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A few places to go in the Hartford, Stars Hollow area. You'll probably see me and my mom around. Feel free to wave, or ignore us when you walk by, either way...

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Gilmore Girls Links
Gilmore Girls.Org - Lots of info. Pictures (including screencaps), episode guide, fanfic, etc. - One of my favorites. Sceencaps, cast and show info, episode guide with transcripts and summaries for each ep. Also a large fanfic section. And lots of extras.
Gilmore Girls - Warner Bro's official site.
Gilmore Girls @ TV Tome - General show info. Plus great source of links.
Gilmore Girls Site Reviews - Unbiased reviews of submitted sites.
Gilmore Girls fanfic @ - A huge, growing collection.
Proud and Prejudiced - Elite Gilmore Girls fanfic archive. Only the good stuff.
Midnight Donuts - Elite fanfic archive where you upload fic yourself. Allows adult fic.
Gilmore Girls Fanfic Awards - Awards just for fic.
Narcoleptics Website - For Dean/Rory fans. Includes fanart, fanfic, pics, and more.
Glorifying Ginsburg - Rory/Jess fan site.
Bookends - Rory/Jess fanfic site.
Trory Addiction - Tristan/Rory. Fanfic and art.
Oblivious - Meghan's Trory fic. Plus fic by others, and a caption game, etc.
Trifectaly - T/R. Lots of Chad drooling. And includes some great fic.
Tristan + Rory = Trory fansite.
Java Junkies - Luke/Lorelai.
Gilmore Girls BR - Portuguese site.
Behind the Scenes - Tour Stars Hollow. Look at pictures of the sets.
Little Corner of the World - Lots of content. Highlights, pictures, songs and more.
Gilmore Galore - Basic show info, plus listing of appearances by the cast, magazine articles, etc.
Lauren Appreciation Site - Photos, interviews.
Lauren Graham Online - Nice site. Pictures, filmography, multimedia, etc.
Alexis Bledel Central - Tons of info.
Visions of Alexis Bledel - Hundreds of images.
Jared Padalecki On The Web - If you like Dean. Bio, pics, downloads, chatroom, etc.
Jared UK - UK site. Includes image galleries.
Crazy for Chad - Activities for Tristan fans. Plus bio, news, pics.
Addiction to Chad - Pics, fic, wallpapers, slideshows, and more.
The First Milo Ventimiglia Fan Page - For the actor who plays Jess. Pictures, filmography, chat transcript, etc.
Milo Online - More Milo.
simply scott patterson - Info on Luke and the man who plays him.

Mailing Lists
GilmoreGirls - General discussion list.
gilmoregirlsonline - General fan list.
elderGilmoreGirlsfans - General GG list for over 18 year olds.
GGfanfic - The fanfic list associated with this site.
GilmoreGirlsAdultFic - Fic dealing with mature themes and relationships.
gilmoregirlsslash - For same sex pairings.
starshollowstorytrains - Fanfic list for writing Gilmore Girls round robins.
RoryJess - Discussion and fic.
RJ Library - R/J fic.
Tristan-n-Rory - If you prefer Tristan and Rory.
OfficialNarcoleptAssociation - For Rory/Dean fans.
LukeLorelaiFanfic - Fanfic focusing on Luke and Lorelai's relationship.
Lane-and-Dave - Cause she's finally got a real boyfriend.
Gilmore Girls Sounds - MP3s of GG.