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Episode Guide

There are already several complete episode guides on the internet. Two of my favorites are the episode guide at Silver Arrows, which has lots of great tidbits of info like bloopers and scans of RoS ads, and the episode guide at Nothing is Forgotten, which has longer descriptions with personal touches.

I wanted my episode guide to be different so it has two levels. First, each of the episodes is listed in order, and summarized by a limerick. (It seemed like a good idea at the time <g>) Second, each of my favorite episodes will include a very detailed description which summarizes the complete action and dialogue of the episode, scene by scene. Anything in quotes is a direct quote from the episode, everything else is a paraphrase. In addition, at the end of the descriptions I've included a few of my opinions and thoughts about the episodes. At this moment the only descriptions I've finished are my favorites from series one and two, and Rutterkin in series three, but all of the episodes will eventually be completed with the same treatment. (I'll be finishing my series 3 favorites first). My favorite episodes are the ones that are underlined. You can click on the links to go to the full description.

Be aware that these episodes descriptions are VERY detailed. If you are planning to see an episode and don't want to be SPOILED you should not continue.

First Series // Second Series // Third Series

First Series (1984)

Robin Hood and the Sorceror
Robin won his freedom from the dungeon
Met up with his merry band one by one
He ran into Marion
Fell in love and sat starin'
Soon discovering that he was Herne's son

The Witch of Elsdon
Poor Marion wasn't part of the band
In a fight they'd not let her lend a hand
But when Jennet used potions
To stop all their motions
Marion proved her full worth to the land

Seven Poor Knights from Acre
Thinking Robin had stolen their crest of gold
Made the Knights Templar a little too bold
They threatened Much with death
Putting Robin to the test
But their base treachery caused them to fold.

Alan a Dale
Mildred was the minstrel's young girlfriend
He would fight for her to the bitter end
But he needed Robin's help
To make the Sheriff yelp
When with bee stings they ruined the weddin'

The King's Fool
King Richard through Sherwood was riding
When Robin from the forest came flying
He saved the King's life
Found himself faced with strife
When the King it turned out had been lying


Second Series (1985)

The Swords of Wayland
To Lucifer, Morgywn swore her devotion
And for him she set a plan in motion
She'd bring him forth
With seven swords
For the seventh, Robin caused a commotion.

The Lord of the Trees
During the Blessing no blood could be spilled
So the band couldn't fight soldiers who killed
They dressed up in costumes
That Gisburne found would cost him
When his mind with deadly trees was filled

The Prophecy
Marion's dad it turned out was not dead
He was Prince John's prisoner instead
After rescue, he went to sea
But it was not to be
For King Richard was on his deathbed.

The Children of Israel
With Sarah, Gisburne was smitten
He meant to make her his love kitten
But she hated his guts
And Robin kicked his butt
In the book, the Sheriff saw evil written

The Enchantment
With dolls, Lilith on Rob cast her spell
To reverse the evil Baron's death knell
Robin could not resist
When on the arrow she'd insist
But with Herne's help soon all would be well

The Greatest Enemy
The Sheriff thought of a devious plan
He sprung an ambush and Robin Hood ran
Robin died for his love
Shot his last arrow above
But the Sheriff faced a new hooded man.


Third Series (1986)

Herne's Son
Robert fell hard for Marion's beauty
And to save her he felt was his duty
The earl he would defy
When he went for a ride
And convinced the outlaws he wasn't snooty

The Power of Albion
Robert was shot in the leg with an arrow
The path he'd tread with the Sheriff was narrow
He tried to hide his new calling
Was found out and in for a mauling
But Albion saw its master in his marrow

The Inheritance
A large treasure Robin was asked to guard
To find out the item's ID was hard
The brigands were driven out
King Arthur removed all doubt
'Dora would keep the round table unmarred

The Cross of St. Ciricus
Screaming Why me? Will thought himself diseased
but when he found out the truth he was pleased
Lady Margaret confessed
That Guy as a leper was dressed
Though he caught Guy, Rob his half-brother released.

Cromm Cruac
Gulnar made a village of illusion
And the band was divided by confusion
As enchantments abounded
The demon on which it was founded
Was destroyed by the outlaws' intrusion.

The Betrayal
Prince John tried to ruin Robin Hood's rep
Imitators into disguises crept
Marion faked betrayal
Then John's passion derailed
Saved her kiss for Rob, who proved John inept.

Adam Bell
The Sheriff needed his young nephew back
For the money he would otherwise lack
Robin was forced to take him
From Adam, whose future was dim,
Adam died to save them from a big whack.

The Pretender
The new Queen had quite a few enemies
Who plotted her death as a remedy
Arthur was one
Tried to usurp Herne's son
But he wouldn't last long with friends like these

John's marriage to Meg was delayed again
When Mad Mab's pig was stolen by evil men
Rob's uncle Ed was trying
To set the Earl frying
But a knock on Edgar's head spelled his end.

The Sheriff of Nottingham
Nasir's past was closer than realized
The danger could not be trivialized
In the fight, Sarak lost
Death for his master the cost
The new Sheriff dead, the old's hour arrived.

The Time of the Wolf
Gulnar, back again, now worshipped Fenris
Robin Hood was the top of his hit list
He created a man beast
With really bad teeth
A copy of Robin, to kill Herne his wish.

Robin and Marion were to marry
But she thought the grief too much to carry
When she saw the dead creature
Alike to Rob in every feature
Overcome, in the convent she'd tarry.

These summaries were written by taking notes while watching each episode, then turning the notes into what appears on this page. They are based solely on my own viewing of the episodes, I don't claim that they're perfect so if you see a mistake let me know.

The limericks were written by me (obviously I'm not a poet <g>). Kathy Morey's episode limericks in the Highlander fandom was what gave me the idea.