Disclaimer: The characters are owned by the producers and creators of
Gilmore Girls but the story is all mine. I also do not own Boondock Saints.
But must say it is a kick-ass movie.
Pairing: R/T
Rating: PG-13 (mild cursing and prolly some other stuff)

Hey all. . this is the sequel to ‘The Voices in Your Head’. I couldn’t
resist writing more cause the Trory in me screamed for a good ending. By
the way, I went back and changed the date of Rory’s birthday in ‘Voices’
when I realized that they had an episode with her party and it was during
the school year. Shame on all you readers for not catching that! Anyway,
that’s more for later in the story. . . hope you all enjoy the first part.

Going Home

by snoflaik

The Complications of Life

It had been easy. Almost too easy to become friends and put the past
behind. After coming to an understanding at the end of sophomore year the
only thing to do was to become even closer over the summer. They saw each
other almost everyday, whether it was hanging out by the pool at the Country
Club or seeing the latest flick at the movie theatre. Rory was amazed at
just how different Tristan really was from the guy who had tortured her
through most of the year. He was kind, considerate, and could even be sweet
when he wanted to be. Evil Tristan still popped up from time to time but it
had become more of a running joke rather than a bad thing. The more they
hung out, the more Rory realized just how little she really knew him. Being
away from the stuffy halls of Chilton and alone with her made it all the
easier for Tristan to be himself around her.

Dean and Rory were still dating, but as her friendship with Tristan grew
stronger her relationship with Dean grew weaker. They just didn’t seem to
be on the same wavelength anymore. Tristan and Dean had never met up again
which Rory thought was good. It did hurt her that the two most important men
in her life couldn’t get along with each other. Dean still didn’t trust
Tristan but he did trust Rory, so it was useless to go and get jealous over
them hanging out together. It was also pointless to try to tell Rory to
stop. The words that had gotten them back together had never been repeated.
It wasn’t that Rory hadn’t meant them; she was in love with him. But deep
down she knew that this love was different from true love. Tristan accepted
the situation. He knew that even thought she didn’t return his feelings
they still had a strong friendship. It still hurt a little to hear her talk
about him. But all things change.

The three months of bliss known as summer had to come to an end as the new
school year started. Rory wasn’t exactly happy about returning to the halls
of Chilton and reclaiming her status as school outcast. At least this time
Tristan would be standing beside her. It was such a comfort to know that
she could always count on him. Tristan didn’t want to return to school. He
had changed and grown so much over the summer that his shallow existence at
the school as hottest player holds absolutely no appeal to him anymore. He
was tired of being fake. He was tired of living up to everyone else’s
standards and not his own. He didn’t want to return to his old life, but
he was slowly realizing that with Rory by his side, he didn’t have to.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So how was your first day of being back in the cold vapid halls of
Chilton?” asked Tristan as he came up to Rory’s locker for the after school
sparring which had somehow become routine.

“Oh just peachy.” Replied Rory as she took books out of her locker.

“That good huh?”

“Yeah well how would you like being the lunchroom reporter of The Franklin
just because the editor is a. . a. . .”

“Bitch?” replied Tristan, filling in her sentence.

“Thanks. And to top it all off,” continued Rory, “now I have to go home and
spend about 20 hours this weekend on homework. What are they doing?
Punishing us for having three months off?”

“Yes, I think they are.”

“Ugh, “ moaned Rory, as she closed her locker and leaned against it, “I’m
going to be doing logarithms for hours.”

“Ok here’s the plan. Homework tonight and then movie tomorrow night.”

“Sounds good my friend. Why do they have to ruin the week by making the
first day on a Friday and then having the weekend off?”

“That’s Chilton for you.”

“I think it can be construed as cruel and unusual punishment in some

“I agree. Well I gotta be getting home.”

“Wait you getting home right after school. What’s wrong?” asked Rory
suddenly serious

“My grandmother came in from Paris to spend some time with me.”

“That’s great,” replied Rory with a smile.

“Yeah well anything is good when it means a break from World War III,”
answered Tristan with an attempt at a smile, “Later.”

Rory sighed as she watched him leave. His home life was so different than
hers that she couldn’t even comprehend what he had to go through almost
everyday. During the summer, she had tried her hardest to remove him from
the lasting coldness he had felt everyday of his childhood and show him that
people did care about him and his life. He was a regular dinner guest at the
Gilmore house and even her grandparents liked having him over for dinner.
Anything to remove him from the house which he viewed more as a prison.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“So what do you want to see?” asked Tristan as they stood in front of the
ticket booth.

“Let’s see Moulin Rouge. I heard it was really good.”

“Isn’t that a musical?”

“I believe so.”

“And that means breaking out into song at random points of the movie.”

“Most likely.”

“Oh lord,” he replied rolling his eyes

“Think of it this way,” said Rory, “It’s about girls in a whore house. Hey,
maybe you’ll even see some of your old girlfriends in it.”

“That was harsh.”

“I couldn’t resist, sorry.”

“Hmm. . .whore house equals less clothing. I think I’ll love this movie,”
he replied with a devilish smile.


“Hey what was that for?” he asked rubbing the back of his head

“Your such a guy.”

“And proud of it,” he replied with a wide grin. “How about Pearl Harbor?”

“I really want to see Moulin Rouge.”

“It’s a musical,” whined Tristan.

“I’m aware.”

“Come on there’s gotta be something better.”

“I’ll make a bet with you. If you like the movie, you have to bring me
coffee every morning before school for the whole first semester.”

“And what do I get if I hate it?”

“You won’t hate it.”

“Don’t be so sure.”

“Fine I’ll. . . “ ended Rory as she tried to think of something.

“Be my sex slave for the same amount of time?” he asked with a leer.


“Oww! are you trying to give me a concussion?”

“Hey, that one was definitely deserved,” she replied crossing her arms,
“Anyway, if you hate it I’ll help you with your homework every night.”

“Three months of being with you every night. Count me in. I hate this movie
“And no lying. I can always tell when you are so don’t even try it.”

“Who me?” he replied with an innocent face.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“So what did you think?” asked Rory as the credits began to roll.

“Regular or decaf?” replied Tristan grudgingly with a scowl.

“Regular,” answered Rory with a triumphant smile.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I love you,” exclaimed Rory, smelling the coffee in the air and noting the
presence right beside her.

“Wow if I had known that bringing you coffee in the morning would let you
admit your true feelings for me I would have done it long ago.”

“ I was addressing the coffee not you,” she replied as she took the cup form
his hands, “Mmm. Smells heavenly.”
“I’ll just have to find another way for you to pledge your undying love and
finally admit your feelings to me. I do have my ways. No one can resist my
god like looks and the DuGrey charm for long.”

“Good luck with that,” replied Rory walking away, “You’ll need it,” she
added over her shoulder.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“What’s this?” asked Rory was she looked at the flyer, which had been put in
front of her.

“Only the best festival in Hartford,” replied Tristan, putting down his tray
and taking the seat across form her.

“The 40th Annual Hartford Independent Film festival,” read Rory aloud,
“Sounds like fun.”

“You like Indy films?” asked Tristan.

“I love em’. They are so much better than those big blockbuster types that
cost millions to make and have absolutely no plot.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Last year they had this great film called Boondock
Saints. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen.”

“Well I’d love to go. When is it?”

“Tomorrow night.”


“So how is the food today Miss Lunchtime Reporter?” asked Tristan with a
wide grin.

“Do you want to get smacked again? Because that can be arranged.”

Tristan just laughed, “Are you trying to hurt me on purpose?”

“No, it’s just a pleasant perk to our relationship,” she replied with a

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hey,” said Rory as she found Dean in the produce aisle of the market.”

“Hey back. So what are you doing here today?”

“Oh you know just doing a little shopping.”

“Aww, I thought that you were here to see me.”

“Nope. Sorry. Try again.”

“So what are you doing tomorrow night?” asked Dean. “I thought we could
celebrate you making it through the first week of school.”

“Well I’d love to, but I kind of already have plans,” replied Rory slowly.

“With who?” asked Dean, although he already knew the answer.


“Evil boy?” asked Dean, his jaw tightening at the mention of his name.

“He’s returned from the dark side.”

“You do know he’s in love with you right?”

“Dean, come on. Let’s not start this again. He’s my friend.”

“Yeah and I’m your boyfriend. Come on Rory, We haven’t had a date alone in
so long. It’s always with doubling with Lane and Henry or doing nothing at
all cause you’re out with him.”

“Come with us then,” offered Rory. She knew he was right, but she also
didn’t want to miss going to the festival.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Dean, remembering what happened
last time.
“He’s different now. Please come.”

“Alright. What time?”

“Well, Tristan’s supposed to pick me up at 6:30, but I’ll just call him and
tell him we’ll meet him there at 7:30.”

“Where are we going?”

“The Hartford Indy Film Festival.”

“Sounds like fun,” replied Dean sarcastically.

“Well it will be if you try and make it that way. Now I gotta get home and
call Tristan before he leaves. See ya around 6:30.” And with a quick kiss
she was out of the store.

“This should be a fun night,” muttered Dean to himself.