Rating: PG
Category: L/L
Spoilers: Post Love, Daisies and Troubadours, loosely
for all of S1
Disclaimer: They belong to Amy Sherman Paladino, the
WB, Dorothy Parker Drank Here and the actors who bring
them to life. Please don't sue, all you'll get is some
stuffed animals and notebooks!
Summary: Rachel inadvertantly urges Luke and Lorelai
to confront some unresolved feelings...
Authors Notes: Ok, I whipped this up in 45 minutes
the night before the premeire. I wanted to post it
beforehand, but turned out my email account was
bouncing emails and all that good stuff. SO anyways,

Waiting Too Long

by eve

"Mom! Can you get that?"

Lorelai grumbled to herself as she searched her
living room looking for the cordless. "Just because
you're upstairs prepaing for a 'reunion' dinner, and
I'm stuck at home while my potential fiance is at a
department head meeting doesn't mean that I should
have to--ha! gotcha!" she interrupted herself
triumphantly as she pulled the phone out from between
the cushions. "Hello?" she said, plopping back onto
the couch.

"Hey, Lorelai? It's Rachel."

"Rachel? Um, hi..."

"Yeah, I know, it's kind of out of the blue," she
laughed. "But I figured I'd just all to check in on
Star's Hollow."

"You mean, ask about Luke," Lorelai said bluntly.
She could hear Rachel's sigh through the phone line.

"That wasn't my main resaon, but I'll admit I"m

"You really hurt him you know," she replied
seriously. "At least if the lost puppy dog look on his
face is any indication."

"I know, but...it had to be done."


"Look, let's drop this for now. How are you doing?"

Lorelai took the change of subject in stride,
promising herself she'd steer the conversation back to
Luke. "Well, I got proposed to, so I guess I can't

"Proposed?! But I thought you said...by who?"

"Max," shje replied with a smile. She remained
oblivious to Rachel's stuttering. "1000 daisies, can
you believe it? Of course, then it turned out that old
Mrs. Pearson is *allergic* to daisies, but really,
where can you put 1000 daisies? So--"

"Lorelai, sorry to interrupt, but I have to go.
I'll talk to you later. Bye!"

Lorelai disconnected her phone confusedly as the
dial tone reverberated in her ear.

"Who was that on the phone?" Rory asked as she
bounded down the stairs.

"Rachel, if you can believe that one."

"did you bitch her out?" Rory asked off-handedly,
fidgeting with her hair.

"No..." Lorelai turned her full attention to her
dauther. "Honey, you look beautiful!"

"It's not too much?" she asked, running her hands
down the full maroon skirt.

"You'll knock his socks off."

"Oh, but then his feet would be cold."

"He'll be too dazzled by you to notice."

There was a beep from the front of the house. "Ok,
bye bye, have fun, don't stay out too late, save me a

Rory stuck out her tongue before sassily blowing
her mother a kiss. "Bye, I will, I won't, not on your

Lorelai stared at the shut door wearing a faint
smile before sighing to herself. "Off to Lukes."

When Lorelai came to the diner and hour later, she
could see right away it was nearly empty except for
Luke and...Rachel? She opened the door as quietly as

"You took to long!" Rachel was saying.

"Look, Rachel, I'm not going to have you come back
just to tell me who I should--Lorelai."

Rachel spun around to catch Lorelai's half grin.
"Hey, how's it going?"

Luke nearly smiled in memory, but he caught
Rachel's heated gaze. "Coward," she mumbled fiercly as
she stood to brush her lips against his cheek.

"Yeah, it was nice seein you too!" he called as she
left, only giving Lorelai an apologetic smile.

"What was-"

"*Don't* ask," Luke told her.

"Ok, I can take a hint. Where was she, at least?"

"Hartford," he replied teresly. "What are you doing

"Well, I came for some coffee and friendly banter,
but given the situation, I'd settle for coffee."


He went behind the counter and banging everything
possible started to brew a new pot.

"So what did you wait too long for?" she asked
cheerfully, perching on a stool.

"I thought you said you could take a hint."

"I can, I just usually choose not to."

"Well, I choose for you. Shutup."

"Ah, now you're rousing my curiosity. What, pray
tell, has you all tied up in knots? A secret, lustful,
relationship perhaps?"

"Now you're just being annoying," he complained,
setting the coffee in front of her.

"Or maybe you don't actually cook you're food, you
have a little elf in the back thats demanding a higher

"She thought I should admit I had 'feelings' for
you, alright? Jesus." Luke grumbled.

She nearly choked on her coffee. "Feelings?" she
sputtered. "Like relationshippy type feelings? Like
wearing matching baseball caps type of feelings?"

"Yeah." Luke tried to get the word out lightly, but
it sounded painful.

"Oh wow!" she laughed. "First I though she was
cruel, but now I know the truth-she's insane."

"Lorelai?" Luke braced himself on the counted,
inches away from her face.

"Yes?" she said, still wearing a grin.


And not really knowning how she ended up in such a
compromising position, Luke's lips were on hers, and
her hands were on his face. The next second they were
both breathing hard, and Lorelai's eyes were wide
staring into his.

"That," he begain with a smirk. "Is what I waited
too long for."

She silently agreed.