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Top Five Lists

I've started a series of top five lists related to the show...but five is just the number I've started with, so don't be surprised if some of the lists are longer (I just couldn't narrow it to 5 Gisburne insults :) You can use the links to skip to the list you want, or just scroll down to look at all of them.

Top Five Signs You've Been in Enchanted // Top Five Things I've Learned from the Old Prisoner // Top Eleven Insults to Gisburne // Top Five Best RoS Special Effects // Top Five Herne Riddles

The Top Five Signs You've Been Enchanted

5. Your eyes are completely white.

4. You're attacking your friends and/or family for no apparent reason.

3. The trees! The trees! come to life and try to kill you.

2. You're spending a lot of time with your wife even though she's dead.

1. You find yourself on your knees speaking prophesies during dark rituals, and there's this pentagram on your chest that you swear wasn't there a couple days ago.

The Top Five Things I've Learned From the Old Prisoner

5. If you're in a dungeon don't count on the straw being changed.

4. Sooner of later everyone ends up in the dungeon.

3. People come and go, but rotting cabbage is forever.

2. Rats make good friends.

1. Feet first is NOT the only way.

The Top Ten Insults to Gisburne

11. "Never ASSUME anything, Gisburne! Except an occasional air of intelligence..." - Alan-a-Dale

10. "Who is this clown?" - Seven Poor Nights From Acre

9. "You deaf idiot!" - The Power of Albion

8. "Gisburne's brains are in his backside. It's not more men he needs, it's more (slaps forehead) up here." - Robin Hood and the Sorcerer.

7. "What do you think you're wearing Gisburne? You look absurd!" - Time of the Wolf

6. "You look like a decaying dung heap. Keep downwind of me for the love of Christ!" - Alan-a-Dale

5. "You thought did you, Gisburne? What a pity I wasn't here." - Children of Israel

4. "Are you questioning my..." "Your honor? No, no, no, no, no...just your ability to count." - Adam Bell

3. "Everything about you disgusts me. Your cruelty and your arrogance, your ignorace and your conceit...I'd rather die than have anything to do with you." - Children of Israel

2. "An example of what? Hmmm? I'll tell you, Gisburne, shall I since you're obviously incapable of answering my question. As an example of your stupidity. An example of your ignorance. An example of your total inability to control the people of Sherwood and to destroy the power of Robin Hood." - Alan-a-Dale

1. "Incompetent, inadequate, inept, and incompetent!" - Rutterkin

The Top Five Best Special Effects

5. Albion in The Power of Albion
This is a really nominal special effect since really Robert Addie provided the effect. But when Gisburne tried to swing the sword home and couldn't...great moment, very convincing. And since Albion had some other effects moments (Marion's vision etc.) in this episode I'm counting it.

4. The doppelganger in Time of the Wolf
Two Jason Connerys...I'll take any way I can get it, even with those yellow fang teeth <g>.

3. Lucifer in The Swords of Wayland
I just love the way he seemed to melt in reverse. And then his scream when the spell was broken was great.

2. Herne in any episode
Bring on the fog machines and the back lighting!

1.Belleme's magic in Robin and the Sorcerer
Belleme cutting Robin from a distance and setting the bow on fire were perfectly convincing and impressive. Proves sometimes simple works best.

The Top Five Herne Riddles

5. "There are many who would be one thing when in truth, they are another. You cannot fight those who pretend to be what they are not. Only by being what you are, Robin in the hood, can you prevail." - The Pretender

4. "The little ones will hide in terror. The book of power will take revenge. Your arrows must be ready...There is no end and no beginning. It is enough to aim." - Children of Israel

3. "You have the powers of light and darkness held in balance. That is why you were chosen. But there is one in whom there is no balance, only darkness. One who has crossed your path before, an old enemy you thought you had defeated." - Time of the Wolf

2. "What binds the hunter to the hunted?" - Robin Hood and the Sorcerer

1. "Who is the greatest enemy? Always near you. Sometimes at your shoulder." - The Greatest Enemy

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