disclaimer in part 1

Going Home

by snoflaik

Interlude to Disaster

“Okay smile girl. How was your night?” cornered Lorelai as she saw her
daughter walk into the house with a small contented smile on her face.

“Don’t wanna talk. Wanna sleep.” said Rory as she tried to pass Lorelai and
go into her room.

“Story time. Where did you go?” asked her mother, as she pulled her back
towards the sofa.

“The opera.”

“Wow culture. And I thought Disney on Ice was fun.”

“Yes, Tchiacovsky. Very Very nice.” muttered Rory, as she lay down onto the

“He is good,” thought Lorelai out loud.

“Good, very very good,” muttered Rory again.

“hmm. . .“ said Lorelai. She’d have to dig a little deeper tomorrow. “Ok
time for all girls who had their sixteenth birthday today and went to New
York to go to bed.”

“Night mom,” whispered Rory was she walked past her mother into her room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Lorelai smiled at her obviously tired daughter as she walked into the

“Ok so I let it slide last night, but story time has been officially
postponed until right . . . about . . . now,” said Lorelai as she looked at
her watch.

“No story till coffee,” replied Rory as she picked up the coffee pot and set
it down disgustedly. “How could you not make coffee this morning?”

“Morning? Darlin’ it’s 2 in the afternoon.”


“See what happens when you stay out till all hours of the night,” asked
Lorelai, shaking her head.

“Luke’s,” replied Rory walking out of the room.

“You read my mind.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * **

“Hey Rory. It was strange having only one Gilmore begging for coffee this

“Late night last night,” explained Lorelai “But we’ll have coffee now.”


“Pleeeeeese,” the begged in unison. Luke sighed in defeat. He could never
resist those two for long.

“Thank you,” they said brightly as they moved to a booth.

“Ok. Now. Spill.”

“It was fun. I was angry for him blindfolding me and driving for hours
without telling me what was going on. But how can you hate a guy who takes
you to the opera?”

“How could you resist loving him either?” commented Lorelai half-joking

Rory just ducked her head and avoided eye contact. That thought or at least
one along the same lines had been running through her head since last night.
Lorelai gasped when she noticed the lack of denial and witty come back. “Oh
My God.”

“I don’t mother,” replied Rory, knowing where the conversation was now

“Yes you do. Or at least you’ve begun to think about it.”

“I really don’t want to discuss this right now.”

“What about Dean?” gasped Lorelai, ignoring her daughter’s entreaty to end
the conversation, “ He won’t like this much. Oh that reminds me. He called
last night. He didn’t sound to happy when I told him where you were.”

“Oh great. I better go talk to him,” replied Rory, already sliding form the

“And I must get more java,” remarked Lorelai as she slid out and made her
way to the counter.