderful, adoring boyfriend, but alas, a guy."

"And that means. . ."

"Yes. All very clean things though."

She nodded. "Of course. Clean, organized thoughts involving. . ."

He put his finger over her lips. "Less talking."

They kissed, not the small, chaste kisses of school, but real kisses.
He pulled away. "Let's start the movie." Grabbing the movies, he grabbed
her still-shocked-self and dragged her into the living room. The two sat on
the couch and by the time Gertrude and Claudius get married, the two were
kissing again. A few minutes later, Rory sat up and reached for her Sweet

"Can I have a green one?" Tristan asked, shifting slightly.

"Sure." She popped him a green one.

"Can I have a blue one?"


"Not one?"

"No way."

"I paid for them."

"I'm the hostess."

"I sang for my supper. Literally."

"There's no way. I'm protective of my blues."

Tristan sighed and leaned back against the couch as Rory continued to eat
her blue Sweet Tarts.

Looking up, she asked, "Why am I the hostess?"

Tristan looked confused. "Because this is your house."

"I mean, how come we never go to your house?"

"Because your house is more convenient"

She cocked her head. "I live thirty minutes out of the way."

He had the look on his face of an animal looking for a way out of a trap.
Suddenly it hit her. "Your parents don't know that we're going out."
He paused for a second and said "Sure the do," but it was too late.
She extracted herself from his arms, suddenly feeling very cold. "We've
been going out for a month and your parents don't know who I am."

He seemed defensive. "It hasn't come up."

"Are you. . . are you ashamed of me?" Rory felt her chest get heavy and
her heart begin to race.

"No! It's just. . ."

"What?" his tone made her suddenly turn angry. "Am I not good enough for
you?" She regretted the words before they even came out of her mouth. She
stood up. "That's what I get for dating a snob, I guess."

He stood up also, eyes blazing. "Maybe if you weren't such a pauper, it
wouldn't be a problem."

Their angry words hung crackling in the air for a moment. In a controlled
voice, she whispered, "Leave."

"Fine," he said loudly, going into the kitchen to get his stuff. The door
slamming made her flinch. When the sound of his retreating car was distant,
Rory fell upon her couch and curled up around her candy.


It's amazing how easy it is to avoid someone even when you go to the same
school. By the next week, Rory and Tristan hadn't even talked. That Friday,
at Rory's insistence, Lorelai had gone out with Luke again, though she had
wanted to have an 'All Boys Are Scum' marathon.

Rory was half doing homework, half waiting to the phone to ring, when she
heard a soft sound outside. When she recognized the sound of footsteps, Rory
frantically tried to remember where her mother kept the baseball bat.
Tip-toeing toward the living room, Rory suddenly heard a song being

Desperate for changing,
Starving for truth,
Closer to where I started,
Chasing after you,
I'm falling even more in love with you,
Letting go of all I've held onto,
I'm standing here until you make me move

Opening the door, instead of seeing a prowler, Rory saw Tristan standing in
her front yard with a boom box over his head. She leaned on the doorframe as
he laid the stereo on the ground.

She started to smile as he held out a movie. "I rented 'Say Anything'."
Meeting him on the stairs, they stood awkwardly for a moment before he
started talking. "My parents are jerks. They don't really care about me. . .
You just don't need to know them. Shouldn't want to know them."

"You're not a snob."

"You're not a pauper. In fact, in more ways then one, you're better off
than I am."

She understood what he meant without elaborating. "I'm sorry," she
whispered, before wrapping her arms around him.

"Me too," he said into her hair.

They just clung to each other for a moment, kissing and hugging, making
up for a horrible week. He pulled away, running to his car. "I brought you

She waited with a small smile on her face until he returned. He too was
smiling when from behind his back, he pulled a jar full of blue Sweet Tarts.
Laughing, she took the candy from him. "Thanks."

"And these," he said, giving her a much larger jar, full of Sweet Tarts
of ever color. "Just so they don't go to waste."

"Let's go watch the movie," and with that, the couple walked inside
Rory's house, arm in arm.