Title: Pointless..it's a pointless fic.
Pairing: R/D
Rating: G
Summary: Short and Sweet.
Ownership: man o man, i wish he was mine...


by ggaddicted1

Rory had not been able to think straight or go out and have fun for weeks.
She looked horrible..inside and out. People were asking what was wrong, yet,
she didn't have any energy to explain. Her and Dean had split exactly 2 1/2
weeks into the summer over a stupid arguement that got blown way out of
porportion. Things were said that weren't meant and it just ended in pure
misery. She hadn't even talked about it thoroughly with Lorelai. It was all
just too much heartbreak. She loved him with all of her heart, and when she
finally acknowledged it on her last day at Chilton, everything fell into
place. Stupid arguements always ruin everything.

Rory was stuck in her own confusing thoughts when there was a knock at her

Rory: "Yeah"
Lorelai walked into her daughter's room and sat on the bed next to her and
the pile of tissues.

Lorelai: "I have two things to ask you."

Rory: "Yeah, sure."

Lorelai: "Well the first one is the hardest, so i'll go with that. Honey,
you really need to tell me what happened with you and Dean..I know you got
into an arguement, but you guys usually get past those little bumps. What
was so big about this one?"

Rory: "Mom.."

Lorelai: "Rory, it won't go away until you tell someone."

Rory: "Things were said that weren't meant."

Lorelai: "By who? You or Dean?"

Rory's eyes teared when his name was mentioned

Rory: "By me."

Lorelai: "Tell me what you said."

Rory: (sigh) "Well, we were arguing over..I can't even remember what it was,
so stupid..and it suddenly went from that to screaming at one another. I
remember some exact words from him were 'maybe I shouldn't have come over
today.' and he got up to leave and I...I said something along the lines
of(sniffle) 'and maybe you shouldn't have come to Chilton and I shouldn't
have said I love you'. His face fell and I could see how hurt he was. I
don't even know where it came from..I was upset from all of the screaming
and..I do love him, mom. I love him with all of my heart and soul and I
regret every word."

Lorelai: "Then why can't you just tell him that?"

Rory: "I can't. He'd probably never forgive me for what I said. Plus, take
a look at me. I'm a mess lately."

Dean walked into Rory's bedroom.

Dean: "I think you look beautiful..and I can forgive you."

Rory stared at Dean and then her mom.

Lorelai: "Oh, yeah the other thing I wanted to ask you was if you were up for
some company.."

Lorelai smiled at Dean and left them in the room together.

Rory: "What are you doing here?"

Dean: "Actually, your mom asked me to come."

Rory: "I should have known"

Dean: "I'm sorry"

Rory: "Dean, you didn't do anything..i'm sorry."

Dean: "I know..I heard"

Rory: "You were listening?"

Dean: "Yeah..it wasn't my idea though..all the scheming of your mother"

Rory: "Ah, yeah I should have known that one too"

Dean: "How are you?"

Rory: "I've missed you"

Dean: "Same here."

Rory: "So..are we..back now?"

Dean: "I hope so"

Rory stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck, remembering how safe
she felt in his grasp. He leaned down and kissed her softly.

Rory: "Thank You"

Lorelai peeked her head in the room

Lorelai: "Everything back to 'Lucy & Ricky'?"

Rory: "um no, but Dean and I made up."

Lorelai: "You humor me, child..staying for dinner?"

Rory: "Only if we go out. If you try to be the Iron Chef again.."

Lorelai: "Hey! Don't mock the talented."

Rory: "Suure..I also won't tell Luke the dream you had the other night..."

Lorelai: "You do not want me to take out the wild card, do you? And, by the
way (to Dean)..the dream was completely innocent!"

Dean: "uh-hu.."

Lorelai: "ugh! You too? This town is completely against me. I swear it's
a big, stupid, stupid, big, mean, mean, town!"

Rory: "nice use of vocabulary, mom."

Lorelai walked away grumbling, "Last time I do you a favor."



--ps: yeah, this is like really pointless but I was up late one night (coffee
surge) and had an urge to write..plus i'm obsessed with the first season Kiss
and Tell line 'thank you' when Dean first kissed Rory. So sweet. +_+ Please
don't send feedback if you're just going to bash it. it's my first fic, be