Spoilers: Assumes you've seen "Red Light on a Wedding Night", nothing extremely spoilery though.
Summary: An unlikely phone call is portrayed in this short, all-dialogue fic.
Rating: PG
Content: Pregnancy is mentioned (does that merit a PG rating anymore?).
Characters: Dean, Christopher.
Disclaimer: Gilmore Girls belongs to Amy Sherman-Pallidino.

Role Playing

by Medinacat



"Ye...es. Who's calling?"


"Oh. Robin or Wrenn?"


"Christopher, Rory's father?"

"Bright boy. Nailed it on the third try."

"Why are you calling here?"

"I didn't get any answer from Lorelai's."


"And it's been a few days and I'm worried about her. This marriage thing
seems to be freaking her out..."

"And you called me because...?"

"I thought you might be keeping tabs on Rory. You two seemed pretty
Siamese-twin-like when I was in town."

"Sorry. Figured she was helping her mom get ready for the big day and I've
been kind of busy myself. Our bimonthly anniversary's coming up you

"Strangely I do."

"...and I want it to be special. And before I forget, why exactly did you
call me? This entire town watches Rory. There should be a Rory

"You mean you missed the issue with the pony tail poll?"

"The point is you could have called anybody."

"Not really. I don't know very many people in Stars Hollow."

"So does this make us old friends?"

"In a way."

"OK, you lost me about three signposts back from Linearville."

"You remind me of somebody. And I'd be lying if I told you that someone
wasn't myself."

"Still not following."

"You come into the life of a girl named Gilmore and you're romantic and
you're funny and you're just a little 'James-Dean-in-Rebel-Without-a-Cause'
and before you know it you've bought a motorcycle and Rory's pregnant.."

"Rory's not pregnant! And I don't even own a motorcycle!"

"OK, so you're not that much like me. But close enough."

"You gotta be kidding... Wait."


"Suddenly dinner at Rory's grandparents makes a lot more sense."

"You had dinner with them and live to tell the tale?!? Brave soul."

"They saw me as you. Hey, thanks a lot for that image! Great way to start
off my relationship with my potential future grandfather-in-law."

"Little advice from me to you: don't think that far ahead just yet. You're
not ready for marriage."

"And you don't think Lorelai is either."

"It shows that much or do you just agree with me?"

"I'm not tackling that controversy."

"You *are* bright. I take it you'll let me know if you hear from either of

"Do you prefer carrier pigeons or smoke signals?"

"Right, my phone number. 258-1260. Feel free to use it liberally."

"Remember that when the mysterious pizza deliveries start."

"Goodbye, Dean."

"Goodbye, Dad."

"You didn't just call me that."

"It never happened."