SUMMARY: A Midsummer's Night's Dream…Gilmore Style
CONTENT: Because there is a fight and a little language.
PAIRING: Tristan/Paris, Rory/Dean
DISCLAIMER: None of these characters belong to the authors of the fanfic. They belong to the WB, Amy Sherman-Palladino, and Shakespeare.

All Hallows Eve

by Kym Bell and Cindy Bressman

Based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Nights Dream

"Tonight's homework is to start reading 'A Midsummer's Nights Dream' " Mr. Medina said. "Class dismissed"

Unknown to the English class, Robin Good fellow watched, planning mischief.

"Hey Mary!"

"What do you want Tristan?"

'This is the perfect pair, I have my Hermia and Demetrus, I just need a Lysander and a Helena,' thought Robin. It is All Hallows Eve.

"Everything still on for tonight? You can go right?" Tristan asked.

"Yes Tristan, the four of us are going," Rory assured him.

"Then I'll see ya later Mary," Tristan said escaping Rory's sight after leaving the classroom.

The class packs up their books and heads out of the class at the sound of the bell. It's time to go home, and for the weekend to begin. Since things between Rory and Paris have been on a higher note since that all eventful concert night, they have weekend plans.

"Hey Rory," Paris said joining Rory at the locker.

"Hi," Rory greeted her newfound friend.

"You got out of your Friday night dinner right?" Paris inquired as she watched Madeline walking right past. I think she's still mad about the concert night.

"Yeah. My grandmother thought it was good to go out with 'Chilton' people," Rory answered her.

The two are still unaware of the lurking trouble, trouble that is just casting mischief's shadow in their life.

Rory and Paris finish up at their lockers and head out to Paris' red sports car.

"Get in," Paris instructed to Rory. "I got my things to change into so we can go straight to your house," Paris continued.

"Ok. Sure," Rory agreed.

Paris flicked on the radio and drove off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Gilmore Girl Residence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rory opens the door and throws her book bag on the floor. Paris had left her schoolbooks in the car and just grabbed her clothes. Lorelai Gilmore enters the doorway to greet her daughter and is surprised at the guest before her.

"Paris?" Lorelai questioned. "How was school girls?" she furthered her inquiry.

"Hello Ms. Gilmore," Paris said in a formal tone.

"PLEASE call me Lorelai, that sounds like how you would greet my…mother," Lorelai pleaded with Paris.

"Paris, there's soda in the fridge if you want," Rory offered. "I'll meet you in there," Rory said.

"Ok," Paris said walking away to the kitchen.

"Ah, I have found my Helena. All we need to meet Lysander. I'll find him in due time," Robin Good fellow thought to himself.

"Rory Gilmore…what is Paris doing here?" Lorelai Gilmore asked in a state of awe.

"Paris invited Dean and I out with her and Tristan tonight," Rory explained, leaving out the detail that Lorelai will have to go to Friday night dinner alone.

"Really…when?" Lorelai asked looking for details.

"Didn't Grandma tell you?? I don't have the pleasure of joining you for the heartfelt Friday dinner," Rory bragged on to Lorelai.

"And why not young lady? That's not FAIR!" Lorelai exclaimed in disappointment.

"Grandma said it would be good to go out with Paris and 'Chilton' people," Rory explained. "Grandma was supposed to call to tell you," Rory continued, placing the blame on Emily Gilmore.

Rory left her mother leaning on the doorway to join Paris in the kitchen.

"Paris wanna go hang in my room…listen to music and get ready?" Rory suggested.

"Ok," Paris agreed grabbing two sodas and following Rory to her room.

Robin Good fellow has decided to go searching around Stars Hollow for a likely candidate for Lysander.

~~~~~~~~~~~2 hours later at the Gilmore Residence~~~~~~~~~~~

Paris and Rory are ready for a night out. Dean and Tristan arrive at Rory's house, but Tristan arrives first. Knock, Knock…

Rory opens the door and Tristan says, "Hello Mary. Hi Paris."

"Hey Tristan," Paris smiles back at him.

"Can you call me Rory…at least for tonight?" Rory begged.

"Alright, but just tonight," Tristan agreed, sounding defeated.

Dean comes walking up the steps to see Tristan standing there.

"It's just one night…and it's for Paris," Dean assured himself.

"My four pawns in this scheme are all together here," Robin whispered out loud, following them to their destination.

"Hey," Dean said walking up. Dean kissed Rory.

"Hi," Rory replied.

"Can we all be on our way?" Tristan asked rolling his eyes, as he led the way to his car. "This way, we'll all take my car," He suggested.

Dean and Rory got into the backseat and left the front for Paris. Tristan pulled his car away from the curb and headed to their evening's destination, but stopping at Luke's.

Rory got out of the car and ran into Luke's Diner to pick up their food.

"Hey Luke," Rory said taking the bag from Luke.

"Hi Rory. Have fun," he yelled as she went running out the door.

Rory re-entered the car. He pulled into a park, somewhere between Stars Hollow and Hartford. It was a very secluded park. They got out of the car and Dean took out the picnic basket.

"It's so peaceful," Paris observed, looking around to see not another soul.

"Very romantic," Dean said to Rory.
Paris and Rory set up a large blanket for them to rest upon, and then proceeded to set up their dinner.

"Four cheeseburgers and fries, how elegant," Tristan remarked.

"You had no other suggestions," Paris retorted.

"Besides it's the thought," Rory nodded with an agreeing shake of her head.

"Sure you didn't wanna cook again?" Dean laughed looking away.

"Shh," Rory replied looking around to make sure Tristan and Paris didn't hear him.

Everyone took a seat on the blanket, and there was even more room to spare.

"I thought you and Mar-Rory weren't 'friends'," Tristan commented.

"Once we got an understanding of what each other wanted…" Rory replied waiting for Paris to finish off the statement.

"We were able to work together," Paris said, looking at Rory. They both knew the understanding was Paris like Tristan, but Tristan liked Rory. Paris wanted to make sure Rory didn't want anything to do with him, before she would give her a chance as a friend.

"I have to admit that it was a surprising turn of events," Rory smirked.

"So…" Dean said trying to come up with another topic. "What's the book for tonight?" he asked nudging Rory.

"Book?" Paris and Tristan asked exchanging looks of confusion.

"She brings a book with her everywhere she goes," Dean explained brushing his brown hair out of his eyes.

"A Shakespeare play," Rory answered.

Robin pranced from tree to tree to get closer to them.

"You'll soon be asleep, and then the fun will really begin," he said, dancing behind the trees.

After they finish their unusually silent picnic they split into groups.

"I'm gonna go for a walk," Paris stated standing up.

"A moonlit walk, shall I join you?" Tristan asked Paris as he extended his arm.

"You shall," she replied linking her arm in his.

The two followed a stone path as they disappeared out of sight.

"Finally alone," Dean retorted.

"Can we read 'Romeo and Juliet'?" Rory asked making an innocent face.

"What happened last time we were alone reading a book?" Dean reminded.

"But Paris will wake us if we should fall asleep," Rory reasoned.

"Ok…start reading," Dean gave in to her request.

"Two houses both alike in dignity…" Rory read and continued to read until they had drifted off to sleep.

Paris and Tristan just walked in silence. Knowing so much about each other doesn't leave much to discuss. As well as the fact Tristan has fallen for Rory, while Paris is crushing on Tristan.

"You like her huh?" Paris inquired, looking away from him.

"Like who?" Tristan replied coolly.

"You know, Rory, or Mary as you like to call her," Paris commented.

"No. How could you think that? Mary is an insult," Tristan said defending himself.

"They say you tease the one you love," Paris informed him growing jealous.

"I'm not in love with her," he retorted.

"Everyone can see it, but if not her then who?" Paris continued to question, but couldn't make herself stop.

"Let's get back, it's getting dark," Tristan glanced around, changing the subject.

Paris and Tristan walk back to the picnic sight and sit on opposite sides of a tree. They sit there just thinking and eventually falling asleep.

"Through the forest I have been:
But no Athenian have I seen
On whose eyes to try the power
Of this love-begetting flower.
Night and silence. Who is there?
Athen's clothing is his wear.
This is he my master told me
Treated the Athenian maiden coldly!
And here's the maiden, sleeping sound
On the damp and dirty ground.
Pretty soul, dare not stretch
Near this sad sack; loveless wretch!
Peasant! On your eyes I place
All the power these charms embrace."
Robin chanted prancing back and forth placing drops upon Lysander and Demetrus' eyes.

"When you wake up, love forbids, that you should ever close your lids. So waken after I have gone, for I must go to Oberon." Robin continued chanting as he pranced away through the forest.
Robin watches his work piece together from afar.

"Helena my sweet, thee shall be thy first to wake," Robin whispered as Paris woke up and stretched.

Paris glanced down at her watch, which revealed the time, which was 9:42 pm.

"It's late, I better wake everyone," Paris thought.

Paris walked over to where Dean and Rory lay.

"Dean, Rory…we have to get going," Paris said, gently shaking the sleeping couple.

Dean opened his eyes to see Paris above him. Dean just stared at Paris a moment before speaking.
"HOW do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old grief's, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,
I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life!
and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death," Dean recited staring up into her blue eyes. Dean left Rory's side and stood up to look down into her eyes. He brushed he blonde hair out of her face before engaging in a passionate kiss.

Paris had been left speechless and dumbfounded.

'What just happened?' Paris thought to herself. A thousand different thoughts were racing through her mind as she realized Rory was staring at them with tears in her eyes.

"PARIS! How could you?" Rory yelled enraged by the sight before her.

"But I…he…we didn't…," Paris stuttered, trying to clarify this to Rory.

"I'll be back my sweet," Dean said running off to explain this to Rory.

As Dean disappeared out of sight, Tristan appeared from around the tree. His eyes locked onto Paris.

"O Paris, my goddess, nymph, so perfect, so Devine," Tristan said walking closer and closer to her.

"Cruelty and torture! Is this a game to you? And to Dean?" Paris cried, as she turned away.

Dean came back.

"She will not speak with me," This accidental lovesick puppy informed Paris.

Paris sat down to figure out what happened.

"Everything is going according to plan," Robin snickered to himself.

"Tristan you love Rory. You know we all know this. I love Paris," Dean stated.

"You keep Rory. If I ever did love her, it was a mere crush. I love Paris!" Tristan argued. "Here comes your true love," Tristan said motioning to Rory.

"Paris! How could you? This was planned to get you and Tristan together, not Dean!" Rory exclaimed in tears.

"I didn't plan this! I don't know what happened. They must be joking because they both say they love me," Paris defended herself.

"It's all your fault!" Rory yelled as she pushed Paris.

Paris stood up and moved toward Rory. "Go talk to your boyfriend!" she yelled as she pushed Rory back.

Rory pulled Paris to the ground with her. Tristan and Dean just stood there watching, afraid to get in the path of destruction and jealousy. Rory and Paris are yelling insults back and forth, there's screaming and yelling. Paris was pulling onto Rory's hair. Rory reached her hand back and slapped Rory across the face. They are getting covered in mud and dirt. They have a collection of grass stains on their outfits, but continue their catfight. Paris repeatedly slaps Rory. Dean and Tristan finally intervene. Paris and Rory scramble to their feet, and are standing with their backs to each other.

"Are you ok Paris?" Dean and Tristan ask in unison.

"Fine," she grumbled brushing as much dirt off as she could.

"Let's go home NOW!" Rory exclaimed.

They all get into Tristan's car not speaking to one another. Tristan dropped everyone off at Rory's house and sped off. Dean walked home and Paris got into her car.

"Awe hon., what happened to you?" Lorelai asked.

"I found my new sport for Chilton…mud wrestling," Rory said humorously.

"Taking a shower?" Lorelai asked.

"Yeah and then straight to bed," Rory sighed walking up the stairs.

"Tomorrow I wanna hear all about dinner…it must have been better than my night," Rory said.

"Ok hon, tomorrow at Luke's we'll get coffee," Lorelai suggested.
Rory walked upstairs and proceeded to the bathroom.

Meanwhile…at Dean's Robin is lurking about.

"I should fix this," Robin thought to himself. "Although it would be funny to let it go on longer…no fix it," he said arguing with himself.

"In your bed, Sleepy head. I'll apply to your eye, Gentle lover, remedy," Robin chants squeezing the juice upon Dean/Lysander's eyes.

"When you wake, you'll take true delight in the sight of your former lady's eye. And the country proverb known, that every man should take his own, in your waking shall be shown. Jack shall have Jill, Nought shall go ill. The man shall have his mare again, and all will be well." Robin said departing from Dean's house.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next Morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rory wakes up and meets Dean outside his window. She was wondering where they stand and if last night was a cruel joke. Dean woke up to a tapping on his window.

"Dean?" Rory called for him.

He opened the window and asked, "Rory?"

"Dean, I was wondering what happened last night?" Rory asked staring at the ground.

"I'm not sure," Dean said.

"Do you like Paris?" Rory asked.

"No, I'm in love with you," he replied to her.

Rory instantly smiled and kissed him. She wrapped his arms around his neck.

"I'll see you later Dean," Rory said leaving.

"Bye Rory," Dean replied.

Rory ran off to meet her mom at Luke's for coffee.

"Hey mom," Rory greeted her.

"Hey sweetie," Lorelai replied.

"How was dinner?" Rory asked.

They continue their conversation and drink their coffee until Luke kicks 'em out at closing.

Tristan and Paris stop by the house the next morning. Tristan stays in the car while Paris walks up to the door to get Rory. Knock Knock.

Rory comes walking out of the kitchen in her pajamas and opens the door.

"Paris! What are you doing here?" she asked in a state of confusion.

"I'm here to redo our double date from hell," Paris laughed. "Now get dressed, we gotta get goin," Paris ordered pushing Rory into her room.

Rory comes out dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. "Hey Paris…I am sorry bout whatever happened Friday night.

"I'm sorry too Rory…now lets go!" Paris exclaimed.

'I've never seen her this happy…smiling, too,' Rory thought to herself. Rory runs to the kitchen and tells her mom that she is going.

"Hey mom…Paris was just here and I'm goin out with her and Tristan," Rory said running out the door.

"Be back before three!" she yelled to her daughter.

Rory gets into Tristan's car and they make their way to Dean's with Rory giving directions.

"Go get him," Paris said as Tristan pulled up to the curb by Dean's house.

"Ok," Rory said getting out and running up to the front door. She rang the doorbell.

Dean opens the door. "What are you doing here?" he questioned.

"C'mon, we are redoing that disastrous double date we had," Rory informed him as he followed her to the car.

"Hey Dean," Paris greeted him.

"Hey," Tristan said.

"Hey," Dean replied back.

Tristan put his foot on the pedal and took off.

"Where we going to?" Dean asked.

"The same place," Tristan answered.

"Oh ok," Dean said looking out the window.

Tristan pulls into a parking space and the four get out. This time they are two happy couples. They lay out the blanket and take a seat. Rory's leaning on Dean, and Paris is leaning on Tristan.

"I'm glad we are all back to normal," Rory said.

"Yeah me to," Paris agreed.

The four sat here in the same park as two nights ago and redid their double date from hell. All went back to normal and Paris and Rory stayed friends. They Lived Happily Ever After…For Now!