CHARACTERS: Lorelai, Luke, Rory
SUMMARY: Answer to a challenge. Lorelai and Luke finally get to have their
second game of poker that they talked about in Double Date.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Gilmore Girls characters. Amy Sherman-Palladino,
Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, and the WB do. No copyright
infringement intended.

Poker Talk

by MissTee

(Cut to Luke's Diner on a Friday night.)

"Luke!" yelled Lorelai. "I need coffee!"

"What else is new?" replied Luke.


"Fine since you asked nicely." He pours her a cup of coffee.

"Thanks." Lorelai sips her coffee.

"So where's Rory tonight?"

"Out with Dean like always."

"I don't know what she sees in that punk."

"He's a nice kid."

"Whatever you say. I still think he's trouble."

"I'm bored."


"I want to do something. Remember that game of poker we talked about last


"Well I'm finally taking you up on your offer. Get the cards out and deal me

"Fine but be prepared to lose." Luke reaches under the counter and pulls out
the deck. He shuffles them and starts to deal.

"Me lose? You're going down burger boy!"

"I don't think so."

"Well I do." Lorelai looks at her cards and smiles. "I'll take 2."Luke gives
her the cards. Lorelai looks at the cards at smiles even wider.

"Somebody must have a good hand."

"Yup. Very good in fact. You are going to go down!"

"I wouldn't be so sure of that if I was you."

"Oh but I am."

"Okay Miss Confident whatever you say."

"You know what? I have a deal to make with you."

"And what would that be?"

"If I lose then I have to kiss you. It's not gonna happen so don't even think
what you're thinking."

"Fine you're on. We show our card on 3. 1,2,3 go!" Luke lays down his card.
"Royal flush in diamonds." He smiles and watches as a shocked look comes over
Lorelai's face. "What do you have?"

"Ummm not that good."

"I told you I was going to win."

"Yeah but now I have to kiss you."

"Fine just get it over with." Lorelai leans over and gives Luke a quick kiss
on the lips.

"Well that's over with." She looks at Luke who now has a strange expression
on his face. "What's wrong with you? C'mon I'm not that bad of a kisser."

"I know. It's just that kissing you wasn't as horrible as I thought it would


"Yeah. As a matter of fact I kinda liked it. Wanna try it again?"

"Okay." Luke leans over and kisses Lorelai. When they finally stop kissing
they both look at each other and smile.

"We should do that more often."

"Yeah. So uh will you go out with me?"

"On a date?"






"Can I ask you something?"


"How long have you liked me as more than a friend?"

"A while. Why?"

"Oh no reason." They smile and kiss again.