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by Gabbi

Part 1: Sickness and Tragedy


"Wha?!" Lorelai mumbled sleepily. Turning over, she groaned at the pain in
her stomach.

"Come on, Mom! I'm late!" Rory yelled up the stairs.

Lorelai, more awake now, looked at the clock, and tried to decipher what Rory
was persistently yelling about.

Rory ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Opening the door, she
glared at her mother who was rolled on her side with her back to the door.

"Mom! Wake up! I'm late; I missed the bus!" Rory told her mom.

"Rory, sweetie, what's wrong?" Lorelai asked, still half-asleep.

Shaking Lorelai, Rory repeated, "I'm late!"

Turning over to face her daughter, Lorelai peered at Rory with one eye open.
Rory's hair was pulled back in a sloppy ponytail, and her Chilton uniform,
shirt un-tucked, made her look like an extra from a Britney Spears video.

"Late… For what? A very important date?"

"Yes, Alice, now let's get a move on!" Rory pushed back the covers, despite
her mother's protests.

"Fine, TweedleDee. You win." Lorelai said, getting up, and stumbling down the
stairs after Rory. Grabbing her purse from the kitchen table, Lorelai dug in
it for her keys, and handed them to Rory.

"Oh no. Wait, you can't take the Jeep."

"Mom! I have to! I'm late for school!"

"I have a very important, Queen of England-type fancy meeting at 8! Um.. Oh,
here, I'll call Sookie and see if you can take hers." Setting her keys on the
counter and dialing her best friend's number, Lorelai began to feel more sick
every second. Luckily, Sookie agreed to let Rory take her car. Hanging up,
Lorelai faced a frantic Rory.

"Sookie said you can take it. Morph into Flo Jo and sprint over so you're not

"Thanks so much Mom!" Rory called over her shoulder as she ran out the door,
her backpack bouncing on her shoulders.

"Have a good day, babe!" Lorelai yelled, more enthusiastic than she felt.
Going into the living room, she plopped down onto the couch. Feeling sick,
she grabbed the TV remote and curled up with a blanket over her.
Hearing the phone ringing, Lorelai got up off the couch.

"Hello?" Lorelai said into the phone groggily.

"Ms Gilmore, hello. I'm sorry to inform you that your daughter is injured.
Please come to the hospital as soon as you can." On the other side of the
phone, a uniformed police officer stood grimly, hating his job of calling the
patients' guardian.

"Injured? What do you mean injured?! Is she going to be okay?" Lorelai asked
"Aggggh!" Lorelai moaned, not yet wanting to shake her slumber. Hearing the
persistant ring of the phone, she flung her legs over the side of the couch,
and sat there, trying to determine what the pain in her stomach was. Slowly
rising, she made her way to the kitchen, where the phone lay on the counter
next to the sink. She picked it up, and pressed the 'Talk' button.

"Hello?" Lorelai said into the phone groggily. Remembering this exact line
from her recent dream, her knees buckled, forcing her to grab a chair and sit
down. In the seconds between her greeting and the other person's answer,
numerous memories flashed before her. Feeling that she was at risk of losing
her daughter, Lorelai's heart started thudding, waiting for the person on the
other end to answer.

"Ms. Gilmore?" A lady's voice asked, sounding annoyed and snotty.

"Um, yeah. That's me. Lorelai. Who is this?"

"This is Mrs. Wilkinson from Chilton. I am calling to ask why your daughter,
Lorelai, didn't come to school this morning."

"What?" Lorelai asked, confused. "What do you mean Rory didn't come to school
this morning?"

"Rory, that must be the nickname for your child, I presume?" Mrs. Wilkinson
said stuffily.

"Yeah, that's what the majority of the people that know her call her."

"Well then. Can you please give me an explanation to the absence of your

"Uh, well, Mrs. Wilkinson, I honestly don't know. She woke up late, I gave
her my keys.. Oh my God." Lorelai whispered the last phrase in shocked

"Excuse me? What's the matter?" Mrs. Wilkinson asked.

"Well, if Rory didn't come to school, and she took my car, something must
have happened to her! It's been nice talking to you Mrs. Wilkinson. Have a
nice day."

Lorelai hung up abruptly, worrying about all the possible things that could
have happened to Rory, her only child, her world.

Part 2: Much To-Do About.. What?"

Sitting back carefully in her chair, Lorelai tried to take a deep breath. The
result of this effort was a far cry from it's intended outcome. Shivers ran
through Lorelai's body as she tried to gain some composure. Picking up the
phone, she dialed a number she knew almost by heart.
Feeling a vibration in his pocket, Max Medina lifted his cell phone out and
stared at the screen. 'Lorelai? Why is she calling?' he wondered. Telling his
second period class to continue with their work, he excused himself and
slipped outside the classroom into the deserted hall. Sinking down onto a
beautiful wooden bench, he answered the phone call from the woman he loved.

"Lorelai -"

"Max. Oh my God, Max. Can you get away from work for a while?"

"Away? Lorelai, what's the matter? Wha-"

"Please, Max. You have to come to Stars' Hollow. It's an emergency!"

Click. The phone went dead in his hands. 'What the hell is going on?!' Max
wondered as he quickly made his way to the main office to request a temporary
Pacing up and down the hallway, Lorelai was frantic. Not knowing what to do,
she had called Max. He would be able to help her for sure, she knew that. A
loud knock on the door made her jump. Realizing that her prince was here to
rescue her, she hurried to open the door.

"Max, thank God you're here. I am so worried."

"Lorelai, calm down. What's wrong?" Max could see that Lorelai was shaking,
so he put his arms around her and kissed her head. Repeating his last
question, she looked up at him with her eyes spilling over. Sobbing, she
answered him incoherently. The only words he caught were "Rory" and
"accident". Leading his girlfriend into the living room, he gently sat her on
the couch and took his place next to her.

"Hey.. Everything will be okay, I promise. Now, tell me everything. What's
going on?"

Lorelai told Max the story, going quickly, but not leaving out any parts.
After she finished, she laid her head against him. Needing to be comforted,
she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him lightly. After kissing her
back, Max rose from the couch, tugging Lorelai to follow.

"Do you want to take my car or the Jeep?" Max asked.

"Jeep. It's built for these kind of GI-Jane expeditions."

Max grabbed the keys from their resting place on the counter, and joined
Lorelai at the front door. They walked hand in hand out of the house, Lorelai
locking the door behind her. Letting Max drive, Lorelai got into the
passenger side of her vehicle and closed her eyes.

Part 3: Through the Looking Glass

Carefully driving through the backroads, Lorelai directed Max where to turn
and other such directions. They had both agreed that re-tracing Rory's steps,
or rather, tire tracks, would be the best way to find her. Neither had wanted
to think about the situation too much. Rory was loved so much by both that
they blocked the gruesome possibilities of her accident out of their minds.
Lorelai, still in her pajamas, looked surprisingly alert and calm. Pulling
her knees up against her chest in the seat, she rested her head on them,
looking at Max. Sensing he was being used as a replacement crystal ball, he

"You OK?"

"Yes. No." Lorelai whispered. Reaching out, Max took her hand in his. This
simple action was enough to bring tears to Lorelai's eyes. Tears running down
her face, she started sobbing uncontrollably. Max, doing his best to keep his
eyes on the road, wiped away some of her salty tears with his free hand. He
kissed her cheek and handed her some tissues. Looking back at the road fully,
Max gasped. Lorelai, following his gaze, suddenly stopped crying. Mouth open,
she gazed at the scene, chest heaving with her struggle for breath.

Part 4: The Water Turns Cloudy

Trash, CDs and other miscellaneous items that were in Sookie's vehicle
littered the road in front of Lorelai's Jeep. Police officers, paramedics,
and other volunteers hurried around. Parked beyond the wreck, an ambulance
with it's doors open sat there. Lorelai looked around for any sign of Rory,
and her eyes rested on the ambulance. With the doors open, you could see
someone on a stretcher inside, with people kneeling around the body.
Unhooking his seatbelt and pushing open the door, Max got out of the Jeep and
went around to help Lorelai. Still gaping at the horror in front of her,
Lorelai's fingers felt around for the handle, but she couldn't tug it open.
Max opened the door for her, and put his arm around her, helping her up.

"Oh my God." Lorelai uttered, her first words since they arrived on the scene.

"Let's see if anyone will tell us anything." Max suggested, supporting
Lorelai as they walked into the middle of the accident scene. Heading for the
ambulance, they had almost reached it when a paramedic, the driver of the
large vehicle, came around the back and shut the door. Seeing Lorelai
fumbling for words, Max asked if the person inside was alright.

"Sir, I can't tell you anything. That's confidential."

"I don't think you understand.. This is that girl's mother. I am her
teacher." Max clarified for the paramedic.

"Let me look at her.. Let me look at her!" Lorelai interrupted. The
paramedic, getting into the ambulance, waved them away.

"Sir, Ma'am, please back away from the vehicle. If you wish, you can follow
in your car to General Hospital. If this lady really is her mom, she'll get a
call later. Please do not come to the hospital, it might make things worse,"
the paramedic said politely, almost stiffly. Lorelai, still supported by Max,
collapsed as the ambulance drove away. Not being able to control it anymore,
she sobbed for at least half an hour on the cold pavement. Tears still freely
flowing, she tried to stand up. Max put out his arm, and she pulled herself
up on it.

"Max.. I-"

"Hey, it's okay. Rory will be fine, I promise. I can't stay here though. I
need to get back to school.." Max's sentence drifted off as he wiped tears
off of Lorelai's cheeks and held her close.

Part 5: Kick 'Em Out.. Like a Lion

Watching Max pull of out the driveway in his Camaro, Lorelai clutched the
tissue in her hand tightly. She decided that she should go and tell Luke what
had happened. Luke had been a sort of father-figure over the years, more so
than Rory's real dad, Christopher. Going upstairs to change, she was still in
some what of a fog. She couldn't shake the terror from her mind; the scene of
the accident kept flashing in her mind. Pulling on jeans, she searched
through her closet for a shirt. Finding one, she tugged it over her head.
Dark purple with sequins and a pretty floral design on the sides, it was one
of Rory's favorites. Remembering this bittersweetly, she slipped into her
dark blue sneakers. Gliding down the stairs, she went out the back door and
locked it, went around her house and started making her way to Luke's.
Luke looked up as he heard the door open. There, standing looking lost, hair
disheveled, was the woman he loved. Lorelai was so beautiful, even when she
was looking at her self-proclaimed "worst". Seeing that today wasn't a good
day for their usual banter, he poured her a cup of coffee as she listlessly
made her way over to the counter. She sat down, and ignoring the cup of
coffee in front of her, put her head in her hands.

"What's wrong?" Luke asked gruffly.

"Today has been the day from hell. Rory got into a car accident."

"What!" Luke exclaimed, spilling coffee on the counter. "Is she okay?"

"I don't know.. the hospital said they would call later." Luke made his way
around the counter, and stopped in front of Lorelai. Putting his hand gently
on her shoulder, he asked, "Are you okay?"

"No. I'm so worried, Luke." she responded, starting to cry again.

"Excuse me, everybody," Luke said loudly. "The diner is closed. Out, out."

"Luke, what are you doing?! You can't close the diner," Lorelai stated as
people filed out the door.

"Yes, I can. I'll walk you home and wait for the call with you. Take your
purse and your coat and go."

Lorelai grabbed her things and walked out the door, Luke following behind
her. After he locked it, he and Lorelai started towards her house.

Part 6: Willy Wonka, New-Age Doctor 6/7

"Sorry it's so messy," Lorelai apologized as she opened the front door for
the two of them.

"Oh, it's okay. You've never really been the organized type."

"Type? Oh, now I'm a type?" Lorelai asked playfully, her wit and charm slowly
surfacing. Luke stuttered for words, but after seeing Lorelai was just
kidding, he relaxed.

"Want some coffee?" Luke gave Lorelai a dirty look. She knew he didn't drink
coffee; he despised the brown liquid. It kills you; everyone knows that. But
he loved Lorelai, and if she loved coffee, then he had to make an effort to
keep the ranting about it minimal.

"I know, tea." Lorelai grinned, and turned on the coffee pot. Getting two
mugs from the cupboard, she grabbed a tea bag and set it in one of the empty
mugs. Handing it to Luke, he sat down at the table.

"So. We're just supposed to wait around for them to call?"

"Yep, basically." Lorelai said, running the hot water. Finally feeling that
it was hot enough, she took Luke's mug back from him, filled it with hot
water, and returned it to the table.

"Well, that's stupid," Luke said crankily.

"Yeah, I know. But that's what they told us to do, and I'm not about to argue
with the scary men in white coats."

"Good choice."

They both sat in silence, but it wasn't awkward. It was the kind of silence
where you could sit and not say a word, but feel like you're having a

"Hey, you know what we could do?" Lorelai asked, breaking the silence.

"What?" Luke didn't really want to know. Lorelai had been known to have some
pretty crazy ideas, and he usually didn't like to take part in them.

"Watch Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," she said excitedly. Seeing
Luke give her a dirty look, she defended herself. "The Oompa-Loompas always
make me happier."

"Fine," Luke agreed. "We can watch it."

Lorelai almost ran into the living room to get the tape. Inserting it into
the VCR, she came back into the kitchen to get her coffee and make sure Luke
wasn't going to turn into Houdini and disappear on her. Grabbing her mug in
one hand, and his arm in the other, she pulled Luke into the living room and
they both sat down on the left side of the couch.

"You're crowding me," Luke complained. "I'm clausotrophobic."

"No you're not. I know you're not. I can't see the TV from over there,
anyways. Besides, the Oompa-Loompas will make you feel better." Using the
remote, Lorelai pressed "play", and Willy Wonka music filled the room. Still
waiting for the phone call from the hospital, they were both pretty jumpy;
every ringing noise in the movie made Lorelai grab the phone, only to see
that it wasn't a call. During the some what dull part when Charlie and his
grandparents are dancing around the bed, Lorelai turned to Luke.

"She'll be okay, right? I mean, she won't die or anything. Right?"

"Oh, sure. Of course she'll be okay." Luke said.

"Really?" Lorelai whispered, her face inches away from Luke's.

"Really." Luke replied gently. Lorelai leaned in and pressed her mouth
against his. Luke didn't fight it at all, he just opened his mouth slightly
and put his arms around her. Hungrily, her tongue explored his mouth, looking
for something to take her mind off the terror at hand. So happy to finally be
doing what he'd wanted for years, Luke also explored her mouth. Leaning back
slowly, Lorelai lay down on the couch, with Luke on top of her. Both Luke and
Lorelai were caught up in the moment - so caught up, in fact, that they
didn't hear the phone ring.

Part 7: Red Light, Green Light.. Orange Light?!

Luke and Lorelai, making out on the Gilmore's living room couch, both seemed
to thoroughly enjoy what they were doing. Although Lorelai continuously
denied the prodding townspeoples' questions about if she had feelings for
Luke, everyone knew she secretly did. She even knew herself, but always
thought it would be awkward, so she denied the accusations. Neither of them
knew of the previous phone call made from the hospital, so when the phone
rang a second time, they both jumped. Suddenly, the terrible events of that
morning came back to them both, and they realized that whoever picked up the
phone was due for some news - good or bad, none knew. They reluctantly got
off the couch, and Luke handed Lorelai the phone, figuring that it was her
kid, let her get the news.

"Hello?" Lorelai gasped, still out of breath from her and Luke's make-out

"Ms. Gilmore? Hello. This is Dr. Livingston calling to tell you that your
daughter, Rory, is okay. We're going to keep her here overnight, just to make
sure, but you can come pick her up in the morning."

"Oh, Dr. Livingston, thank you so much!"

"No problem. I'm sorry about the rude paramedic that said you couldn't come
to the hospital with them. He's new on the job, and won't be new any longer,
if you know what I mean. He was totally out of line; you could have come. I
just wanted to apologize for his actions."

"Well, thank you. I was too much in awe to pull a 'Karate Kid' kick on him,
luckily. Thanks again!" Lorelai said, hanging up the phone.

"Everything's okay?" Luke asked.

"Everything's okay." Lorelai replied, reaching up to put her arms around
Luke's neck, and kissed him. "You do that so well," she said with a smile,
pulling away. "Let's finish Willy Wonka, okay?"

"Are we actually going to watch the movie this time?" Luke asked with a faint

"No promises!"

Sitting down on the couch, Lorelai put a pillow in Luke's lap and lay her
head on it.

"I'm so happy Rory's alright," Lorelai said softly. "And that the day turned
out to be not so bad, after all."

"Me too." Luke replied, leaning down to lightly kiss her cheek, and gently
rubbing her arm. Finally knowing that Rory was okay, they could both relax
and watch the Oompa-Loompas dance around like plump cooked carrots.