SPOILERS - episode 206, where Richard and Emily argue
SUMMARY - Richard seems to be a little jealous of Emily.
CONTENT - Richard and Emily go to a party, and then they have a Friday dinner.
DISCLAIMER - This is an unofficial story using the characters of the show. I'm
not affiliated with the WB or Amy Sherman-Palladino .No copyright infringement
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Richard Fan Fic. Include the line: "I'm not amazed, I'm shocked."

Swans, Divorced Guys and Other Strangers

by Gabriela

[scene 1, Emily and Richard, in a philothropical party]

Richard - "Um, this avocado salad is great."

Emily - "Richard! We're not here to eat, we're here to help!"

R [loudly] "Who are you to tell me what to do? I came here forced, please let me
enjoy the avocado."

E [everyone is watching the scene at this point] "Why don't you wait me outside?
Or even at a place very far away from here?"

[Richard leaves, and Emily pretends nothing has happened]

Bitty - "Emily, my friend. I couldn't stop me from listening. What happened?"

E "Richard, sometimes, drive me nuts. Let's not make this nonsense ruin our

B "So, how much money are you going to donate to help the swans this year?"

E "The same as last year, my dear Bitty."

B "Good. And are you adopting another one?"

E "This time, no. I don't have enough time to take care of a swan, even though
it'll only stay in the zoo."

[they leave for another part of the place; time lapses and a Richard's old
friend arrive at the party, seeming to be a lot more younger than what he is]

Tom - "Hey, Richard! What are you doing outside? Don't tell me that Emily yelled
at you again."

R "Exactly! But I think the party is much better here. I don't even want to know
how many swans she's going to adopt this year."

T [laughs] "Anyway, are you noticing anything different?"

R "My God, Tom, you're much, sorry for the word, but you're much more handsome
and younger! What happened?"

T "I got a divorce. You know, leaving alone I decided to lose weight and take
care of my appearence. They even got me a promotion at work!"

R "I wish I was as lucky as you are. Emily will never leave me alone! And I
can't put up anymore with my discrepancy! I'm working as hard as I can, but they
already have put a younger boy to replace me soon."

T "That's too bad. How about we get in?"

R "Sure. You go first, I have to talk to Mark Hunn quickly."

[Tom walks around the party for a while, and after ten minutes, he see's Emily
and Bitty talking. He arrives to talk to them]

E [looking amazed to him, from the bottom to the top of his body, with her mouth
open] "My Gosh, are you Tom Potter? Martha's ex-husb-"

R [interrupts her] "Emily! Come here! [pulls her by her arms] Why are you
looking to him with these amazed eyes? Am I not good enough for you?"

E "I'm not amazed, I'm shocked. I can't believe how bad Martha was to him! I
heard about the divorce, but I never thought he would be better after that."

R "For me, it was like you were wanting something with him."

E [walking back to Bitty and Tom, who seem to be having a great conversation]
"Come on, Richard. You're not that jealous."

R [following her] "This time I pass. But any other time you look to someone with
this amazed look..."

E [to Bitty] "So, what are you talking about?"

B "Tom was telling me about his new diet, very good, huh? Look how slimmy he's

E "Yeah, he sure lost a lot of weight."

[cut to scene 2, Friday dinner]

Lorelai - [arriving, with Rory, to the new housekeeper; a pause follows and
Lorelai decied to talk] "Hey, I'm Waffle, this is Trisha. I'm Emily's new
dressmaker, and Trisha is my assistent. She's expecting us."

Housekeeper - "Oh, sorry. Come on in! She's in the living room."

Rory - "Thanks."

L "Hey, mom. How can you trust in a maid like that? She never asked who I was, I
had to tell her or she would let me get in anyway."

E "It's not that bad. Plus, I'm thinking of firing her tomorrow morning. She's
not good at closing stuffs."

Ro "Where's grandpa? I want to show him this book."

E "He's upstairs, talking to his boss on the phone."

L "Um, big problems, huh?"

E "Lorelai! Your father is just trying to convince him that he had to stop
working at night so he could go to the party with me yesterday."

L "Oh, and what animal were you two saving yesterday? Owls? Deers? Snakes?"

E "No. Swans. As usual."

Ro "Look, he's coming!"

Ri [in a sad looking] "Hello, Lorelai, Rory."

L "So, dad, they didn't let you get away with cutting work to save swans, huh?
Mom told me about the party."

Ri "It's not that. Charles was furious, and decided that I have to start
training the new guy next week. How can I train the guy who will replace me in
the future?"

Ro "It's not that bad, grandpa. At least you'll have something new to do at
work. Face it like this."

Ri "Okay, I will. So, Lorelai, did your mother mencioned how amazed she was when
she saw Tom Potter at the party? [looking sarcastic to Emily]"

E "I was not amazed, I was shocked!"

L "Uuh, dad is jealous!"

E "Could we skip this conversation and go directly to the dinner?"

Ro "Can I first show grandpa this book?"

Ri "Oh, The Swan's Way, first edition? How did you find that?"

Ro "My dad gave to me. He sent it via parcel post, and it arrived today at our
house. I just wanted to know if it's really the first edition."

Ri "Well, it seems to be, it's old enough to be, but it seems much well

L "Talking about swans, what happened to Tom, to make you look amazed to him?"

E "Stop that, Lorelai. I was shocked because he has lost a lot of weight, he's
taking care of his appearence, and all because he's divorced now."

L "That seems to be a very Zsa Zsa Gabor male version. What happened to Martha?"

E "They're saying that she was caught red-handed in the act of cheating him."

Ri "Okay, I'm done in my conversation. Could we just go to the dinner table

E "Sure. I'll ask Bhrenda to bring the meal."

Ro "And what we will eat today?"

E "Fish cooked in a seafood sauce."

L "Are we also getting paper napkins with that? Oh my God, have you seen the
recipe on Martha Stewart's show? Did you cook?"

E "It's a very fancy meal. Wait and see..."