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Robin Hood Links

General Robin of Sherwood

Spirit of Sherwood -- Extensive information. Includes info on cast, merchandise, fanzines, clubs, chats, convetions, a small episode guide etc. Also has the RoS FAQ. It's well designed so it's really easy to find what you're looking for.

Silver Arrows -- One of my favorite sites. Lots of stuff you can't get anywhere else like RoS locations guide, bunches of pictures, RoS timeline, episode guide, merchandise info, etc.

Robin of Sherwood -- This site is a lot of fun. Creative design. It starts out as a tour through Sherwood, and you can listen to the character introduce themselves with wav files, then there's content like a ton of pictures, favorite episodes, etc.

Neues aus Sherwood -- This is a German site, but it's got an English version too. Lots of stuff including screencaps and scans of RoS magazine articles.

Nothing is Forgotten -- Episode Guide, pictures, sounds, character profiles, etc. Newly redesigned with more to see (was Cult Collection).

RoS @ Logomancy -- Hasn't been updated in a while.

Chronicles of Sherwood -- Nice design. Has gallery of RoS artwork, episode guide, role playing info, etc.

The Nottingham Bakery -- Eclectic batch of info. Includes recipes, RoS humor, and archives for a series of sort of role-playing style robin-robin fics.

Magical Forest -- Cast and character info, RoS music recources, and video of opening credits.

Fanfic & Roleplaying

Robin of Sherwood Fanfic Archive -- Biggest RoS fanfic archive I've seen. Also has information on the RoS 'zines.

The Lurker Site -- Has a few RoS stories and poems by Maddog.

Nasir's Fanfic -- Nasir's site (the main page link is farther down) has a fanfic section (not all the fic's about Nasir) as well as links to other fanfic.

True Tales of Sherwood -- Focus on day to day life of the outlaws and the people of Nottingam and Wickham, the stories behind the episodes. All main characters must have appeared in at least one Robin of Loxley episode. Members must be 18 or older.

Herne Live Roleplaying -- a live roleplay campaign set during the reign of King Stephen (1135-1154) and inspired by Robin of Sherwood. Players take on the roles of outlaws battling the forces of the wicked Sheriff of Gloucester. Includes picture gallery.


Sounds of Sherwood -- Excerpts from tapes of music and sounds from RoS episodes.

Sherwood Visions -- Avi files from RoS episodes.

Actor & Character

Jason Connery: To the Stars -- Complete listing of roles with descriptions of each project, fair amount of pictures.

Judi Trott -- Nice compilation of informatoin, pictures, and opportunity for fan involvement.

Official Michael Praed site -- Plenty of pictures. Find out about the MP fanclub (Michael Praed Network Newsletter).

Gisburne's NASTY Knight Page -- Hilarious website. Dedicated to Gisburne, lots of entertaining activities (apply to be a guard) and fun stuff to see.

Silent Arrows -- Dedicated to Nasir. Very nice.

Nasir's Site -- Also Nasir. Lots of content. Has articles, convention info, fanfic, extensive links, etc.

Scarlet Inside -- Dedicated to the character/personage of Will Scarlet (not just Will on RoS). Has a lot devoted to Ray Winstone though. Beautiful design.

Current Projects

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne is Michael Praed's current project. It's currently airing in syndication, and should begin airing on the Sci-fi Channel again in 2002. It's a fun show about young Jules Verne and his adventures with Phileas Fogg (a gambler and ex-secret service agent), Passpartout (Phileas' valet) and Rebecca Fogg (the first female secret agent). Michael plays Phileas (quite well I might add).

Official Secret Adventures of Jules Verne site - General info, episodes, cast, etc. Plus station listings, merchandise, etc.

Sci-Fi's Official Site -- The Scifi channel's site. The content isn't too great, but it's got a posting board that Michael's visited, and some interesting comments from the creator of the show.

Secret Adventures of Jules Verne -- Galleries, cast info, station listings for the syndication, and a lot more.

Two Evil Monks' Guide to SAoJV -- Epsiode synopsis and lovely screen caps. If you just want to see what Michael looks like in the role, definitely go here.

London Fogg -- My SAoJV site. Wallpaper, fan art, buttons, etc.

The Aurora Journals -- SAoJV fanfic.

Clubs, Cons & Mailing Lists

Spirit of Sherwood -- Official RoS fanclub.

Weekend in Sherwood Convention -- USA convention.

Silver Arrows -- UK Convention. Nice pictures section.

Reddraco's RoS page -- Pictures from various RoS conventions, including Weekend in Sherwood, Visions, and Silver Arrow.

RoS mailing list -- The biggest, longest established RoS mailing list.

E-groups -- Type in Robin of Sherwood in the seach box to get a listing of more RoS mailing lists. Check for lists on Jason and Michael as well.


RoS Matchmaker Quiz -- Find out which of the outlaws is your perfect match.


RoS webring -- Hosted by the NASTY Knight page. This is one of your best bets for getting all your RoS links in one place. It's just moved, so it's in the process of regrouping.

RoS Links -- This is Netscape's directory of RoS links. It's got most of the sites out there.


Robin Hood: The Legend

Robin Hood -- Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood -- Huge amount of info. Includes ballads, history, pictures, interviews. Great site.

University of Rochester: ROBIN HOOD PROJECT -- Text, images, bibliographies, and other scholarly resources.

World Wide Robin Hood Society -- Information on Nottingham as well as basic background on Robin Hood.

Official Sherwood Forest website -- Info on Robin, the decline of the forest and the Sherwood Initiative.

Sherwood Forest: Travels in the Greenwood webring -- Pretty good starting place for Robin Hood links.


Random Link

My other website: The Buffer -- Buffy fanfiction. Over 600 stories.

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