SUMMARY – Tristan tries to help Rory get Dean back by making him jealous.
CONTENT – a little language
DISCLAIMER – I own nothing, WB and the nice producers and creators of
Gilmore Girls do . . . so please don’t sue!

The Plan

by snoflaik

Part One

Rory Gilmore walked the halls of Chilton that day under a dark, dark cloud.
By the time 8th period rolled around she had time to herself to reflect on
her day.

*Ugh! Another day with Paris shooting knifes into me with her eyes, a B on
my Biology test and now no Dean to look forward to on the ride home.


*Finally I get to go home . . .without Dean . . . sniff *

She jumped out of her seat and began walking down the hall to her locker.
While pulling out the books she need, she noticed someone standing on the
other side of the door.

“Hey Mary!” came that all to familiar voice out of the mouth in its usual

“Are you dumb or just an ass?” I asked with my head in my locker and trying
hard to keep my voice steady.

“Jesus Mary what’s got you in such a bad mood today. I saw the claws come
out with that one. What not in the mood for our daily friendly banter??”

“Please Tristan not now”

*sniff sniff oh God No, I will not cry. Not in front of Tristan! That would
just give him more ammunition to use when trying to make my life hell.*

She shut the locker and tried to turn without him seeing her face but she
was not quick enough. He saw the red rimmed eyes and heard the shakiness in
her voice.

“Hey is everything alright?” he said with a concerned look.

“Since when do you care, all you ever do is annoy me and you cant even get
my name right,” retorted Rory with bright tear-filled eyes.

“Hey just trying to be compassionate. Won’t make that mistake twice. Later”

He walked away with his trademark smirk but she thought she saw a different
expression before that.

Things had been strange since their kiss at Madeline’s party. They had
reached a kind of understanding although he still seemed to refuse to call
her by her real name. They were sort of friends but there was always that
little feeling of awkwardness and tension when the talked.
* Good going Gilmore!” He was only trying to be nice! * Rory scolded

“Hey Tristan wait up!!”

He turned just before the doors as Rory ran up to him.

“I’m sorry Tristan, I’ve just had a really bad day. I don’t really feel like
thinking about it any longer so please don’t ask me what happened.”

“Its alright I understand.” He smiled, “And to prove that there’s no hard
feelings, I’m gonna give you a ride home today.” Tristan put an arm around
Rory’s shoulders and they started walking outside.

“Alright, but you do know I live like an hour away right?”

“Yeah no problem,” with a shrug, “my parents aren’t even home after school
to expect me at anytime.” He replied lightly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Tristan pulled out of the lot, “ How do I get to your house?”

“Just take 32 till exit 6 and ill direct you from there.”


They sat in silence for a few minutes. Rory decided to make some friendly
conversaion since her bad mood was lifting a bit. Somehow just being around
Tristan made her feel better.

“So how are you dealing Tristan, I mean with the whole Summer thing.”

“Well, things are looking up in that department. Like I said before I’ve
moved on.“ He smirked. She suddenly felt a little tweak of jealousy.

“So which brain-dead bimbo is it this time?” she asked sarcastically trying
to cover it up.

“I guess that bad mood is still there huh, judging form that remark. Sorry
to disappoint you but this one’s got real potential she’s actually at the
top of our class.“

“So expanding your horizons, I bet I can guess who she is. Is she in your

“Yup, most of the them”

“Do I know her?”

“ Very well, actually”

“Hmmmm.. . Is it Christina?”




“Sharon, Trista, Kelly?”

“Nope. Nope and are you kidding?” Her turned to look at her with an “are you
insane” look.

“Well you’ve stumped me on this one.”

Tristan smirked and glanced over at her. “ Yeah well I guess you’ll find out
as soon as I ask her out.”

“Most likely more about when you guys start playing tonsil-hockey in from of
my locker.”

Tristan laughed, “At THAT point you’ll definitely know.”

She smiled, “Alright, it looks like I’m in for a surprise then.”

They continued the rest of the ride in silence until they reached Stars
Hollow and Rory gave him directions to her house. They passed by Stars
Hollow Public on their way there.
Tristan noticed two kids lip-locked on the bench.

“That looks like... Uh oh.” He said to himself.

“What?” asked Rory.

“ummmm. . . nothing, nothing at all.” He replies innocently.

* I can’t believe I said that out loud. IDIOT!*

“Now I know that’s something’s wrong. What is it?” she looked around outside
and finally spotted what he had seen.


Rory felt the tears starting to come. She quickly buried her head into the
school bag in her lap.

“I can’t believe he would do that,” came through the muffled sobs.

Tristan pulled the car over and put his arms around Rory in an attempt to
comfort hurt.

“Its ok. It’s alright. Everything will be fine.” he continued to whisper
soothing words into her ear as she wraps her arms around him and cries into
his shirt.

“Why, why, why. WE were supposed to be together.” She chanted as the tears

For the next few minutes, all Tristan could think of was how great her hair
smells and how perfectly she fit into his arms.

*Get those thoughts out of your head. She’ll never return your feelings so
just give up.*

Finally the sobs subsided and Rory, realizing where she was and where his
arms were, pulls away and stares out the window with her cheeks flushed and
her eyes red rimmed.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to break down like that.” came the soft whisper
from the window.

Without a word, Tristan turned the key in the ignition and pulled away from
the curb.

They spent the rest of the ride to her house each lost in their own
thoughts. Rory continues to stare out the window blindly. Tristan glanced
her way every once in a while but she didn’t turn around.

“Thank you,” whispered Rory as she opened the door and ran to her house.

“Well that was interesting,” said Tristan to no one in particular.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“MOM!” yelled Rory as soon as she stepped into the house.

“ What!” Lorelie came running in from the kitchen, “What happened did the
Barenaked Ladies break up? Why are your eyes all red and puffy!”

“Dean has a new girlfriend!!!!” and with that she breaks into loud sobs and
falls onto the couch.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Rory woke up to find herself lying on the couch still dressed in her Chilton
uniform. *Where am I?* she thought dazedly until what she had seen all came
rushing back. She sighed and lay back down.

“Rory, honey.” Lorelei walked into the room carrying the phone. “Oh your up,

“Who is it?”

“Some boy. I didn’t ask for his name.”

“Hello” she managed to get out croakingly.

“Jeese Rory. You sound horrible,” said a familiar voice.

“Oh thanks Tristan. You always did know how to cheer a girl up,”
“So to what do I owe the pleasure of this call.” She asked, confused.

“Well you must be feeling a little better. You could even forget your
problems enough to continue our sparing.” replied Tristan just as
sarcastically, ”Anyway I was merely calling to see how you were.”

“ And how would you feel if you saw your ex tongue wrestling some slut in a
skirt two days after he said he love you!”

“I believe I have a plan as to how to get Mr. big shot crawling back. If
you’re interested that is” asked Tristan.

“Well I guess I’m open to suggestions.,” she says still not thinking

“ Meet me at that little diner in your town in like forty minutes.”

“Why can’t you tell me over the phone?”

“Because I want to see your lovely face in person. It’s all a part of the
plan. Just trust me.”

“ Why do I shiver when I hear those words?”

“ I don’t know, maybe your rooms too cold. Just come”

“Fine, I’ll be there. Later.” she grumbled and hung up.

After the click, Tristan smiled to himself and thought *perfect*


Part 2: Irony

Rory walked into the diner nodding to Luke and sat in an empty booth by the

“So Rory whats up? No mother begging me for coffee right now?” asked Luke
coming over to take her order.

She tried to smile but it just didn’t work. “ No I’m meeting someone here.”

“Hey kid, You alright,” asked Luke.

“Just peachy. Ill wait till me friend gets here to order.” She replied.

Luke nodded and walked away, giving her her space.

Luke looked up from a customer at the bar as the door opened up and Tristan
walked in wearing his usual Abercrombie prep boy attire and looking
completely out of place. He looked around searchingly for a second and then
walked over to Rory’s table.

“Hey Rory how are ya doin?” as he slid across from her.

“Fine, I guess.” She replied still looking down, then his words finally
registering, “Wait did you actually call me Rory, for once,” she asked

“ Yeah well don’t get used to it,” he replies smirking slightly.

Luke came strolling over, “Who are you?” he asked bluntly looking at

“Tristan DuGrey, pleasure to meet you.”

Luke grunted in reply. ”So what can I get you? The usual?” he asks Rory.

“ Yup,” with a smile

“ What about you?” He asked Tristan.

“ I’ll have a cheeseburger, fries and coffee.” Rory turned and stared at
Tristan wide-eyed once again.

Luke looked at the ceiling and mumbled under his breath, “God! They’ve
corrupted him too. Alright two burgers, fries and coffee coming up.” He
walked away shaking hios head.

Rory continued to stare at Tristan in wonder.

“What expecting caviar and sushi?” He asked innocently.

“Sorry just surprised. You actually eat regular food?” She looked up

“ I’ve had my share.” He smirks.

“ Anyway, what’s this plan you’ve got and why are you helping me?” Rory
questioned suspiciously.
“ Well I figure the only way to get lover boy back is to make him realize
what he is missing.”

“ I’m afraid to ask this but how do you propose to do that?”

He smiled wide and looked into her eyes bending close, ”We’re gonna make him

“ Yup, I was right I’m now terrified.” Rory sat back.

“You find out where he’s gonna be and we just happen to show up at the same
time. Together.”

“ Alright, considering that he hates you, it might work.” She replied.

“ But why would he care, He was the one who broke up with me.” She asks
sadly as she remembers what happened a tear slowly falls down her cheek.

Tristan reaches across and wipes it away. She looks up but refuses to meet
his eyes He sighs and sits back.

“ Look I know what you’re going through,” he says seriously. “ I mean Summer
broke up with me just so she could make out with anything that breathed. I
know where you’re coming from and I can see how much you miss him. And
trust me I have a lot of experience with wanting someone that you can’t
have. “ He turned and stared out the window.

“ Here you go, guys.” Luke placed their orders in front of them. He noticed
Rory’s tear stains and the strained silence and glanced disapprovingly at

“ Hey is this punk bothering you kid, cause I’ll kick him out in a second if
he is.”

“No it’s not his fault.”

Luke shook his head while walking away.

Just then she saw Dean over at the grocery store talking to the cheerleader.
But this time instead of being sad, she gets angry.

“ Bastard.”

“ What? What I do now?” Tristan’s head shot to look at her and he asked
Rory starts to stare out of the window and suddenly turns to face him.

“ I’ll do it.”

“ Do what?”

“ Your plan. I’ll call you tomorrow with the details.” She got up and
quickly left before she burst into sad and angry tears.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hey Lane could you do me a favor?” asked Rory over the phone.

“Sure, what this favor entail?”
“Well, Tristan has this plan of helping me and Dean get back together so I
need you to do a little undercover work and find out where he and the
cheerleader are going to dinner on Saturday.”

“Wait a minute, did you just say that TRISTAN is helping you get back with
Dean? Why would he want to do that?” Lane asks confused

“ He said that he knows what its like to want someone.” Rory replied

“ You do realize that this plan must have benefits for him or he wouldn’t do
it.” Lane reasons. “What exactly is this brilliant plan?”

“Well Tristan and I are going to go to the same restaurant and when dean
sees us together he’ll become jealous.”

“And Tristan thought this one up. Why am I not surprised? So let me get this
straight he got you to agree to out with him and act nice the whole evening
in order to help you get back with the boy whom he hates?”

“Well when you put it that way... “ Rory starts.

“That boy’s defiantly got more brains than I gave him credit for. He
actually got you to go out with him.” Lane said.

“Lane stop putting reason into this. I can’t take it. I just want my
boyfriend back and if it takes a night of playing nice with Tristan I’d do
it. Besides he’s really not all that bad”

“Boy girl you do want him back. Alright I’ll help I’ll call you later
tonight with the info.”
“Alright later Lane”

Lane hangs up and sighed “I hope that girl knows what she’s getting herself

Part 3: Execution


“Hi Tristan. I’ve got the information for our little get together,” explains

“oh great. So where will we be going on our first date?” he asks jokingly

“Luke’s. tonight.”

“ Dean sure doesn’t make very big plans for dates,” says Tristan surprised

“oh and I bet you would do better?” asks Rory mockingly.

“Che’ La Roué and a movie is my idea of a date. That will be our second
date” he replies mischeviously.

“Sorry, but I’m hoping this will do the trick. Oh and if you touch me or
even come close to kissing me without permission, you’ll definitely regret

“Point taken. So when should I pick you up?” asks Tristan

“Well according to my informant, they will be arriving around 7.”

“ Alright I’ll meet you there at 7:15.”

“What? Why late” asks Rory confused.

“Because you are going to be there at 7 when they walk in and be looking sad
cause I’m late. Then when I walk in you’ll be so happy you’ll jump right
into my arms.” replied Tristan.

“ Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, bucko”

“Don’t worry its all part of the plan.”

“Why am I so scared when you say that?”

Tristan laughs. “Oh you know you love the absurdity and the spontaneity of
this whole situation. Anyway I better go get ready. See you there,
sweetheart.” He says sarcastically.

“I’ll be counting the seconds till then,” replied Rory.

* * * * * * * * *

“ Hey Rory. Dining alone again or is that Triscuit kid meeting you.”
inquired Luke

“His name’s Tristan and yes he should be here any minute,” replied Rory

“Well don’t look now but that sack of meat who used to be your boyfriend
just walked in with a blonde on his arm. Want me to kick them out?” asked

Rory looked around and saw Dean and his new flame sitting at a table near
the window.

* Everything’s going to be fine Rory. Tristan will be here and then Dean
will drop her like a bad habit.*

“No Luke its alright. We broke up and I’ve moved on.” She replied while
staring at the couple.

At 7:15 Tristan arrived. He was wearing a sweater that made his blue eyes
sparkle, light-colored khakis, and a wide smile. Dean noticed him walking
him and glared darkly.

“Hey there beautiful. Waitin’ long?” winked Tristan.

Rory smiled as he kissed her on the cheek * God he looks great! And he can
always make me smile. WOAH Gilmore where are theses thoughts comin from. *
“Nope I just got here. Wanna go sit down?”

She smiled slightly while glancing at Dean’s sour expression.

They sat across from each other at a table across the way from Dean.

Dean’s couldn’t take his eyes off the seemingly happy couple. Sara (his
date) was soon becoming annoyed at his lack of attention to her pretty face.
* Rory hasn’t so much as looked this way. And what is she doing playing
nice with that jackass. Tristan! Of all people! *

“Nice show.” said Rory

“You didn’t think I’d let you wait here all that time for nothing did you.”
replied Tristan smirking.

“So what can I get you two?” asked Luke,

“The usual.” They replied simultaneously. They looked at each other and
laughed loudly. Luke walked away shaking his head.

“ Alright so how’s this going to play out?” asked Rory.

“Just follow my lead,” he replied confidently, “The plan’s already working.
I can already feel the daggers in my back.”

He then took her hand in his and leaned in closer. Rory tried to pull her
hand away at his touch and flashed him an angry smile when he only held on

He leaned in again and whispered, “Only a part of the plan.”

“ I thought you understood that touching wasn’t allowed,” hissed Rory

“Some sacrifices just have to be made for the greater good,” replied Tristan
staring into her eyes. *Jesus, she’s beautiful. Come on kid keep your head
straight. Your trying to get her back together with her ex.*

“Oh and don’t try and tell me your not enjoying my sacrifices. I can see it
written plain on your face. Lane tried to tell me you’d only do this for
your own benefits but I wouldn’t listen.” snapped Rory. *What has gotten in
to me. His presence always messes with my head*

“Oh so now you’re talking about me to your friends. I always knew I was
special to you.” He smirked coming closer.

Their whispered discussion became more heated. There faces became flushed
and they were drifting closer to each other at every word. You could almost
feel the sexual tension spouting from the two.

“Egotistical, jerk am I,” said Tristan, “Oh you have wounded me to the
heart, “he replied with mock hurt, ”You just don’t enjoy having people tell
you the truth about your feelings.”

“Oh yeah and what feelings are you so vaguely referring to?” she shot back.
Before she could fully compute the meaning of what she had said.
*Screw caution.* He thought while staring at her slightly flushed face.
He let go of her hand, moved his palms to either side of her face, leaned
even closer and whisper softly while staring into her eyes,

“These feelings.”

And with that he kissed her deeply.