SPOILERS: Slightly for Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers, The Breakup, Part 2, and The Third Lorelai.
PAIRING: Tristan/Rory
SUMMARY: Tristan's kiss list.
DISCLAIMER: The WB, Amy Sherman- Pallidino, and others own the characters.

Kissing Them

by Lily

First Kiss? The award goes to Julia Clein at a party. We played Spin the Bottle. Neither her or I liked it, but everyone had to. It happened in 8th grade.

Most Forced Kiss? I'd have to say that would go to Summer Watson. I just kissed her so many times to make Rory jealous. To let her know I didn't care she had no feelings for me. But the kisses with Summer were empty.

Most Unnatural Kiss? That would go to Paris Gellar. It wasn't that bad. It was just kind of like kissing a sister. I could tell she enjoyed it way more, and took it as a first kiss of a relationship. I could tell, sooner or later, I'd break her heart worse if I kept up with the charade. So I let her go as lightly as possible.

My Best Kiss? That's easy. Kissing Rory Gilmore was incredible. I could tell she enjoyed it, too. But she was so confused, as she explained later. Still, it left my lips warm and numb, and it left me more vulnerable than ever and wanting more. Now she thinks we should only be friends. But hey, some of the best relationships begin with a base of friendship. But now she's left me to dream about the delicious taste of her lips. And I don't know how long I'll be able to wait. Not too long, I can't let her drift back into the arms of that idiot ex-boyfriend, Dean. Soon. Soon we'll be something more. I'll make sure. Meanwhile, I have to make sure we maintain the status of "friends."