Spoilers- None that i can think of. but just to be
safe, the entire 1st season.
Rating- PG or PG-13
Disclaimer- I dont own anything! I'm just
a high school student! I just borrowed Tristan
for the day! I promise to bring him back!
Summary- Tristan makes a few decisions concerning
his lovelife. (OK, I know, bad summary. I am not good
at those!)
A/N- The song is Drive by Incubus. (FYI- This is one
of CMM (The actor that plays Tristan) favorite bands!
we have something in common! I am so happy!)
anyways.....one with the show.
A/N#2- I find that the story makes more sense it you
listen to the song while you read it. just a
suggestion. i like it better that way. :)

My Light is Found

by Lindsay

The bell rings to let me out of Chilton Prison for the
day. I slip on my shades and head to the car.

I turn on the radio and search or a station playing
music. I don't care what's playing. I just need some
loud music to forget
about my day. To forget about Rory. And what she's
doing to me. I want to tell her my true feelings..

Sometimes I feel the fear of
Uncertainty stinging clear

...I really do. It's just so hard. What if she doesn't
share my feelings?

And I can't help but
Ask myself how much
I'll let the fear
Take the wheel and steer

She has this effect on me. My worst comes out when
she's around me. But. I love her. And I don't know if
I can suck it up and
tell her.

It's driven me before,
It seems to have a vague
Haunting mass appeal

But then again, I can try.

Lately I beginning
To find that
I should be the one
Behind the wheel

Where's the exit to Star's Hollow?

Whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there

No turning back now. I memorized her address ages ago.
I am going to tell her how beautiful she is, inside
and out. I am going
to tell her I have never felt this way about anyone

With open arms and
Open eyes yeah

I hope she returns my love. If she doesn't right away,
I can wait.

Whatever tomorrow brings,
I'll be there, I'll be there

I'm a patient guy when I want something bad enough.
And I want Rory bad.

So if I decide to waver
My chance to be
One of the hive

She is so unlike any other girl I have ever met. Other
girls are so shallow. Rory is different. She is so
intelligent. So smart in
everything. Breathtakingly beautiful. She doesn't need
loads of makeup to hide under.

Will I choose
Water over wine

Rory is the girl for me.

And hold my own and
Drive, oh, oh, oh

I just have to make her see it too.
It's driven me before,
It seems to be the way
That everyone gets around

I will go to Luke's first. If she's not there, Luke
will know where she can be found.

Lately I'm beginning
To find that

She left a couple of minutes ago. I turned my car onto
her road.

When I drive myself

There she is. Floating down the sidewalk. Like an

My light is found.


Whatever tomorrow brings,
I'll be there

I hope she loves me now. But my life will go on.

With open arms and
Open eyes yeah

I will wait for her. No matter how long it takes.

Whatever tomorrow brings,
I'll be there, I'll be there

She can't deny my love for her forever.

~The End~