Pairing: R/T
Rating: PG
Summary: Tristan and Rory watch Disney movies.
AN: Hey, I don't know what it is about pianos and Disney songs that make me think of Tristan and Rory, but I was inspired again. Kiss the Girl belongs to Disney and unfortunately Tristan and Rory belong to AS-P. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my attempt of procrastinating that other story I'm writing right now.

Kiss the Girl

By Jess

There you see her sitting there across the way.
She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her.
And you don't know why, but you're dying to try.
You wanna kiss the girl.

I want to kiss her. Really, I do. Who wouldn't? She's absolutely
gorgeous. And there's more too: the way she babbles when she talks, the way
she furrows her eyebrows when she's thinking, the way she submerges herself
in a book, and her multitude of facial expressions. I don't know why I like
her, I used to go for the more popular girls who ran in my crowd, but for
some reason Rory stood out. And look at me now. Siting in her dorm room,
dragged to yet another movie night. Tonight we're watching The Little
Mermaid. The last and the only time I saw this was when I was nine.

Yes, you want her.
Look at her, you know you do.
Possible she wants you, too.
There is one way to ask her.
It don't take a word, not a single word, go on and kiss the girl.

Of course I want her, I've only liked her for the past four years. I'm
lucky enough to be her friend, there's no way she could have the same
feelings I do. I also can't tell her how I feel, I love her too much to let
her go.

Sha la la la la, my oh my,
Look like the boy to shy.
Ain't gonna kiss the girl.
Sha la la la la, ain't that sad.
Ain't it a shame, too bad.
He gonna miss the girl.

I am definitely NOT too shy. Tristan Dugray is not shy. I can't believe
I'm listening to a singing lobster. That shows a lot for my sanity. I can't
go much longer without showing her how I feel. Four years is way too long to
keep a secret from your best friend. But she would kill me if she found out.
I feel her eyes on me. I turn to my left and encounter the vast blue sea of
her eyes.

Now's your moment, floating in a blue lagoon.
Boy, you better do it soon, no time will be better.
She don't say a word and she won't say a word until you kiss the girl.

Looking into her eyes, I try to hide how I feel. But, it's true, the eyes
are the window to one's soul. As I search inside Rory, I know she's doing the
same to me. God, I can't help myself any longer. I shift so instead of facing
the television I'm completely turned towards Rory. Now that I'm in this new
position I can't help being drawn to her like she's a magnet and I'm a piece
of metal.

Sha la la la la, don't be scared.
You got the mood prepared, go on and kiss the girl.
Sha la la la la, don't stop now.
Don't try to hide it how
You wanna kiss the girl.

At this moment our faces are only inches apart. I finally remove the mask
from my eyes and reveal a look of total adoration, longing, and love. At this
look, Rory's eyes widen in surprise, and in shock, I see the same look

Sha la la la la, float along.
And listen to the song, the song say kiss the girl.

I lean in even more and remove the two inches previously separating us. I
softly brush her lips with mine, conferring to her my emotions. We kiss
again, this time longer as I place my hand on her waist and she wraps her arm
around me. Our lips are passionately meeting in a new way that our words
never brought us. As our kiss deepens and she allows me access to the inside
of her mouth, I reach for the remote with my free hand. I finally shut that
lobster up as the room fills with darkness and Rory and I move closer