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Website FAQ

Can I redistribute the fanfic on this website?
Ask the individual authors for permission to archive their stories. Please don't redistribute the fic without getting that permission.

How did you make this website?
Notepad and Adobe 5.0.

Where did you get the pictures you used to make the graphics?
All the editing and banners were made by me. The GG pictures I used came from
here and the Gargoyles pictures came from A Love of Monsters, Fire Escape's Gargoyle Image Collection and Gargoyles and Grotesques: Carved in Stone. All images from Gilmore Girls belong to the WB.

Is that the real Chilton logo?
No. I used the image of the back of a quarter and edited it to look more like what I guessed the Chilton logo looked like based on pics.

What's the real spelling for Tristan's name?
You may notice two spellings...TristAN and TristIN.
According to the credits at the end of the show, the correct spelling is Tristin DuGrey. (Although, I've been told according to the closed captioning it is Tristin DuGray.) But, I had been spelling it Tristan before I realized that, and I think some other people had too. Personally, I thought it was spelled Tristan because in Rory's Dance, when Dean is trying to insult Tristan he called him "Dris-TAN" which wouldn't make as much sense if his name were spelled Tristin. Anyway, I think both spellings are pretty much generally considered acceptable. And a lot of people who know the technically correct spelling have continued to use Tristan either out of habit or because they just like it better.

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