Pairing: T/R
Summary: Takes place in the future and Tristan and Rory deal with a loss, sort of sad.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the "Gilmore Girls".

Ultimate Test of Love

By Chrissy

"I, Rory Gilmore, take thee, Tristan DuGrey, to have and to hold until death
do me part."

"I, Tristan DuGrey, take thee, Rory Gilmore, to have and to hold until death
do me part."

Tristan slid the token of his love on Rory's ring finger. "I love you."

Rory said, "I love you," as she slid the token of her love on his finger.

Three months later-

Rory screamed, "Tristan!" and when she found him, she gave him a passionate

"Hey, babe. I now know that you've fallen 100% for me."

"Sorry to say Tristan, I've only fallen 90% for you, but you've fallen 200%
for me," Rory smirked.

"Me, fallen that much by a girl?? Do you have me confused for someone else.
Tristan DuGrey does not fall for a girl, ever," chuckled Tristan because he
had fallen even harder than Rory would ever think.

"Guess what!"

"What! Oooh, I got it!!"

"That's not what I meant. Guess what I found out today?"

"That you love me so much that you can't sleep or eat?"

"You've got me figured out, haven't you?"

"Yeah, I do. So really, what happened?"

Rory cuddled up in Tristan's lap and looked into his eyes and said, "We're
going to have a baby."

Tristan jumped up and began screaming with joy. "I love you, Rory!"

"I love you, too," said Rory as Tristan gave her a kiss.

"Rory, you do realize that would be like having two of me around?"

"On, second thought, I don't think I want a kid," laughed Rory.

A Few Months later-

[A.N.: Rory and Tristan both live in California due to Tristan's job.
Their parents couldn't catch a flight out until one week later. I know
that's sounds crazy, but just follow it. Thanks!]

"Okay, Rory, one more push and we'll get the DuGrey's first child out of your
tummy. Ready?"

"Yep," with that Rory tightly gripped Tristan's hand.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

"One, two, three...push!"

With that Rory pushed as hard as she could.

What was supposed to be the happiest day of their life, quickly became the
worst day of their life.

As the baby came from the womb, something was extremely wrong. The doctor
quickly told the nurses to get Tristan out of the room.

"What's going on?" Tristan asked.

"Tristan, please don't leave," Rory cried.

"Sorry, sir, but you must wait in the waiting room until the doctor updates
you more on the situation at hand," said the nurse.

"Why do I have to wait in the waiting room? What's going on?"

"Sir, please don't ask questions now," said the nurse as she quickly pushed
Tristan out of the room.

The baby was then rushed into ICU. The baby was still not breathing. The
doctor and the nursing staff had tried everything to bring the baby back to
life, but nothing had worked.

The sky outside was beginning to darken. The clouds turned into a gloomy
gray color. The world seemed to stop in the eyes of Tristan.

He paced the waiting room wondering what had just happened. Was everything
okay with Rory? It seemed like Rory was fine, but Tristan couldn't convince
himself that everything was fine with his first born. He replayed the image
back in his head over and over. As the baby's head had appeared, it seemed
different from what he had expected. He imagined the baby to be crying, but
in real life, the baby had made no sound. Then, the doctor began to walk to
the waiting room.

The doctor had no facial expressions on his face. Tristan made many attempts
to read his face, but found nothing.

The doctor said, "Mr. DuGrey, please take a seat right over here," he said
pointing to the chairs.

"Okay. Please, I can't take it anymore. What happened to my baby?"

"Mr. DuGrey, I'm sure you noticed that your baby did not seem alert or even
healthy when he entered into the world."


"To be honest, your baby was not breathing."

Tears began to drown out Tristan's deep blue eyes. He looked into the
doctors eyes to see if he had heard correctly. The doctor shook his head

"Sir, we tried every possible way to bring your child back to life, but it
was to no avail."

Tristan bent his head down and put his hands over his head. He began to sob
uncontrollably, then let out groans of horror. The doctor tried to comfort
him, but couldn't.

"Tristan, I know you may not want to hear this right now, but don't pretend
that you can't feel anything bad because you can," the doctor said and
watched Tristan for a while.

He was almost about to get up when Tristan said, "It's just that ever since I
found out that Rory was pregnant, I imagined this day so happy and full of
stuffed animals and balloons and flowers. Now, it's a-" Tristan couldn't
bring himself to say it, funeral.

"This wasn't the way I imagined my life. I'm supposed to die first, not my
children. Did I do something wrong?" He paused. "Because if I did, please
forgive me, let me die, but let my child live," Tristan screamed.

The doctor tried to impart words of wisdom, "Maybe it was a sign from God to
live each day to the greatest potential." With that, the doctor gave Tristan
one last hug and got up to go tell Rory what had happened.

"Please don't go in there. I'll go in and tell her," Tristan said because he
knew that Rory would be uncontrollable and would try to push people away from
her just like any other mother who had a child would.

Tristan walked into room 666 with his head down. He looked into Rory's
searching eyes and began to cry.

Once Rory had seen his tears, she knew what had happened to her child. As
Tristan tried to comfort her, she pushed him away.

"That's not true. He's fine. You don't know what you're talking about,"
screamed Rory as she began punching at Tristan. Tristan grabbed both of
Rory's arms and shouted, "Rory, stop it! Our little baby boy died when he
entered the world."

Rory shook her head forcing herself not to believe what she was hearing. She
stared at the wall shaking her head. She sat staring at the wall for days.
The only movement she made was shaking her head trying to make herself belief
that nothing was wrong. When Tristan had tried to put a blanket on her, Rory
had punched him in the arm and had thrown the blanket on the floor.

Finally, the day had come when Rory had to leave the hospital.

Tristan had successfully put Rory into the wheel chair after several

Rory did not want to live. She kept asking herself, "Why?" Why did she get
to live? Why had this happened to her? Why? Why? Why?

As the car came to a stop at Rory and Tristan's house, Tristan told Rory,
"It'll be okay. You'll see. We'll get through this."

Rory just stared the windshield. Not responding. Not caring. Not wanting
to live.

Tristan opened her door and carried her into their house. He carried her up
the stairs and placed her gently on the bed. "Are you okay, Rory?"

Rory made no response.

Tristan left the room frustrated. He couldn't take it. Rory wouldn't talk
to him let alone tell him how she felt.

Tristan brought up dinner for Rory, but she didn't eat. "Rory, you've gotta
eat!" Rory then picked up her fork and ate. Although she only ate a little
bit, she had eaten and for that Tristan was thankful. Tristan finally
thought he was getting through to Rory, but the next day, she hadn't eaten.

Tristan decided that if he didn't "reach" Rory in one day, he would call a
therapist to help them.

As the day began, Tristan went downstairs to make breakfast.

When Tristan was finished making breakfast, he brought it upstairs to Rory.
As he opened the door to their room, Tristan scanned the room, but there was
on Rory. He starting looking in the bathroom, but soon found her in the
Nursery sitting in the rocking chair looking around. Thinking about how it
would be like if she had her little baby there with her right now.

Tristan looked into Rory's eyes who were now covered with tears. Tristan
gave her a hug and said that everything will be all right. "We can get
through this."

For the first time in a couple days, Rory said, "It all seems like a horrible

"I know."

"I guess I have to face the facts. My baby is dead. There's nothing I can
do that will ever bring him back. But I do know that I need to keep living
my life." She paused. "Tristan," she said staring into his eyes, "I'm sorry
for putting up such a fight."

(This song's by Fuel and it's called "Bad Day".)

Had a bad day again
She said
I would not understand
She left a note and said
I'm sorry
I had a bad day again

She spilled her coffee,
Broke her shoelace
Smeared the lipstick on her face
Slammed the door and said
I'm sorry
I had a bad day again

And she swears
There's nothing wrong
I hear her playing
The same old song
She puts me off and
Puts me on

And had a bad day again
She said
I would not understand
Left a note and said
I'm sorry
I had a bad day again

"Rory, it's okay. We'll get through this. That which weakens us will only
make us stronger."

Tristan hugged Rory and pulled her close to him for a kiss. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

Nine months later-

"Rory, Tristan. You're now the parents of two beautiful baby girls!"