Rating: PG
Summary: Luke and Lorelai get snowed in.
Characters: Lorelai/Luke, Rory
Disclaimer: No (c) infringement is intended. The WB owns all.


by Jane

"To every life a light that shines
To every heart a beat that's true
You're my yellow summer
You're my winterblue" - Heater Nova's "Winterblue"

Lorelai Gilmore stood reluctantly shifting through her closet. She looked longingly at her favorite blue sweater, all fuzzy and packed up in the "winter" box. She didn't see why seasons had to change at all. If she had it her way, it would be winter forever. She hated saying good-bye to snow... and to her favorite blue sweater.

"Put it away," Lorelai turned around to see Rory looking at her knowingly.

"But..." She began.

"It's almost t-shirt season," Rory reasoned.

Lorelai pouted and draped an arm over her daughter's shoulder.

"I miss the snow already," She sighed.

"Me too," Rory smiled sadly.

"Coffee's always best in winter," Lorelai sighed again.

"Agreed. Ok, compromise. If you put the sweater away, I'll take you to Luke's to get some coffee. I'll even pay." Rory suggested.

"You'll pay? I see," Lorelai smiled. "Sounds like a plan. I'll be down in a minute, okay?"

"Don't try anything tricky," Rory wagged a finger at her. Lorelai made sure Rory was gone before she sneakily grabbed her favorite sweater out of the box and into her closet.

"Heck to spring," Lorelai smiled.

"What is that?" Lorelai gasped in surprise at the flower pot atop Luke's counter. It was full with daisies.

Luke glared at the flower pot. "Damn that Taylor Dossy."

"Huh," Lorelai frowned. She could have sworn the flowers glared back at him.

Rory smiled. "You gave in?"

Luke grew serious as he poured their coffee. "I didn't give in. It's just a flower pot to shut the guy up."

"In other words, you gave in," Lorelai pointed out.

"I didn't..." Luke protested.

"He gave in," Rory nodded to her mom.

"I hate spring," Lorelai blurted out.

"You hate spring? What kind of person in the right mind hates spring?" Luke frowned.

"Me. I hate spring because there's no snow,"

"She becomes grouchy," Rory nodded.

"Yeah, yeah, flowers are pretty. But snow... snow is magical," Lorelai smiled.

"I say we ship her to Alaska. Make her live in an igloo with those tuxedo birds. What do you say?" Luke smiled at Rory.

"Hey!" Lorelai exclaimed in defense.

"I say I've got stamps," Rory grinned.

Lorelai paced around the house uneasily. Rory had left to go to Paris' birthday party an hour ago and now she had nothing to do. She supposed she could watch some television. Yes, television. That always worked.

She flipped through the channels and found nothing interesting other than an info-mercial selling a chicken roaster. Lorelai stared at the chicken roasting and had the sudden urge to cook something. Of course, she knew it wasn't the smartest of ideas. It had taken her a week to figure out how to actually work the oven, let alone cook something with it. Besides, the oven was unusable... it was a great storage place for shoes however. Lorelai scratched her head. She remembered the last thing she cooked was that Hamburger Helper thingy. And it looked nothing like it was suppose to look.

"I want to cook. I want to roast a chicken on a roasting thingy," Lorelai whined to herself. She turned off the television and shuffled her way into the kitchen.

"Pie!" She cried out suddenly, rushing into her kitchen cabinets. She took out the pudding mix, already made crust, and other various things and started mixing away.

In an hour, the kitchen looked like it had been hit by hurricane.

Lorelai frowned, looking around the kitchen in frustration. Her hair was a mess with flour as she sat in the middle of the room with a spoon dripping with chocolate pudding. Defeated, Lorelai reluctantly stood up and opted to find something to heat up. Behind the day old pizza slice and some funky veggie thing Babette made her, Lorelai found a half-eaten burger from Luke's. Instead of heating it up, she tossed on her coat and went off to get some real dinner.

"Geez, it's freezing out there! I thought it was suppose to be warm today!" Lorelai shivered as she walked into the diner. "Think that's a sign?"

Luke looked up from the counter. "Don't tell me you tried to cook."

"What? I did not! What makes you say such a thing!" Lorelai cried out.

"Well unless you stuck your head in flour for fun or you were cooking. Trying to cook," Luke said smuggly. "Burger?"

"Pie. And yes with coffee please." Lorelai shook her hair to try to get the flour out.


"Yes, pie. I tried to make pie. It was coming out good for a while there,"

"What happened?" Luke asked.

"You see, there was an earthquake. And I hid under the table. While the earthquake was... quaking... a big dog ran into my house and kicked over my pie, moving the table, causing flour to fall on me."

"There was an earthquake only in your kitchen?" Luke laughed.


"And a... big dog kicked your pie?"

"Yes again."

Luke shook his head at her, absolutely annoyed and absolutely in love with her. It was just too hard not to fall for someone like Lorelai. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and such a great person. It was too bad though. That it was hard to fall for someone like him. Luke adverted his eyes and went off to get her burger.

In the meantime, unknowingly, snow began to fall heavily in Stars Hollow.

"Where are you?" Lorelai called out. She involuntarily shivered, aware that it had gotten much colder. She put her jacket on. "Luke!"

"Ok, burger's done. Sorry about that," He slid the plate over to Lorelai.

"What were you doing? Taxes?" Lorelai laughed and digged in. Luke was in fact thinking about Lorelai. He had almost burned the burger.

Luke looked around. "Where did everyone go?"

"I don't know... probably home since it's so cold in here! Do you have the heat on?"

Luke moved around to the window to fiddle with the heater only to pull up the shade in surprise. "Oh my god!"

"What? Did you break something?"

"No, I didn't break something. It's snowing!" Luke exclaimed. He ran around the room, pulling up all the shades that had been down. Sure enough, it had been snowing heavily.

"What?!" Lorelai dropped her burger abruptly and rushed over to stare out the window. "I can't believe it!"

"Me neither!"

"No, I can't believe I almost put my favorite sweater away!" Lorelai gasped. Luke gave her a look. "Ok, never mind that." Lorelai grabbed Luke's arm with her eyes wide. "Do you know what this means?"

Luke stared at her intently, holding her gaze. "Magical things happen when it snows?"

Lorelai drew back timidly, surprised that he had remembered. And then confused. "Yeah." She said softly. Lorelai quickly broke out of Luke's intense gaze at the thought of Rory. "That and I can't get home to Rory!" She cried out. Now she was worried.

"It's snowing!" Rory gasped excitedly.

"What? It can't snow. Not in March it can't." Paris reasoned.

"Look outside and see for youself! There's so much..." All of the kids were starring out the windows, all fifty of her classmates.

"Oh great. This is just great," Paris groaned.

"What? What's wrong?" Rory asked, confused.

"Do you see how bad it is out there? These dimwitts can't get home. They're stuck at my house. And I want them out,"

"Can I use your phone? I have to try calling Lorelai," Rory asked, growing worried. Paris handed Rory her cell phone and went off to get people away from the windows.

Rory quickly dialed the number at the house, only to get the answering machine. Deciding that she must be at Luke's, Rory dialed the diner's number, only to find the phone went dead.

Along with the lights.

"This is great. Now I can't make sure those brats don't steal my silverware," Paris sighed.

"It's dead! The phone is dead!" Lorelai cried out, pacing around in a frenzy. She had just tried to call Rory at Paris'.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Rory's all right," Luke reassured her.

"Yeah, ok, you're right. I've got to get home," Lorelai realized, grabbing her purse.

"You've got to be kidding me," Luke laughed.


"Did you see how bad it is outside? No way I'm letting you walk in that," Luke shook his head.

"Ooh, and now you're ordering me around?" Lorelai glared at him. "I'm going home." Hastily, she shoved money into Luke's hand. "Thanks for the burger."

Lorelai opened the door only to be blasted by a mixture of snow and hail. She slammed the door shut with some difficulty due to the wind. Defeated, she relucantly turned around and watched Luke give her the I-told-you-so look.

Just then, the lights flickered, threatening to give out.

Lorelai pouted, convinced. "Ok, you win. I'm staying."

"I'm going to freeze to death," Lorelai shivered.

"You're not going to freeze to death," Luke sighed.

"I am. My eyebrows will turn to ice and then break off, leaving me eyebrow-less. And then my lips will turn purple, kind of like Jack in Titanic. Ah, what a tragic death," Lorelai sniffed.

"Titanic? That chick flick?"

Lorelai drew back in surprise. "Did you just say the phrase, 'chick flick'? That's a good one. And Titantic is not a chick flick... it's only like an instant classic! "My Heart Will Go On?" will never be erased from my memory."

"Titanic is not a classic." Luke shook his head.

"And what is? Rambo? The Three Stooges?"

"How about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?" Luke laughed.

Lorelai grew serious and glared at him. "Don't go there."

A comfortable silence fell upon them as the snow continued to fall steadily outside. Lorelai and Luke sat together behind the counter.

"Are you really that cold?" Luke asked.

Lorelai pulled her knees up to her chin. "Yes, I'm really that cold. See?" Lorelai motioned for Luke to touch her hand. Luke reached out and held her hand.

"Geez, that's cold!" Luke exclaimed, flinched and moved his hand away. "See? All that coffee made you cold-blooded."

Instead of defending herself, to Luke's surprise, Lorelai reached for his hand and clasped hers with his. Instantly, she felt warmer. Lorelai looked up at him, her eyes tired and clouded with intensity. "Luke?" She whispered, searching his eyes. Luke could feel her warm breath against his cold cheek. Instead of an answer, he leaned in and kissed her. Lorelai didn't pull away and didn't question; she kissed him back. The kiss was slow and unsure, but sweet. Lorelai drew her arms around his neck as Luke pulled her closer. Their kiss grew more intense. Their lips lingered on each other's as Lorelai's eyes fluttered open. Both of their cheeks had grown rosy and they looked at each other before Lorelai sleepily laid her head on Luke's shoulder and sighed.

"Mind if I go to sleep?" She whispered. Luke shook his head. "Not at all."

He listened to Lorelai sleep; her steady breathing. Luke, despite all the questions that arose in his mind, found sleep as well.

"Mom!" Rory knocked on Luke's door the next morning. The storm had stopped somewhere in the middle of the night. The roads had just been cleared and Paris' driver had driven Rory back to Stars Hollow.

Lorelai wearily reached her arm out, and not thinking, hit the floor repeatedly. Finally realizing that her fuzzy clock was not there to hit, Lorelai woke up quickly. She rubbed her eyes and looked over at Luke and remembered the night before. She carefully tried to untangle herself from him, trying not to wake Luke. No such luck.

"Hey," Lorelai smiled weakly.

"Good morning," Luke smiled back. Luke reached up and brushed a stray strand from Lorelai's face.

"Mom!" Rory called out again.

"My life calls for me," Lorelai murmured. Luke nodded and helped Lorelai to get up.

"Some storm, huh?" Luke asked, opening the door for Rory.

"No kidding. I had to spend the night at Paris' watching a way too PG version of "Truth or Dare" with fifty kids." Rory said.

"Hey there," Lorelai smiled as Rory hugged her. "You got me worried there."

"Sorry," Rory grinned.

"Hey Luke, thanks for last night. For letting me stay here, I mean. Well, you know. It really means a lot," Lorelai laughed nervously.

"Yeah. Anytime..." Luke trailed off, slightly disappointed.

"Well, we'd better get going. And rearrange the closets we just rearranged," Lorelai said matter-of-factly.

"Your sweater can go back." Rory sighed relucantly.

"Thank you," Lorelai smirked. She turned around to see Luke watching her and noted the disappointment in his look. "Bye Luke," Lorelai said softly. "And thanks again." Lorelai leaned in and kissed him softly on the cheek.

As the Gilmore girls walked out of the diner and into the snowy streets, Rory couldn't hold it in much longer.

"What was that?!" She blurted out.

"What was what?" Lorelai asked, grinning.

Rory laughed and shook her head in disbelief.

"What can I say? It's the snow," Lorelai smiled warmly. Magic. And coffee.