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Robin of Sherwood Drinking Game

I made this drinking game because I thought RoS didn't have one, then I visited Gisburne's NASTY Knight Page and discovered there was in fact a RoS drinking game in existence. There was enough difference that I decided not to scrap my version, but make sure to visit the other game as well. (Besides, there's tons of other funny stuff at the NASTY Knight page that you wouldn't want to miss.)

If you're not sure what a drinking game is...it's really very simple although every game has slightly different rules. While watching Robin of Sherwood (any episode is okay, but may work best if you have a short marathon <g>) look for incidents of the things listed below. When they occur, follow the directions (# of sips, what to say) for each incident. (Feel free to pick a few from the list, add your own, play around with it...this list is just to get you started.) The # of sips get higher the more rare the occurance is. Traditionally, you'd use an alcoholic beverage, but it works just as well with a non-alcoholic drink or some kind of snack food like pieces of candy or pretzels that come in units of one (so you can substitute one piece for each sip).

If you don't have time to get out the old Robin of Sherwood tapes, you could also use the list as a trivia quiz and see how many episodes you can think of where each thing on the list happens

Without further ado...

Take one sip each time a village is invaded.
Take two if any pottery is broken or tipped over.
Take three if a roof catches on fire.

Take one sip each time anyone says the word incompetent.
Take two sips each time the Sheriff calls Sir Guy an idiot.
Take three each time the Sheriff calls anyone else an idiot.
If King/Prince John says "Yes?" (ex. I'll hang everyone in Nottingham, yes?) answer "yes, my liege" and raise your glass in a toast.

Boo and hiss, then take one sip if anyone calls the Sheriff "The Lord High Sheriff of Nottingham".
Take two sips if the Sheriff is in the bath.
Take four if Gisburne is in the bath with him.

Take one sip each time Abbott Hugo threatens to excommunicate someone.

Take one sip each time one of the outlaws is put in the dungeon.
Yell, "Hello Arthur" and take one sip each time there's a close-up on Arthur the rat.
Take two sips each time the Old Prisoner refuses to leave the dungeon.
Finish the drink if he does leave the dungeon.

Take one sip each time one of the Robins says "Nothing's forgotten."
Take two sips each time anyone else says it.

Take one sip if an outlaw is shot.
Say "Herne protect us" if the wound is healed by Herne, and take two sips of water from a bowl.

Take two sips if an outlaw dies.
Take three if you can remember his name.
Finish the drink if it is or looks like one of the Robins.

Take one sip if Will challenges Robin's authority.
Say, "one leader" and take two sips if he admits he's wrong.

Take one sip if John wrestles anyone.
Take two if he loses.
Take three if he wins.

Take one sip every time Tuck crosses himself.
Take two if he speaks in Latin.
Take three if someone calls him a "lump".

Say, "That's Marion of Sherwood to you!" and take one sip if anyone calls Marion "Lady Wolfshead."

Take one sip if Nasir throws a knife.
Take three if he misses.
Take four if he says his full name.

Take one sip if anyone carries an animal (including birds).
Take two if it's dead.

Take one sip if anything is being cooked.
Take two if it's a pig.
Make grunting or snorting noises if there's a close-up of the cooked pig's head.

Excluding Marion, take one sip for each girl any of the outlaws kisses or is kissed by.

Take one sip if someone talks about getting married.
Take two sips if someone gets married.
Take three if they plan to get married, but don't.

Take one sip each time someone falls into any sort of water (river, ocean, etc.)
Take two sips if they die.
Take three if they're pretending to be dead.

Kneel, say "Lord of the Trees," and take one sip each time Herne appears.
Take two sips if he's in human form (without the stag head).
Take five if someone else is wearing the stag head.
Take two if anyone uses the word "superstition" in reference to Herne.

Take one sip each time anyone is possessed/enchanted.
Take two sips if it's not one of the heros.
Take three sips if they're pretending to be enchanted.

Take one sip each time there's a flashback of images to an earlier part of the episode.
Take two if the flashback is words.
Take three if it's both images and words.

Say "incompetent imbeciles" and open your eyes as wide as you can every time soldiers run away/retreat. Everyone takes a drink except the person who's eyes bulged the most.
Take one sip if a soldier falls (off a wall, cliff, etc.)
Take two if they scream (and scream along with them).

Take one sip if anyone is climbing up or down a rope.
Take two if it's not an outlaw.

Take one sip if Much sneaks off alone.
Take two if anyone else does it.

Take one sip if anyone is in disguise.

Take one sip every time you can read "Albion" on the sword.
Yell "the powers of light and darkness" if blinding light reflects off it.