Spoilers: up to the season finale "Love, Daises, and Troubadors"
Rating: PG, mild language, kissing (stuff like that)
Characters: Lorelai, Luke, Max, Rory, Sookie
Setting: about a week after the season finale, Max proposed, Luke knows
Pairing: Lorelai/Luke!!!!!!
Disclaimer: none of this is mine, im not trying to steal it just using it for a little, its all the WB's and amy S-P's
Summary: lorelai plans on marrying max but what happens, isnt what she had planned..

Not What I Had Planned

By Michelle


"MEOWWWWWWW", Lorelai Gilmore shot up out of her bed when her fuzzy clock meowed. At first she groaned because she did not want to go to work, but then a small smile crept upon her face. It had been a week since Max sent all those daises to the inn, and last night when he took her out to dinner, he officialy proposed. She said yes. Lorelai Gilmore was getting married. She was happy about it, especially because Rory seemed happy about it. Rory would be happy about anything that would make her mother happy. Lorelai could not believe she was getting married, it just seemed so right. She got out of bed, with that smile never fading, and called to her daughter...


"Ya mom i'm up"


"It's almost ready... Mrs. Medina"

Both Rory and Lorelai laughed as Lorelai got ready and went downstairs to have coffee and a poptart, even though she would stop by Luke's and have more coffee on the way to work. It didn't matter Luke's was way better.

Lorelai walked into the kitchen where Rory was already eating her poptart, and having her coffee.

"So what's going on in school today?" Lorelai asked.

"Oh nothing much except your fiancee is giving a test on Shaksphere that i'm not too excited about." Rory said.

Lorelai laughed, "Well Don't worry no matter how bad you do on it I think I can get you an A."

"Don't get gross on me mom it's only 7:30." Rory said.

They both laughed and finished up there poptarts and that heavenly coffee. Then they both gathered their things and left the house, Rory on the way to the bus stop, Lorelai to Luke's.

"Briiiiiiiiiing", Lukes alarm clock rang, nothing fancy, no radio or purring like he knew Lorelai's did. "Oh god, Lorelai" he thought to himself. Ever since Max proposed he had been in a bad mood. And last night when he found out from the all knowing Miss Patty that Lorelai had said yes, his heart sank. He loved her. He really did. Everyone in the town, except Lorelai, suspected he did but they didn't know for sure. He knew for sure. For all of last week he didn't know how to act around her. Now that she had said yes he didn't even want to see her. It would hurt too badly. The love of his life with another man. Luke knew that she would be there at his diner this morning, wanting coffee, smiling a mile a minute. That killer smile that he gave into every time. Usually he looked forward to there moring banter, but this morning he didn't even want to see her. He knew he had to since she would die without coffee, and he would die without her so he got up, put on his flannel shirt and went down to open up the diner.

The whole way to Luke's all she could think about was Max. Then all of a sudden she remembered where she was going. " Oh god", she thought to herself. All last week Luke had been acting different, he thought she didn't notice but she did. She knew that he would know she said yes, since Miss Patty knew. "What am I supposed to say" she thought. She knew Luke had a thing for her, although she didn't want to admit it. She knew he would probably be upset and the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him. "I'll just act normal" she thought, as she pulled up to Luke's.

She got out of her car and walked into Luke's. When the little bell rang above the door, she saw Luke turn around from behind the counter. Luke looked at her and this sad look came upon his face. He quickly removed it so Lorelai wouldn't see, but she did. At a loss for words, Lorelai looked at him and said , "Uhhh hey.... Luke."
"Lorelai" Luke said half angry, half hurt.


Both of them just stood there for a minute looking at eachother. "God she is amazing" Luke thought to himself. He knew the right thing to do would be to congratulate her on her engagment, because he really did want her to be happy. Lorelai was having so many thoughts run through her mind she culdn't even speak, "Should I bring it up, no thats silly i don't wanna just say 'Hey i'm engaged', so what am I supposed to say, AHHH".

Lucky for Lorelai, Luke spoke first. He knew they would have to talk about it eventually, so he thought he would do the nice thing, but he couldn't even make a complete sentence.

"Uhh... I..umm..I..uhh heard.." Luke was stammering, but before he could finish Lorelai knew what he was gonna say, so she jumped in.

"Coffee", she said almost too loudly.

At first Luke was confused, but then he realized she didn't want to talk about it, just as much as he didn't. "Good", he thought, "We'll just act like nothing is different".

Luke gave Lorelai a guick head nod, got her coffee handed it to her, and did all of this without a word. Acting like nothing happened would be harder then they thought. Lorelai watched him as he said nothing, nothing about the coffee, nothing about Rory, nothing about the Inn, and not even a 'Goodbye, or See ya later'. They both knew why this was so weird, though only Luke would admit it to himself. Lorelai, who didn't know if she should say anything, decided against it and left. Just walked out with barley even two things said in the diner that morning.

As she walked out to her car, what just happened started to process. Her really good friend, and coffee supplier, didn't want to talk to her. "Well if Luke won't talk to me i don't think I can marry Max", she thought. "Oh no Lorelai don't think like that, Max is amazing and you and Luke can work it out". Although she knew that was not totally true, she decided to stop thinking about it because she was late for work.

Lorelai walked into the Inn , that smile from this morning not so bright. She looked around, and everyone was smiling, and ready to congratulate her on her engagment. She managed to put on a fake smile, so that no one, except herslef, would know the amount of doubt floating around in her head. "Ugh", she thought,"Even Michel seems happy."

Lorelai walked straight through the inn, giving everyone a smile that said "Congratulations!". She walked right past Michel not even wanting to deal with him this morning, and into the kitchen, where her best friend Sookie was.

"Morning Lorelai, Congratulations!" Sookie giggled over to her.

"Hah.... Uhh Thanks Sookie, coffee" Lorelai managed to spit out still with a smile. Sookie knew something was wrong since all Lorelai could talk about was coffee and she was already holding some from Luke's.

"Uhh Hunny your holding coffee." Sookie said.

"What... Oh right.. I uh don't want this one". Lorelai said and she threw Luke's coffee into the trash.

"Lorelai, sweetie, what's wrong?" Sookie asked.

"What nothings wrong, why would anything be wrong." Lorelai was babbling.

"Well you just threw out Luke's coffee, you didn't seem like you wanted to talk about the engagment, and you seem like your off somewhere else."

"I..... Uhh well..... no nothings wrong." Lorelai did not want to admit that this wedding was maybe not such a good idea.

"Lorelai tell me"

"Ok well I'm a little upset because... uhh... Michel is still mad at me because I haven't done anything with the daises....and they are still in there, rotting, and hes...mad... thats all." Lorelai said trying to make up a good lie.

"Sweetie that is so not it because first, you love to see Michel mad, and second , I can tell when your lying." Sookie had a good feeling what was going on. Lorelai knew Sookie would not let her just walk out so she sat down and started.

"Well for starters Luke acted really weird this morning."

"Weirder than normal?" Sookie wondered.

"He wouldn't even talk to me." Lorelai looked as if she might cry. "Why would he do that?" Lorelai asked.

"Oh Lorelai I think we both know the answer to that." Sookie said.

"No, you might, but I don't so if you don't share with me, I might kill you." Lorelai said, playing dumb.

"Lorelai he's mad because you got engaged." Sookie said with a 'DUH' face.

"That's not it why would he be mad that I got engaged?" Lorelai asked still playing dumb.

"Because you didn't get engaged to him." Sookie said.

Lorelai knew that was the truth, but now that she heard it from someone else she knew it was true. She just sat there and stared at Sookie, not knowing what to say or do. Until she burst into tears and fell right into Sookie's arms.

"What do I do Sookie?" She said through her tears.


"What do you mean, what is there to do?" Sookie asked, not wanting to hear what Lorelai might say next.

"Well, should I still marry Max?" Lorelai asked still crying. That was exactly what Sookie thought she would say.

"Oh sweetie, I don't think I am the one to decide that," Sookie said, "You have to decide if you can live with what will happen if you marry Max. "

"If I marry Max, Luke will never talk to me again. It will be so different for Rory and me, and Oh god Sookie I don't know if I can do this." Lorelai was beginning to realize what seemed like such a good idea last night was not such a good idea now.

"I love Max, but I've only known him for a few months," Lorelai said trying to sort things out in her head, "But I've known Luke for years, and I can't picture my life without Luke, and without his coffee." They both let out a little giggle. Lorelai continued, "I love Luke in a different way then I love Max but."Lorelai stopped at what she had just said.

"Lorelai, yoohoo, hey." Sookie tried to get her attention. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know it's just that every time Max asks about Luke I always say that there is nothing there and that I don't love him, and I didn't think I did . until right now." Lorelai said, the tears coming again.

"Ya hunny, I know you just said you love Luke in a different way then."Sookie stopped realizing what she had meant. Lorelai just looked at her. "You mean. You love Luke?" Sookie asked.

"I. I think I do." Lorelai said. "I love him, and I think I need him more than Max."

"Well what are you gonna do?" Sookie asked. "Are you gonna break it off with Max?"

"I don't know," Lorelai burst into tears, "What if I do but then Luke doesn't love me and then I lose two amazing men?"

"Lorelai two things, first Luke does love you, and he has forever." Sookie said.

"And second?" Lorelai asked.

"I think that you belong with Luke and that he is worth losing Max for."

"Ya me too." Lorelai said.

"Well now that we have that straightened out what are you gonna do?" Sookie asked.

"Right now I have to go home and talk to Rory first." Lorelai said, " But I will call you tonight I promise."

"Ok hunny take your time." Sookie said.

"Thank you so much Sookie." Lorelai said as she embraced her friend in a hug. Lorelai walked out of the kitchen into the lobby. Everyone looked over at her, she was red from crying, and everyone wondered what was going on. She just walked through them and went straight home.


Lorelai walked into her house. Rory wasn't home yet, and she wouldn't be for a while. The first thing that came to her mind was coffee and just as she was about to go to Luke's she remembered what had just happened. She wanted to be with Luke, but before she talked to Max or Luke or anyone she needed to talk to Rory. She would just have to sit and wait for Rory to come home. She sat down on the couch and started to cry. She wasn't really sad, in fact she was happy she had finally made up her mind about her relationships but she needed to cry. She was going to be breaking up with Max, and he would probably never talk to her again since she was breaking up with him because she loved Luke. Max always thought she loved Luke and he knew that Luke loved her, but she had always said they were just friends. Lorelai knew Max would think she had lied to him, but she didn't. Lorelai sat and continued to ask herslef if this was the right thing to do, until she fell asleep.


Rory walked in the door, and found her mom asleep on the couch. This wasn't normal since her mom usually didn't get home till after her. She went over and woke her up.

"Mom, wake up. what are you doing home?" She shook her mom and she woke up.

" Ahhh what. Oh Rory hey." Lorelai said still half asleep.

"Mom what are you doing home. were you crying, is everything ok?" Rory asked.

"Huh.. Oh ya," Lorelai remembered what had happened, "It's been an interesting day to say the least."

" Ok well what are you waiting for tell me!" Rory asked excitedly.

" Well don't get to excited I don't know if your gonna like this or not kid," Lorelai started, " but here it goes.." Lorelai told Rory the whole story from the morning in the diner to the afternoon asleep on the couch. When she was done Rory was wide eyed and her jaw was on the floor. " Rory say something. are you mad happy anything talk." Lorelai said.

" I uhh.. You love Luke?!" Rory couldn't believe what she was hearing. She knew all along that they had feelings for each other, but she never thought they would come out like this, when her mom was engaged.

" Uh ya kid I do. are you ok?" Lorelai said uneasily.

"Ya I think its great. I always thought you and Luke were meant to be but. what are you gonna do about Max?" Rory wondered.

"Well we have a date tomorrow night but I don't think I can wait that long to tell him, so I'll probably go over tonight. Oh god hes gonna hate me." Lorelai said.

"He won't hate you mom," Rory tried to reassure her, " When are you gonna go?"

"Well I have to call Sookie first then I'll go over." Lorelai said, and she went over to get the phone. Sookie agreed and said she should go over tonight to talk to Max, and that she agreed with Rory. Luke did love her and they were meant to be. Lorelai said goodbye to Rory, got her car keys , and started off to do one of the hardest things she would ever have to do. She was going to talk to Max.


Lorelai was on her way to Max's house. He lived in Hartford so it was kinda a long drive. It gave Lorelai a lot of thinking time. She knew she was doing the right thing. Max was a great guy, and she did love him, but Luke was an amazing guy and he was so much more to her than Max. Luke was a friend, he supplied her with coffee, she could count on him, and he loved Rory. That was the most important thing. Max did care about Rory, but not enough to put her ex boyfriend in a headlock. Luke was like a father to Rory. Lorelai kept thinking of all the great times she had spent with Luke. He took her to the hospital, he helped her find her missing chick, he made her a Santa Burger, which was gross but adorable. And there was the time they were picking out paint samples, and they were behind the counter. He wanted to kiss her, she could tell but she was scared. She didn't want to screw up their friendship. Then when she was supposed to meet him to paint she stood him up. She felt so awful. And she always noticed the look of hurt in his eyes when she talked about another guy. And he was always so protective of her and Rory. Lorelai could have gone on for days about Luke but her thoughts were inturrupted when she reached Max's house. She stopped the car and sat for a minute. She knew this was the right thing to do but Max would be so hurt. She got out and walked up to his door, where she stood for a few more minutes. Then she rang the doorbell.

Max opened the door, he was surprised to see her but so happy that she was there.
"Lorelai, what are you doing here I thought we weren't going out till tomorrow night?" he said.

"Uh... we aren't im here cause i need to talk to you."

"Ok sure come on in." Max said, he led her to the couch and sat down.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Max asked polietly.

"Uh no thats alright im fine." Lorelai said,

"Ok so what's up?" Max asked.

"Well uhh... actually something that you are not going to like but I need to tell you, and I am not trying to hurt you because you know I love you, but I've been doing a lot of thinking latley and..." Lorelai was babbling , Max cut her off.

"Lorelai, calm down tell me whats wrong." Max said nerveously.

"Ok, I'm gonna tell you but don't talk till I'm finished ok?" She said.

"Ok go ahead." Max said.

"Alright here it goes..." Lorelai started,"This morning when I woke up I was so excited about us getting married. Then I went to Lukes and..." Max inturrupted her.

" Oh so this is about Luke." He said with anger in his voice.

"Hey wait till im done remember," Lorelai said, " Anyway I went to Lukes, and he wouldn't even talk to me. And at first I didn't know why, but then I realized it was because I was getting married to you. And I had heard from other people including you, that they thought he loved me, and I didn't believe it until then. And I felt awful. And I know if we go through with this he would never talk to me again, and I couldn't live with that. So I talked to Sookie and Rory, and they both said to follow my heart. And Max, right now my heart tells me that I love Luke and I can't live without him. I now I have to lose one of you but, as much as I love you, I think that losing you would not hurt nearly as much as losing Luke so Max, I don't think I can marry you." Lorelai finally finished. Max just sat there, his eyes filled with hurt, saddness, and anger.

"Max say something... do you hate me?" she asked.

" No Lorelai I could never hate you, I'm a little surprised, and mad that you didn't figure this out sooner, but I could never hate you." He said.

"Uh... ok well I guess I should go then." She said as she got up. Max walked her to the door.

"This has been the best couple months of my life, and I will miss you Lorelai Gilmore." He said about to cry.

"I'm so sorry, and I will miss you too Max Medina." Lorelai said. She hugged him as tears started to form in her eyes.

"Goodbye." They both said and Lorelai walked out the door.

She got into her car and the tears really came. She felt terrible. She saw the look in his eyes when she daid she loved Luke. He would probably never talk to her again unless it was for a school thing. She cried all the way home.

Lorelai walked in, and Rory was on the couch watching Tv. Rory looked at her mom's tear drenched face and went to give her a hug. They hugged for a while then went to sit on the couch.

"How did it go?" Rory asked.

"Ok he wasn't to mad, but I think I really hurt him."Lorelai said.

"I'm sorry mom... hey lets watch Willy Wonka." Rory said.

" You're the best kid ever." Lorelai said.

"I know... so when are you gonna talk to Luke?"

"Tomorrow I've had enough excitment for one day." Lorelai laughed.

They put the movie in, and fell asleep soon after the oompa loompas. Lorelai always had to see that part. They both fell asleep on the couch, trying to forget about everything. Tomorrow they would deal with that.


Lorelai Gilmore opened up her eyes to find herself asleep on the couch with Rory. The Tv was still on. "Oh we must have fallen asleep during the movie" she thought. Rory was still sound asleep, and she didnt want to wake her up so she tried to get up and be quiet. That didn't last long becuase she got up and walked right into the coffee table, knocking all the junk food from last night over. Rory sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"Mom what are you doing?" she asked sleepily.

"Oh just getting rid of all this junkfood sleepyhead." Lorelai said. "Get up and I'll make coffee we can talk."

Rory got up and walked into the kitchen on Lorelai's trail.

"Mom why don't we just go to Luke's to get coffee?" Rory asked.

"Uh well... if you don't remember, i've recently come to the conclusion that Luke is not only my coffee supplier, and good friend, he is now the love of my life, and I don't think i am ready to talk to him until I think about what I am gonna say, or i'll end up sounding like a giddy schoolgirl." Lorelai explained as if it was the most obvious answer.

"Oh... right, so what are you gonna say to him?" Rory asked.

"Well I don't know I can't just walk in there and profess my love for him, because if he doesn't really love me like all the town experts think, then I'll look like a complete ass. But I have to let him know how I feel because I can't lose him." Lorelai said.

"Ok so you have to make sure if he loves you first before you do anything?" Rory asked.


"Well just ask him." Rory said.

"What? Just ask him? Do you realize how stupid and conceited I will sound if I just walk in and say 'Luke do you love me?'." Lorelai said.

"Well... thats not what I meant. I have a good idea. Go in there and laugh to him, and say 'Hey Luke I heard the funniest thing today. Miss Patty said that she thinks we are secretly in love. Isn't that funny?', and just see what he does. If he does love you, which we know he does, he'll freeze up, or he'll tell you becuase he can't really lie to you." Rory said.

"Wow you really are smart." Lorelai said amazed.

"Ya i know," Rory said, " So when does my amazing plan go into action?"

"Uh.. as soon as I call Sookie, run it by her, and stop being such a chicken." Lorelai said.

" Ok well don't wait to long or you never know rachel could come back and you could lose him or something." Rory said.

" What you think Rachel will come back?" Lorelai asked worried.

"Uh no Mom i was just using a hypothetical. Besides, with the reason rachel left for I don't think she'll be coming back." Rory said.

" What are you talking about?" Lorelai asked.

" What do you mean?"

" You said why rachel left. Why did Rachel leave?"

" You don't know? Well this will make your day eaiser." Rory said.

" How do you know? And why did she leave?" Lorelai wondered.

"Lane told me, and she heard from Miss Patty. Rachel left because she thought Luke was in love with you."

Lorelai sat there wide eyed. She didn't know what to say. For some reason this made her really happy.

"Really?" she asked.

"Ya really." Rory told her.

"Wow. So thats why Luke didn't tell me." Lorelai said.

They talked about this for a while then they got dressed, and Lorelai called Sookie. Sookie said that the plan was good, but that instead of saying that she heard Luke loved her say that she heard why rachel left. Lorelai liked that idea. She hung up with Sookie and talked to Rory a little, to muster up the courage to go over to the diner to see Luke.


It had been an hour since Lorelai had talked to Sookie,and even though Rory and Sookie both thought Lorelai should go talk to Luke as soon as possible, Lorelai was terrified.

"What are you so afraid of mom, this is the same Luke you see and talk to everday." Rory said.

"Ya except now I am in love with him and im really scared of what could happen." Lorelai said.

"What bad could possibly happen mom?"

"Well... he could say that he doesn't love me, he could just laugh at me, there could be someone else..." Lorelai stopped when Rory laughed. "What's so funny missy?"

"You sound redicoulous mom, nothing will go wrong, it will be like the ending to every Julia Roberts movie. Believe me." Rory said.

"Ya well i just am afraid that this will screw something up, and living without Luke would be like living without coffee or arms or.... something... nevermind the point is.." Lorelai was flustered.

"That youre a wimpy lovestruck little girl?" Rory finished for her.

"Hey.... well ya something like that." Lorelai knew she had to go to Luke's and talk to him.

"Ok," Lorelai stood up and went to go put on makeup," I have to look pretty if I am gonna profess my love for the local diner owner today." Lorelai ran upstairs, and put on the cutest outfit and did her hair and makeup and in 30 minutes she was down by the door.

"Good Luck mom." Rory said handing her her jacket and purse.

"Thanks babe... eek ok bye." Lorelai was out the door and she knew that there was no turning back now. She was halfway to Luke's diner when she saw Miss Patty coming towards her. She didn't want to talk to her and tried to get away but it was too late.

"Lorelai dear.. hello!" Miss Patty yelled after her.

"Patty, hi.." Lorelai said. "Perfect timing" She muttered under her breath.

"What was that hunny?" Miss Patty asked.

"Oh nothing... so how are you?" Lorelai asked, obviously annoyed.

"Oh im fine how are you? How's the engagment?" Patty asked. Lorelai cringed, she had forgotten that no one in the town knew that she had broken it off with Max. She didn't want the whole town to know, she also knew that they would find out soon enough so she thought she would just tell her.

"Oh.. umm well... we're kinda not engaged anymore."Lorelai said.

"What why not?" Patty asked.

"Well I broke it off." Lorelai said wanting to get away.

"What on earth for Lorelai?" Patty asked.

"Well... I had my reasons.. and you will probably know them in a few minutes... but right now I have to go do something." Lorelai said and she walked off towards Luke's. "I know what those reasons are" Miss Patty thought to herslef as she watched Lorelai walk into the diner.

Lorelai walked into the diner. The little bell above the door rang, and Luke swung around to see who it was. At first he smiled at her, but then remembered that they were not exactly talking now. Lorelai having seemed to have forgotten that spoke up.

"Hey Luke. Coffee please." She said happily.

"Uh.. ok." He said coldy, and turned around to get the coffee. He wondered why all of a sudden she wanted to talk. Lorelai quickly remembered that they were not on the best of terms when Luke didn't talk to her. "Oh well," she thought," I have to do this now." Luke set her coffee down in front of her. He assumed that now since she seemed happy, she wanted to talk about Max so he thought he would ask her about it.

"So.. uhh how.." But he couldn't finish. Lorelai needed to get something out.

"Uhh.. Luke you'll never guess what Rory said today."Lorelai said quickly.

"What?" he asked.

"Well.. uh we were talking and she mentioned something about why rachel left, and I asked her how she knew cause I never got a straight answer, and she said that she heard it from Lane who heard it from Miss Patty. and so I asked her why rachel did leave, and she said that it was because you were in love with me." Lorelai paused for a moment and looked at Luke. " And so at first I laughed and said that there was no way that it could be true and that you couldn't love me. And she laughed and said that you do love me and that the whole town thinks so." Lorelai stopped to wait for Luke's reaction.

Luke didn't know what to do. He thought that Lorelai and Max were getting married still, and even though he did love her, he couldn't ruin her marriage.

"I uhh.., " Lorelai just looked at him, " Ya that is pretty crazy." was all Luke could say. If he told her that every bit of that was true, he might ruin her marriage, and he could't do that to her. Lorelai felt the tears coming. "They lied he doesn't love me" she thought. She had to get out of there before hee saw her cry.

"Uh ya isn't it." She said and got up quickly and ran to the door. Luke just looked at her wondering why she left so soon. As soon as Lorelai got outside she started to cry, and run home. Miss Patty who was, across the street looked over and saw Lorelai run away crying. She ran over to Luke's to see what happened. Miss Patty opened the door and Luke turned around hoping it would be Lorelai.

"Patty, hi what can I get you?" He asked.

"What just happened in here?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" Luke was confused.

"With Lorelai, I just saw her run home crying." Patty said sounding worried.

"Crying... why the hell would she be crying?" Luke wondered.

"Well what happened in here?"

"Well she came in and she started talking about how she heard all these things about how i secretly love her and stuff, and then she looked at me, and I denied it." Luke said.

" Well why on earth would you deny it?" she asked.

" Cause I don't love her I don't know where she heard all that from." Luke said.

"Luke" Miss Patty said annoyed.

"Ya ok i denied it cause I didn't want to hurt her marriage. If I told her how I felt it might ruin it for her with Max." Luke said.

"Oh god Luke you don't know?" Patty asked.

"Know what?" he wondered.

"Lorelai broke it off with Max last night." Patty explained.


"Because she wanted to be with you. She was coming in here to see if you really did love her." Patty said.

"Oh god.. no." Luke said, "Patty will you watch this place for a second?" Luke asked.

"Oh sure hunny... go get her."Patty smiled.

Luke thanked Patty and got his coat and he was out the door, on his way to get back the girl he loved. If she didn't hate him.



Rory sat on the couch waiting for her mother to come home with the great news. She was so excited that her mom and Luke would be a couple now. She was smiling a mile a minute. She sat and waited for what seemed like an eternity, when she heard the front door open. She jumped up and started to run to the door.

"Mom,"she yelled,"How did..." She stopped when her mom ran past her crying. Lorelai didn't say anything, she just ran upstairs. Rory didn't know what on earth was going on and she tried to follow her mom upstairs. When she got halfway she heard her mom's door slam, and then her mom fall onto the bed sobbing. "What could have happened?" She thought to herslef. She knew from experience that her mom would not want to talk right now, so she would just have to wait to see what went wrong.

Luke was speed walking down the street. He never ran he thought he looked silly. He was getting looks from the towns people who had no idea why he wouldn't be in his diner in the middle of the day. He just ignored them, and against his better judgement, started to run to the Gilmore's house.

Rory didn't even have time to think of what could have happened when she heard a knock on the door. "Oh god," she thought, " Everyone already knows what happend and they are going to want to talk to my mom." She walked towards the door expecting to see Patty, Babette or Taylor, but she opened the door to the last person she expected to see, Luke.

"Luke, what are you doing here?" She asked.

"I made a big mistake, i need to talk to your mom.. where is Lorelai.. God i.." Luke was obviously upset.

"Whoa Luke slow down, what the hell happened just now?" Rory wondered.

"What do you mean?" Luke asked.

"Well my mom says she is going to your diner , and she comes home crying and runs upstairs and slams the door, she wont talk to me, and then 2 minutes later you show up so what happend when she was in your diner?" Rory asked.

"Ok well you probably know that she came to see if I loved her, and she walked in and started babbling about why rachel left, and that i was in love with her, and well I denied it.." Rory stopped him.

"You DENIED it?" She asked.

"Uh.. ya but there is more. See I denied it because I didn't know that your mom and Max were not engaged anymore. I thought that they were still getting married and I thought that if I told her the truth that it would ruin things for them."He said.

"Wait.. if you told her the truth... so you do love her?"Rory asked.

"Of course I do..... I mean well ya i do love her." Luke said," Anyway so I denied it and then she ran out, and I didn't know why, but then Patty came in and explained to me that she broke up with Max and that she was coming there to tell me that she loved me too, and so I ran after her, because if thats true then I can't loose her."

"It's true." Rory said.

"What?" Luke asked.

"That she loves you.. It's ture,"Rory said, " But you better go tell her all that stuff. Shes upstairs, I doubt she will let you in but you can try." Rory said.

"Ok.. thanks" Luke said. He started up the stairs. He was shaking he was so nervous. "What if she will never talk to me again?" He thought, "Oh well I gotta do this." He got to the top of the stairs. He just stood in front of her door for a minute, not sure what he was going to say. Finally he spoke.

"Uhh... Lorelai? Hi its umm.. its Luke."

Lorelai's eyes opened at the sound of his voice. She was so surprised that he was there. She had been crying to loudly to have heard him come in before. She wanted to say something but she couldn't form the words.

"I uhh.. well theres some things that I have to say and you don't have to come out or even talk but just please hear me out." He waited for a response but all he heard were soft tears, so he continued.

"Lorelai, when you came into my diner yesterday morning, I really wanted to talk to you and congratulate you, and do what a good friend would do but it just hurt to badly. When I heard you were marrying Max my heart sank. I couldn't even talk to you knowing that my chance was gone, and there was nothing I could do now. My chance to have to most amazing woman in the world was gone."

At this Lorelai sat up with a small smile on her face. Luke kept talking, "So when you came in today, nothing had really changed, I still thougt you were gonna marry that guy. And then you said all that stuff about me loving you, and I thought that if I told you all of that was true that I might ruin your relationship with Max. I didn't know what to do. So I just denied it. I said that I didn't love you, when really I love everything about you," Lorelai was no longer crying sad tears but now tears of joy, "I love the way that you get when I won't get you coffee, and I love the way that you need it so much, and I love your smile, which is why I always give into you. And I love the way your eyes sparkle when it snows, and how you cared enough to help me paint my diner, and how you would do anything in the world for Rory. And I love the way that you talk really fast, and have a good comeback for everything, and that you would do anything for a good friend, even go out with her date's cousin that thinks your too tall. What I am trying to say is that I made a big mistake, and that I love everything about you. Everything. And I'm sorry." Luke just stood there, staring at her door. He turned around thinking that he had blew his big chance with her. He started to walk down the stairs when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned aroung slowly to see Lorelai, her face red from crying, but with a small smile on her face.

" I love everything about you too." She said softly. And then Luke pulled her in close to him and kissed her, like he had never kissed anyone before. Lorelai kissed him back, and it was like the whole world stopped. When they finally pulled away they stared into each others eyes.

"Aww Luke you old softie" Lorelai said giggling.

"Shut up." Luke said and he kissed her again.


Rory stood at the bottom of the steps watching the two. If it was anyone else kissing her mom she would have been very grossed out. But it was Luke, and it just seemed so right that it brought a tear to her eye. They seemed so happy, and this was the first time in a while se had seen Luke look genuily happy. She watched them at the top of the stairs looking into eachothers eyes so intensly that it would make anybody sick. They both looked down to the bottom of the stairs when they remembered Rory was there. When they looked at her she just smiled, and both Lorelai and Luke blushed. They came down to the bottom where Rory was, hand in hand. They all just stood there for a second.

"You two are like 12 year old girls." Rory giggled.

"What we are not."Luke said kind of offended.

Both girls could not contain their laughter, and finally Luke gave in to. These three people could not be happier becuase they belonged like this. Rory was excited to have Luke in thier lives, more so than he already was.

"This is really great." Luke said.

"I second that!" Lorelai said still laughing.

"Ohhh.. Luke does this mean we get free coffee and cheeseburgers!!" Rory said excitedly.

"Oh ya pleaaaaaaase Luke please!!!" Lorelai was now begging.

"No for two reasons. One without you paying everyday i would go bankrupt and two I love you too much to let you slowly kill yoursleves for free. If you really want to do that then you will have to pay." Luke said.

"Eh.. maybe i don't love you that much..."Lorelai teased.

"Ok ok fine free coffee.... but just one free cup a day.. the rest you have to buy." Luke said. He was giving in to her just like every other time. The girls laughed.

"Your the best Luke." Lorelai said.

"Not true.. your the best Lorelai." He said.

"No you are."

"No you."


"You." They were now screaming. Rory stopped it.

"Ok Ok this could go on forever, you are both the best, now I would prefer not to just stand here and argue about who is better." Rory said.

"Ok so what should we do then?" Luke asked.

"I know!!" Lorelai said.

"I am afriad to ask." Luke said.

"Let's go get coffee!! I get one free, and since I didn't get a chance to get one from you today when you said you didn't love me." Lorelai laughed." You know i came in there to get coffee too but when you said that I forgot and ran out so quickly... we need to go back now." Lorelai said.

"Ya ok." said Luke.

"Huh... your not going to argue." Lorelai asked amazed.

"Not today... i need to make up for that whole not loving you thing. Plus I can't say no when you smile like that." Luke said. They stared at eachother for a while smiling. Luke leaned in and gave her a soft kiss.

"Ok time for coffee!" Rory inturrupted.

The three of them walked out the door. First they were stopped by Babette and Morey, wanting to know if the rumors were true. They told them the truth, and both of the neighbors were beyond happy for them. Babette even decided to throw a party. On the way to Luke's they were stopped by every other person in the town, all wanting to know if the rumors were true. Luke and Lorelai just smiled, held hands and confirmed that the towns cutest couple was official. They got to the diner where Miss Patty was still in charge. She sat at the counter and smiled at the two when they walked in, but she didn't say anything.

"Your not going to ask?" Rory asked.

"I don't have to... I talked to Taylor. Plus when Luke ran after you I figured that it would happen." Patty said.

Lorelai and Rory both turned to Luke.

"You ran?" They said at once.

"Ya... well i mean I didn't wanna lose. again." He said.

"I love you." Lorelai said.

"I Love you." Luke smiled back, and he kissed her, which gave the whole town, who was watching through the window something to see. When they kissed the whole town clapped, and Lorelai and Luke blushed. Luke walked behing the counter and got Lorelai her coffee. When she was done she smiled and asked for more. He gave to to her... for free. That smile got him every time.