Pairing: R/T
Summary: Tristan helps Rory home when she gets sick at school, and they spend the day together.
Rating: PG
Setting and Time Note: Set after Lovers and Troubadours or whatever the
Season Finale was called :)~
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. . . but I wish I did own Tristan :)~

Author’s Note: This is my second fan fiction. . . I hope you guys like it as
much as you liked the first one I wrote. And thanx to Dezrt Storm for the
idea. Well I think that’s about it. Enjoy!!

* * indicates thoughts.

The Voices in Your Head

by snoflaik

Part One: The Illness Emerges

Tick tick tick

Rory stared at the clock watching the second hand go around the clock. Only
15 minutes left in the period. Only 6 hours 4 minutes and 48 seconds left in
the school day. And she was in agony. Blinding headache, added to nauseous
churning feeling plus chills that just would not go away. No concentration
on notes or whoever was speaking; the teacher’s voice was a low-grade hum in
the background of her misery.

*Just make it through the day. You can do this Rory. You have the willpower.
* She thought dimly.

Tristan was watching her intently. Sure the girl said she hated him. Sure
he saw her little tonsil hockey session in the middle of the courtyard with
her boyfriend-turned-ex-turned boyfriend, Dean. But he just couldn’t bring
himself to hate her in return. She should have fallen at his feet by now. At
the beginning of the year, he was interested. By Christmas vacation, he was
intrigued. After the kiss, he was crushing hard. Now, after slight
friendship and reversion back to hatred, he was almost in love. He found
himself staring at her once again. Today she seemed oblivious to everything
around her. She wasn’t even holding a pencil in her hand anymore. He saw
her flushed cheeks and the dazed look in her eye and knew that something was

Next came a wave of dizziness. *Ok that’s it. Nurse please*

She raised her hand in the middle of the teacher’s lecture on the causes of
World War I.

“Yes Rory?” he asked.

“Nurse pass.” was all she could get out, before another wave hit her full

“Pardon?” She had barely whispered the words.

“May I have a nurse’s pass please. ” She managed weakly but louder.

He took one looked at the flushed face and the grim expression and
consented. He saw her try to get up, almost fall over, and also decided to
have someone accompany her.

“ Of course. Tristan, help her there please.”

Tristan got out his seat and walked over to Rory, where she was still
standing trying to hear what had been said through the pounding in her head.
When she felt someone lightly grasp her arm, she almost jumped five feet
in the air. She turned to see who it was and looked up into two blue eyes
filled with concern for her. She knew whom they belonged to. She could
always distinguish him from others. She was about to refuse help when
another wave hit and she was forced to lean into him not to fall over. He
dodged her glare as he put his other arm around her waist and started
leading her out the door. He knew from her look that she didn’t like it
especially but he wasn’t about to let her go alone.

“Oh you must be enjoying this.” She said with another glare in his direction
as she was forced to lean even more on him. He was practically carrying her.

He saw he eyes squint with pain as the headache became too much again and
decided to push back the biting retort on his lips. He just tightened his
jaw and kept walking.

The pain was making Rory lash out. She just couldn’t stand the thought of
Tristan helping her when she was at her weakest.

“Admit it. You love being the knight in shining armor for the damsel in

“Sorry, but my horse was in the shop today so you’ll have to settle for a
concerned friend.”

“Concerned my ass.”

“Wow your vulgar when you’re hurting.” He replied with mock shock, “Miss
proper Rory has a potty mouth! I never would have guessed.”

He grimaced as he saw her face scrunch with pain again and her walk slow to
a stop. She fell onto the bench along the wall and started rubbing her
temples hoping the pain would go away.

“Lord Tristan I can’t even think straight enough to come back with
something. Can you just leave me alone please? I’ll be fine. I just have a
little headache and am perfectly capable of walking to the nurse myself.”
She attempted to get up again only to fall back down since she was so light
headed. Her jaw tightened while she tried to gather her pride. Tristan, of
course, saw right through her little speech and was determined more then
ever to help.

“Look Rory,” he said exasperated,” I know we’re not exactly all chummy
anymore. Hell you’ve already told me that you pretty much despise me.” These
words were spoken in a bitterness that Rory couldn’t mistake. “ But I’ll be
damned If I allow you to try to do this alone when you can’t walk. Will you
give up your bloody pride for one moment and allow someone to help you!”

When his little tirade finally broke through the muddled haze that was her
thoughts, Rory looked up into his eyes. They shone with his concern for
her. The headache was increasing and she sighed in defeat.

*What the hell, he is only trying to help and consider how long you’d have
to remain on this bench before you could get up enough strength to make it
to the office.*
Rory stood up and allowed him to carry most of her weight again.
* Do I always carry a two-person conversation in my head when I’m sick? *
She found herself thinking in her muddled state.

*Yes yes you do. Great. Rory now is hearing voices besides the pounding.
This is a great day.*

By the time they reached the doorway Rory couldn’t form coherent sentences
to talk to herself anymore; she was so weak from the pain. Her head was
fuzzy and she unconsciously wrapped her arms around a neck.


The haze cleared for a moment. She noticed that her legs weren’t moving
but the doorways were being passed. She looked up. Tristan was indeed
carrying her now. He smirked and gave her a
what-do-you-want-me-to-drag-you-look in response to her glare.
She slipped back into her fuzzy state.

*This feels good. Wait why does this feel good. You hate him. Not really.*
said a little voice in her head.* Oh great now I’m arguing with myself.
Crazy girl Rory with the voices in her head. Yeah, the voice of reason.
Stop that! It makes my head hurt even more.*

She tried to ignore the sensations and electricity flowing into her body
from wherever their bodies touched. She was eventually lulled into sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rory woke up as she her body was jerked.
“Five more minutes. . .” she mumbled softly. Her head then hit something
hard and she rubbed the spot gently before opening her eyes. Brightness
coming in from the windows, houses being passed by, Tristan sitting next to
her driving. She closed her eyes and tried to go back into her stolen


Her eyes snapped open and she sat up. Thus causing her head to pound even
more and dizziness to hit once again.
Tristan noticed jerky movements.

“ Hey Sleeping Beauty. You know you should really get up more slowly next

She just looked at him wide-eyed in response.

“Wha. . . ? wher? How. . .?” she shook her head to clear it slightly. The
dizziness was almost gone. “What the hell is going on?” she practically

“Jeese your crabby when you wake up. Quite the little ray of sunshine.“ He
ignored the look she gave him. “Let me bring you up to speed. Because your
emergency contacts were less that helpful during your emergency, your
grandmother gave me permission to drive you home. I, being the kind
gentleman that I am, consented. You were asleep as soon as I got you to the
nurse’s office and I couldn’t wake you up to walk to the car. Thus right now
we are on the way to Stars Hollow. Any questions?” He looked over at her.

“Yes, Do you have any aspirin? My head is pounding even more from that hard
thing you call a car door. “

“I call a car door.”

“I simply refer to it as pain-inflicting torture device. You’d think in
such an expensive car the door would be softer but no put all the money into
expensive seat warmers. There’s no justice in the car engineer industry, I
tell you. None.”

Tristan just gave her a look and handed her an aspirin bottle form in the
center consul.

“Your even more odd when you’re sick.”

“I guess I’ll take that as another compliment cause it’s to painful to think
about what else it could have been.”

“By the way, how do I get to your house from here?”

“Make a left at the large donut on the corner and a right onto Tanglewood.
It’s the house with the swing on the front porch.”

“Large donut at the corner?” asked Tristan with one eyebrow raised.

“Yes, It wasn’t taken down from the Donut Festival.”

“Donut Festival?”

“Yes, its 3rd in the Desert Party series which we have every year. Pie
Festival, Crepe Festival, Donut Festival, Ice Cream Festival and the
greatest of them all, the Pastry Extravaganza. The baker makes a mean crème
puff let me tell you.”

“You definitely belong in this town.”

“Thank You.” She replied with a little smile.

“Well you’ve perked up all of a sudden. Feeling better?”

“It comes and goes. But the aspirin helped. By the way, how would you have
gotten me home if I hadn’t wakened up.”

“Divine Inspiration.”

“Enough said.”

They drove in silence for a little and Tristan smiled to himself as he
turned at the corner of the giant donut. He then turned onto Tanglewood and
stopped in front of her house. When he looked over at her, he noticed that
her eyes were closed, her brow was scrunched and she was rubbing her

“Aspirin not all that’s effective, eh?”

“I’ll be better as soon as the car stops moving.”

“It did. We’re here.” Rory looked out the window and saw that it was true.

“Well then, thanks.”

“Do you need help?”

“I think I’ll manage it. As soon as the ground stops moving.” She mumbled to
herself as she looked down trying to get her footing.

She was concentrating so hard on this little task that she didn’t notice
Tristan get out of the car and walk around to her side.

She stood up on solid ground and the world tipped. She fell and was prepared
to catch herself when she felt two strong arms around her waist. Tristan
picked her up and hit the car door shut with his foot.

“You are the most stubborn person I have ever met.”

“You are just pouring on the compliments on me today aren’t you.” She gave
him another glare before going weak form the pain and dizziness again.

He walked up the steps to the house and set Rory down on the swing for a
second while he opened the door.

“Don’t you ever lock your front door?”

“Very low crime rate” was the response he received as he lifted her once
again. He walked in through the foyer and laid her onto the couch.

“Ahhh comfiness.” She smiled in her muddled state again until the smile was
replaced by a wince of pain.

Tristan looked down at the grimacing girl on the sofa and knew that he
should stay and try to help her in some way.

“Do you need anything?”

“Water would be nice.”

“Comin’ right up.”

He walked into the kitchen and started opening up cabinets until her found
the right one and filled the glass with water form the refrigerator. He
noticed a note on the fridge from Rory’s mom.

Had to go to Philadelphia to meet with the owner of the
inn and go to some conference for managers. I won’t be home
until tomorrow afternoon. Call my cell if you need me.
Love ya!

“Hey Rory,” he said as he walked out of the kitchen with her water. He
walked around to see a sleeping Rory on the couch with a smile on her lovely

*Ok what to do. Leave the peacefully sleeping sick girl alone when her mom’s
not coming home for a day or stay and risk getting thrown out when she wakes
up and has had time to fully think. *

He knew that he couldn’t leave her so he got a blanket and tucked it around
her before flopping into a chair next to the couch and began reading the
copy of _Pride_and_Prejudice_ lying on the table next to it.