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Rating: PG
Summary: Lorelai and Rory have a little talk.
Characters: Lorelai, Rory (some Rory/Dean)


by Elyssa

Lorelai hungrily sipped her French Vanilla coffee.

It was almost eleven. Where was Rory?

Lorelai knew perfectly well where Rory was. She was out with Dean, the boy who had stolen her daughter's heart and mouth. Lorelai noticed the twinkle in Rory's eye whenever she returned from an evening with "Narcolepsy Boy." It was the way she had looked at Christopher.

Lorelai looked at the window. She was slightly taken aback by what she saw. She saw Dean and Rory kissing on the lawn chair in the backyard. Rory was facing Dean, and on his lap. Dean's hands, however, were cupped around Rory's delicate face.

"At least they are not roaming, like Christopher's would've been," Lorelai said aloud.

The door slammed.

"Hey babe, have fun?" Lorelai decided to ignore the lawn chair kissing session, for now. After all, Lorelai had done the same on Christopher's motorcycle. Well, not exactly the same.

"Well - Dean and I watched Boogie Nights, and we talked about stuff-"

"What stuff?" Lorelai questioned.

"Stuff stuff," Rory replied.

Lorelai raise her eyebrows. "C'mon kid. Couch. Sit."

"Well as you know, Chief, Dean and I have been dating for almost six months, and things are going great."

"Uh huh."

"Well - he is a good kisser."

"So I've see-heard!" Lorelai quickly corrected herself.

"Well we figured that we should maybe go the uh - mom!"

"Next step?" Lorelai said timidly. "I knew a very attractive sixteen-year-old girl in my school who had that same talk with her boyfriend, but they kinda fast-forwarded, and she has a daughter."

Rory laughed nervously. "Oh no - mom - I don't wanna - yeah."

"But you wanna do more than just kiss?"

"Yeah." Rory was redder than one of Jackson's strawberries.

"Kiss with your mouths open."

Rory smiled shyly.

"Yeah, yeah, too late," Lorelai realized.

"Here's one! Tongue! Well, I can whip out a peeled cucumber or something, and I can teach you how to make it perfect-"

"Uh, mom?" Rory interrupted her mother.

"Yeah, I knew that, too," Lorelai sighed. "Babe, I don't know if I feel all warm and fuzzy inside about telling my daughter to go to step two."

"Step two - as in second base?"

"Yeah, kid. But since I am not about to rotate my head 360 degrees, and pull an Emily Gilmore, let's talk." Lorelai prepared herself.

"First and foremost, if you don't want to do this - don't, please don't. Rory, look, I saw you and Dean outside in the lawn chair. God, you are just like me, kiddo. It shocked me to see you sitting like that, but I am glad his hands were on your face."

"Mom." Rory rolled her eyes, and fought back the need to blush. "Look, I am sorry about that. It's just the way I..."


"Yeah," Rory responded. "I am not about to get married to him. I just wanna be with him a little more."

"Fine. Curfew's at twelve, then." Off Rory's look, Lorelai said, "I'm sorry. OK. Whew! Well, I suggest, starting out slow, like over your shirt. Then in another six months it can be over your bra, and then when you get married you can have some flesh to flesh contact."


"Sorry. Well make sure his hands are warm, because that can cause a lot of problems if they are not. Let him be slow and gentle. I mean it honestly depends on you, kid, if you want him to see the larger Gilmore package - go ahead!"

"I am not - we've had this conversation before." Rory contemplated for a second. "I mean if we keep dating, he is eventually gonna see more of me-"

"I am too young to hear this!" Lorelai screamed. "No - I'm cool. Just make sure he does not force you to do anything, because even though I don't have a shotgun, I think Luke has a flare gun on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet-"

"Mom. I'll be fine."

"K. Good. Great. So when is your next date with Dean?"



"Tomorrow," Rory replied.

"Oh." Lorelai took a moment to regain her composure. "I love you."

"I love you, too, mom."

"And speaking of that all-time fave phrase. Have you and Dean?"

"I feel it, but I don't say it. You'd have to ask him for his opinion."

"Well, I think he does," Lorelai managed to choke out.

"Thanks. Good night."

"Night." Lorelai sank in her chair, and pushed the coffee cup away.

The hours never passed so slow. That was a lie. Labor was worse. But on second thought-

"Lorelai Gilmore is the best mom on the planet!"


"Hey, how was tonight?"




Lorelai prepped herself. "So, did you and Dean...go to step two?"

"Nah. I wasn't ready. And plus we had a cold arm contest to see who could keep their arms in a bucket of ice longer so his hands were cold. Look, can we talk tomorrow? I am dead...and kinda numb."

Lorelai chuckled. "Yeah, sure. Night."


Lorelai walked into the kitchen, and hit the switch on the coffee maker.