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Amy and I decided that we'd divide her stories up by couple or in a few cases by main character. She's got something for everyone, so check out your favorite couple/character and have fun reading.

Back to The Buffer Buffy/Angel Giles (Includes Giles/Willow) Xander/Willow Willow/Oz Cordy/Xander When Love is More Than a Triangle (C/X/W/O) The Scooby Gang The Outsiders (Villains) The Lonely Ones (The non categorizeable fic)

[Buffy/Angel] [Giles] [Xander/Willow] [Willow/Oz] [Cordelia/Xander]
[When Love is More than a Triangle] [The Scooby Gang] [The Outsiders] [The Lonely Ones]


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