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Rites of Spring
By Matt

Myths of Ages to Come


Time passes, and nothing truly lasts forever. Vampires and other demons may claim to, but even worlds and stars die, and in the end, even "immortal" lives are fleeting. What was once memory becomes history, and history fades into myth.

There shall come a time, in the ages to come, that those among the Elder Races that wish to live in peace among humanity shall do so. The name "demon" shall be reserved for those among the Elder Races that still hate and wish to destroy their Younger brethren.

The myths of these later ages will tell of the Day of the Breaking, when the Walls finally fell and the Gates opened, as it had been foretold that they must.

They will tell of the Fourteen, who—with their allies the Broken One, the Heartsinger, and the Lawkeeper beside them—made their stand on the ultimate edge of the West, on the very sands where the first returned Old One had fallen. These myths would speak of how the Fourteen stood at the head of the army of humanity, the Younger Race, come into its adulthood and standing united at last. And they would speak of how the forces of the Elder Races stood beside them.

The myths will tell of the Great Spell, which joined the spirits of the Fourteen as one, so that when one fell, their strength would not be lost, but would flow into the others. And fall they did, one by one, until only the One was left. She who had been first, she whose quest had guided all of the Fourteen. And on that day, when the First had become the Last, she cast herself into the very Mouth of Hell, their spirits blazing within her, and those two sevens of pure spirits became the stake in the Heart of the Darkness. In that day, the Old Ones were driven into the Dark forever, and their curse on the world was finally lifted, and the Hungry Dead fell into ash and were no more.

Deserted by their masters and their slaves, the remaining demons despaired, and, unwilling to return to the dark places of the world, stood before the armies of the Younger and the Elder Races until not a demon remained.

And the myths will foretell that, should the world ever need her again, the One will return. And if she ever does return, then the rest of the Fourteen will return with her, and they will find each other again. For the Powers, as their last and greatest gift to the One, promised that the Fourteen would always be together—on Earth or in the Shining Realms.

Or at least, that is how the tale will be told, in the ages to come when memory has become history, and history has faded into myth.



Matt Fic