SPOILERS: Not really
PAIRING: Loralai/Luke
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these characters

True Love

by Cheryl

Loralai stepped inside Luke's Diner. Her heart pounded as she looked at the darkness surrounding her. The Diner had been closed for hours, but the door had been left unlocked; she knew Luke was still there.

She made her way to the counter and took a seat. She thought about how her mother had been convinced that she was in love with Luke. She had thought her mother was crazy, but now Sookie was talking too. Sookie had been hinting that Loralai had feelings for Luke as well.

Loralai took a deep breath as she heard Luke coming. She closed her eyes for a moment that seemed like an eternity, and when she opened them she saw Luke standing before her. He opened his mouth and words came out asking why she was there, but Loralai did not reply. She wasn't listening, she was to caught up in the expression painted onto Luke's face. She studied him, he hadn't shaven for days, and he was not clean cut at all, but there was something about him. There always had been something about him, a secret attraction that they had always shared. It was an attraction beyond looks and beyond friendship.

Loralai loved Luke with all her heart. She only wished that maybe he could love her back the same. Looking at him standing before her in the darkness of the diner made her realize that she needed him, she yearned to have him by her side. Finally she took a deep breath and leaned in over the counter to be closer to him.

Luke did not know what was going on. He thought Loralai might be hurt or upset. He loved Loralai and even though he did not think she loved him back, he would still do anything to help her. He leaned in close to her, waiting for her to tell him why she had come to him so late at night. Waiting for her to tell whatever she needed to tell.

"Close your eyes," she whispered softly.

Luke gently closed his eyes and waited for a further explanation but receiving a kiss instead. It was his first kiss from Loralai, and it was the kiss of true love.