SUMMARY:Buffy and Angel are out on a date but something happens when they get romantic. (I know that's a crappy summary..I don't want to give anything away.)
DISCLAIMER: Joss Whedon, the WB and Fox are the legal owners of all the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My only connections with them are the bonds of love :)
Thanks to my roomie Beth for mentioning garlic breath as a defense.

Please don't take this story seriously. I just wanted to have a little fun.

Kissably Close

by: Rebecca Carefoot

Buffy gulped down the last bite of her spaghetti and grabbed another garlic roll. Her mother watched in near awe as her daughter finished inhaling the plateful of food.

"Great dinner mom," Buffy said as she got up from the table to carry her plate to the sink.

"I guess I should be glad you're eating," Joyce Summers called from her place at the table, where her half-filled plate sat cooling.

"I'm heading out," the Slayer said cheerfully as she stuffed the roll into her mouth and pulled on a jacket.

"Are you done with your homework?"

"Sure am," Buffy lied, barely feeling a twinge of guilt. "Bye," she called as she opened the front door and stepped out into the chilly night air. She strolled casually towards the graveyard after checking to make sure she still had a stake shoved into each of her back pockets. Ducking her blonde head against a cold wind that arose, she burrowed deeper into her jacket. Thinking of the jacket sent her thoughts spiraling towards the jacket's previous owner. Angel.

She sighed happily thinking of him. Thinking of the way his warm brown eyes lit up when she came near, about the thin sardonic smile that teased the corners of his lips, and the way he always held her when she cried. The way he let her rest her head on his chest and purge all her emotions, while he held her close in his strong arms and muttered softly to her that everything would be all right. She kicked at a clump of leaves that mouldered on the sidewalk and continued toward the graveyard. She would probably see him tonight on patrol. It had been almost two days since they had last spoken, and she missed him.

She missed the sound of his voice, the touch of his cold hands, and the feel of her lips on his. Most of all she missed his kiss. Once she reached the graveyard she wrenched her thoughts back to the task at hand. Patrol. She began to slowly circle the darkened graveyard, looking for anything out of the ordinary. A corpse that walked, a demon newly arisen. Actually, she thought wryly to herself, what she was looking for was a lot less *out of the ordinary* than the residents of Sunnydale would ever like to know.

It was a quiet night, the quiet of the dead. She almost giggled to herself as she thought, nobody here but us corpses. An hour and then another passed. Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse. And there was no sign of Angel.

"Guess it's home to do history homework for me, " she muttered. Just then she heard the snapping of twigs directly behind her. In a flash she drew one of her stakes out of her pocket and whirled to face the cause of the noise. Seeing her fighting stance the man held up his hands in surrender.

"Don't hurt me ma'am," he said with a grin.

"Angel!" Buffy said in surprise and joy.

"Buffy!" he exclaimed, mocking her tone.

"How many times have I told can't just sneak up on people in graveyards?"

"Sorry," Angel said repentantly. "I did make noise though...that twig snapping thing."

"Please," Buffy said dismissing the excuse offhand. "You almost ended up a shishkabob, Mr." Angel opened his mouth to argue, then shut it with a snap.

"I missed you," he confessed instead.

"You don't fight fair," Buffy replied, taking a step closer almost involuntarily. He nodded his head, admitting that he did not fight fair and took a step closer as well. "I missed you too," she whispered, stepping into the circle of his arms. Her arms crept around his waist as he pulled her close to him. They stood a moment in silence, leaning against each other. Buffy's hands trailed up along the vampire's back and she lifted her head for a kiss. His slightly parted lips lowered slowly to her waiting mouth.

Their lips met for one miraculous moment, then Angel fell away with a strangled scream that turned into a growl. He backed away from her a little, the ridginess of his vampire face standing out in the cold light of the moon.

"What is it?" she asked, confused and afraid. "What's wrong?"

"Your mouth," he gasped. "Your tongue burns."

"I don't understand," she said helplessly. She took a step towards him, hand outstretched; but he backed away again. Her eyes filled with guilty tears. "Let me help you," she whispered. Warily he relented, letting her approach him. Gently she stroked the side of his face. "What happened?" she asked quietly. "How could my mouth burn you?"

"I don't know," he answered. "But I felt like my mouth was on fire, like I had been burnt by holy water or..."

"Garlic," she finished for him as realization lit her eyes. She covered her mouth in horror, and embarrassment.

"Yes," he answered.

"I had garlic rolls at dinner," she admitted, tears filling her eyes at the pain she had caused. Angel reached down to her and drew her close to him, accepting her unspoken apology.

"Next time," he said jokingly as the pain began to fade. "Use some Scope before you leave the house."

the end


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