Spoiler Warning: Just Nick & Nora, Sid & Nancy (the episode where Rory meets
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Rory/Jess
Summary: Just a short fic with Rory and Jess. Dean doesn't exist. Sorry for
anyone who likes him, I just didn't have time to come up with a better
Disclaimer: You know the routine. I don't own them.

(A.N.- This is gonna be super mega short. I just finished watching Nick &
Nora, Sid & Nancy five minutes ago and I really like the possible chemistry
that could be there between Rory and Jess. I'm still a Trory, but I have a
feeling that since Tristan's gone, I'm gonna hafta start writing more fics
about people who are actually on the show. And for those of you who are
reading my other fic, She's More Than Just A Bet, don't worry. I'm still
writing that. I just wanted to write this quick fic tonight because I wanna
be the first author to write a Rory and Jess fic. Wow, I'm sad that doesn't
have a cute name like Trory. Sorry, too much caffeine. Anyway, I'm just gonna
take this from the end of the episode. I know this won't be too realistic,
but it just popped into my head and I had an urge to write about it. Okay,
I'm gonna stop babbling now so you can read the story. Hope you like it!)

The New Guy in Town

by Tammy

"Oliver Twist"

Rory stopped walking away and turned around when she heard him say it. She
had called him Dodger because he stole things, just like the artful Dodger in
the novel, Oliver Twist. She had told him to figure out what she meant, and
he did. He knew right away. This definitely surprised her.

"Wow, I'm impressed. You really do read" she said, walking towards him.

"Yeah, been doin' it since 1st grade" Jess replied, casually.

"So, um, since you're new here, maybe you'd like me to show you around the
town. That is, if you promise no more Dodger impersonations"

Jess laughed. "Alright, that'd be good. So, how 'bout you meet me at the
diner tomorrow at 3:30?"

"Sounds good to me"

"Well, I'll see ya"

"Good-bye, Jess" Rory said, before turning and walking away.

Jess watched her for a moment, before turning and walking back to Luke's,
with a slight smile replacing his usual frown. *Rory Gilmore. Wow*

Luke's Diner

Rory waltzed into Luke's the next day, happy because her day had gone well
and Paris had only tried to destroy her once. She flopped down at the counter
and said to Luke, "Coffee please"

"Why so cheery?" Luke asked her, as he placed a mug in front of her.

"Just had a good day, that's all" she told him, happily gulping down the
burning hot beverage.

"And I'm sure it's about to get so much better. Why in the world would you
offer to bring Jess around town anyway? I can't control him, he just blew off
Lorelai's little pep talk, and now you expect him to run around all cheery,
acting like a normal kid with you?"

"Let's just say we have something in common"

"You and Jess? Something in common? Don't tell me you've started smoking.
I'll kill him!"

"Did you know he likes to read?"

Luke looked a little taken aback. "No. No, I didn't know that. I mean, I saw
him bringing a book around with him but I only assumed there was some crazy
reason he was doing it"

Rory looked at her watch. *3:35*

Luke noticed her frown. "You knew he was gonna be late right? I mean, I'd be
surprised if he even shows. He's probably over at the local pound torturing
some puppies right now"

"Do we have a local pound?"

"I don't think so. But you get the idea"

"Yeah, but Luke, you hafta have a little faith in him. He can't be that bad"

"Alright, if he shows up in the next ten minutes, I'll hug him, tell him what
a wonderful kid he is and push back his curfew an hour. Not like he comes
home when I tell him to anyway"

"Oh look, there he is" Rory said when she saw Jess coming into the diner.

"Hey, Rory. Sorry I'm late. I had to stop at the grocery store. I kinda owed
the weird bald guy some money"

"You gave Taylor his money back?" Luke asked, surprised.

"Yeah, well, when someone pushes you in a lake you kinda get the idea that
they mean business and they want you to do what they told you to"

"Good. Good. Very good"

"So, you wanna go now?" Rory asked Jess.

"Yeah, sure"

"Luke, two coffees to go please"

"Oh, I don't really drink coffee" Jess told her.

"Who said one of these is for you?" she said, taking the cups from Luke and
gulping down one of them before she got out the door.

"So, where to first?" Jess asked.

"Um, to tell you the truth, there's not really much to see. I mean, you've
seen the school, obviously, and the market, and my house. So, I guess I could
show you Miss Patty's and bring you to the gazebo. Oh and we just had the
first Stars Hollow traffic light installed, so we could check out that, if
you're interested" she babbled, adding the last part sarcastically.

"You're kidding, right? There's only one traffic light here?"

"This is a very small and safe town. That is until you showed up"

"Ah yes, and in a few weeks I will have corrupted half the population and
then there's really gonna be trouble"

"I'm sure. Well, this is Miss Patty's" Rory told him when they reached the
dance studio. "I'd take you in to meet Miss Patty, but because you're a male,
meeting Miss Patty is something that should be avoided until it's no longer

"Why, hello, Rory dear" Miss Patty cooed as she came flouncing out of her

"And I'm guessing it's no longer possible?" Jess asked Rory.

"That would be correct. Hi, Miss Patty"

"Well dear, who's your friend?" Miss Patty asked, looking Jess up and down.

"This is Jess. He's Luke's nephew and he's gonna live with him for a while.
But I'm sure you already knew that"

"Well, yes I did, actually. But I'm so glad I finally got a change to take a
good look at him. After all, you know how bad Taylor is with descriptions"

Jess looked dumbfounded.

"Well, Miss Patty, now that you've seen him, we'd better get going"

"Oh, okay, dear. And don't forget, you can come see me anytime" she told Jess.

"I'll remember that" Jess said.

"Come on" Rory said, grabbing his arm and leading him away from the woman who
was staring lustfully at him.

"Thanks for the save"

"No problem. Miss Patty's a bit..." Rory trailed off, trying to come up with
the right word.

"Psychotic?" Jess offered.

"Eccentric" Rory finished.

"That works too"

"So, gazebo now?"

"I'm sure that'll be fun" Jess said, sarcastically.

"Or you could go back to moping around town by yourself" Rory told him, a
little annoyed.

"Sorry. I was just joking"

Rory brought him to the gazebo and they both sat in it.

"Alright, so how do you like Stars Hollow? I know, it's a bit boring and the
people are slightly crazy, my mother being the craziest, but they all mean
well. Except Kirk. I'm for some reason not to sure about him"

"Well, it's very Leave It To Beaver, but you're here, so I guess that makes
it pretty cool" he said, smiling at her.

Rory smiled back. "Glad to know I add something positive to the town"

"Oh you definitely do. So, I'm guessing you don't have a boyfriend"

"No, um, I don't" Rory told him a bit nervously.

"Would you like one?"

"Yeah, but unfortunately Paul Walker hasn't come to town yet" she joked.

"I'm serious"

"Actually, I've only know you for three days, so I don't really think I
should be deciding if I want you to be my boyfriend yet"


"Besides, you're Luke's nephew. If I went out with you and then we broke up,
I might never be able to go into Luke's again for fear I might run into you.
And once you get to know me better, you'll realize that I can't survive
without Luke's coffee"

"I kinda already guessed that last part"

"So, I think I'd definitely hafta get to know you better before I risk my
coffee on a relationship with you. I hope you understand"

"Rory?" Jess said, gently tucking a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.


"Don't think so much"

After Jess said that, he slowly leaned in and kissed her. Rory kissed back
for a moment before pulling away.

"Who needs coffee? I don't"

The End