SPOILERS - anything up to, but not including, the season finale
SUMMARY - A story in verse form, Gilmore Girls' style
CONTENT - situations that shouldn't be rated G
PAIRING OR CHARACTER - the reader should really read it to figure out the
characters. I wrote this in verse form and used my poetic license
DISCLAIMER - the WB, Amy Sherman-Palladino own my characters and idea
Note: I realize that the capitalization is weird, but that's my poetic
licence thing again.

Why Would he Want Her?

by Calleigh

She was new
She looked so fresh, so innocent
She didn't fit in with the others.
Why would he want Her?

He could have any girl
He wanted to get
He was the stud that the guys wanted to be, and the girls wanted to hold.
So why did "Mr. Popularity" want Her?

She had never been in a relationship
She had never felt that kind of love
She was too plain, to cautious.
Why would he want Her?

She worked hard for grades
She had to for lack of anything better to do.
She knew test questions and always raised her hand
She was a nerd.
Why would he want Her?

He dated around… a lot
He had kissed almost every girl in the school.
He noticed that all of the other girls blushed when he talked to them
He tried to make Her fall under his spell but failed.
Why did he want Her?

The other kids were cruel.
They didn't like Her but
They saw how he looked at Her with longing eyes
They couldn't help but wonder.
Why would he want Her?

He was mean, and selfish, and arrogant
He tired to pretend, maybe to impress, maybe to depress, but all the same,
He was always there to turn the knife stuck in by the other kids, and
He knew it.
Why would She want him?

She reached the top of the class, always pushing to succeed and do better
She saw that he was smart but never really care that much
She knew he didn't have to with the way his family ruled the school
He was a snobby rich kid.
Why did She want him?

Eventually, She met Someone
Someone who cared and treated her well
Someone who gave her love, and support, and compassion.
Why did She still want him?

He saw that She met She met Someone
His heart broke because he had lost his chance
He realized that She was now off limits now, with Someone, who should be Him.
Why did he still want Her?

He helped Her through a very hard time after
Her relationship ended, leaving Her devastated
He became Her friend.
Why did She still want him?

She knew how hard it was to change, and respected him for it
He was there to help and even tried to work on being nicer
She helped him to become a better person
She became his friend.
Why did he still want Her?

He started dropping hints about his feelings hoping
She would notice, but she never did
He knew She wasn't stupid, so
She must not have wanted him.
Why did he still want Her?

He was always being so cryptic
She couldn't understand him at all
He never told Her his feelings, so
She thought he must not have wanted Her.
Why did She still want him?

He did everything he could think of to tell
Her without really telling
He wanted Her.

She did everything She knew how to decipher what
He was trying to say and express
Her feelings without saying exactly what those feelings were.
She wanted him.

He approached Her on day.
She let him catch up one day.
"You just don't get it!" He cried.
"You don't let me understand!" She yelled back, inches from his face.
He wanted Her.
She wanted him.

He looked Her in the eye.
She returned his glaze.
"Look, just say want you want to say on 3."
"Ready? 1, 2, 3!"

That was all he needed
That was all She needed
He grabbed the small of Her back to pull Her closer to his body
She reached for his face with both hands, bringing Her mouth to his.

They kissed not just a kiss, a unifying bond
Her hands moved to his neck
His hand moved over Her back, constantly pulling Her nearer to him
Both wanted to get as close to the other as possible

He could feel Her small hands running through his already messy blond hair
She could feel his hands pulling Her body close to his
He was in Heaven in Her arms
She was safe in his strong arms
At that moment They understood.
They wanted each other.

The End