SPOILERS - Every episode up to November 27th’s spoiler.
SUMMARY -The truth is no longer postponed…but the play is.
CONTENT - There might be a curse word or two...if that.
DISCLAIMER - I own nothing at all. This is simply a work
of literature that I wrote in desperation for time to speed
up and be at Tuesday already.


by Cindy

“I hate you!” Rory screamed running out the school and to
the parking lot, with Tristan following, along with the
rest of the audience who were about to attend the play.
“Why do you do this to me Tristan? Why do you enjoy doing
this to me?”

Tristan looked at the ground unable to speak. He was
trying to regain his composure. Out of nowhere as Rory
starts to walk towards Dean and Tristan starts to yell at

“Why? WHY?” Tristan shouted as loud as he could to get her
to look at him. Rory and Tristan, along with quite a few
people in their audience were in their costumes. This was
a major thing for Tristan DuGrey and the attendants of
Chilton wouldn’t miss this for the world. At the moment
Tristan was the one oblivious to his surroundings. All he
saw in front of him was Rory stop running towards Dean, who
was getting out of his truck. “I like you Rory. I’ve
began to like you so much it scares me.” Tristan was going
to lay it all out on the line today. ‘Now or never
DuGrey,’ he warned himself. “I’ve never had a god damn
thing in my life that made me truly happy and I don’t know
how to act to get these things.”

Rory was staring at Tristan still with anger flashing in
her eyes. Her eyes left Tristan, and she glanced at Dean
and then back to Tristan. He looked like he actually had
emotion. He wasn’t the normal monotone Tristan. He had
fire in him…a burning emotion.

“You were different from all the other girls I’ve ever met.
Rory you were so much more than the smart stuck up rich
snob. You were a person with so many intriguing elements
to you. You won me over on your first day.” Tristan was
continuing his speech to Rory. They now had a crowd, but
Tristan didn’t care. This had to be done…here and now.

Dean was looking at the way Rory was staring at him as he
talked and forgot he was there.

“I started teasing you and acting the way I did because you
overwhelmed me. Me…Tristan…was nervous and didn’t know how
to act around you,” he paused here to laugh a moment. “You
sent me back to first grade girl! I have never been
affected like this…EVER,” he looked down at the ground for
a moment and then at the entire school crowing around…and
then…then back to her. “I tried dropping you hints…subtle
and down right obvious but you were oblivious as to the way
my hearts pines for you. At Madeline’s Party…that…that
kiss was burned into my brain and has been torturing me
ever since. Replaying itself at night and making me relive

Rory’s eyes now softened as they stayed on him. He was
showing her…everyone…the real Tristan. He was acting
human. The way he described the way he felt was filled
with such passion. Anger, hurt, bliss. All these and more
played across his face as he declared his feelings to her
and everyone.

‘Dean never looked like he felt this way. Such emotion
just recalling back the few good memories and the other
hurtful ones,’ Rory thought to her self as she stole
another glance at Dean before reverting her eyes back to
the speaker.

“The best way to not be rejected was to act the way I did.
I didn’t think my feelings we grow and that you were all I
thought about. In the past I have always seemed to screw
something up with you and just the slightest decline in my
confidence around you sends me back to the old Tristan.”
He kept his eyes on her as he took one step towards her,
still leaving a good 2 ˝ feet between them. “True
happiness and the DuGrey blood line don’t mix and well it
got in my way. I never wanted to hurt you Rory. Never. I
didn’t know how else to act and I don’t know what else to
say…except…I’m truly sorry.” With that last statement he
turned on his heel and started to walk back down the steps
of Chilton. A few feet away and he turned for one last
look at her. “And I’m sorry you had to work with me on the
play. I asked Headmaster Charleston to pick you because…I
thought maybe I could explain it to you one day. But I
couldn’t…not until I heard the words ‘I hate you’ again.”
Tristan turned to leave to go back to his car.

Rory, ignoring all the students, parents, and faculty, ran
after Tristan. Her dress was flowing in the wind and the
dim light from the streetlamp did a good job of hiding
Tristan’s hurt and dejected emotions. Neither cared that a
play should be taking place right now, all Tristan wanted
to do was get away…far, far away.

“Rory!” Dean yelled out to her, knowing that once she got
to him he lost her for good. Rory heard Dean’s call, but
ignored him, as she was about to resolve this with Tristan.