Spoiler warning: None
Rating: PG
Content warning: Maybe this should be a G there are a
few times I used shit that’s about it.
Pairing/character: Rory/Tristan
Summary: Chilton has a school ski trip. Be kind this
is my first fic. Rory and Dean have broken up but
Tristan and Rory haven’t kissed.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. Etc.

The Ski Trip

By Arwendle

The Notice was limp in her hand Chilton annual ski
trip attendance required.

“No I’m not going!” Rory stated firmly

“You have to it’s Chilton tradition” said Paris who
was standing beside her locker. “It’s actually kind of

“I think I’ll pass.”

“Actually you won’t if you don’t go. Note the notice
where it says attendance required.”

“Noooooo!” Groaned Rory “I can’t even ski”.

“You don’t have to ski bring a book.” Said Paris as
she turned and walked down the hall.

Getting on the bus

Rory sighed as she walked up the stairs into the very
plush first class bus. Paris wasn’t on it because her
family had flown up to Whistler on Friday evening and
had stayed in their chateau all weekend.

She made her way to the back and sat down by the
window. All the seats around her had bags on them but
no one was sitting there at the moment. She quickly
lost herself in her copy of Les Miserables and did not
notice the people filing onto the bus. Soon all the
seats on the bus were filled except for the one beside
her which was occupied by a bag.

Mr. Medina was calling out the attendance. “Mr. Adams,
“here”….Miss Dawson “here”, Mr DuGrey…”

“Here!” said Tristan as he ran onto the bus puffing. He made
his way to the back of the bus. As he walked he looked
for Rory. He’d wanted to sit near her but it appeared
that she was not even on the bus. Disappointed Tristan
turned to sit in his seat.

“Hello Mary.”

“No.” Rory replied.

“Six hours of heaven.” said Tristan.

“Hell’s more like it.” Said Rory as she completely
turned away from Tristan and continued to read her

She waited for him to say something more anything. He
didn’t. She glanced at his reflection in the window.
He wasn’t even looking at her.

“Is something wrong?” She blurted out

“What?” Said Tristan looking up from his copy of Maxim

“Is something wrong with you? You seem awfully quiet.”

“Can’t you see I’m reading?” he replied.

She turned away again. She couldn’t help herself she
glanced up he was looking at her with a big grin.
Bad move Rory thought here it comes.

“Well if you really want to talk Mary I guess I can
alot some time, I mean we have approximately 5 hours
and 57 minutes not including rest breaks.”

Rory groaned.

2 Hours Later

After attempting for an hour and a half to continue
her reading Rory had given up. She was presently
staring out the window at the darkening countryside.
Tristan had lapsed into silence and was now reading
his magazine.

Tristan wasn’t very interested in his magazine. He’d
read it a thousand times and although the girls were
not unattractive. They just didn’t interest him today.
He was actually using the magazine to hide the fact
the he was staring at Rory Gilmore. She was stunning
sitting there her hands on her cheeks and her elbows
on the armrest staring out the window at the farms,
gas stations and trees that flashed past. She of
course as always was oblivious to his attention, as
she shifted her focus from the window to the fact that
she was sleepy. Tristan watched her eyelids flicker
and close and her body curl up and settle into the
cushions of her seat. When he was sure that she was
asleep he pulled a blanket from under the seat and
covered her in it. She purred slightly in her sleep
and a smile danced across her lips. Tristan shifted
into a more comfortable position and returned to his
magazine, often he would glance up to look at her.

A While Later

Rory woke up feeling warm and cosy like a cat before a
fire. Someone had put a blanket over her while she was
sleeping. Slightly confused Rory looked around. Most
of the people on the bus as far as she could tell were
sleeping or reading. It was silent except for the
whoosh of a passing car or the slight whisper of
light snores. Rory checked her watch only two more
hours to go. She turned to see that Tristan was
looking at her.

“Well sleeping beauty is awake at last.”

“Uh hi Tristan.” she said sleepily, “thanks for the

“No problem” he said quickly. “Nice sleep?”

“Yeah!…Sooooo… how's your magazine?”

“ It’s really great” he said turning to a picture of a
scantily clad woman . “She’s really hot”

“Ugh! You are so Tristan!”


“For a second there I thought you were an alien posing
as Tristan, but again my hope has failed me. I will
continue to wish that one day my prayers will be

“Do you want to know what I think?”


“I think that your jealous.”


“Pamela Anderson!”

“Ah…OK, no. Sorry to disappoint you but my number one
fantasy is not to fill my boobs with plastic and have
Tristan Dugrey ogling me in the pages of …”
She turned to direct her point more firmly at Tristan
when she noticed he was smirking at her.

“What’s so funny?”

She glanced at her watch an hour and a half left. She
groaned and put her head in her hands it was not going
to be a fun trip.

Two Hours Later

Rory was lying on her bed staring up at the ceiling.
The Hotel was very stylish and Rory thought expensive.
It was a good thing that her grandparents had paid for
the trip.

She was glad the bus ride was over. Tristan had
tormented her non-stop. Dean would be mad. No Dean
wouldn’t care. Dean wasn’t her boy friend anymore.
Rory rolled over and tried not to think about it.
Dumped for a cheerleader. That was what had happened.
Dean had said… No she wasn’t going to think about it.
Tomorrow she would learn how to snowboard. Not an
experience she was particularly looking forward to.
Maybe she would like it. Rory stared at the ceiling
and it was the last thing she saw before going to

The Next Morning

“Rory? Rory are you up?”


Paris barged into the room. “You’re going to be late
for breakfast. Everyone must attend.”

“Whatever” said Rory rolling over. “Hey what are you
doing in my room?”

“My parents thought it would nice if I got social time
out of this little field trip. Yah!”

“I thought it was going to be “fun””said Rory

After Breakfast

Rory was ready to go she’d had he lesson and she was
taking a lift up what she thought to be the bunny
hill. Unfortunately she was mistaken.

Rory peered over the edge of the run. It seemed pretty
steep and long for a bunny hill. She started down it
“Ahhhhhh!” She screamed she was going a lot faster
than she wanted to. She hit a rut and lost control.
She flew head first into a bank of soft snow. She
wasn’t hurt but she had definitely had enough. She
noticed that about 30 ft. down the run there was a
warming hut. Rory unclipped her board and walked down
to it.

She was not happy she had snow in her hair and down
her back and even in her bra. It was cold and when it
started to melt highly unpleasant.

The warming hut was simple. Inside there was a wood
burning stove, a bench, and a beat -up old cushioned
chair. On top of the stove was a big pot of hot
chocolate and a couple of Styrofoam mugs. Perfect Rory
thought. Reaching into her Jacket pocket she pulled
out a copy of Great Expectations and began to read.

Tristan was having a considerably better time boarding
than Rory had. He went searching for the fresh powder.
He had a great morning carving down the mountainside
out of bounds. At around 11: 30 he hiked back
inbounds for lunch. Boarding down one of the easier
runs he hit a jump and landed wrong twisting his

“Shit” he swore as he tried to get up.

One of the Ski Patrol assisted him to a nearby warming
hut and went to get help.

Rory looked up as the door opened. No one had bothered
her all morning and the first person had to be

“Great” she said as he entered “just great.”

She noticed that he was limping.

“Are you okay?” She asked. “Helping him into her chair
what happened?”

“Reading again?” He grimaced ignoring her question.

“You need help!” she said.

“The ski patrol guy went to get help he said he’d be
back in about an hour.”

“Oh” said Rory who had now positioned herself on the
bench allowing Tristan to sit in the chair with his
foot up

“Do you want some hot chocolate?” she asked.


Down in the village a major avalanche warning had been
issued. All the lifts had been stopped so no one could
go back up the mountain. There had been a high snow
pack that year and the warm weather had made it
unstable. It was ready to go at any moment.
The patroller concerned with his other duties had
forgotten the injured boarder on the mountain.

At 12:30 the avalanche came roaring down. Covering the
ski runs and ripping outhouses off their foundations.

Inside the warming hut Tristan heard the rumbling and
wondered allowed what it was. Just before the snow
slammed into the warming hut. Rory ran shaking to
Tristan and hid her head in his chest. She was
terrified and so was he. When the rumbling stopped the
fire had gone out and the hut was buried. Rory self
consciously removed herself from Tristan’s arms and
began to cry.

Part 2

Pull yourself together Rory. Ok you’re trapped in a
warming hut under 20 ft. of snow with Tristan. It’s
dark and your fires out, look on the bright side. Find
a bright side Rory.

“ At least we’re not dead” said Tristan breaking into
her thoughts.

At that moment Rory stopped being upset and started to
get angry.

“ You shut up!” She yelled “ I bet you’re very happy
with this situation! You’ve got plenty of time to
torment me now!”

“Rory calm…”

“You know I bet you planned this!” Said Rory turning
her anger on Tristan.

“Yes I planned this Rory! I planned to twist my ankle
on the first day of a week long ski trip! I knew
exactly what warming hut you were in, and I caused the
mountainside to tumble down upon it encasing us

“ Your right! I give you way too much credit! I just
have incredibly bad luck!”

The word luck seemed to hang in the silence that

“What are we going to do?” Tristan asked

“ Well I’m certainly not going to wait here. I’m going
to dig us out!”

“ I don’t think that’s a good idea…”

“ You wouldn’t would you! Tell me Tristan, is it
because it’s my idea or because it intrudes on your
sense of chivalry to have a girl do a MAN’s job.”

“ Fine do whatever you want but it’s going to get cold
in here.”

Rory opened the door to the warming hut and was
instantly covered by the mini avalanche of snow that
poured into the room. She began to dig with her
ungloved hands.

While Rory dug Tristan sat in the semi-darkness and
watched her. He was concerned. She had broken the
Igloo effect around the hut. If they didn’t get out,
it was going to get cold. Very Cold. As he was musing
he noticed a bright orange bag underneath the bench.
Grimacing he raised himself from his chair and limped
over to it. It was an avalanche survival kit. He tore
it open. Inside was a single blanket, a deck of cards,
a couple of granola bars, and a flashlight.

“Rory come here” he called

“ What do you want Tristan” she said coldly
reappearing through the snow filled doorway.

“ Look what I found! Want to play some cards?”

She gave him a long look. She was exhausted from her
digging and she had made barely a dent. Her hands were
cold and her clothes were covered in snow. She needed
a break.

“ If we’re going to survive this it might be the best
idea to call a truce.” Tristan stated “at least ‘til
we get out of here.”

“a truce” she echoed. “ Alright!”

“ War?” He said holding up the cards.


Tristan flicked on the flashlight. It barely
illuminated the room. Then he dealt the deck.

Half an Hour Later

“Hah! Jack beat’s your 9!”

“You Suck! I hate you! Yes! in your face an ace beat’s
your king!”

“No!” Tristan slammed his head down on the bench
“foiled again!”

“ You know this is very weird, I’m having a moderately
good time with you.”

“ Why thank you, but I owe it all to the cards.”

“ So Tristan”


“ Beat this!” Rory lays down a two.

“ I don’t know if I can oh oh oh damn! Two!”

“War! Please, please please. Yes I win!”

“ Damn you cards, you were supposed to win.”
Rory rolled off the bench laughing and hit her head.

“ ouch that really hurt!”

“ Are you okay?”

Tears began to well up in Rory’s eyes. “yeah I’m

“ Rory why are you crying?”

“ I’m not crying am I crying? Oh I’m sorry it’s just…


“ It’s just that Dean and I never played war.”

“ Yeah and can’t you play it together when we get


“ Rory we’re going to get out of here…”

“ It’s not that…”

“well then…”

“ Dean dumped me!”

“ He WHAT?” said Tristan almost choking in surprise. “
Why? When?”

“ Two days ago. He ‘found’ someone new! A

“ Wow, that sucks! I’m sorry I wouldn’t have bugged
you on the bus if I’d known.”

“ It’s Ok.” Replied Rory wiping away her tears.
“ come here”

Rory went over to Tristan and buried her head in his
shoulder. Something she would have never done
somewhere else. But here he was a friend and the only
person to turn to.

“ Rory, you’re freezing” said Tristan with a bit of

“ I’m fine really!” she said wiping away her tears.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded.

“Speed anyone?”

4 Hours later

“…That was the first time I got dumped!”

“ wow Tristan I never knew!”

“ So when was the first…”

“Dean. You know I …really HATE snowboarding!”

“Oh, Why did you come on the trip? You could gotten
out of it.”

“ I Don’t know…I love to ski so I thought…”

“Rory you’re not making any sense.”

“ your right we need some perfume in here…”

Tristan reached over to shake her she seemed confused.
Her skin was like ice.

“Rory you’re freezing!” He looked at her more closely
it was hard to tell in the dim light but her skin was
pale and tinged with blue.

“ No I’m not I’m really warm!”

Tristan realised this wasn’t the case Rory was too
cold and her body was slowing down. He grabbed the
blanket from the avalanche kit. As he wrapped it
around her he noticed that her clothes were soaking.
She wouldn’t get any warmer until she was out of them.

“When she starts thinking straight she’ll kill me”
muttered Tristan as he flicked off the flash light and
began to take off her clothes. Rory was too
disoriented to notice. He stripped her down to her bra
and underwear and wrapped the blanket around her. She
began to shiver violently. She needed more heat.

Speaking to himself Tristan said
“this isn’t exactly the way I imagined it!”

At that Tristan stripped down to his boxers and socks.
He lay down on the bench next to Rory and pressed his
body against hers. Wrapping the blanket around them he
began to rub his hands quickly up and down her back.
The body Tristan most desired in the whole world was
wrapped around his and he wasn’t even thinking about
sex. He just wanted Rory to be okay.

3 Hours Later

Down in the village lunch came and went. Nobody
noticed that Rory and Tristan were missing until
suddenly at dinner Paris wondered where Tristan was.
Probably off somewhere she reasoned. Where was Rory?…


Rory woke feeling groggy. There was a warm firm body
below her. Tristan! What had happened had she and
Tristan…No she couldn’t have. Tristan was gazing up at
her with concerned eyes.

“ Rory are you okay?” he asked

“ I think so.” she said confused

“ I thought you were going to die!” He blurted out
suddenly and in the darkness she could just make out
the tears running down his cheeks.

“ What happened?” she asked . Tristan explained that
she had gotten too cold. When he was finished. She sat
there stunned for a moment. Then she bent down and
kissed away a tear on his cheek.

“ Thank You” She said. Her eyes filling with their own
tears. He reached up and brushed them away with his
thumb. She wrapped her arms around him and settled her
head into the hollow on her chest.

“ I can deal with the whole undressing thing sortof.”
She said “ but tell me one thing.”


“ That you didn’t enjoy it!”

“ That my friend,” he replied “I can not do!”

“ You so are Tristan!” She laughed. As she got up and
searched out her clothes which were relatively drier

“ what are you doing ?” he asked.

“We still have to get out of here!”

“Right! Can you pass me my pants?”

“ You can’t dig with that busted ankle!” she exclaimed

“ dig? Who said dig? Still I must supervise in style!”
They had just begun to dig when they heard noises
above them. A few minutes later their was a crash of
snow and a goggled face looked into the warming hut.


When they got to the bottom of the mountain Rory and
Tristan were both whisked their separate ways. They
both had a medical examination, a hot shower and a
warm plate of food. People gathered around them and
asked questions. Of which neither of them told the
whole truth. They both felt the need to regroup and
talk about there experience before sharing it with
others. Rory finally shed her crowd and wandered
throught the hotel sorting out the day in her mind.
Much later Rory spotted Tristan (who had also escaped)
limping through the lobby. Without thinking she run up
to him and threw her arms around him.

“ I’m so glad I finally found you!”

Then she placed a quick peck on his lips.

“ What was that for?” He asked a little shocked.

“ I asked the first aid woman if what you did…you
know” He nodded “…was necessary and she said that
you saved my life! I was saying thank you.”



“anytime. So let me get this clear. I saved your

“Yes, so I guess this means I owe you big time” Rory

“Well it might take you a while to earn off but you
could start by sitting next to me on the bus ride

“ I’ll think about it!” She replied with a smile. Then
he bent his head and kissed her after a moment she
pulled away.

“ save it for the bus buddy. It’s a long trip.”

He smiled

“ I’ve got lots don’t worry! And by the way
cheerleaders are highly overrated!”