Disclaimer: I don't own "Gilmore Girls"
Rating: G
Pairing: R/T
Summary: It's Graduation and both want to leave Chilton with no regrets.

No Regrets

By Chrissy

One year had passed since the heartbreaking day that Tristan saw Rory kiss
Dean at Chilton.

With the time passing, Tristan began to rearrange his life. He wasn't the
"player" he always was before, but now, he was actually a really romantic
guy. Tristan was even to begin getting serious with a girl, Meg. They were
both interested in writing and they both loved the same music.

You could definitely say that love was in the air because even Tristan's
parents were becoming disgusting to be around. All they did was give little
pecks on the cheek to each other.

In some parts of the world, love was not so abundant. Rory was still with
Dean, but something was wrong. They began to argue over minor details like
what song they would listen to while they were in the car. With each passing
day, the "spark" between Dean and Rory was fading.

During Rory and Tristan's senior year, many new developments occurred. For
instance, Tristan's parents had a little girl named Charlize. The moment
that Charlize was born, Tristan knew that he couldn't wait when he had a
little girl of his own. Tristan spent all of his free time with Charlize.
He took Charlize to the mall, not to attract other girls to him, but so that
Charlize could see the little puppies in the store windows and to play with
all the stuffed animals in the toy stores.

Although Meg was not in many of Tristan's classes, they still were in love
and made plans to go to the movies or to some parties.

In English, Mr. Medina gave out an assignment, which was nothing new in
Chilton. It had to be a minimum of one thousand words in five paragraphs.
The assignment had to be about a person that you loved.

While Tristan knew he would write about Charlize, Rory wasn't so sure what
she should write about. She thought about writing about Dean, but then
scratched that idea. She began to write about her Mom instead.

When the day came to present the assignment in front of the class, both Rory
and Tristan were drawn into the other's "love" writing.

Tristan talked about how he taught Charlize how to crawl, how he spent most
of his free time with her, and how she always made him smile when he was

From Rory's point of view, Tristan seemed much sweeter and down to earth than
the first day that she met him and she wondered what would have happened if
she had gone to P.J. Harvey with him and what would happened if Dean had not
come to school. All of these thoughts raced to her mind were stopped dead in
their tracks by Mr. Medina's question of, "Rory, are you ready to present?"

"Um, yes."

Rory got up to the front of the classroom and began to talk about her mother.
Lorelai was always there for her. She didn't give Rory up and took care of
her even when she was just my age.

Rory's words reeled Tristan in like a fisherman does with fish. He was
captivated again by how she spoke so sweetly of her mother. Tristan knew
that he shouldn't give his daydreams a chance because he knew Rory still
didn't like him, or so he thought.

Each day at Chilton began to get harder and harder for Rory. It wasn't
school wise, but she found herself just staring at Tristan. Not paying
attention to what the teacher was saying. Everyday she stared at Tristan,
she noticed that whenever he was around Meg, his eyes began to twinkle. He
glowed from head to toe with complete adoration.

Rory felt a twinge of jealousy. But, she thought to herself, I'm with Dean.
If you love someone, shouldn't you try to work out your problems? Am I still
in love with Dean or am I falling for someone else?

Rory couldn't make up her mind who she liked until after yearbook signing.

Tristan and Rory called a truce and decided that they were both mature enough
to be friends.

Practically every person that signed her yearbook had some dull message like,
"Good luck!" or "Best wishes!", but one person wrote the sweetest and best
advice ever. Here's how it goes:

Have you ever heard the saying "Reach for the stars, even if you miss it
you'll be amongst the stars"? You already are a star in my eyes and with
every day, you shed new light more powerful than the sun. You're not afraid
to stick up for what's right, and don't ever stop. Your future awaits; don't
hold out on your dreams!

If that message didn't win her over, before the graduation ceremony would.
As she walked in with Lorelai, Luke, and Dean, Rory saw Tristan with
Charlize, and his parents. Tristan was holding Charlize like a father would
hold their child. Tristan's eyes were twinkling, again, and he seemed so
content with his life. This "father" image made Rory realize that she only
wanted him more.

She was suddenly slammed back into reality when Dean came over to her and
kissed her. No "sparks" whatsover flew. Rory didn't want to cause a scene,
but she knew that her heart belonged to another. Rory told Dean that she
really liked him, but that she just wanted to be friends. She said she
didn't feel like trying to help a relationship that would never get better.
Dean knew the time would come soon, so he was prepared for the breakup. He
left as fast as he could without causing a scene.

Rory tried to talk to Tristan about the way she felt, but she saw him with
Meg. Tristan and Meg gazed into each other's eyes, but then Tristan's eyes
drifted away and he saw Rory. Rory ran away.

Ever since Rory and Tristan had called a truce, Tristan began to have
feelings for Rory that he could control. But now, at the Graduation
ceremony, he couldn't control them any longer.

"Meg, I need to tell you something. I don't think it's fair to you to keep
my feelings locked up. I think I'm falling for someone else."

"Tristan, I know exactly how you feel. There's this guy who was in my art
class that I really liked."

"Unless I don't see you again, live your life according to you and only you."

"Same to you, Tristan. Bye!"


Tristan began looking for Rory, but to no avail. The graduation began. As
the music began to play, Tristan wished he could have told Rory how he felt.
So much for no regrets.

As everyone is seated, Rory pinches herself to make sure she's not dreaming.
Tristan is directly in front of her. She stares at his every move and
memorizes his features, for she may never see him again.

"Tristan DuGrey..."

Everyone applauds and sirens wail.

<< If I only knew where Rory is, I would tell her how I feel about us. >>

< It's almost time for me to get my diploma. All I can think about is
Tristan. I think that I'm in love with you.

As I get my diploma, I block out all other cheers and hear only cheering from
one man standing up from my graduating class. He's smiling with all his
heart and gazing into my eyes as I gaze into his. I almost feel as one. >

The graduation is over. Tristan searches through the crowd and stops when he
finds whom he's been looking for.

Their gazes meet. This is the moment that they've been waiting for since the
beginning of the graduation ceremony. Their lips lock and after they both
get a breath of air, say "I love you" at the same moment. No regrets.

The end.