Summary: Rory and Tristan have been together for 5 years and are getting married.
Rating: PG
Pairing: R/T
Disclaimer: I donít own the Gilmore girls and so on and so forthÖ
Authors notes: I have read fanfics that were about Rory and Tristan when they were younger I have read ones about when they are grown up and having kids and things like that and I decide to write about their wedding. Like always I am open to feedback. Lastly I would like to point out that I usually write using mostly conversations but this one will be very descriptive. So enjoy!!!
This starts at a dinner that Tristan and Rory are having as a celebration of Rory graduating from Harvard.

Tristan and Roryís Wedding

by Erica

Rory: No matter how many times you bring me here it still seems to romantic. (She smiles at Tristan and touches his hand)

Tristan: I know that why do you think that I keep bringing you here? (He leans down and kisses her hand.)

They continue to look at their menus and then the waiter comes takes their order. They eat their dinner talking about future plans and other obsolete things.

When they were finished and discussing weather or not to get desert Tristan said: Rory I have to say some thing.

Rory: What?

Tristan then got on one knee next to her chair and took her hand softly in his own.

Tristan: You have made my life worth living with out you I would probably be in my fatherís business married to a woman that my parents picked for me. When you became me friend the summer of our sophomore year you made me a better person. Latter when you took me as your lover you took away ever once of arrogant ness and hate and sadness out of me with one kiss. You help me in so many that I canít even tell you. I want to be able to tell you that I love you every day of my life. (He then pulled out a box from his breast pocket and opened it to reveal a beautiful, but middle sized, diamond ring.) Be my wife Rory. Tell me that you want to wake up every morning to a husband that you love and that loves you with ever fiber in his body and then tell me that you will let me be that man. So will you Lorelai Leigh Gilmore, Rory, take me to be your husband, soul mate, lover, and ever-lasting friend?

By this time Roryís eyes were filled with tears.

Rory: Yes Tristan Dugray I will marry you.

He took the ring out of the box and placed it on her left ring finger. Which was difficult because both their hands were shaking so much. After Rory looked at her trembling left hand that was now decorated with a ring that symbolized Tristanís eternal love they hugged. By this time more then half of the others in the restaurant were not only paying attention but also standing and clapping. Rory and Tristan kissed and then looked around at every one that was clapping.


Rory and Tristan got out of his car and half ran half skipped to the front door. When they got there they kissed each other and then knocked. It was 11:00 at night so it took Lorelai a minute to get to the door. She opened it and looked rather startled.

Lorelai: What is it? Is there some thing wrong?

Rory: No mom we are sorry we waked you butÖ(at this point Luck came to the door in a robe) we are getting married. (Rory then lifted her left hand to show her mother the proof)

Lorelai quickly work up and hugged her daughter. Then Tristan. Luck just kinda stood there amazed then shook Tristanís hand and hugged Rory. Rory and Tristan couldnít keep the smiles off their faces.

Lorelai: Come in and tell me all about the purposel.

Rory: We canít we have to go we havenít told Tristanís parents yet.

Lorelai: You havenít told his parents yet? You mean you drove from Hartford to Stars Hollow to tell us first then you planned to drive back to Hartford to tell Tristanís parents? All that and you canít come in and tell us just about how he purposed?

Rory: Fine but just for a half hour.

Then Rory and Tristan walked into the house and to the living room. Rory and Lorelai sat right down on the couch and started talking.

Luck: Come on Tristan letís go make some coffee. If you want to satisfy your future wife then Iíll have to show you my secret.

Tristan and Luck walked into the kitchen together. Tristan walked right up to the cabaret were he knew the coffee was kept.

Luck: No. No. You have to ground the beans your self. (He pulled out a bag of beans out of the freezer part of the refrigerator.) Always keep the beans in the freezer. (He then took a small bean grounder off the counter and out the bean into it.) It may take a little more time to grind the beans and you have to replace the blades every month but you have the freshest coffee ever. (He then took the bean remains out of the grinder and put them in the coffee maker.) And if you have the time, boil the water then let it cool and then put the water in the coffee maker.

Tristan just sat back as listened to Luck taking in all the advice.

Luck: Listen; Rory has been a big part of my life ever since she and her mother moved into Stars Hollow. She became even more like a daughter to me since Lorelai started dating.

Tristan: I know what youíre going to say you are going to say that if I hurt her you will kill me or something. Right?

Luck: I know that you love Rory. You two have been together for a long time. I just want to say if you ever find that you donít want to be with herÖ (At this Tristan opened his mouth to respond but Luck waved him off) I know you are going to say that you will never do that you love her so much. But IF you ever find your self in the situation donít go out and try to find it with another women or find it in alcohol just take my advice take a nice long vacation and by you self and if you come back feeling that way just tell her as soon as possible donít skirt around the issues. (Tristan nodded.)

Tristan: Now that you have had your chance to say your point of view can I tell you mine? (Luck gave him a skeptical nod and Tristan proceeded) I the first time I saw Rory it light a fire in my hart that caused me to pine after her. At that point in my life I was a manÖ boy that had ever woman that I wanted. But the moment that I saw her I knew that she was the one that I was going to spent the rest of my life with. And, you know what? That fire that she light in my hart is not only still there but it is bigger and brighter. Every time that I hold her it is like the first time ever kiss holds the passion of that first one. I love Rory and if this fire in my hart has lasted and grown over five years then next 70 will be no problem. I am not saying that there wonít be fights I just know that when I am 90 years old I am going to love her and that is all I can promise.

At that Luck walked over to Tristan and gave him a hug. Also by this time the coffee was done so Luck poured four cups of coffee. Tristan took one for him self and one for his fiancťe. Luck took the last two for him self and his wife. The two walked back into the living room where Rory had just finished telling her mother about her nightís experience. The two men distributed the coffee and then sat down Luck in his favorite recliner and Tristan sat down be hide Rory she that she could lean back on him.

With everyone situated Lorelai asked: So have to guys thought about the wedding?

Rory: We have been engaged for and hour and a half.

Lorelai: Oh donít act like you havenít been thinking about that day since you were like two.

Rory: I wasnít. I was thinking about Harvard.

Everyone laughed because they all knew that was the truth.

Lorelai looked at Tristan and asked: I know you have thought about this day for a while why donít you share you plans.

Tristan blushed at the thought that everyone knew that he had dreamed and planed ever detail of his marriage to his beloved Rory.

They all stayed there talking for another half hour and then Rory said: I think that we should get going if we want to make it to Tristanís parents house before the sun comes up.

Lorelai: You arenít still thinking about going there are you? Do you know how un-keen I was to the idea of having someone at my door at 11:00 at night? I donít think that the Dugrayís will take to that idea as well as I did. Why donít you too stay here and then go there in the morning. Rory you canít sleep in your old bed and Tristan you can have the couch.

Tristan and Rory looked at each other and agreed that was a good idea. After that Lorelai got Rory some of her pjs and got Tristan some of Luckís. They all settled in and went to sleep. About 20minute after everything had stopped moving Tristan heard something moving toward him. He then saw Rory.

Tristan: What are you doing? Even if we are both 21 if your mom catches you in a dark room with me on what is temporally being used as a bed she will kill me and then Luck will take my remains and make coffee out of them.

Rory crawled under the covers that Tristan had and snuggled up agents him: I sorry I just canít sleep I am kinda still getting use to the whole thought of being engaged to someone. I mean I am going to be a wife. And one day a mother. That is a lot to hold.

Tristan just smiled at her and put his arm around her to make his shoulder a pillow for her.

Rory: That purposel was really moving how did you know what to say? I mean did you have it planed or did you just say it from hart?

Tristan: Both. To be honest with you I have been planning that speech for five years.

Rory laughed. They spent the rest of the night just sitting there not talking just contemplating what the other had said. They eventually fell asleep in each otherís arms.

Luck walked down the stairs and put his arms around his gazing wife that was standing at the bottom of the stairs. He then saw what she was staring at. Rory and Tristan were asleep on the couch together. He took one step letting his fatherly instincts take over. Lorelai stopped him. She guided him in to the kitchen and told him that she knew that the two had not done any thing and there was nothing to worry about. Then she kissed him and told him to make coffee

Luck: Is that the only reason that you keep me around? To make you coffee?

Lorelai: No you got a cute butt too.

At that Rory tiptoed into the kitchen.

Rory: Oh I didnít know you guys were awake I just went for a walk around the block and now I am going to go and get dressed.

Lorelai: You went for a walkÖ in you pajamas?

Rory: Yeah well you know I didnít have any thing else to wear.

Lorelai: the jig is up kid we saw yeah.

Rory: Nothing happened I swear.

Lorelai: I know. Now sit down before you have a brake down. My man slave is making us some coffee.

Rory: Oh Luck you got promoted to man slave I must buy you a cake.

After that Tristan walked in and gave Rory a kiss on the head and the sat in the chair next to her: Any coffee made yet?

Lorelai: A work in progress.

Luck: Yeah the man slave is making it.

Tristan: What?

Rory: Long story.

After that Lorelai got a really dreamy dazed look that caused Rory to ask: What is wrong mom?

Lorelai: Nothing itís just that for the first time the four of us are a family. You, me, Luck AND Tristan. (This caused Luck to give her a kiss and Tristan to kiss Roryís hand.) I have an idea why donít Rory and I make you two breakfast and you guys go into the living room to talk.

Luck: Why donít I teach Tristan how to play poker. And if he already knows then I will get some money out of him.

Tristan: I learned at collage. Youíre on!!

Tristan went and got his wallet and Luck got money out of the cookie jar. They played till Rory and Lorelai finished making breakfast. To Luckís surprise Tristan beat him out of 40 dollars. Which Luck did not like very much. After they ate breakfast Tristan and Luck cleaned up and washed dishes. While Lorelai tried to explain the basics of poker to Rory so the four could play a family game. With that they all sat down and Tristan said:

Tristan: Well since I up by 40 dollars I will supply Rory with her money. (Luck gave him a dirty look and then continued to play. The game was not a serious one Rory was contently asking for help and having Tristan help her. Also Lorelai keep trying to bend the rules in her favor. In the end Tristan got back all the money that he out in and so did Luck.)

After that Rory took a shower and borrowed some of Lorelaiís clothes. Then Tristan took a shower and just got back into his dress pants and shirt. After many good-byes Rory and Tristan left and got into his car a drove to Hartford. They walked up to the Dugray door holding hands and having big smiles on their faces. Although they were happy Mr. and Mrs. Dugray were not nearly as happy as Luck and Lorelai. After that Tristan and Rory headed over to Emily and Richard Gilmoreís house. They were also ever happy about the wedding and Emily spent the rest of the visit trying to convince Rory, mostly, and Tristan to have a very big and elaborate wedding. The two next went to the small apartment that Lane own in Stars Hollow.

After many meetings and conversations it was decided that the two would have a small wedding in Stars Hollow Town Square. This did not satisfy either Emily Gilmore or the Dugrays. Both were accustom to having weddings that were not only the joining of two people but also big social events. So to accommodate everyone Rory and Tristan decide to let Emily and Mrs. Dugray plan the engagement party. Which was of cores a big spectacle. As a result of the many meetings it was decided that they would have the engagement party at the Gilmoreís. Lorelai was sure that they came to this conclusion by having Emily and Mrs. Dugray mud wrestle. They event was set two weeks after they original engagement occurred.

THE NIGHT OF THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY. (Rory, Luck, Lorelai and Tristan stood out side the Gilmore house talking.)

Luck: I donít like this. (He was complaining about not only the fact that he had to spend an evening with Lorelaiís parents but also that he had to shave and put on a tux)

Lorelai: Itíll be fine.

Emily then came to the door and said: What took you so long the Dugrayís have been here for an hour you are making them wait.

Lorelai: Nice to see you too mom.

The four walked in the house and the five went to the living room.

Mrs. Dugray: Tristan dear we must work on you punctuality if you are going to be a good husband. (She then gave him two air kisses no each side of his face.)

Lorelai: No it is my fault Tristan was actually standing at the front door trying to get us out of it like an hour before we actually did.

The eight sat and talked as Mrs. Dugray and Mrs. Gilmore walked in and out of the room to go check on things like the food and the ďhelpĒ.

Mrs. Dugray: So Rory what are you planning on doing now that you have graduated from the best school in the world?

Rory: Well actually I want to travel. And while I am doing that I plan to write.

Mrs. Dugray: Write what?

Rory: Books, articles, bumper stickers ya know whatever.

Mrs. Dugray: How quaint.

Tristan: Mother!!!

Richard: So what do you plan to do Tristan?

Tristan: Well after law school I am taking over my fatherís law firm. But on the side I would like to travel and I am looking on to helping charities, not only financial, but I want to do fun raisers and even go right were the problem is.

Richard: What do you mean by that?

Tristan: Well I guess I mean that if I am helping a homeless charity I will go to soup kitchens around the country. Or if I am working with underprivileged kids I will go to New York City and L. A. (Mrs. Dugray gave a look of disgust that caused Lorelai to laugh to her self)

Richard: That sounds good. But do you think that you will be able to while running you fathers business?

Tristan: Yes sir. But I know that Rory will help me do it all. (At that he looked down at his adoring fiancťe who had been watching and listening with pride.)

They didnít have much more time to discuss the matter any more because guests started to arrive. The people didnít just show up one by one that swarmed in. Rory and Tristan were only parted once and that was because Tristanís old high school friends took him a side to do their usually guy thing:

Friend #1: Man, what made you decide to put on the old ball and chain?

Friend #2: I know man no more playing the field. No more wham bam thank you maíam.

Friend #1: Heís right man.

Tristan: I know all of you are too immature to know what to do with a woman in a real relationship so that is why I am going to let you dumbass comments slide.

Friend #2: Your right that would be so much better you can have it any time you want it just snap your finger and she is there.

Tristan: Your sick. (And he walked away)


(Louise and Madeline and Paris took Rory aside to talk to her. Although the four had rocky beginnings they ended up becoming good friends but lost touch when they went to collage.)

Louise: You are so lucky Tristan is quite the catch. He is gorgeous, smart, he has name, and look at that ass. WOW!!!!!!!!

Paris: Louise you donít need to comment on Roryís fiancťeís ass. But really Rory congratulation you two will be very happy together.

Madeline: So where are you two having the wedding?

Rory: In Stars Hollow.

Madeline: How cute. My wedding was so big I really didnít like it but my parents made me do it.

Tristan walked up to the girls: Hi Louise, Madeline, Paris. (Louise gave him a seductive look in her eyes and on her face.) Now can I borrow me fiancťe for a minute.

Before they could answer Tristan twirled Rory around and started dancing with her.

The rest of the evening was spent talking to guests and chatting about wedding plans. Everyone was gone by one and so the Gilmores and the Dugrays left around 1:30.

Tristan: So that wasnít too painful now was it?

Rory: It was all fine. especially the part were Madeline complemented me on your ass.

Tristan: What?

Rory: Never mind I will tell you later.

Tristan then swung Rory into his arms. And kissed her. After that Lorelai walked out yelling back at her mother something about how it was ok to put cheeses of a different flavors in the same bag. And filing out after them came Mr. and Mrs. Dugray. Everyone went to the cars and went home.


Lorelai: Rory get up it is your wedding day!!!!! (Lorelai jumped on Roryís bed)

Rory: OK OK Iím up. What time is it?

Lorelai: 9:00 sleepy head.

Rory: OK walking me though todayís schedule what do I have to do first?

Lorelai: Well first I have had Luck make you favorite breakfast and coffee. Then at 9:45 you take a shower then, at 10:15 we go to the hair dressers where to get your hair washed again and done up then and get you nails done all 20 of them, then at 11:00 we come back here where you get dressed and then at 11:45 we put a blanket over you throw you in the car and drive you into a little curtain area were you can fit the car and there you will stay until you walk down the aisle at exactly 12:00.

Rory: What it the whole point of the blanket over my head and driving into a curtain thing?

Lorelai: That way no one sees the bride until she walks down the aisle.

Rory: Ok mom this isnít Popstars.

Lorelai: Mom. That sounds so weird now that your getting married and every thing.

Just then Luck came in and said that breakfast was ready. So the two got off the bed and walked into the kitchen to eat. After that at exactly 9:45 Rory got in the shower. And by 10:00 both Rory and Lorelai were showered shaved and dressed. So the two took the five-minute walk into town and went to the hairdresserís. The rest of the schedule was fulfilled and Rory sat in her little tent that was set up in the center of town square right were the aisle that she would be walking down in only fifteen minutes.

Lane: I canít believe it your getting married. You are so lucky Tristan is a great guy you two are going to be very happy together.

Rory: Thanks.

Lane: Well what ever happens to you two it has to be better then what happened to Caleb and me. (Lane said referring to her failed five-month marriage to Caleb the guy that she married only because her mother didnít like him.)

Rory: Well donít think about Caleb on my wedding that is an order besides things have picked up with you and Henry again and that is going well right?

Lane: Yeah he is great. And my mother doesnít hate that I am dating him.

Lorelai: What are you two talking about?

Rory: Nothing Lane was just wishing Tristan and I a happy marriage.

Lorelai: My babyís getting married. (Lorelai said again crying about the thought of her only child getting married)

Rory: She keeps doing this. Every time I mention Tristan or the wedding she just burst into tears.

Lane: She is just being a mother.

The three girls sat there and hugged until interrupted by Luck: UmÖ Rory it is time to walk down the aisle.

Rory had decided that Luck would walk her down the aisle instead of Christopher; he could make it any way. Then after Rory found her mother crying on the couch one day she made the decision that both luck and her mother would walk next to her way down the aisle. Lane was of cores her maid of honor. Tristanís really good collage buddy Madison was the best man. Rory took her place at the end of the line that formed in her tent of all the bridesí maids. It was Emily Gilmoreís idea that the bridesí tent and the grooms ten were set up at the end of the aisle. And then all the bridesí maid would come out of the brideís tent and the ushers would come out of the groomís tent and meet under the arch that was made of Roryís favorite flower, Daises. All the couples and the maid of honor and the best man had gone down the aisle when Tristan stepped up to the gazebo and waited for his bride. Rory stepped out of her tent and meet Lorelai and Luck at the Daisy arch. The three walked down the aisle.

When they reached the gazebo the Preacher asked: Who is giving away this woman?

Luck: I do

Lorelai: Me too. (Lorelai said as she sniffed. She and Luck then kissed Rory on her cheek and sat down. Rory then walked up the gazebo stairs to meet Tristan in the middle with the preacher)

As the serves continued Rory was so calm that it surprised everyone. She just felt inside that every thing for here on was going to be okÖ no better then ok they were going to be perfect.

Tristan on the other had had a lot of trouble keeping his happiness contained. It was like the day that he had taken Rory out for the first time not as friends but on a real date. He felt so proud like he wanted to tell everyone in the world that he was going to be with Rory Gilmore for the rest of his life.

Both Rory and Tristan tensed when it came time to say their ďI doísĒ

Preacher: Do you Tristan Michel Dugray take the Lorelai Gilmore to be you lofty wedded wife in sickness and in health till death do you part?

Tristan: I do

Preacher: Do you Lorelai Leigh Gilmore take Tristan Dugray as your lofty wedded husband in sickness and in health till death do you part?

Rory: I do.

Preacher: Now by the power vested in me by the state of Connecticut I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride

At that moment Tristan and Rory looked at each other and smiled. They kissed.

Preached: Ladies and gentlemen Mr. and Mrs. Dugray.

Everyone stood and clapped. Rory and Tristan walked down the steps of the gazebo and down the aisle.

Luck: She is happy.

Lorelai: Yes she is. Itís official my baby is all grown up.