Summary: Rory is torn between Dean and Tristan. Pairing: R/D R/T
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ago but never sent out because I hadn't polished it
up. I went back and revamped it and here it is. Enjoy.
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Fairy Tales

By Arwendle

“So what book did you bring tonight?” Dean asked
smiling at Rory.
“ It’s a collection of Irish fairy tales.”
“ Oh?”
“ It’s actually really good. You’ll be surprised”
“ Ok, you read”
“ Once upon a time in Erin there lived a man named
Dougal. Dougal was very poor and so he left his small
home and went out into the world to seek his fortune…”

Dean looked at Rory as she read. Taking in all the
tiny details how she played with her hair how she
sometimes licked her thumb before turning the page
allowing for a quick flash of her tongue to be seen.
How she lost her self so totally in the book that she
was oblivious to the fact that he was staring at her.
How could he ever spend even a moment away from her?”

“…The man gave Dougal a cup for his kind deeds. He
told Dougal that the cup which name was Ildra could
only be used by one pure of heart, all others it would

Rory felt Deans eyes on her. It was a sensation that
still thrilled her no matter how many time she felt
it. She couldn’t believe that someone like Dean would
be interested in her but he was.

“ Standing before him was the most beautiful woman he
had ever seen. He fell instantly in love with her and
she with him. Her name was Morgan and she was under an
enchantment that compelled her to walk from one end of
Ireland to the other seeking something even she could
not name. They spent a night together in the meadow by
the banks of a great river in the morning she was
gone. Dougal no longer felt the desire to travel so he
built a house in the meadow and named it Morgan. The
cup Ildra he placed in a cupboard and forgot about…”

“ Does he ever drink from the cup?” Dean asked
“ I’m getting there… Many years passed during which
Dougal had plenty of opportunities to ride out again
into the world, but he wouldn’t leave the meadow for
he was still waiting for his love to return. Dougal
grew old but still he waited. One fall day when Dougal
was aged thin and stooped a woman walked into the
clearing. He knew in an instant that it must be her.
I’m thirsty she said. He knew there was only one cup
in the house good enough for her and he fetched Ildra
from the cupboard. Ildra was instantly filled with
clear water. He offered the cup to her. “You first”
she said. Dougal drank and instantly he became a young
man again and she became as fresh as the day he first
saw her. “I waited for you,” said Dougal “ I knew you
would come back. I would wait forever for you.”

“ So he drunk from the cup and he instantly shed 65
years? We need to get some of those they would sell
like hotcakes on the home shopping channel.”
“What I can’t cash in on a business oppurtunity when…”
She placed her lips on his to silence him.
“Mmm…then again magic cups are hard to come by.”

The Next day

“Guess what!” Lorelai practically beamed
“ You’ve cut coffee cold turkey and have taken up
smoking to compensate?”
“ No, smoking baaaaaaad. Guess again”
“ Mom I’m studying!”
“Okay, Okay I guess you don’t want to know that I got
a loan from the bank to open my own inn.”
“ YOU DID! That’s awesome what what…how? You didn’t…?”
Lorelai looked sheepish “ No. Hey let’s celebrate!”
“You did! Mom!”
“ Rory I was simply making use of business skills.”
“ Sure you were…”
“ Oh, Ror be happy come on let’s go to Luke’s.”
“Okay. Just leave me alone for 10 minutes and we’ll

“ Regular?” Luke grunted as he approached their table.
“ Not today Luke! Today is a special occasion.We’ll
have a salad and some tea please.” Lorelai sparkled
“ Excuse me?” Asked Luke shocked. “ Did you really
order a salad and tea or are my ears playing tricks on
“ What are you talking about I love salad.” protested
“ Ok! What’s up?”
“ I am opening an Inn!” she annouced proudly.
“ That’s great!…Where’d you get the money?”

The Gilmore Home

A moving truck pulled down the street and stopped
infront of Rory’s house. A tall boy got out quickly
and ran up the steps of the front porch. He knocked on
the door and waited. He knocked again more urgently.
Calling out Rory’s name. No answer. From behind him a
horn honked persistantly. Sadly he fished a white
sealed envelope and placed it on the welcome mat. Then
he turned sadly from the house and walked to the van
with tears in his eyes. The van quickly sped away
accompanied by a gust of wind which lifted the
envelope from it’s resting placed and deposited it
under the porch.


“Guess what I heard!” Said Miss Patty as she breezed
into Luke’s “ I heard that there are moving trucks
leaving town. Rumour is it’s that cute boy who works
at the grocery store and his family.”
“What?” Said Rory standing up in shock
“ That’s what I…”Her cell phone rings and she answers
it as Luke glares “ Hmm…Right are you sure Taylor? You
saw them? Ok. Ciao.” Miss Patty deposited the phone
back in her purse. “ Taylor saw the moving trucks
leaving, he also said that he saw Dean through the
window of the truck.”
“ But…” Rory couldn’t sit still anymore. She got up
and ran out of the diner. She didn’t know where she
was going but she had to keep moving. She found
herself infront of Dean’s house. It looked deserted.
He was gone. To Rory it was like he had just
dissapeared. Dean had left without telling her and she
hadn’t been able to say goodbye.
Rory collapsed on the front porch and cried. The rain
poured down around her.

Lorelai found Rory huddled there a few minutes later.
She was curled up in a ball and was shaking. Gently
Luke who had followed her lifted Rory up and carried
her home.

Rory’s house

Rory was depressed. She didn’t understand how Dean
could just leave without a word. As the rain poured
down outside the tears poured down her cheeks. Her
homework sat untouched in her bag. Rory did nothing
but wait by the phone. She was convinced that Dean
would call, and she was going to be there when he did.
He didn’t.
Rory became a machine. She went to school in the
morning and rushed home as soon as the day was done.
She would spend the rest of her evening doing her
homework beside the phone. She didn’t go out anymore
not even to Luke’s. She just sat and waited for
something to happen. Lorelai did not help at all. She
was too happy with the preparations for her new inn.
She would spend hours at the site and was coming home
late every night. Too late to even notice anything was


“Hey Rory! I’m having a party on Friday wanna come?”
That was Madeleine
“Not really!”
“ Come on! What’s with you recently? You so need to
get out of your funk!”
“ I have a transportation problem. I live in stars
hollow remember?”
“ That’s not a problem. You can come to my house after
school and my boyfriend will drive you home after.”
“ Why not” Rory sighed.
“ Hey Paris…”
Madeleine walked off with Paris leaving Rory standing
alone in the hall.


“Rory this is Dan.

Hi." Rory said
"Wow, hello, what's your name again..." Dan said with
a flirty voice
"DAN!" Madeleine yelled, "God you can't even stop
yourself from hitting on
my friends can you!"
"What are you talking about I was just being
friendly! That's what you tell
me to do, be friendly to your friends!" Dan said
making fun of her
"Oh is that it! I don't recall telling you to be nice
to Zoe or Sammy! If I
recall right you were simply TOO nice to them!” She
yelled back and ran away
Dan runs after her not even thinking about Rory.
“This is exactly what I don’t need” Rory thought to
herself. Rory looked around. She was in a big house
with a big party going on. There were drugs, drinks,
and sex, and no Dean. She wanted to flee the party she
wanted to curl up beside the phone again. She hadn’t
checked her e-mail in 8 hours. What if HE had sent an
e-mail? Rory desperatly wanted to get back to Stars
Hollow but she didn’t have a way to get there.
Resigning herself to the situation she grabbed some
wine coolers. Rory was a bit of a cheap drunk and
after two coolers she was a bit unstable. She walked
through the party waving stupidly at people.
A few coolers later and she was too drunk to crawl to
the toilet. She ended up spewing over someones shoes.
She didn’t care who, she didn’t care about anything.

Tristan looked down at the puddle of puke around his
"Rory are you OK?" He said as he put her off the
Rory couldn’t respond. She just groaned and hung off
him like a limp noodle.
Tristan lifted her up into his arms and carried her
out of the party.

Next Day

"Oh God my head!" Rory said. Moving in the bed.
Thinking it was her own. She
tried to get out but the bed she was in was much
larger than she remembered.
She wondered why it was taking her so long to get
out of bed! She
opened her eyes and looked around. She saw Tristan
asleep on the couch. and
that she was in his shirt.
Tristan fell off the couch.
"What the hell is going owwwww." The screaming made
her head hurt. "Ow."She
said softer
"Just calm down and wait one second." He ran out of
the room and came back with some asprin and a glass of
cold water. “ take this” He said offering a pill
“it’ll help the headache.” Rory took the pill and took
a couple sips of water.
“Can I have some coffee?” she asked weakly. Tristan
smirked and led her downstairs to the kitchen. As he
made some coffee Rory began to wonder just how she had
come to be in Tristan’s house at 8:30 on Saturday
morning. Wearing his clothes no less.
"I don’t understand…” she mumbled
“ You don’t understand what?” asked Tristan.
“Nothing…I mean...wait! Explain to me why I’m in you
house in your shirt. And why OWWWWWW!!!"She was
yelling again
" You were covered in throw-up and wine coolers. So I
put you in my shirt.
I asked you to put it on your self but you told me to
help you."
"How did I get throw-up and wine cooler.....Oh crap.
It isn't true. The party?”
Tristan nodded
“Oh crap! Crap, Crap! My Mom!"
" It’s ok! Stop yelling it makes the headache worse…”
“ You don’t understand! My mom will freak, all of
Stars Hollow will be looking for me…”
“ I got Madeleine to call your mom and tell her that
you were crashing at her place. So we have the whole
day for…anything we want.”
“that sounds nice but I think I’ll take a rain check.
My head is killing me."
“ Ok I’ll take you home then. Do you want to take a
shower and have breakfast first?” He asked.
“That sounds good.” She made a small smile. “Tristan?
Why are you being so nice to me?”
He looked at her a minute. “ It hadn’t even occurred
to me that I was. I brought you here because you
needed help and noone else even noticed. It just
seemed like the right thing to do.”
“ Thankyou”
“did you know that in India it is an insult to say
thankyou? Because it pays back something that was
meant to be received for free. No thanks are
necessary.” With that he left the room. Rory finished
her coffee. Her headache had lessened…a bit. And the
day was shining outside.

Seasons changed. Rory and Tristan became friends and
eventually more.

A Year and a Half Later

A tall stranger walks through Stars Hollow in the
deeping dusk taking in old familiar sights and smells.
He pauses infront of the Gilmore house and watches the
scene before him. Rory is sitting on the porch swing
half curled in Tristans arms. They are talking softly
and occasionally he places a soft kiss on the top of
her head or pulls a strand of hair from her face.
Tristan rises and walks into the house. Rory rises and
walks to the steps stretching sleepily like a
contented cat. The stranger separates himself from the
“Rory is it really you?”
“You’re with him now aren’t you?”
“Dean I can’t believe it’s you! Where have you been?
Why didn’t you write? How are you?” Questions tumble
out of her mouth in a rush.
“ You’re with Tristan now aren’t you?” He repeated
Tristan comes back outside but notes the scene and
stays silent in the shadows.
“Oh…” Dean acknowledged. He turned to go. He took a
few steps into the night and turned suddenly. “Why
didn’t you wait for me Rory? Like the man in the
story.” He burst out. “ You only had to wait a year
and a half. Why didn’t you wait for me?”

“ I didn’t know you wanted me to.” Rory stammered.
“I did, you have no idea how much.”
“Who the hell do you think you are!” Tristan yelled no
longer able to contain himself. “ She waited everyday
by the phone for three months for you to call. This
is the twenty-first century! If you were truly waiting
you would’ve found some way to tell her that! So don’t
come here and accuse her…”
Rory reached out and grabbed Tristans hand to calm
him. His hands were trembling. Tristan stopped and
kept quiet.

“ Where have you been all this time Dean? Why did you
never call?”

Dean explained that his father had taken a job in
Columbia where they had been kidnapped and held for
ransom. “The only thing that kept me going during that
time was this…” He pulled a crumpled tattered
photograph of Rory. Rory’s heart twisted in her chest.
She didn’t know if it was with joy or utter sadness.
“…and that story you told me the last night we were
together. I would wait forever for you Rory.”
“Dean…” Rory mumbled. She wasn’t sure how to react to
this.“ Tristan can you leave us alone for a while

Tristan looked at Rory his heart was breaking. He had
never found someone he felt as happy with as Rory. He
had been alone all his life. As he turned away he was
more alone than he had ever been.

“Rory” Dean said softly when Tristan was out of sight.
“ I have dreamed of you for so long…” He leaned In and
kissed her. Rory felt cold inside. This was not as it
should be. Tears streamed down her face as she pulled

“I’m sorry Dean.”
Dean was silent for a long time.“ You love him don’t
She nodded “ more than you can possibly imagine.
“ Then I can’t keep you from him.” Dean choked as he
pretended not to cry.
“ Goodbye Dean.” He only nodded.

Tristan was sitting on a bench across from Luke’s. He
was burning inside. He felt totally empty except for
the pain. He had known from the start that Rory didn’t
feel the same way about him. He was just a substitute.
She wanted Dean and always had. Well at least she’s
happy he thought through his tears. He didn’t want to
be here any longer. This town was too much a part of
Rory, who was not a part of him. He got up and walked
to his car.

“ Tristan!” He heard his name from across the street.
She was arunning towards him. ‘wow’ he thought she
really wants to break up with me badly. He got out of
his car.
“ Rory you don’t have to say it. I don’t want to hear
“ But…”
“ I think it would be best to end it here” He said
dying inside.
“ Tristan..”
“ I understand Rory” tears coming to his eyes. “
“ You don’t understand!” She screamed “ I love you
“ I love you! I’m not trying to break up with you!”
“ You Love me?”
“ YES”
He didn’t speak he just pulled her close shedding
tears into her hair. Rory cried softly into his chest
and he pulled her even closer to protect her from the