SUMMARY –Experimenting Rory’s jealousy side.
CONTENT – No cursing or anything
DISCLAIMER – I don’t own any of these characters. Amy
Sherman-Palladino, the WB own all the characters of
the Gilmore Girls.

Moving On

by Cindy Bressman

Rory wakes up Friday morning and proceeds to slowly
get ready for school. ‘It’s been three weeks since we
broke up,’ she thought to herself as she looked out
her window and remember the night of her birthday

“Rory! You’re gonna be late!” Lorelai yelled
downstairs before walking back to her room.

“No, I’m up. Getting ready before coffee!” Rory
bellowed as she brushed her hair. She sat there
staring at herself in the mirror. ‘My hair…it needs
something,’ Rory thought.

Lorelai came walking down stairs and turned the
coffee pot on. Rory quickly ran upstairs into her
mother’s room, rummaged through her hair things and
produced a plain black headband. Rory ran back to her
room. She fastened it in the appropriate spot on her
head and once again was staring at herself in the

‘Hmm…different,’ Rory thought before turning away.
She grabbed her backpack and walked into the kitchen.

“You look different,” Lorelai commented, looking at

“I know,” Rory replied.

“It’s…the headband, MY headband,” Lorelai said
emphasizing my.

“I know. Looks better on me,” Rory laughed.

“Yeah, same here with your cloud pajamas,” Lorelai
grinned looking down at herself. She sipped her

Rory smirked and picked up her coffee cup. She
walked over to her mom and gave her a hug.

“I’ll see ya after school,” Rory smiled and walked
over to the door. She hesitated in the doorway to the
outside world before stepping out into the brightness
of the external surroundings of the town.

Rory walked down to the bus stop. The bus pulled up
and opened its doors. Rory sat in the same seat each
and every day. When she sat down, she looked out the
window. As the bus pulled away the town began to go
by fast, that was until she noticed Dean. At that
moment everything seemed to go by in slow motion. The
way he was laughing, with that blonde cheerleader whom
he already knew I was jealous of, how he had his arm
around her waist.

‘What I wouldn’t do to be that girl again. To be HIS
girl again,’ Rory contemplated.

Rory’s heart shattered into a million pieces at this

“He’s moved on,” she silently cried to herself until
she was at Chilton. Rory quickly wiped away her
tears. “They can’t see this vulnerable girl,” she
reminded herself, trying to regain composure.

“Hey Rory!” Tristan yelled from down the hall. He
quickly caught up to her at her locker.

Rory wiped her tear-streaked cheeks once more and
opened her locker.

“Hi Tristan,” Rory said, careful not to look at his
face. She was glad they had become friend’s, he
wouldn’t be able to use this against her.

“Well I was wondering, since we are friends and all
now, could you be my partner for our new assignment?”
Tristan asked.

“What new assignment?” Rory said, answering a
question with a question. She made sure she always
had a reason to look at the cold metal inside of her

“Rory you feeling ok?” Tristan asked extremely

“Umm…yeah why?” She questioned.

“Because you NEVER forget about an assignment,” he

“Oh well…there’s a first time for everything,” she
coolly replied back, praying he wasn’t catching on to
her act.

“Anyways, the new assignment is the one where we have
to create a short scene from Shakespeare and design
what the scene would look like,” he quickly reminded

“Oh. Yeah, sure whatever,” Rory said sullenly.

“Are you really ok?” Tristan asked concerned.

“Yes I’m fine,” she said closing her locker and
starting to walk to class. Tristan followed her.

“So first period, wanna go to the library to work on
it?” Tristan inquired, looking at her. She quickly
turned her head in the other direction. “C’mon. We
can go straight to the library. I already checked us
in with Mr. Medina,” Tristan explained, motioning her
to the library.

“Ok,” she mumbled.

Tristan took a seat at a table in the back.
“Something’s wrong…do you wanna talk about it?”
Tristan asked sympathetically noticing her face had

“It’s j-just that I…I saw Dean walking with another
girl,” Rory broke down into tears and placed her face
in her arms. She had her arms folded on the table and
her face buried inside them.

“I’m sorry Rory,” Tristan sighed. ‘Could this be my
chance? It has been about three weeks since the night
we kissed,’ Tristan thought.

“Well, let’s get back to the task at hand,” Rory said
quickly retrieving control over her emotions.

“Sure, where do you wanna start?” Tristan inquired.
“What type of story?”

“Tristan,” Rory avowed.

“Yeah,” he responded.

“Thanks,” she smiled.

Paris was walking by and saw the two. Jealousy
instantly filled her thoughts and overcame her
emotions. Seeing the two laughing and smiling
together was different.

“What does he see in her?” Paris asked herself in
disgust, continuing her walk to class.

“So wanna do a Romeo and Juliet type play?” Tristan

“Sounds like a plan,” Rory approved.

“How’s this getting split up?” he entreated.

“Can you write the play and I’ll do the scenery?”
Rory requested searching for his approval.

“Works for me,” Tristan settled, getting out paper,
pens, and pencils. “Here,” he handed her a pencil and
a few sheets of paper.

“Thank you,” Rory smiled.

Tristan and Rory went straight to work. After thirty
steady minutes of no conversations, interruptions,
Rory completed the scenery sketch and Tristan was
close to being done with the play.

“Hey we gotta clean up and get to second period,”
Tristan said realizing the bell was gonna ring in a
few minutes.

“Look,” Rory pointed to her very detailed sketch.

“Wow, that’s awesome,” he complimented.

“Really?” Rory asked unconfidently.

“Yeah. I was thinking…maybe Saturday night you could
come to my hose and we can paint it?” Tristan

“Sure,” Rory decided.

The bell rang and they departed to their next
classes. The two didn’t see each other again until

“A new book?” Tristan asked taking a seat at the
table, across from Rory.

“Yup,” she answered, never lifting her eyes from the

Some girl and guy walking and making out at the same
time bumped into their table.

“Oh sorry,” the brunette said.

“Whatever,” Tristan replied coldly.

Rory looked up and noticed it was Summer.

“She…she,” Tristan stammered.

“The worlds moving on and we’re stuck in the past,”
Rory observed by both their situations.

“I think it’s time we moved on, too,” he said trying
to suggest a solution.

“It was…it’s just that he was my first boyfriend.
What did he ever see in me?” she asked.

“Don’t do this Rory,” Tristan began. “You deserve
better. You’re brilliant, witty, independent…and
beautiful,” Tristan lost control of his emotions and
laid everything on the line.

“Look at me Tristan. I’m not like Louise or
Madeline. I’m nothing more than a bookworm and a
nerd,” she explained.

“Rory, you’re selling yourself short. I know I don’t
deserve anyone as good as you after I have treated
you, but out of all the girls in Chilton…you’re the
ONLY girl I want to go out with,” he confessed,
getting up and walking to his next class. He just
left Rory there confused and shocked at what just

“Maybe I’ve moved on too,” she whispered to herself.