Spoilers: very very brief mention to "The Third Lorelai"
Pairing: Luke/Lorelai
Rating: PG for excessivly mild language and some romance.
Summary: It snows mid-April, and Luke walks Lorelai home.
Author's Notes: This is my first GG fic, so please
keep that in mind! Any and all feedback, flames are
otherwise, is appreciated.

Magic in the Snow

by eve

< Here we go again… > Luke thought to himself as
Lorelai walked into his diner. He waited until she had
tossed her purse on the counter and settled onto the
stool before speaking. “So, what’ll it be?”

She looked up at him, wearing a smile. “Do you have to

“That stuff is going to kill you one of these days,”
he sighed, turning to get a mug.

“One day. If you go *one day* without threatening my
life with caffeine overdose, I swear I’ll be your

“Really?” he said suggestively, putting the coffee in
front of her.

“No.” She took a long sip, then sighed with pleasure.
“Mmm. Luke, you’re-”

“Amazing? Yeah, yeah, I know,” he said with a hint of

“Actually, I was going to try ‘a god’ out this time,
but amazing works.”

Luke smirked. “So, where’s your better half?”

“Rory’s at Paris’ house, trying to work out the crap
they’ve been going through.”

“That Tristan guy, right?”

Lorelai gasped in mock surprise. “He listens!”

“Yeah, well don’t let it go to your head,” he

“Well I don’t know,” she teased. “I think that’s
something to be proud of. Something I said actually
penetrated your skull. We should throw a party!”

“Lorelai…” he warned.

“With streamers! And balloons with coffee cups on
them. Ooh, and a big banner that says ‘Luke listens!’”

“That’s it. I’m talking away your caffeine,” he said,
grabbing her mug.

“Nooo,” she whined. “I wasn’t even halfway done with

“We should just hook you up on an IV,” he complained,
putting the cup in front of her.

She paused, a glint in her eyes. “Could we?”


“Damn. Now I guess I’ll have to keep coming here.”

“You know you love this place.”

“Just the staff,” she flirted. “It’s such a friendly

“Go to hell.”

“Close,” she replied checking her watch. “My parents’
for dinner.” She shrugged on her coat, and grabbed her
purse. “Thank you for the coffee,” she said, digging
for some money.

“Any time.”

She threw him a smile before heading to leave. “Oh my
God!” she said reaching the door.


“It’s snowing!”

“It can’t be snowing. It’s April.”

“And this is New England. C’mere.” He came up behind
her and stared at the thick flakes falling from the
sky. “You have to walk me home.”

He reeled back in surprise. “Why?”

“Because it’s snowing.”

“Fine. Whatever.” He threw his apron onto the counter,
flipped over the ‘open’ sign, then stalked outside in
front of her. She just laughed to herself and followed
him out.

They walked down the quiet street slowly. Lorelai
closed her eyes and breathed in the frigid air deeply.
Luke stared at her childlike wonder without
understanding. It was just snow.

She opened her eyes, and caught his gaze. “What?” she
demanded defensively.

“Nothing.” She looked at him disbelivingly. “Well, I
mean, most people would be pissed off that it’s
snowing in the middle of April, and you’re just
soaking it up like you’re tanning.”

She giggled at his naiveté. Now it was his turn to be
defensive. “What?”

She slipped her arm through his, leaning into him
comfortably. He tensed slightly at the contact, but
relaxed when she started to speak. “Snow is magic.
Look around you, Luke. Everything is so quiet and
peaceful. It’s like the world’s been blanketed with a
down comforter. Even if you’re not outside, you can
curl up in a blanked with a mug of coffee-or cocoa-
and just…listen.”

He paused. “Listen to what?”

“Nothing. That’s the wonder of it. For once the
traffic’s quiet and the only sound is an occasional
kid playing outside.”

Luke didn’t say anything; just let her words bounce
around in his head. Somehow he couldn’t bring himself
to mention the cold or snowplows. He was actually
beginning to feel her magic. He wrapped his arm around
her waist, pulling her closer. She glanced up at him
with a confused smile, but he just shrugged and looked
towards the road in front of them.

The disentangled themselves on the way up to Lorelai’s
front door. She turned to face him with the smile
she’d been wearing all afternoon. “Thanks for sharing
the magic,” she said quietly.

He lifted his shoulders in response, but the corners
of his lips were curled up. Lorelai stepped in closer,
the grin slowly fading. He studied her eyes curiously
for a moment, before she leaned in and softly kissed
his lips.

She pulled away a second later without giving him the
chance to respond. He chuckled inwardly, before gently
bringing her face back towards him. She let her hands
rest on his arms, which had traveled up so his hands
cupped her face.

Lorelai gave into the kiss willingly, surprised by the
glow that surrounded her. This was *Luke.* Which
somehow made it all the better.

Luke wasn’t thinking. Not really. All he knew was that
this was Lorelai Gilmore standing with him in the
snow. And that was enough.

When they separated, he tenderly trailed his hands
down from her cheek. “You’re welcome,” he mumbled, a
little delayed.

She laughed a little, and tossing him one last smile,
unlocked and went through the door.

He stared at the closed door for a moment, before
shoving his hands in his pockets and walking back down
the snow covered street.