Rating: PG
Pairing: Rory/Tristan
Summary: Rory meets a mystery man at a Halloween party.
Disclaimer: All characters are from "Gilmore Girls." Owned by the WB, Amy Sherman-Palladino, and Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions.

The Story of Scarlett and Rhett

by blueangelwings

"Excuse me, excuse me," Rory said left and right, pushing her way through a witch, a black cat, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and Superman. She sighed as she sat down on a couch, watching the crowds of people dance and laugh. She had absolutely no idea why she was invited to Louise's Halloween party, or why she even came. One thing that was worth it, however, was her costume. Her mother had been inspired, and came up with the idea. Lorelai had made it painstakingly, ensuring that the outfit was perfection itself, along with all the accessories.

Rory loved her mother's idea and the costume even more. Gone With the Wind was one of her favorite books, and it was just like Lorelai to incorporate it in a creative way. The green dress was the one Scarlett wore at the barbecue in the novel, complete with gloves, a parasol, and a bonnet. It had been months since she and Dean had split up, and Rory had felt restless, wanting to do something new, which resulted in the party. Dean and her had become friends, and slowly, Rory was healing. Her heart didn't thump painfully every time she saw him, and the face that had once made her feel butterflies was now just a familiar face of a dear friend. Dean still often hung out with Rory, but the sweetness of their short romance was now replaced by a different kind of sweetness. Lane had told her she should go to the party and maybe meet a handsome stranger, since Louise had invited people not only from Chilton, but from all over the place.

Rory sat, fiddling with the lace on the skirt of her gown. She had wanted to bring a book, but Lorelai had vehemently opposed. "It would clash with your outfit, and you need to mingle more, honey!" Rory felt rueful and regretted not bringing anything. The beginning of the party hadn't been so bad, Paris had come and visited with her until it was 10:30. But as the party really began, Rory felt out of place.

"Why Scarlett! I ve been searching all over for you!" a sudden voice that she didn't recognize broke into her thoughts. When Rory looked up, her jaw dropped. There was someone standing in front of her, wearing a suit with a silky green shirt and a green silk band in his hat that complemented her dress. A droopy mustache was attached on and he wore a mask. It could only be Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind.

Rory felt her shock wear off as she began to smile. "Rhett, dahlin', you ought to know better than to creep up to people like that!" She exaggerated her Southern accent and laughed up at him. The person only smiled back at her and held out his hand in a gentlemanly fashion. "May I have this dance?" Rory accepted and the stranger led her onto the dance floor in time for the slow song that began playing.

"You look lovely, Scarlett." The voice was soft and close to her ear. Rory felt herself shiver slightly. "Rhett, you do know how to give a girl the vapors." Rory giggled at herself. She felt the stranger laugh silently. Rory wondered as she lay her head down gently on the person's shoulder. She soon forgot about it though, lost in the gentle music and the safe, comfortable feeling in the stranger s arms. Rory molded into his body perfectly, as if they were two pieces of a puzzle. After the dance, the person slowly let her go, as if reluctant for her to leave his arms. He looked at her face, as if memorizing every detail about her. Then, he almost reverently placed a soft kiss on her lips, barely brushing them. After kissing her hand, he seemingly out of nowhere produced a perfect rose, the petals smooth and velvety. "Thank you," Rory whispered, entranced by the stranger's actions. He only smiled and walked away. Rory suddenly came to her senses. "Wait! What's your name?" She started to go after him, but he had already disappeared into the crowd. Rory stood there, in the middle of the dance floor, not noticing the multitude of people around her, gazing down at the rose in her hand.

When she arrived home, she saw a note in her mother's hand. "Over at Sookie's. Don't wait up. Hope you had a great time at the party! Love, Mom" Rory was still in a dream-like state, and only half acknowledged the note. She carefully dried and pressed the rose, stroking the petals and marveling at its perfection. Rory regretted not finding out the stranger's name. But she would never forget Louise's Halloween party. Not ever.

Monday at school, Rory was still floating on an invisible cloud. During the whole day, nothing could perturb her the slightest. After receiving a 100 on the difficult Spanish test, she normally would have been ecstatic, but she only gave the merest hint of a smile before lapsing back into her dream world. After school, she found a note in her locker, written in an unfamiliar hand. "Scarlett, Please meet me in the library. It s very important. You look beautiful today. Yours, Rhett" Another rose, almost identical to the one that the stranger had given to her at the party, was nestled delicately among her books and folders. Rory felt a warm glow come over her cheeks. Tristan was passing by her locker and gave her a strange look after seeing the expression on her face.

Rory breezed into the library with her books and backpack. Looking around, the only people she saw were Dean, Tristan, a guy named Matt and one named Steven. A few girls from Stars Hollow High and Chilton were there; was it Randi or Candi? Some cheerleader anyway. Dean walked over to her. Rory's face clouded over with confusion. It was Dean? But it couldn't be could it? "Hi Rory!" he greeted her. "Hey." Rory hesitantly replied. "Well, I hate to run, but I have places to go and people to see." Dean cheerfully smiled at her and left. Now Rory was mystified as to who the person could be. She slowly walked to a table and put her stuff down, when she felt someone behind her. She turned and saw Tristan. He had a deep red rose held in his hand and a nervous expression on his face. If it had been a different situation, Rory would have laughed at his scared expression. He uncertainly held out the rose to her. Tristan looked so sweet and scared and Rory felt her heart constrict. Then it clicked. It had been him. It had always been him and it always would be him. She took the rose from Tristan and said, "I was thinking that you stood me up, Rhett." Rory shyly looked up at him. Slowly, a smile began to spread across his face as he realized the implication of her words. "Never, Scarlett." He grinned, his whole face lighting up. Rory stood up on tiptoe and pressed a brief kiss on his lips. Tristan pulled her closer. Rory broke the kiss. "You squished my rose!" she squealed. "Well, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Tristan laughed as he quoted Rhett from the book. Then he pulled her in for another kiss.

Epilogue: "And that's how your dad and I met. We ve been together ever since." Rory finished the story. "Wow. That's so romantic." Her daughter (Lorelai, or Lori as she liked to be called) sighed. "Yeah." Rory smiled. "Oh no! You re going to be late for Amy's Halloween party!" "I totally lost track of time," Lori jumped up, smoothed out her Cinderella costume and gave her mom a kiss. At the party, Lori was sitting in a chair watching the dancers when someone approached her. "Would you like to dance before the clock strikes twelve, Cinderella?" Lori looked up in surprise. And Prince Charming stood before her.